Scott Steiner on changing his look, character, and in-ring style, his match with Goldberg in WCW

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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The change to his look and character: “We [Steiner Brothers] had that tag team for so long and had wrestled everybody and we were popular. I knew I had to do a drastic change from what I was with the black hair and mullet. Otherwise people would see me as the same so that’s when, as soon as I turned on my brother we were in California. The next morning I went into a salon and bleached my hair and bleached my goatee. I showed up and when I showed up, believe it or not, a whole lot of people didn’t recognize me, a lot of the announcers didn’t recognize me either because I didn’t really tell anybody I was going to do it. The only person that knew it was, I ran it by Eric Bischoff.”

On changing his wrestling style: “I could do the Frankensteiner, I just didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want people to cheer me, because it was a fairly popular move, so I basically just changed my style to ground-and-pound. I was paid to be a heel.”

On his WCW match vs Goldberg: “I knew what kind of match that we had to have. It was basically we had to beat the shit out of each other. People like that action-packed beat the sh*t out of each other style. You know when most athletes that played in college and or play pro like Bill did, there’s a certain amount of respect that you have. If you think about it, it’s really hard to get a college scholarship. So there’s a certain amount of respect for guys that actually played sports, I would say more so than anybody else that gets into wrestling. So we had a certain amount of respect.”

Other topics include NWA, Nasty Boys, Road Warriors, The Frankensteiner, the Steiner Screwdriver, the NWO, WCW, the Big Poppa Pump gimmick, WWE, Triple H, Bron Breaker, NXT, the WWE Hall of Fame, the Steiner Brothers, ribs, pranks, Disco Inferno, injuries, who is the toughest wrestler, and more.


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