Beyond Wrestling “Shamrock Slam” results: Vetter’s review of Matt Cardona vs. Alec Price, Krule vs. Ichiban for the IWTV Title, Willow Nightingale and Rex Lawless vs. Bronson and Gabby Forza


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Beyond Wrestling “Shamrock Slam”
Replay available via IndependentWrestling.TV
March 8, 2024 in Boston, Massachusetts at Harpoon Brewery

This show did not air live at the time; it was released for streaming over the weekend. This is a very good lineup on paper and I’ve seen everyone here several times.

* This event was at a St. Patrick’s Day festival and the ring is under a massive tent. They have boasted an attendance of about 2,200 fans for this standing room only show. Paul Crockett and Brother Greatness provided commentary. Denver Colorado filled in a few times, including when Brother Greatness was in the battle royal.

* The show opened with the wrestlers streaming into the building as part of a parade. This is a real party atmosphere — it’s a St. Patrick’s Day celebration! — and fans are all drinking and having a great time.

1. Dan Barry defeated Ray Jaz at 3:10. Barry, who’s in his 40s, wore Irish green. Jaz came to the ring waving an Italian flag and was loudly booed. Jaz swung at Barry to open but Dan ducked it and hit his own punches. Jaz hit a snap suplex at 1:00 and celebrated. Dan hit a rolling cannonball in the corner, but he missed a top-rope moonsault. Barry nailed a stunner for the pin. Fine, short match.

2. Ichiban won a 20-man battle royal to receive an IWTV title shot later tonight at 9:49. Participants included: Gal Barkay, Ichiban, CPA, Dezmond Cole, Steven Stetson, Richard Holliday, Matt Quade, Danny Miles, Hammer Tunis, Jermaine Marbury, Brother Greatness, Leon St. Giovanni, Mike Walker, Vinny Talotta, Pedro Dones, Brett Ryan Gosselin, Gabriel Skye, Ricky Smokes, Sammy Diaz, Lucas Chase. Yes, all these guys are regulars in Wrestling Open except LSG, who is pretty well known in the Northeast. Quaid was tossed first at 1:30. The commentators said Steven Stetson is the favorite, as he has two members of his faction to help protect him.

Wrestlers were tossed quickly. The crowd loudly booed when Stetson tossed fan favorite CPA. Smokes was eliminated and helped toss out rival Dones. By 7:00, we were down to just five: Holliday, Dezmond Cole, Stetson, Miles, and Ichiban. Cole tossed Holliday at 8:30. Stetson tossed Cole. Ichiban tossed Miles, leaving just Stetson and Ichiban. Ichiban tossed Stetson to be the winner. However, Miles and Stetson jumped back in the ring and stomped on Ichiban after the bell. Cole hit a top-rope flying double clothesline to make the save. Ichiban and Cole hugged after they cleared the ring. A fun battle royal with established wrestlers; so often, battle royals are filled with newbies but that wasn’t the case here.

3. “Big Business” Brad Hollister, TJ Crawford, Julio Cruz, and Victor Chase defeated “The Mane Event” Jay Lyon and Midas Black and “Shook Crew” Bryce Donovan and Bobby Orlando in an eight-man tag match at 12:07. TJ and Orlando opened. Bryce hit a big elbow drop on TJ at 2:00. Crockett said he’s not aware of Shook Crew and Mane Event ever teaming before and he wondered how they’ll get along. Bryce and Hollister traded blows, with Brad hitting a headbutt to the sternum. Julio Cruz and Midas entered at 4:00, with Midas hitting an enzuigiri. Chase and Lyon traded offense as they’re keeping this moving.

TME hit double shoulder tackles on Chase for a nearfall. All eight fought in the ring as the ref has lost control. The babyfaces all hit Sheamus-style blows to the chest as the crowd was LOUDLY counting along to 10. Chase hit a hard clothesline on Lyon at 6:30 and the heels began working Jay Lyon over. Lyon hit a top-rope corkscrew press on Cruz an Chase, and he made the hot tag to Orlando at 9:30. Bryce hit a Black Hole Slam on Cruz for a believable nearfall. Midas hit a splash. Hollister hit twisting Jackhammer. Bryce hit a chokeslam. Lyon hit a swinging uranage. Hollister hit a Shield-style assisted powerbomb on Midas for the pin. That was really good stuff.

