ROH on HonorClub results (1/25): Robinson’s review of ROH Tag Champs Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Gravity and Gringo Loco in a Proving Ground match, Slim J vs. Rocky Romero vs. Josh Woods vs. JD Drake in a four-way

By Sam Robinson, Contributor (@altaine)

Ring of Honor on HonorClub (Episode 48)
Taped January 20, 2023 in St. Louis, Missouri at Chaifetz Arena
Streamed January 25, 2024 on HonorClub

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman were on commentary, and Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer…

*Unless otherwise noted, all matches started and ended with the Code of Honor handshake.

The show started with shots of the crowd and a rundown of some of the matches…

1. “The Righteous” Vincent and Dutch vs. Camaro Jackson and Anaya. No entrance for the jobbers. Dutch came out holding that 4×4 they’ve started carrying around. Jackson pie faced Dutch to start and tried to shoulder block him, but Dutch came back with a crossbody block. Vincent tagged in and tried to suplex Jackson who blocked a few times and then Jackson deadlifted Vincent into a suplex of his own. Vincent came right back with a back elbow and then punched Anaya off the apron. Vincent threw Dutch at Jackson in the corner and then they both mugged him. Dutch hit a ripcord clothesline, Vincent hit a running kneeling flatliner. Jackson got the knees up on an elbow drop and got the hot tag to Anaya, who came in with a headbutt and big boot that got him a two count on Vincent. Anaya tried a back suplex move and got pushed into Jackson who hit the floor. Righteous hit Autumn Sunshine for the pinfall.

“The Righteous” Vincent and Dutch defeated Camaro Jackson and Anaya by pinfall.

After the match Dutch grabbed the 4×4 but the jobbers had already fled.

Robinson’s Ruminations: The announcers kept talking about Vincent’s history with The Undisputed Kingdom, so I think they’re the next real challengers for the tag titles. The match was absolutely nothing special.

2. Nyla Rose vs. Laynie Luck. No entrance for Luck. Rose used the code of honor to just crush the hand of Luck and then clotheslined her a few times while holding onto the wrist. Rose tried a chokeslam but Luck jumped out and hit a few kicks but got tripped into the ropes. Rose teased a 619 kick but just kicked her normally instead and then hit a bulldog on the apron. Luck got a boot up in the corner, but then ate a tilt a whirl powerslam. Rose hit Beast Bomb for the pinfall.

Nyla Rose defeated Laynie Luck by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Rose is really trying to embody the spirit of her twitter account, just trolling the fans at every chance, trying to get them to turn on her, but they just keep cheering her.

We got more graphics for upcoming matches.

3. Aaron Solo vs. Zak Knight. Solo threw his ring jacket at Knight instead of the code of honor and punched him a bunch. Solo hit a dropkick that dumped Knight to the floor, but he hopped right back in the ring in the same movement and hit Knight floored Solo with a clothesline. Knight put Solo down with a hard chop. Knight beal tossed Solo across the ring. Knight did a stalling suplex and squatted Solo a few times too for good measure. Knight went for a springboard move but Solo tripped him and Knight landed a bit high on his head and neck. Solo hit an atomic drop and a clothesline and got a two count.

Solo hit a standing double stomp and then locked in a chinlock until Knight fought out and then he put Knight right back down with a dropkick. Solo went to the top but Knight cut him off and hit a stalling superplex from the middle turnbuckle! The men traded forearms in the middle until Knight hit a headbutt and a scoop slam driver for a two count. Knight went to the top rope and missed on a senton bomb attempt as Solo rolled out of the way. Solo hit a spin kick and a half nelson driver move. Solo went to the top and hit a double stomp but only got a two count. The crowd chanted “Zak” as Solo looked dumbfounded that he didn’t get the three. Knight hit a springboard forearm and then his buckle razor’s edge and big running punch combo for the pinfall.

Zak Knight defeated Aaron Solo by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Knight is really getting great crowd reactions and showing some impressive stuff. It’s going to be hard to deny him before long, no matter what his family drama is like.

We got a video package about the SAP/Maria’s Baby Boys feud narrated by Ricobanni.

