Beyond Wrestling “Kick” results: Vetter’s review of Lio Rush vs. Dezmond Cole, Krule vs. Tyree Taylor for the IWTV Title, former WWE tag team appears


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Beyond Wrestling “Kick”
Replay available via IndependentWrestling.TV
February 25, 2024 in Worcester, Massachusetts at White Eagle

Denver Colorado provided commentary. The crowd is in the 250 range; it appears down from the big Wrestling Open show from this past Thursday.

* The news going into this match is top female indy star Megan Bayne is sick and off the show. Bayne has been competing in Japan, and rumors persist she is AEW-bound. She was slated to face Alec Price in an intergender match. While I generally don’t like intergender matches, I’ve barely seen her in recent months so I was looking forward to that match. Also advertising but unable to make it is ROH veteran Tracy Williams.

1. “The Love Doctors” Love, Doug and Landon Hale defeated Channing Thomas and Ted Goodz (w/Sidney Bakabella, Little Mean Kathleen) at 7:09. LMK is still wearing her wedding dress, even though the wedding was in August. All four brawled at the bell. The babyfaces hit a team back suplex on Channing for a nearfall, then they hit stereo planchas to the floor at 1:30. (Bakabella and LMK joined commentary and were over-the-top love-gushy. Truly funny stuff.) The heels began working over Doug, and they hit a slingshot suplex for a nearfall. Thomas hit a powerbomb and Goodz made the cover for a nearfall at 4:30. Landon made the hot tag and hit some clotheslines and a springboard crossbody block, then a Lethal Injection. Hale hit clotheslines on each opponent, and he lawn-dart tossed Channing onto Good at 6:00. Hale nailed a Lungblower on Goodz, and Doug immediately hit a Rebound Lariat on Goodz for the pin. Good, fast-paced opener.

* By winning, Love, Doug can pick a stipulation of a match! Doug ordered Sidney Bakabella into the ring, and he said Sidney ruined the biggest day of his life. (Referecing his wedding to LMK in August, when she left Doug at the altar to marry Sidney.) On March 8, it will be Doug vs. Sidney & Ted Goodz. Doug called LMK a “cheating bitch” and he’s picked a match for her to have! He introduced Gabby Forza!

2. Gabby Forza defeated Little Mean Kathleen at 3:04. Again, Gabby is thick and muscular powerhouse, like Rachael Ellering or Dani Luna. She immediately bodyslammed LMK on the floor, then did a Gorilla Press into the ring, then one in the ring to the mat. Denver noted that rookie Gabby still has fewer than 50 total matches under her belt. LMK hit a Vader Bomb at 2:00. Gabby stood up with LMK in her arms and hit a fallaway slam, then her own Vader Bomb for a nearfall. Gabby hit a Bulldog Powerslam, then a spear for the pin. This didn’t need to be any longer than that.

3. Brad Hollister defeated Aaron Rourke at 14:05. This is a non-title match, but Hollister wore the Wrestling Open title around his waist. Rourke is the guy I always compare to Malakai Black in his overall look. A feeling-out process to open, and Hollister hit a shoulder tackle at 1:30. He hit a release German Suplex. Rourke hit a back suplex for a nearfall. Hollister slammed Aaron face-first into the middle turnbuckle at 4:00 and he took control. He hit some loud chops; Rourke fired back with his own chops. Hollister hit a snap suplex for a nearfall at 6:30 and he kept Rourke grounded. Rourke hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. He hit a Meteora flying double knees for a nearfall.

Hollister hit a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall at 9:00 and they were both down. They got up and traded punches, and Brad hit a headbutt. They hit simultaneous crossbody blocks and were both down again. Hollister hit a Muscle Buster for a believable nearfall at 11:00. Rourke spun Brad to the mat and he applied a crossface. Rourke hit a slam for a believable nearfall and he argued with the ref. Brad went for the Jackhammer but Aaron blocked it. Brad hit a low blow in the ropes, then a second-rope Tornado Jackhammer for the pin. The crowd booed this outcome. Really good action.

4. Janai Kai defeated Brittnie Brooks at 4:16. This is a first-time-ever match. Brittnie (I describe her and her pink outfit as a human Barbie!) is popular and getting a lot of bookings at just age 19. Janai nailed a superkick to the jaw before the bell! Officials came into the ring and pulled her out and were about to go to the back. “We’re not even going to get a match!” Denver said. However, Brittnie got back into the ring and demanded the ref ring the bell. (I started the stopwatch at the bell.) They immediately traded punches, and Janai hit a series of kicks. Kai hit the stiff kicks to the spine at 1:00. She applied a Stretch Plumm but Brittnie fought free.  Brittnie went for a slingshot move but Janai kicked her. Brittnie hit some flying forearms and a running knee. Janai fired back with some roundhouse kicks. Brittnie leapt off the second rope but Janai caught her with a superkick for the pin. That was good and felt a lot longer than it was; they got a lot in for such a short match.