4. Allie Katch, Kennedi Hardcastle, and Notorious Mimi defeated Ava Everett and “The Bratz” Paris Van Dale and Shannon LeVangie at 12:15. Some really good talent in here. Shannon and Kennedi opened and the fans chanted obscenities at Shannon. Kennedi hit a Thesz Press and a clothesline. Mimi (fomer NXT wrestler Sloane Jacobs) entered at 1:30 but Shannon slapped her in the face. Mimi hit a triple 619 for a nearfall. Allie and Ava locked up at 3:30. The heels began working over Allie in their corner. Mimi made the hot tag and hit an X-Factor faceplant on Paris at 6:30.

Shannon hit a stunner on Mimi, and the heels began working over Mimi. Allie got the hot tag at 8:30 and hit a seated senton. She hit a rolling cannonball first on Shannon, then on Paris, and she hit a Michinoku Driver on Ava for a believable nearfall. Kennedi hit a top-rope crossbody block and some HARD chops on Ava. Shannon and Paris hit a double suplex on Kennedi. Allie hit a double suplex at 11:00, then a second-rope superplex. Kennedi hit a Shining Wizard on Ava, a hard slap to the face, then a Kamigoye knee strike to Ava’s collarbone for the pin. Really good action.

5. Ted Goodz and Sidney Bakabella defeated Love, Doug in a handicap match at 7:29. Sidney is a manager and probably in his late 40s; he’s no wrestler. Again, the storyline here is Little Mean Kathleen left Doug at the altar in August and instead married Sidney Bakabella, so this feud has been ongoing for months. Doug hit a top-rope crossbody block on Goodz to open the match. Doug ripped off Sidney’s wig to reveal his bald head. The bigger, more muscular Goodz began working over Doug. Sidney is wearing a singlet with one strap, and he stomped on Doug, but Ted Goodz was doing most of the beatdown.

Goodz hit a backbreaker over his knee at 3:30. Doug finally hit an Atomic Drop and dropkick on Goodz, then a bulldog for a nearfall. Doug pulled down the back of Bakabella’ trunks and his butt was hanging out. Dough hit a bodyslam and spun him around, so everyone is seeing Sidney’s bare butt. “Good lord, what are we watching?” Denver Colorado said. Doug hit a Rebound Lariat on Goodz. Sidney threw powder in Doug’s eyes, then rolled him up and pinned him.

6. Megan Bayne defeated Joey Janela in an intergender match at 20:25. Megan is the tall Amazon who just returned from a tour in Japan. They took turns playing to the crowd, and of course, the crowd is behind the woman. She knocked him down with a shoulder tackle at 1:30. They traded chops; usually I object to this, but Megan is so big she looks believable in standing toe-to-toe with him. Joey hit a Rude Awakening standing neckbreaker for a nearfall at 4:00, and he grounded Megan on the mat. Megan hit an impressive overhead belly-to-belly suplex at 5:30. She hit a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall.. Joey hit a double-arm DDT, then flying double knees to her chin at 7:00.

Janela nailed a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. He set up for a package piledriver but she escaped, and she hit a Samoan Drop. Joey hit a German Suplex. They traded forearm strikes. They hit simultaneous clotheslines. She hit some Exploder Suplexes. He hit some slaps. She hit a big boot to his jaw at 10:30. He hit a huracanrana and another big boot to her face. She hit a sliding clothesline. Joey hit a German Suplex but she popped up, hit a clothesline, and both were down, and we got a “Beyond Wrestling!” chant. They got up and traded chops and forearms. She applied a Boston Crab, but he reached the ropes at 13:30. She hit a vertical suplex and was fired up.

Megan went for a Tombstone Piledriver but he rolled her up for a nearfall. Megan hit a swinging uranage. She went for a second-rope frogsplash but he got his knees up. Joey hit a Package Piledriver for a nearfall at 15:30 and he was shocked she kicked out. Joey gave the crowd the middle finger and was booed. They traded offense on the ring apron, and he nailed a brainbuster at 17:00! The crowd chanted “holy shit!” after that blow. She hit a back suplex into the ring for a nearfall. They got up and traded more punches and forearms. Joey hit a superkick at 19:00. Joey hit another piledriver but she again popped to her feet! Joey hit clotheslines she no-sold; she dropped him with a clothesline. She hit a Tiger Driver powerbomb for a believable nearfall. Megan then hit the Tombstone Piledriver for the clean pin. A stellar intergender matchup.

7. “MxM” Mason Madden and Mansoor defeated “Miracle Generation” Kylon King and Dustin Waller to ‘win’ the IWTV Tag Team Titles at 12:56. This is MG’s 36th title defense in a 376-day reign! Crockett called this “the most challenging” title defense for them. Waller and Mansoor opened with an intense lockup and a feeling-out process. The MG hit some quick offense. Madden entered and hit a leaping leg lariat for a nearfall at 4:30. Mansoor hit a Northern Lights Suplex on Dustin at 6:30 and MxM kept Waller in their corner. Kylon got the hot tag at 8:30 and hit some clotheslines and a tornado DDT on Mansoor. MG hit a team powerbomb move on Mansoor for a nearfall.

