Nic Nemeth and Ryan Nemeth on the possibility of teaming in AEW, Nic on being a free agent, Ryan on his role in The Iron Claw


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Nic Nemeth and Ryan Nemeth
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Nic and Ryan on the possibility of teaming in AEW:

Nic: “Absolutely, it is (a possibility of me tagging with my brother) but, my favorite thing was, when I left WWE, everyone goes, ‘Oh, you’re going to AEW to tag with your brother.’ I go, my brother’s great and I will tag with him and we will do a million projects together over the next 20 years. But I’m leaving this bubble of saying I’m the best one here for the last ten years and I need to go prove that and became World Champion ten times over, everywhere I go just to prove it to myself and everybody else and then we can get into Ryan and I bumping into each other, being a part of each other’s stories, becoming a team to five years later, fighting each other to the death, and that’s just at home, not at work.”

Ryan: “Since the first few weeks I was at AEW, I was trying to get him to go to AEW (he laughed). But, we’re all very open-minded about what’s happening and he’s on a pretty solid quest right now, taking over everywhere so, if we end up tagging together somewhere or fighting, you know? We’ve been on the same shows. We were on this big Puerto Rico, big WWC pay-per-view a month or two ago. That was pretty fun to be on the same show and I had a little run-in during his big match with Matt Cardona in GCW. I mean, we’re out there. Things are happening.”

Nic on being a free agent: “I didn’t want to be the big wanted man but I just wanted to be wanted. I was very very fortunate because I didn’t know the day after I left WWE if no one was gonna call or 2,000 people were gonna call. Hilariously, it was 2,000 people, so once I reset my phone I realized, okay I can do all these different things. I just got out of a a long-term relationship with WWE for 19 years, man. It was like every time a movie came up or a show came up or an outside opportunity came up it, was either, had to be run through 20 different people or it was passed off to someone else because they didn’t want it for me. So now having TNA, NJPW, and having several other companies out there that allow you to do everything you’d like to non-exclusive contracts. I wanted to check out everything that I’ve been missing on the independent scene for the last 20 years and I wanted to see ‘like hey I’ve been in this bubble crushing it, can I do it on the independent scene?’.”

Ryan on playing Gino Hernandez in The Iron Claw movie: “Well, you know, I was doing that kind of stuff before I ever got involved with wrestling at all. It’s been nice these past few years to be way more active in it and I’m very proud to be a part of The Iron Claw, I think that’s the best depiction of wrestling I’ve ever seen in cinema. I’m very, very excited about how that came out. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s streaming, so you have no excuse.”

Other topics include the big Comedy Show in Philly, at Helium on April 3, WWE, AEW, TNA, NJPW, Goldberg, AAA, Alberto Del Rio, The Iron Claw, and so much more! H/T to Pro Wrestling Post and Andrew Thompson.


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