Swoggle on the state of WWE, the WrestleMania moment that made him emotional, his favorite celebrity encounter, the joy of watching his friends succeed in pro wrestling


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Good Karma Wrestling with guest “Swoggle” Dylan Postal
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On the current state of the WWE: “Look at WWE right now, it is Attitude Era level, legitimately Attitude Era level hot and there is no I don’t think there’s any stopping it in sight. Every time you go, man, there’s a little hiccup, they blow something else out of the water, and it’s just it’s incredible. It’s WrestleMania season, I am excited for WrestleMania season. Even just watching as a fan. I love it, man. I love wrestling. I tell my students all the time and it’s something to really think of about, if you’re an active performer, active wrestler, the minute you stop loving wrestling, you get out because you think you’re above it, you think you’re past enjoying it. I love watching wrestling, whether it’s good wrestling or bad wrestling, I love watching it because there is something in wrestling for everyone, literally everyone. If you don’t like vanilla ice cream, they’ll give you chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate ice cream, they got Neapolitan for you. Like literally wrestling gives you everything you could want. And there’s so much out there which is great. I think the more wrestling, the better I truly, truly do.”

His favorite celebrity encounter: “Shaq would come a lot to shows even without guest hosting. He would just come to shows, it was incredible. I was a Shaq guy, sure Michael Jordan was big, but I was a Shaq guy. Michael Jordan was the Hulk Hogan to my Ultimate Warrior, Shaq was my Ultimate Warrior. Flashy, fun to watch. Everyone loved Hulk Hogan, everyone loved Michael Jordan. I loved Michael Jordan, I liked Hulk Hogan, I loved Ultimate Warrior. One taping, it was at a Raw, he came with his kids and he goes, ‘Hey, man, wait,’ and I go ‘Yes, Shaq.’ We were walking into each other in the hallway, I was like walking waist level to him. It was one of those things where I go, ‘Okay, what the hell is Shaq having me wait for?’ And he brings his kids in the hallway and he goes, ‘Man, I got to tell you, my kids didn’t care about meeting John Cena, didn’t care about meeting Randy Orton or Triple H, even they just wanted to meet you.’ And it was one of those moments where I really got to like, realize, this is pretty cool. I’m doing something pretty awesome here.”

The fun of watching friends in the business succeed: “That year of Kofi Mania, I sat and watched that WrestleMania and that match with Landon (his son) next to me…. We watched that Kofi Mania and I had legit tears coming down and I said watching the end of the match, “They’re going to do it, they’re going to do it.” I’m getting emotional now, man, just thinking about that moment, thinking about man, he was a Jamaican guy with a crappy accent who if you watch his first match, it was dog dirt because just him and the guy he worked just didn’t clash well. Just seeing the growth of that, of him, it’s just incredible, it really really is. I love seeing friends of mine do well because they deserve it.

“You said a good thing, everyone deserves to eat and especially when they got families. Ethan Page. Ethan Page has turned into a legit best friend of mine. When Ethan Page gets his shots and he knocks every one of them out of the park, I couldn’t be happier. It’s things like that where guys that I’ve had interactions with. And now I’m seeing guys that when I got released by WWE, worked indie shots with them, with these guys, and they’re killing it. And it’s just stuff like that where I go, ‘Man, it’s pretty awesome.” I had a death match with Britt Baker randomly in Cleveland for AIW. We had a whole feud, and then seeing her being the number one women’s wrestler by far is just incredible.”

Other topics include what brought him to pro wrestling, watching Fit Finlay’s kids perform, and more.


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