Waller accidentally hit a Lethal Injection on Kylon! Madden immediately hit a spear on Waller. MxM hit a chokeslam-and-German Suplex combo fo a believable nearfall at 10:30, and Mansoor was shocked that didn’t win them the match. Waller got a rollup out of nowhere for a believable nearfall on Madden. Waller hit the Lethal Injection on Madden, and Kylon hit a German Suplex for a believable nearfall, but Mansoor hit a frogsplash to break up the pin, and everyone was down at 12:00. Mansoor sold a knee injury and was helped out of the ring. However, Madden hit a double low blow on MG! Madden hit Waller with the title belt and pinned him! New champions! Mansoor ran back into the ring, showing his knee was just fine. “I”m going to be sick!” Brother Greatness said.

* But wait! The referee conferred with people at ringside, and he grabbed the belts away from MxM. The match must be restarted!

7b. Dustin Waller and Kylon King defeated Mansoor and Mason Maddeon to retain (regain?) the IWTV Tag Team Titles at 00:33. MG immediately hit a series of kicks on Mansoor, and Kylon hit a top-rope superplex. Waller immediately hit the Mamba Splash frogsplash and pinned Mansoor.

8. Kris Statlander defeated Aaron Rourke in an intergender match at 10:53. Rourke is flamboyant and billed as “Evil Gay”; I always compare his look to Malakai Black, even with the way he paints around his right eye. A nice pop for Kris as fans chanted “welcome back” and she looked legit moved by the reaction she received. Rourke was announced at 200 pounds even so he has a bit of weight advantage, but they appear to be the same height, and they traded mat holds early on. He knocked her down with a shoulder tackle but she popped right back up at 1:30. He went for a head-scissors takedown, but she kicked him in the chest, bodyslammed him, and took control of the offense.

Rourke hit some hard chops in the corner at 3:30. He bit her left fingers! Rourke really plays to the crowd and got booed. Kris hit a German Suplex at 6:00 and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Rourke hit an Eat D’feat kick, then a backbreaker over his knee, then a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. Statlander fired back with a powerslam and a sit-out powerbomb, and they were both down at 9:00. They traded mid-ring forearm strikes, and she hit an enzuigiri. Rourke hit a boot to her chest and a Trash Compactor piledriver along his back for a nearfall and we got a “Beyond Wrestling!” chant. He went for a split-legged moonsault but she got her feet up. She hit a hard clothesline and a piledriver for the clean pin. Good match.

9. Rex Lawless and Willow Nightingale defeated Bronson and Gabby Forza at 13:10. These teams are both real-life couples. Willow got on the mic and thanked the fans for coming out. She noted the opponents are in love, and she’s in love, so let’s fight! Rex is a big, muscular man and even bigger than Bronson as the men opened the match with an intense lockup. Bronson “motor-boated” Rex, and so far, this has surprisingly been comedy. Bronson hit a Guerrilla Press at 2:30! Willow tagged in (by kissing Rex) so Gabby tagged in by kissing Bronson. Brother Greatness said this is a legal tag in the rulebook; Crockett said he never read that rule. The women had an intense knuckle lock; the men got in to give them leverage in some more comedy.

Willow hit a double chinbreaker and got a nearfall on Gabby at 4:30. Rex hit a kick in the corner on Bronson. Willow hit a clothesline in the corner, then a spinebuster on Bronson for a nearfall at 6:00. Rex hit a guillotine legdrop on Bronson and took control. The women traded forearm strikes. “Too babes with a lot of power!” Brother Greatness said. Gabby hit a powerslam, then a Vader Bomb for a nearfall at 8:00. Bronson hit a clothesline on Willow! Rex hit a spear on Bronson. The women each put a man on their shoulders and hit Death Valley Drivers and that POPPED the crowd. The women then clotheslined each other and everyone was down. Fun spot.

The men traded forearms and Rex was bleeding on his left cheek near his ear. Bronson hit a standing powerbomb. Gabby hit a spear on Rex for a nearfall at 11:00. Bronson and Gabby collided. Rex hit a backbreaker over his knee on Bronson. Gabby hit a snap suplex on Rex! Willow hit a big Pounce on Gabby! Willow then hit the Doctor Bomb on Gabby for the pin. A nice mix of comedy and big spots. I like that the men rarely hit the women here. They all got up and hugged.

