C*4 Wrestling “High Tension” results: Vetter’s review of Junior Benito vs. Starboy Charlie for the C*4 Title, Santana vs. Kevin Blackwood, Miracle Generation vs. Dark Order vs. Fight or Flight for the IWTV Tag Titles


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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C*4 Wrestling (Capital City Championship Combat) “High Tension”
Replay available via Independent.TV
February 23, 2024 in Ottawa, Ontario at Preston Event Centre

This show was released on February 27 on the IWTV website. By delaying the release a few days, it allows some light edits to be made, notably breaks between matches are trimmed. Dr. Bob provided commentary. I love this venue; it’s well-lit and they once again have drawn 500-600 fans who are into this show.

1. “Triple Dragon” Puf and Pretty Ricky Wildy defeated Sexxxxy Beasts” Sexxxy Eddie and Bob the Animal to retain the C*4 Tag Team titles at 12:40. Puf is the unhealthy 400+ man, and Wildly always reminds me of a young Jimmy Hart. They started brawling during the ring introductions and they fought to the floor and they brawled using a variety of weapons, from cookie sheets to keyboards. They brawled to a bar at the back wall then returned to ringside.

Puf got slammed face-first into the ring post at 8:00. In the ring, the heels worked over Wildly as the crowd chanted for Puf. The heels slammed Puf through a door bridge in the ring at 10:30. Puf grabbed a chair and he threw it at Bob, then he speared Eddie, and the crowd went nuts. (They love this big guy!) Wildly leapt off a ladder and hit a doublestomp on Bob. Meanwhile, Puf hit a piledriver onto the broken door shards to pin Eddie. Decent brawl.

2. London Lightning defeated Channing Thomas at 11:16. London is a young kid with a great physique and he’s definitely “one to watch” on this roster. Channing is the smarmy Bobby Roode-meets-Joey Ryan heel. An intense lockup and feeling-out process. London tried to apply a Boston Crab but Channing scrambled to the ropes at 2:00. London tied Channing’s legs around the ring post. Channing crotched London on the top rope at 4:30 and he hit some chops and a clothesline to the back, and Thomas took control of the action. Channing began working the left leg. He hit a sliding German Suplex out of the ropes for a nearfall at 7:00.

London fired up and repeatedly slammed Channing’s head against the top turnbuckle, then he hit a suplex. Channing hit a kneestrike to the side of the head, then a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall at 10:00. He applied a half crab. London came back with a spinebuster, and he applied a Sharpshooter, and Channing tapped out. A good match and a big win for Lightning against a more established indy wrestler.

3. Brent Banks and Kristara defeated James Stone and Vanessa Kraven at 9:31. Brent is Black with short, curly hair. I’ve liked what I’ve seen of the short, athletic Kristara (think Biana but a little lighter tone.) Kraven is the 6’0″ veteran who was in the first Mae Young Classic. The bald Stone is similar to Karl Anderson. The men opened but I presume men can fight women in this one. Kristara tagged in at 1:00 and Stone just pushed her head, shoving her to the mat. He hit a hard chop on her in the corner. (I must stress how much smaller she is and this makes me feel uncomfortable watching this.) Kraven tagged in and she hit a hard Mafia Kick on Kristara, too.

Kraven hit a guillotine legdrop for a nearfall at 3:30 and she was in charge. Stone tagged back in and suplexed Kristara. Kraven hit a DDT out of the ropes for a nearfall. Banks finally got the hot tag at 6:30 and he hit a crossbody block. He hit a springboard forearm on Stone and was fired up. Kristara hit a top-rope splash to the floor on both heels. In the ring, Brent hit a Falcon Arrow on Stone. Stone hit a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall. Brent hit a Helluva Kick on Kraven at 9:00, then a dropkick on Stone, then a flip dive to the floor on Stone. Meanwhile, Kristara hit a German Suplex on Kraven for a nearfall, then an enzuigiri for the pin. Good action but they should have just let men fight men, women fight women.

4. Myung-Jae Lee defeated TJ Crawford at 12:15. These two guys are really talented. Of course, Crawford has appeared on MLW TV a few times now; I saw Lee compete in a BLP show from Chicago a day after this event. Lee hit a hesitation dropkick into the corner at 1:00, then a running PK on the ring apron. Crawford slammed Lee back-first on the ring apron, but he accidentally chopped the ring post. Lee pushed Crawford onto the lap of fans and he hit several chops on TJ’s unprotected chest, as fans held TJ’s arms. They brawled around the room, away from ringside. Lee hit a flip dive off a short stage onto TJ at 3:00. In the ring, Crawford hit a Tower of London neckbreaker and he paused to pose.