5. TJ Crawford and “Brick City” Victor Chase and Julio Crruz defeated Matt Quay and “Post Game” Mike Walker and Vinny Talotta at 13:15. Again, Quay and Post Game had a head-turning debut at the Wrestival over New Year’s weekend. All six of these guys are heels, so I don’t know you book this particular match. Quay has the curly red mullet and reminds me of a young El Generico. Quay got on the mic and promised jello shots for everyone if his team wins. (Is this a feeble attempt to make them babyfaces for the night?) Chase and Quay opened, and Quay hit a dropkick. Mike Walker (similar to Marcus Mathers) entered at 1:30, and he hit a guillotine legdrop. Quay and TJ traded punches. Quay went for a dive to the floor at 3:30 but TJ hit a stunner, and BC began working over Quay.

Julio grounded Quay as the heels were still in charge. Walker made a tag at 6:30 but the ref missed it. Victor hit a back suplex. The muscular Talotta got a hot tag at 8:30 and he began hitting clotheslines and suplexes. Walker hit a running knee to the side of Julio’s head. Walker hit a dropkick. Brick City hit a team spinebuster. Quay nailed a springboard clothesline. TJ hit a springboard stunner on Quay. BC hit a triple powerbomb for a nearfall at 11:30 and the fans started chanting “shots!” All six began fighting as the ref has lost control. Post Game clotheslined Brick City to the floor. Vinny gave teammate Walker an assisted plancha to the floor. Out of nowhere, TJ rolled up Quay, put his feet on the ropes for leverage, and scored the tainted pin. That was some really good action; now let’s bring Quay and Post Game back to face some babyfaces, as they were clearly miscast as good guys in this match.

6. Allie Katch defeated Zayda Steel at 9:43. Another first-ever matchup. Allie competed in Dallas just 48 or so hours ago for GCW. Zayda had the ring announcer introduce her as “the undefeated Zayda Steel.” (I just want to point out that three women’s matches on this show is a really good thing.) They locked up with Zayda still wearing the sunglasses, but she took them off the first time Allie dropped her to the mat. They appear to be roughly the same height but Katch is thicker/curvier and I presume stronger. Zayda slapped Allie and immediately got a “you f—ed up!” chant. Zayda dropped her with a shoulder tackle, but it hurt Zayda, too. Zayda dove through the ropes onto Allie at 2:00.

In the ring, Allie hit several bodyslams, then a delayed suplex. Zayda began choking Allie and took charge. She hit a wheelbarrow-into-a-faceplant for a nearfall at 4:00. She hit a running knee to the chest in the corner and she rubbed her butt in Allie’s face. Allie hit her Stinger Splash, running buttbump and rolling cannonball at 6:30 for a nearfall. Zayda hit an enzuigiri and a tornado DDT for a nearfall. Allie hit an enzuigiri and she was fired up. Zayda hit a Lungblower to the chest at 9:00 for a nearfall, and the crowd began rallying for Allie. Allie nailed a piledriver for the pin. That was really good stuff.

7. Richard Holliday defeated Marcus Mathers in a no DQ match at 23:19. Holliday just returned from a UK tour, and these two were feuding last month as well, when Holliday hit a low blow. Holliday came out first; Mathers charged into the ring and they brawled immediately. Mathers hit a fip dive to the floor. Mathers began pulling weapons from under the ring, ranging from garbage cans to a crutch. He slammed Holliday into the ring post at 2:30. Holliday choked Mathers with the crutch as they continued to brawl at ringside. In the ring, Holliday stomped on him and he was in charge. He hit repeated chairshots across Mathers’ back at 8:30 and jabs to Marcus’ ribs.

Mathers hit a springboard stunner and a German Suplex, then two more. Mathers tied Holliday in the Tree of Woe and hit repeated punt kicks to the back at 10:30. He tossed a chair onto a chair over Holliday’s face and got a nearfall. Mathers went under the ring and got a long pipe! It is maybe 6-8 feet long, and he put it under Richard’s throat and choked him with it. However, Holliday got the pipe and he choked Marcus with it. Holliday hit a DDT for a nearfall at 12:30. He hit a superkick. Marcus hit some kicks and he whipped a chair at Richard. He hit a kick to the back of Holliday’s head, then a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall at 15:00. Marcus hit a drop-toe-hold onto an open chair, then a stunner for a nearfall.