4. “Maria’s Baby Boys” Griff Garrison and Cole Karter (w/ Maria) vs. “Spanish Announce Project” Angelico and Serpentico. Angelico and Garrison traded arm wringers until Angelico tripped Gariso and tried to lock in his finisher, but Karter was there to pull Garrison out of the ring. Garrison hit a series of shoulder blocks, blocked a hip toss and threw one of his own and posed, feeling himself. Karter tagged in and stomped Angelico in the corner. Kater missed his big dropkick when Angelico grabbed the ropes. Serpentico tagged in and kicked the held arm of Karter. Serpentico hit a headscissors and back elbow and sent both Baby Boys to the outside and hit them with a suicide dive. Maria distracted Serpentico and Garrison threw him into the ring steps and threw him back in the ring.

Karter got a two count off of it. Garrison tagged in and hit a scoop slam for a two count. Garrison hit a back elbow and Karter tagged in. Serpentico slid out of a suplex attempt and hit a jaw breaker to hot tag Angelico who came in with big boots. Angelico used Garrison as a launch pad for a jumping clothesline. Angelico hit a strike combo on Garrison and then a rewind kick for a two count. Angelico locked in a leg hold that I couldn’t name until Karter pushed the ropes in for Garrison to grab. Garrison hit a big boot on Angelico but Serpetentico hit a flatliner and Karter hit a spinebuster and then Angelico hit another rewind kick for a quadruple down, and Maria tried to get the crowd into it.

Serpentico went to the top as Karter threw Anglico into the barricade. Garrison missed a discus forearm and Serpentico hit a roll through cutter. Maria distracted Serpentico again as she got on the apron, but heard Garrison coming and got a roll up on him. Maria distracted again from the floor and Garrison hit a clothesline. Maria called for a new move but Serpentico slid out and the Baby Boys ran into each other. Karter snatched the mask off Serpentico and Garrison blasted him with a forearm from behind and Baby Boys got the pinfall.

“Maria’s Baby Boys” Griff Garrison and Cole Karter beat “Spanish Announce Project” Angelico and Serpentico.

After the match, Baby Boys kept the beatdown going and raised the mask in celebration. Karter wiped his feet off on SAP.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Why does Serpentico throw spider web streamers at the start of his matches? He’s a snake, not a spider. Anyways….Garrison wearing throwback trunks with his initials on them is a nice new touch. Karter and Garrison are really gelling as a team and I’m here for it. This was a good match, and really helped cement the Baby Boys as a good heel duo.

We got a commercial for Revolution and Sting’s retirement.

5. “The Outrunners” Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum vs. Blake Christian and Willie Mack. The Outrunners code of honor-ed themselves to start the match. Floyd hit a shoulder block and posed as Riccaboni claimed that The Outrunners are time travelers who debuted on the same card as Sting. Christian got a schoolboy roll up for a two count and mocked The Outrunner pose. Christian hit an arm drag and dropkick on Magnum. Floyd got the knee up and Magnum tried to throw Christian out, but got tossed out when Christian skinned the cat.

Christian hit a Fosbury Flop dive to the outside. Magnum got back in and hit a baseball slide dropkick. Back in the ring The Outrunners used a few quick tags on Christian, but Christain made a comeback with a spear and got the hot tag to Mack. Mack came in with a series of clotheslines and then did the double noggin knocker spot. Mack hit a scoop slam on Floyd and then did his Macarena standing moonsault for a broken up nearfall. Mack hit a pop up forearm and then a stunner. Christian hit a moonsault dropkick move to Magnum on the outside and Mack hit a frog splash on Floyd for the pinfall.

Blake Christian and Willie Mack defeated The Outrunners by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: What happened to Willie Mack’s old partner, Ninja Mack? Fine formula tag match.

There were more matches announced for later in the show. How long is this episode?!

6. Lady Frost, Kiera Hogan and Trish Adora vs. Taya Valkyrie, Diamante, Leila Grey (w/ Johnny TV). Valkyrie missed a few punches and Hogan tripped her into the ropes and hip attacked her. Hogan tried her pop up leg drop, but Valkyrie moved and tagged in Grey. Hogan pushed Grey into her corner and tagged in Adora who came in a worked an arm hold until she tagged in Frost. Frost hit a clothesline and Grey tagged in Diamante. Frost got a roll up for a two count. Diamante hit a rope hung neck breaker for a two count. Grey tagged in and hit a slingblade.

