TNA Champion Moose on Josh Alexander, the signings of Nic Nemeth and Mustafa Ali, facing Nemeth at TNA Rebellion

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Brass Ring Media interview with guest Moose
Interview conducted by Zack Heydorn
Interview available via

On Josh Alexander: “Josh, it means a lot, man. He’s the standard bearer of the company. I mean, if people call me the face of the franchise, people will call Josh a standard bearer. He’s a great wrestler. Phenomenal wrestlers, but our rivalry is going to be one of those things where I’m like the kryptonite to Superman. So, I’m like his ultimate heel, his ultimate bad guy. He’s like Luke Skywalker, right? If you think of him as being David, you think of me being Goliath. It’s one of those things where I’m always gonna be his ultimate rival to him being the ultimate babyface. And I feel like without me, there wouldn’t be Josh, and vice versa. Without Josh, there wouldn’t be me, because we both complemented each other. If all fails, we could always go back to a rivalry between Josh and Moose because it’s a great story. It sells tickets and we both are great at our craft to make it work.”

On TNA bringing in Nic Nemeth and Mustafa Ali: “I’m very welcoming. I mean, it shows that TNA is a hotspot for guys. And I mean, there’s other great companies out there that they could go to, but they decided to come and it just shows that TNA has great things going on and I’m always welcoming. To all these guys, until you give me a reason to not be welcome. I love that all these guys, and they’re all great individuals too, so they don’t have a reputation for being dirtbags. Outside of wrestling, they’re all known to be great individuals. I’m happy that they’re TNA and, We’re gonna try to get this train cranking and moving upwards.”

On facing Nic Nemeth at TNA Rebellion: “Nick is very experienced. He’s an awesome wrestler. He’s a great individual, great person, great entertainer. I mean, he’s done it at a high level and actually achieved gold at the highest level. I can’t wait to share the ring with him and main event Rebellion in the next few weeks.”

Other topics include performing dangerous spots, his role as TNA World Champion, and more.


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