10. Krule defeated Ichiban to retain the IWTV Heavyweight Title at 11:09. Again, Ichiban won the battle royal earlier in the show to get this shot. However, he is giving up a LOT of size and strength. Ichiban charged and hit some body blows to the abdomen at the bell but Krule no-sold them. He went for his punches in the corner but Krule shrugged him off. Ichiban dove through the ropes but Krule caught him. Ichiban leapt off the apron and finally knocked Krule off his feet on the floor at 2:30. Ichiban again tried a flip dive to the floor, but Krule caught him and chokeslammed him onto the apron. In the ring, Krule was in control. He hit a LOUD chop at 4:30 and was booed; this crowd loves Ichiban!

Ichiban hit a basement dropkick and got a Crucifix Driver for a nearfall. He jumped on Krule’s back and applied a sleeper. Ichiban hit a Code Red out of the corner for a nearfall at 7:30. He hit his series of punches in the corner with the crowd chanting “one!” to each blow, then a stunner. He ht a top-rope missile dropkick and an enzuigiri and his leaping Flatliner! However, he was too slow to make a cover. Krule hit a chokeslam and a cocky one-foot cover for a nearfall. Ichiban hit a second-rope Tornado DDT for a nearfall at 10:30. Krule hit a Road to Valhalla faceplant for the pin. Good big man-little man matchup.

11. Alec Price defeated Matt Cardona (w/VSK, Mark Sterling) at 15:40. Price wore an Al Horford jersey; he’s usually got a hockey jersey on instead. Cardona was dressed in his Indiana Jones-themed gear and hat and has his internet title belt. Sterling got on the mic but the crowd shouted obscenities at him. Cardona got on the mic, said Price sucks, and he yelled at the crowd. The crowd chanted “We want Chelsea!” He said to Price, “you might be the indy darling, but I’m the Indy God.” The bell rang, and Matt immediately rolled to the floor and called for a timeout. Back in the ring, Price hit a springboard crossbody block at 2:00 and a jumping knee in the corner. He knocked VSK off the apron, but it allowed Cardona to hit a clothesline.

Sterling tripped Price, and Cardona stayed in control, choking Price while he did push-ups at 4:30. The referee finally ejected VSK and Sterling, which of course popped the crowd. Price hit a Rebound Lariat at 7:00, then his running knees in the corner and a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Cardona pushed the ref into the ropes, causing Price to fall and be crotched in the corner at 8:30. Price still hit a top-rope doublestop as Cardona was tied in the Tree of Woe for a nearfall. Cardona pushed the referee in the way, then he hit a jab to the throat and a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall at 10:00. Cardona accidentally hit the referee! Price hit his half-nelson suplex, then the Surprise Kick/step up mule kick for a visual pin.

But with the ref down, VSK and Sterling returned to the ring and stomped on Price. Price leapt off of VSK’s shoulders and hit a missile dropkick on Sterling. Cardona hit Price with a title belt for a believable nearfall. They fought over the title belt. Price hit a springboard spin kick at 12:30. Cardona nailed a Buckle Bomb and a running kick in the corner, then the Radio Silence flying leg lariat for a believable nearfall. Price flipped Cardona to the floor, who landed on his heel partners. Price dove over the top rope onto all three and he was fired up. He hit a springboard clothesline for a believable nearfall, but Sterling pulled the ref to the floor at 14:30. Cardona hit a low blow uppercut on Price. Cardona accidentally hit a flying leg lariat on VSK, then he accidentally hit Sterling with the belt. Price hit a Blockbuster and the Surprise Kick for the pin. Fun match.

Final Thoughts: An incredible indy show. I don’t use words like “incredible” often; I try to avoid hyperbole. But this was a HUGE crowd, as huge as you’ll ever see for an indy show; they have repeatedly claimed 2,200 tickets sold. They had a nice mix of big-name outsiders (Cardona, MxM) with the very best of the Northwest scene. The show ‘looked’ great on screen, the crowd was hot, the commentary is really good. At some point 2-3 months ago, the Crockett-Brother Greatness commentary team just really gelled for me.

I haven’t changed my mind on intergender matches, but Janela-Bayne stole the show. She has a great presence to her and I really wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors are true and she turns up on AEW TV soon. I’ll go with the Mane Event/Shook Crew eight-man tag for second best, ahead of the main event. This show gets a strong recommendation from me, and I’m so glad that Beyond officials took the time to edit this and make it a top-notch show before releasing it.


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