Valkyrie tagged in and hit a dropkick after a snap suplex from Grey. Valkyrie locked in an STF but Frost got the ropes quickly. Frost hit a round kick and tagged in Adora and Grey tagged in too. Adora blasted Grey with forearms and then a spinning backbreaker. Adora hit a big boot and a senton splash for a broken up nearfall. Diamante pulled Grey to her corner and tagged in. Adora and Diamante traded forearms until Adora hit her kneeling german suplex for a broken up nearfall. Valkyrie got dumped to ringside by Hogan who hit her with a suicide dive. Adora and Diamante traded more strikes until Diamante hit sliced bread for a broken up nearfall. Frost blessed Grey and sent her to the floor. Frost went up top and hit a moonsault dive on TV and Valkyrie. Diamante hit cross roads on Adora for the pinfall.

Taya Valkyrie, Diamante and Leila Grey defeated Lady Frost, Kiera Hogan and Trish Adora by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: The match was a little slow and clunky in places. It came off like all of these wrestlers were familiar with working with one another.

Backstage Lexi asked Rachel Ellering and Leyla Hirsch about their building chemistry. They talked about all the extra circulars they’ve been doing together. Lexi asked about the upcoming tournament and how they feel entering as singles. They both talked up each other before Ellering said the only way anyone beats Hirsch is if they’ve been keeping a real close eye on her, and then there was awkward silence. Foreshadowing!

7. Jacked Jameson and “The Iron Savages” Bronson and Boulder vs. Lee Jonshon and “The Infantry” Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo. Bronson worked an arm wringer and then hit a shoulder block. Jameson came in and ate a dropkick. Bravo came in and worked on the arm, and then Infantry hit an execution punch combo for a two count. Infantry hit a double hit toss as Boulder got the blind tag. Boulder hit a huge pop up on Dean. Savages gave Dean Titty City and Bronson hit a clothesline for a two count. Jameson hit a powerslam in the corner and a running elbow. Dean fought out of the corner but Bronson cut him off and tried an elbow drop that Dean rolled away from. Bravo in and hit his jabs and a rolling elbow. Bravo hit a scissor kick to dump Boulder to ringside. Bravo hit the Carlie Crossover and then a TKO on Bronson for a two count. Johnson came in, as did Jameson and Johnson hit a back suplex elbow drop move to get the three count.

Lee Johnson, Shawn Dean, and Carlie Bravo defeated Jacked Jameson and The Iron Savages by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: That one seemed to end out of nowhere, but it was fine enough while it lasted. Jameson is still clunky in the ring on occasion. The Infantry are still fire, and gettin better every time out.

We got a commercial about AEW Fight Forever focusing on Timeless Toni Storm.

8. Red Velvet vs. Heather Reckless. No entrance for Reckless. The women traded arm work until Reckless got a rope break. Reckless hit a nice forearm but got cut off by a crossbody from Velvet. Reckless hit a jaw breaker and went up top. Velvet tried to cut her off, but Reckless cartwheeled away and hit a running shoulder tackle for a one count. Velvet hit a drop toe hold into the ropes and hit a knee to the back of the neck. Velvet hit a spin kick that Riccaboni called “The Mix” for the pinfall.

Red Velvet defeated Heather Reckless by pinfall.

Velvet told the camera she was coming for the ROH Women’s TV Title on her way up the ramp.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A squash win for Velvet.

Backstage Nyla Rose was throwing away some of Athena’s gear when Lexi came in to stop her and asked who she thought she was. Rose ran down her accolades and said she’s the new minion overlord. Rose told Lexi she’s going to do what she says. Rose looked into the camera and told Billie the same thing. Rose told Lexi to grab the camera, and grabbed the camera man and made him climb on a table and then powerbombed him though a table. Rose told Billie to fall in line or fall down just like Athena did.

9. Billie Starkz vs. Tootie Lynn. No entrance for Lynn but the crowd enjoyed chanting “Tootie” for a brief moment. Lynn hit a kick but Starkz came right back with a pop up forearm. Starkz hit a snapmare back kick combo for a quick two count. Lynn hit a head-scissors but Starkz came right back with a roll through and then stomped on Lynn to boos from the crowd. Starkz swept the feet of Lynn and stomped on her back for a two count. Lynn hit some leg kicks but got caught and hit with a knee and a hook kick. Starkz hit her swan dive for the pinfall.