The crowd started chanting, “we want doors!” So, Marcus obliged and got one from under the ring. Holliday hit a backbreaker over his knee, put Marcus in a Torture Rack, and turned it into a neckbreaker for a nearfall at 18:30. Holliday put a chairshot over Marcus’ head and he hit the garbage can several times with a chair. “He could have broken his damn neck!” Denver shouted after one blow to the top of the can; however, he only got a nearfall at 20:30. Holliday stood over the prone Marcus and yelled at him. However, Marcus hit a Stundog Millionaire and a superkick! Marcus hit a second-rope stunner at 23:00. Holliday hit a low blow knee lift, then several more low blow! Denver stressed this is no DQ. Holliday hit the “2008” swinging suplex for the cheap pin.

* Intermission was edited out. Alec Price was brought to the ring. Again, he was supposed to face Megan Bayne, who got sick overnight. Price, like Allie Katch, wrestled for GCW in Dallas on Friday. Some lounge singer music came on and no one knew who was headed to the ring… it’s Smart Mark Sterling! He was in a singlet and ready to wrestle. Sterling talked about the March 8 supershow when Alec Price will face Matt Cardona. He said Cardona looks at Price as just another “skinny indy bitch.” The bell rang but then Sterling said he isn’t Price’s opponent. Out of nowhere, former AEW ‘butler’ VSK jumped in the ring and superkicked Price!

8. Alec Price defeated VSK (w/Mark Sterling) at 10:29. VSK got a nearfall after that superkick and he was in charge. His beard is a big longer now and he is looking like a younger, smaller Bobby Roode today. VSk hit some European Uppercuts and remained in charge. Sterling choked Price when the ref was distracted. VSK hit a snap suplex for a nearfall at 5:00. VSK hit a kneedrop onto the forehead and he grounded Price. Alec fired back with a rebound lariat for a nearfall at 7:00. VSK got a rollup for a nearfall. Price hit his running kicks in the corner.

Price went to the second rope but Sterling grabbed his ankle. It allowed VSK to clothesline Price to the floor at 8:30. VSK dove to the floor but crashed onto Sterling! Price dove onto both of them. In the ring, VSK hit a backbreaker over his knee, then a modified powerbomb for a nearfall. Price hit his half-nelson suplex then a flying leg lariat, then a second-rope flying leg lariat for the pin. That was really good stuff.

9. “Miracle Generation” Dustin Waller and Kylon King defeated Jaelyn Brandyn of “Waves & Curls” to retain the IWTV Tag Team Titles at 7:32. This is the 35th title defense for MG. Denver had been teasing throughout the show that W&C teammate Traevon Jordan was injured after an attack by the Kelly twins Thursday and wouldn’t be cleared to wrestle. Sure enough, only Jaelyn came out and it was announced this was going to be a singles match but the tag titles were still on the line. MG were hesitant to take the match, acknowledging it is unfair. Jaelyn hit a springboard crossbody and got a nearfall. MG quickly took control but you can sense Dustin doesn’t have his heart into this two-on-one match.

Kylon hit a bodyslam at 3:30, then a clothesline. “This is just a massacre,” Denver said, but he added that MG are “holding back.” MG hit a spinebuster for a nearfall. (I am sensing that everyone is just waiting for Traevon to stumble out of the back and get into this match.) Jaelyn hit a huracanrana and a flying clothesline at 6:30 and all three were down. MG hit a team slam for the pin. The crowd went quiet and was disappointed. Me too.

* A backstage segment featuring “MxM” Mansoor and Mason Madden! They want a tag title shot against Miracle Generation! We returned to the White Eagle where Miracle Generation appeared to accept the match.

* Again the next match was supposed to be Kule vs. Tracy Williams for the IWTV World Title, but Tracy has canceled. Thus, we have an open challenge.. and it accepted by Tyree Taylor! Again, I describe Tyree as Willie Mack-meets-Shane Taylor and he has dominated of late in this building. To me, this is a much better matchup (closer in size) than Tracy-Krule.

10. Krule defeated Tyree Taylor (w/Ichiban) via ref stoppage to retain the IWTV Title at 9:35. These are two BIG men. Krule recently won this title from Alec Price and I don’t think he’s defended it much. They immediately traded big punches. Tyree clotheslined them both over the top rope to the floor at 1:00. Tyree already has a bloody nose! He hit a uranage onto the ring apron. In the ring, Krule hit some Stinger Splashes and a brainbuster. Tyree hit a spear into the corner. Krule hit a bodyslam; he really is a modern version of Kane. He hit a chokeslam at 4:00 but Tyree immediately sat up! Tyree hit an enzuigiri! He hit an elbow drop, and we got a “Beyond Wrestling!” chant. Tyree hit a massive plancha!