Lee hit some clotheslines at 6:00 and a top-rope missile dropkick. TJ hit a spin kick to the head, and he hit an impressive modified Razor’s Edge powerbomb. He hit a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall at 8:00 and was frustrated he hadn’t won. He hit a Yes Kick to the chest. Lee got up and they traded slaps and chops and forearm strikes. Lee hit a uranage for a nearfall at 10:00. TJ hit a spin kick to the head in the corner. Lee hit a running knee at 12:00, then a top-rope doublestomp to the back, then a pumphandle powerbomb for the pin. A very good match.

5. Alexia Nicole defeated Haley Dylan (w/Kevin Blackwood), Kennedi Hardcastle, LuFisto, and Little Mean Kathleen in a five-way to retain the C*4 Underground Championship at 8:33. Just to be clear, this is a title belt open to all genders, not just women; Alexia defended it last month in a match against men as well. LMK is in regular wrestling gear — it looks like she stole it from Kylie Rae! — and not in her wedding dress like she is at Wrestling Open/Beyond shows. My guess is Kennedi (Copeland) Hardcastle is the only woman taller than 5’3″ of these five. All five brawled at the bell. Lufisto and Haley brawled on the floor.

Alexia set up a board in the ring, but Lufisto hit a Death Valley Driver, slamming Alexia through the board for a nearfall at 3:00. LMK hit a Vader Bomb on Kennedi for a nearfall. Dylan hit a suplex out of the corner on Kennedi for a nearfall. Haley hit a German Suplex. Lufisto hit a double clothesline at 6:00. She hit some Stinger Splashes and buttbumps in the corner. Alexia hit a Widows Peak. Lufisto hit a bodyslam on Haley for a nearfall, but Blackwood pulled Lufisto from the ring and was booed. Blackwood hopped in the ring and picked up Alexia, but she escaped and hit a low blow. Alexia hit a drop-toe-hold, sending Haley’s head into Kevin’s groin. Alexia immediately got an O’Connor Roll on Haley for the pin. They kept that action going.

6. Santana defeated Kevin Blackwood at 17:21. A massive pop for Santana, and of course, Blackwood was loudly booed. An intense lockup to open, and Kevin twisted the left arm. They traded shoulder tackles with neither man going down. Kevin hit a doublestomp to the chest at 3:00, and Santana rolled to the floor to regroup. Santana hit a baseball slide dropkick to the floor. They brawled amongst the fans and Santana hit some loud chops. Santana dropped Blackwood face-first on the apron at 7:00. In the ring, Santana hit some chops and was in charge, until Blackwood hit a low blow mule kick and was loudly booed.

Blackwood grounded Santana, and he hit elbow strikes to the side of Santana’s head. Kevin crotched Santana in the corner, then he hit a top-rope back suplex for a nearfall at 11:00. They got up and traded forearm strikes. Santana hit a superkick. They hit simultaneous Mafia Kicks and were both down. Kevin went for a Gotch-style Piledriver but Santana blocked it. Santana hit a stunner for a nearfall at 13:30. He hit an enzuigiri in the corner, then he slammed Kevin stomach-first to the mat for a nearfall.

Blackwood hit a German Suplex and a Helluva Kick, then a top-rope doublestomp to the chest for a nearfall at 15:30. Kevin hit the Gotch-style Piledriver for a nearfall. They got up and traded more chops. Kevin hit a series of quick kicks. Santana hit a discus clothesline. Kevin hit a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall. Santana hit another discus clothesline. Santana put Kevin in a Torture Rack but then slammed him back-first to the mat for the clean pin. That was really entertaining stuff.

7. “Miracle Generation” Kylon King & Dustin Waller defeated “Fight or Flight” Vaughn Vertigo & Gabriel Fuerza and “Dark Order” Evil Uno & Stu Grayson in a three-way tag to retain the IWTV Tag Titles at 17:42. (I hate that the titles are on the line here, as it tells me who is winning.) I always say that with his long hair and tinted red glasses, Vertigo looks like a rock star. Fuerza looks a lot like Santana from the prior match! Kylon put Stu in a headlock and kissed the top of his bald head, and you could see that ticked Stu off. Evil Uno entered at 2:00 to face Waller; they traded shoulder tackles with neither man going down. Uno hit a running neckbreaker.

Vertigo tagged in and locked up with Kylon. Fuerza hit a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall at 4:00. Vertigo hit a flip dive to the floor. Fuerza hit a senton on Stu. Kylon hit a Northern Lighs Suplex on Fuerza. MG began working over Fuerza and kept him grounded. Fuerza hit a mid-ring Spanish Fly on Waller at 7:00. Vaughn hit a leg lariat on Kylon, then a stunner out of the ropes on Waller. Stu entered and hit a suplex on Vertigo. The MG began stomping on Stu in their corner. Kylon hit a powerbomb for a nearfall at 9:30. Stu hit a double Pele Kick on MG and the crowd rallied for Grayson, who made the hot tag to Evil Uno. Uno hit some clothesliines and kicks and cleared the ring.