Billie Starkz defeated Tootie Lynn by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Fine little squash match. Lynn didn’t show a ton here, but what we did see wasn’t super great. She just didn’t look very strong. Her tip-up wasn’t very high, and she didn’t have a great vertical leap on the popup either.

10. Ethan Page vs. Kody Lane. No entrance for Lane. Riccaboni touted the record of Lane in his home promotion as Page hit a big back body drop. Page hit a big forearm but then ate a dropkick from Lane. Lane hit a forearm and then tried an outside-in elbow drop, but Page got his knees up. Lane hit a enzuigiri and kipped right up. Lynn tried a single leg springboard moonsault but Page rolled out of the way and hit Ego’s Edge for the pinfall.

Ethan Page defeated Kody Lane by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Another Page squash match.

Backstage, Lexi tried to talk to Jerry Lynn as Dalton Castle was throwing himself against a locked door that he said TV was behind. Lynn slapped Castle to try and bring him back. TV came out of the room and said there would be no match until Castle was TV ready and then said he had to split, did the splits and then was pulled behind a curtain by Valkyrie who called Castle a loser before disappearing. Castle walked off frustrated as Lexi and Lynn followed him.

11. Robyn Renegade vs. Abadon. Renegade pie faced Abadon but they came right back with a headbutt and mounted punches. Abadon hit meteora knees in the corner and then a codebreaker like move for a two count. Renegade hit a yakuza kick and got a two count. Renegade slammed Abadon into the turnbuckle and then hit a backstabber for a two count. Abadon fired up and bit the arm of Renegade. Abadon hit a series of clotheslines and then a head-scissors and then a stunner like move for a two count. Renegade hit a spinebuster out of a fireman’s carry for a two count. Renegade tried a chokeslam but Abadon rolled out of the way and hit Black Dahlia for the pinfall.

Abadon defeated Robyn Renegade by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: The announcers spent the whole match talking about how different and unique Abadon is, but I didn’t see it at all. They looked like anyone else to me really. In fact, I think Renegade was the better wrestler in this match. I was not impressed.

12. Jon Cruz vs. Jack Cartwheel. Cruz threw a cartwheel as a taunt before the code of honor. Cartwheel used his name sake to do some avoiding and hit a cartwheel kick to knock Cruz outside. Cartwheel hit his flying space tiger drop to the outside. Cartwheel missed a moonsault off the top and Cruz mounted for some punches. Cruz threw Cartwheel hard into the buckle and taunted the crowd with a flip off. Cruz hit a sideslam for a two count. Cruz locked in an arm stretch hold until Cartwheel started to fight out and then clubbed him down again. Cruz tried to throw Cartwheel out but Cartwheel did his flagpole trip and then his pommel horse elbow. Cartwheel did some more fancy avoiding and hit a twisting DVD and a standing spiral tap for a two count. Cartwheel went up top but Cruz pulled him off and threw another cartwheel as a taunt. Cartwheel hit a belly to belly into the turnbuckle and then hit a twisting diving move off the top for the pinfall.

Jack Cartwheel defeated Jon Cruz by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Cartwheel really is an impressive athlete and has a gimmick that he can actually use in ways during the match that don’t feel forced. I’d love to hear him cut a promo, but he’s got the in ring down.

We got a highlight video of the Action Andretti/Vikingo match from last week.

13. Anthony Henry vs. Action Andretti. Henry put Andretti down with a big boot and then some stomps. Andretti came back with a head-scissors and then clotheslined Henry to the outside. Andretti missed a moonsault off the apron but landed on his feet and tried to throw Henry into the steps. Henry caught him coming in and knee dropped Andretti’s arm to the floor off of the steps. Back in the ring, Henry threw Andretti around by his arm and kept hold of it, nasty looking stuff. Andretti dumped Henry to ringside and then dove onto him. Andretti did his water bottle trick and then hit a corner splash and did the 10 punches.

Andretti hit a springboard elbow and got a two count. Henry locked in a sleeper but Andretti fought out. Henry got an arm lock but Andretti powered out. Andretti got a roll up for a two count, but Henry came right back with a knee to the face and a suplex neck breaker for a two count. Henry missed a top rope stomp and Andretti hit a running Spanish Fly for a two count. Andretti tried a springboard move but got caught with a huge forearm. Henry locked in a nasty arm hold akin to a Rings of Saturn but Andretti got the ropes after a moment. The men traded strikes in the middle of the ring until Henry hit a spin kick. Andretti came back with some kicks of his own and then a running shotgun dropkick. Andretti hit a split leg moonsault for the pinfall.