Krule hit an Implant Buster (Taya Valkyrie’s Road to Valhalla). Tyree applied a Triangle Choke. Tyree nailed a discus clothesline that popped the crowd. Tyree nailed a second-rope moonsault for a believable nearfall at 8:30. (That is a BIG man to do that move!) “Tyree Taylor is someone special,” Denver said. Tyree got Krule up for a powerbomb but Krule fought free. Krule hit a chokeslam over his knee, then he applied a sleeper on the mat and we got a “please don’t tap!” chant. However, the ref checked on Tyree and called for the bell. You will NOT be able to convince me that Krule-Tracy would have been a better match.

* Krule left the ring and he returned with a red, plastic gasoline can! Denver shouted for someone to call the police. Ichiban jumped in the ring and brawled with the much, much bigger Krule. Ichiban hit a huracanrana and he hit a kick onto a chair in front of Krule’s face.

* Alec Price joined Denver Colorado for commentary for the main event!

11. Dezmond Cole defeated Lio Rush at 20:34. Denver talked about how Lio Rush has wrestled pretty much every place possible and he noted Lio is still just 29. These two are roughly the same height but Dezmond is thicker. Lio got on the mic and was cocky, saying “you think you can kick it with me?” He handed Dezmond the mic, but then he attacked Cole and stomped on him! Lio hit a handstand kick that sent Cole off the apron to the floor, then Lio dove through the ropes onto Cole at 3:00. In the ring, Cole snapped off a huracanrana. Price talked about his upcoming match against Cardona. Dezmond hit a nice dropkick for a nearfall. Lio hit some chops in the corner.

Lio hit a Yes Kick and he danced, showing a cocky streak. They sped it up with reversals and neither man landing a blow. Dezmond hit a stunner at 8:00 that sent Lio to the floor, so Demond hit a flip dive to the floor on him. In the ring, Cole hit a suplex and he was fired up. He hit a Rolling Thunder legdrop for a nearfall. Lio hit his spin kick while seemingly on his hip. Cole hit a rolling kick and they were both down at 10:30. Dezmond hit a Helluva Kick in the corner. Lio hit a spear at 12:00, then his Final Hour stunner from the ropes for a nearfall. Lio hit another stunner and he was in charge. Lio came off the to rope but Cole got his feet up to block it.

Lio hit a buzzsaw kick to the head at 14:00. They traded forearm strikes while holding onto each other’s wrists. They hit simultaneous clotheslines. Cole hit a Mafia Kick. They took off their elbow pads, Dezmond took down the straps of his overalls and they traded blows. Cole hit a Helluva Kick, then a kick to the face as Lio’s head was trapped in the ropes. Dezmond hit a uranage and a Swanton Bomb for a believable nearfall at 16:30. Price was going nuts on commentary. Lio hit another buzzsaw kick, then a Poison Rana. Lio went for the Rush Hour frogsplash but Cole got his knees up. They traded rollups and we nearly had a double pin at 18:30, and they were both down. Lio hit a mid-ring Spanish Fly. Lio missed a Final Hour frogsplash, and Cole hit a Shining Wizard. Cole hit a Swanton Bomb for the pin! That was tremendous.

Final Thoughts: A tremendous main event and that’s best match of the show. Yes, I love cruiserweights, and these two delivered. I’ve said for a while that Cole is on the verge of breaking out and it feels like it’s just a matter of time before he’s in MLW. Holliday-Mathers was really good for second place; I don’t mind a hardcore match when there is a storyline behind it, like there was here. That said, no one bled and that match didn’t get too disgusting with the weapons used. Hollister-Rourke takes third.

I was heavily critical of Allie Katch’s match Friday in Dallas against Mance Warner; I just don’t find her and her offense to be believable against bigger men. But she had a really good singles match here against Zayda Steel. More of this please.  Also, Zayda just carries herself like a star. Yes, she’s already in Major League Wrestling, and I know that WWE is committed to their college youth movement. But I can see Zayda landing a bigger role. I know we now all have tainted thoughts about Tammy Sytch… but I see Zayda as similar to 1996-era Sunny.

Denver did an admirable job on solo commentary. He’s the head booker and his passion for the product is evident. He was really able to get across points of storylines. This was a really good show and worth checking out.


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  1. >> I know we now all have tainted thoughts about Tammy Sytch… but I see Zayda as similar to 1996-era Sunny.<<

    Well, as long as she doesn't choose (and yes, snowflakes, its a CHOICE) to do drugs, become an alcoholic, and sleep with the majority of the roster and then go on to making porn, no one will think of her like we do Sunny..

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