Even with Kylon on his back, EVil Uno suplexed Waller. Stu tossed Waller toward Uno, who hit a powerbomb for a nearfall at 12:00. Waller hit some kicks. Uno hit a DDT on Vertigo. Fuerza hit a Lungblower to Uno’s back. Stu hit a Lionsault, as everyone was hitting finishers. Waller hit a superkick that staggered Stu but didn’t knock him off his feet, and Stu grabbed Waller and bodyslammed him, then hit a German Suplex. Stu hit a German Suplex on Kylon too. Stu hit a double clothesline on MG and everyone was down at 14:30. Vertigo and Uno got in and traded forearm strikes. Vertigo hit a back suplex. Vaughn hit a Swanton Bomb on Kylon’s back! Stu flipped Vaughn into a corner onto Waller!

Stu hit a 450 Splash on Waller; Uno made the cover for a believable nearfall at 16:30, and Uno argued with the referee, in disbelief he didn’t win there. Vertigo hit a Swanton on Kylon for a nearfall, but Kylon was able to roll him over (with the aid of Waller on the floor holding down Vaughn’s leg) and pin Vaughn Vertigo. “Miracle Generation just stole that won!” a commentator shouted. MG acted a bit heelish at times during that match, but that was a straight-up heel victory. Really good action. And of course, because the title belts were on the line, the outcome wasn’t in doubt.

8. Matthieu St. Jacques, Benjamin Tull, and Mike Marston defeated Cecil Nyx and “Locked & Loaded” Mark Wheeler and Jessie V at 10:51. These guys are all brawlers. I don’t think I’ve seen Marston before; he’s tall muscular with lots of tattoos and a thin mustache. Wheeler hit a nice dropkick on Marston and a leaping Flatliner. The lumberjack St. Jacques hit a hard chop on the chubby Nyx, and his team began working Cecil over. Marston hit a sideslam for a nearfall at 4:00, and the crowd rallied for Cecil.

Cecil hit a double suplex and he made the ot tag to the massive Jessie V, who hit some body slams. Jessie hit a top-rope Frankensteiner which I certainly didn’t expect, then a spear on Tull for a nearfall at 7:30. Everyone started brawling on the floor. Jessie slammed Tull back-first on the ring apron. Wheeler and V set up for dives to the floor but were met with chairshots to the head at 10:00. Tull hit a modified Cradle Shock on Cecil; Marston hit a top-rope flying headbutt on Nyx, and Tull covered Nyx for the pin. A solid brawl.

* Locked and Loaded were clearly upset they were on the losing team! Wheeler superkicked Nyx, then Jessie V slammed him through a board in the corner and they left him lying in the ring.

9. Junior Benito defeated Starboy Charlie to retain the C*4 Title at 16:21. Charlie is the 21-year-old West Coast talent so C*4 definitely flew him in for this big matchup. Benito is a slender Black man and he won this title I think two months ago from Kevin Blackwood; he’s usually in a tag team but his partner Macrae Martin is out of action with an injury. A feeling-out process and standing switches early on. Benito hit a standing neckbreaker at 3:00. Charlie hit a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall and some kneestrikes to the spine.

Charlie hit a deep armdrag at 5:30 and worked the left arm. Benito hit a forward Finlay Roll. Benito hit his own running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall at 7:30. Charlie hit a mid-ring Sliced Bread, then a corkscrew senton for a nearfall. They got up and traded forearm strikes. Charlie applied an Octopus Stretch at 10:00. Benito hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall, but he missed a top-rope 450 Splash. Charlie hit a kneestrke to the chin, then his Poison Rana at 12:30. He hit a baseball slide dropkick to the floor, then an Asai Moonsault onto Benito.

In the ring, Charlie hit a second-rope corkscrew splash for a nearfall. He began choking Benito, showing some heelish tendencies. He went under the ring and got some chairs and a board; this has been a babyface matchup until now. He made board bridge in the ring. Junior went to the top rope but Charlie caught him with a Pele Kick. Benito powerbombed Charlie to the mat. He placed Charlie on the board, then he hit the top-rope 450 Splash on Charlie, lying on the board bridge, for the pin. That was really good stuff.

Final Thoughts: On paper, this show didn’t look as strong as some other C*4 events; there have been other shows with more ‘star power’ indy names. But this sure delivered. Santana continues to have great matches on the indy scene, and Kevin Blackwood is definitely a top 20 unsigned indy talent. I’ll give them best match, narrowly ahead of the Benito-Charlie main event. The three-team tag earns third place. Crawford-Lee was quite good for honorable mention.

There are some guys here I haven’t warmed up to, like Puf, Wildly and Nyx. But wow this crowd loves all these guys. These shows are so much fun because the crowd is into everything. I feel like this is night-and-day difference from the small crowd, with many fans quiet and staring at their phones, at the Black Label Pro show in Chicago that occurred about 16 hours after this event.


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