Action Andretti defeated Anthony Henry by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: As a man with a bum shoulder, that arm work from Henry was terrifying. Another match that ended kind of abruptly and this finish was flat. The crowd just didn’t think it was the end, and neither did I.

14. Slim J vs. JD Drake vs. Josh Woods (w/Mark Sterling) vs. Rocky Romero in a Four Corner Survival match. Slim J and Woods tried to take out the others, but J got dumped to ringside by Drake. Woods and Drake traded forearms in the middle and were really laying them in until Woods ducked one and hit a German suplex. Drake came right back with a back suplex of his own. Drake got dumped to ringside, but pulled Woods out with him. Romero and J dove onto the big men at ringside and then fought back into the ring.

Romero tricked J into diving outside for no good. Romero tried to dive outside but got caught and suplexed on the floor by Woods. Woods and J threw Drake into the ring steps. Woods through Romero into the ring for J who hit a running neck breaker. Woods hit a clothesline on Romero. J and Woods bumped into each other and Romero rolled up Woods for a broken up nearfall. J hit a big clothesline and drop kicked Drake back out of the ring. Romero flipped out and hit a hurracanrana on J and a satellite DDT combo on both men. Drake came back in and hit corner splashes on both heels. Drake hit a DDT neckbreaker combo on both heels.

Romero hit a head scissors on Drake to send him outside and went up top. Romero hit a crossbody on the pile at ringside. Romero threw J back inside and tied Shurnoi but got a rewind kick instead. Woods broke up the pinfall with a suplex. Woods hit GYT, but then got hit with a belly to belly by Drake. Drake hit a cannonball and went to the top and hit a moonsault, but J hit a splash to break up the cover. J hit a rope walking twist kick on Drake, but Romero came in and hit Shrnoi out of nowhere on J for the pinfall.

Rocky Romero beat JD Drake, Josh Woods, and Slim J in a Four Corner Survival match.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Fun chaos action. Some lucha from the small guys, some nice suplexes from the big guys. Everyone got some stuff in and the action never stopped.

15. ROH Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Gringo Loco and Gravity in a Proving Ground match. Taven hit a dropkick on Loco and taunted the crowd by telling us “I’m Matt Taven”. Taven hit a springboard inside arm drag, but turned right around into a dropkick from Loco. Loco hit a standing moonsault when Taven tried a dropdown trip. Gravity came in and hit an inside arm drag out of a handspring elbow attempt that got blocked. Loco came in and the luchadors both hit corner splashes and then a pop up head-scissors that sent Taven to ringside, Bennet came in and got dumped too. Both luchadors hit dives onto Kingdom at ringside. Taven hit a pop up kick off the stairs on Gravity.

Bennett hit a DVD on the ramp and Taven hit Just the Tip all on Loco. Back in the ring Taven tried to make a cover with his feet on the middle rope only to be pushed off by ref Aubrey. Taven hit a running blockbuster and tagged Bennett. Bennett hit a clothesline for a two count. Bennett hit a spinebuster and Taven tried a springboard moonsault but Loco got his knees up and tagged Gravity. Gravity hit a fancy lucha head-scissors on Taven and a powerslam on Bennett. Gravity hit a pick up powerbomb on Bennett and tagged Loco who hit a switch foot moonsault for a broken up nearfall. Taven threw Gravity into the steps at ringside as Bennett superkicked Loco. Kingdom hit a spike piledriver on Loco for the pinfall.

ROH Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett defeated Gringo Loco and Gravity by pinfall in a Proving Ground match.

Robinson’s Ruminations: The Kingdom was shown with a 2024 ROH record of 2-0, but they haven’t been on ROH TV since last year, so do any title defenses of an ROH title count as an ROH match? I have no faith in the upcoming rankings meaning anything. Of course, there was no talk of rankings on this show. What we did get in this match was a lot of talk about the clock ticking down on the ten minute time limit, but they never showed us the time. I think a clock graphic would go a long way to helping these Proving Ground matches mean more and have more drama.

The overall show was much too long, with too many squash matches and women’s matches that just don’t mean enough as they try to establish a field of contenders for the TV Title tournament. I could do without all the setup, just do the tournament already.


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