WWE Raw results (1/1): Powell’s live review of Day 1 with Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Championship, Rhea Ripley vs. Ivy Nile for the Women’s World Championship, Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw “Day 1” (Episode 1,597)
San Diego, California at Pechanga Arena
Aired live January 1, 2024 on USA Network

[Hour One] The Raw opening aired… The broadcast team of Michael Cole and Wade Barrett stood inside the ring and welcomed viewers to the Day 1 themed show. They ran through the advertised matches and segments and confirmed that a former WWE champion return during the show…

Becky Lynch’s entrance music played and she was introduced by ring announcer Samantha Irvin. A video package recapped Lynch’s issues with Nia Jax, who then made her entrance…

1. Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax. Lynch threw a series of early punches and a kick. Jax caught Lynch in a bearhug. Lynch escaped and then avoided a leg drop from Jax. Lynch caught Jax with a missile dropkick from the middle rope and then covered her for a two count heading into a picture-in-picture break. [C]

The wrestlers ended up at ringside where Jax headbutted Lynch. Jax went for a cannonball, but Lynch moved and then Jax crashed into the barricade. Lynch returned to the ring after failing to pick up Jax, who then beat the referee’s count by returning at nine.

Lynch performed a leg drop from the ropes for a near fall. Lynch applied an armbar. Jax eventually powered her up and broke the hold with a sit-out powerbomb that led to a close near fall. Jax went to the ropes for her finisher, but Lynch cut her off and joined her on the ropes.

Lynch went for a Manhandle Slam, but Jax stuffed it and then executed a Samoan Drop from the middle rope, which led to another near fall. Jax showed frustration and disbelief. Jax went to the ropes for her finisher, but Lynch shoved her mover the top rope to the apron.

Lynch kicked and threw punches at Jax, who was left draping over the middle rope. Lynch went to the ropes and jumped into a big punch from Jax, who hit the Annihilator and scored the clean pin. Lynch sat up and had blood on her face…

Nia Jax defeated Becky Lynch in 11:50.

Powell’s POV: A good match to open the new year. Jax going over is a solid creative choice. Lynch needs an obstacle to overcome and this win does a lot more for Jax than it would have for Lynch. I have no doubt that Lynch will average the loss eventually, but it’s wise to keep the monster heel looking strong heading into the Royal Rumble.

Footage aired of Cody Rhodes attacking Shinsuke Nakamura after Nakamura read his warped version of Twas the Night Before Christmas… Cody Rhodes was shown walking through the backstage area… [C]

Cody Rhodes made his entrance in his gear and a t-shirt. “So, San Diego, what do you wanna talk about?” Cody started. He spoke about having the privilege of being the first wrestler to welcome viewers to the Day 1 edition of Raw. He said it’s a new year and people like to talk about their goals in 2024.

Cody said he’s a little stuck on Shinsuke Nakamura. Cody said he expected something more sophisticated from Nakamura than his book reading. Cody said he’s stuck on Nakamura “because this should be over.” Cody said he was giving Nakamura the opportunity to finish things and called out Nakamura while saying it would end now.

Shinsuke Nakamura appeared on the big screen and subtitles were used while he spoke about how he never thought it would be so easy to be the author of his final chapter. Nakaura said he blinded Rhodes so that he can’t see the ending, but Rhodes’ story would not end tonight. Nakamura said he wanted to give Cody one more week to dream. Nakamura said he would finish the story and close the book. Nakamura sprayed red mist at the camera…

The broadcast team shifted the focus to Kofi Kingston’s issues with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci… Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso made their entrance for a match against Kaiser and Vinci… [C]

CM Punk was announced as appearing on next week’s Raw… Kaiser and Vinci made their entrance. Barrett congratulated Gunther and his wife on the birth of their son and then wondered how long it would be until the child starts chopping people…

2. Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso vs. Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Vinci performed an early running crossbody block on Kingston. Kaiser tagged in. Kingston came back, but Vinci tripped him from ringside. Kingston was down on the floor heading into a PIP break. [C]

Kingston shot Vinci into the corner. Vinci hopped onto the middle rope and then jumped into a big dropkick from Kingston. Vinci stayed down and a trainer entered the ring while the cameras cut to shots of Uso and Kaiser in their respective corners. They cut back to a wide shot at the ringside doctor was in the ring and the referee called for the bell.

Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso beat Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci via ref stoppage in roughly 7:00.

Cole said the health and welfare of the wrestlers is always paramount. Irvin declared Kingston and Uso the winners via ref stoppage. Vinci was shown walking while holding the back of his head while walking with the ringside physician. Cole encouraged viewers to keep an eye on social media for any updates on Vinci…

Powell’s POV: Kingston caught Vinci with that dropkick and it looked like the back of Vinci’s head hit the mat hard. It appears to be a minor issue given that Vinci was up and walking, but they definitely made the right call to stop the match, as head trauma is nothing to mess with.

A video package aired on the WWE Holiday Tour and included footage of CM Punk returning to the ring, Shotzi appearing after getting married in Las Vegas, Sami Zayn appearing in Montreal, and DJ Steve Aoki appearing at the Boston event…

The Miz made his entrance for a Miz TV segment… [C] A video package aired on Rhea Ripley and Ivy Nile training and included brief comments from both wrestlers about their title match…

The Miz stood in the ring and wished everyone a Happy New Year before going into his usual Miz TV introduction. Miz said there are a lot of rumors about the former champion who would appear later in the show, then shifted to introducing his guests.

[Hour Two] The Judgment Day entrance theme played, but they didn’t come out. The music switched to R-Truth’s entrance theme and he made his entrance wearing the shirt that includes a piece of tape that lists him as being part of the faction.

Miz introduced Truth as the most likable member of Judgment Day and then asked him where everyone else was. Truth looked around and said he swore they were standing behind him. Miz asked if he was seeing invisible people again. Truth asked if Little Jimmy was present. Miz said no and told him to have a seat.

Truth said he had something to do first and did the “All rise for The Judgment Day” line. Miz said it was better than the way Priest says it. Miz asked Truth what his role in the faction is. He said he was doing PR work and he previously did administrative work. He said nobody likes Judgment Day and said he was trying to make them likable to everyone.

Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh walked out without entrance music. Dom said this needed to end. McDonagh said Truth is not a member of Judgment Day. Dom tried to speak at ringside and was booed heavily. “They don’t even like him in his hometown,” Cole said regarding Dom. Truth also pointed it out and the fans booed. Truth said that wasn’t right.

Truth recalled McDonagh losing him to him in a Loser Leaves Judgment Day match. Miz said the stipulation was very clear and then asked McDonagh what he was doing in the ring. Dom tried to speak and was booed loudly again.

Miz said he couldn’t hear Dom over the fans even though Dom had a microphone. Miz responded to what Dom said anyway and said his only memory of Dom from 2023 was of him being spanked by his father. Miz also recalled Dom being “whooped around the country” by CM Punk on the holiday tour.

Dom was booed heavily when he tried to speak about facing Miz and Truth. Miz asked the fans if they wanted to see that match. The fans cheered. Miz said it would be Dom and McDonagh against the reunited Awesome Truth. Truth said he’s in Judgment Day and wondered if he was teaming with Dom. Miz said no. Truth said it was a strange bedfellows thing and then winked at Dom and accepted the match on behalf of Judgment Day… [C]

3. The Miz and R-Truth vs. Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh. The match was joined in progress. Barrett’s defense for McDonagh still being in Judgment Day despite losing the loser leaves the faction match was that there was no paperwork. Truth got the better of McDonagh and hit him with a corkscrew crossbody block and then performed the splits. They cut to another PIP break shortly thereafter. [C]

McDonagh held Miz’s arms behind his back and then he encouraged Truth to hit him. Truth said he was sorry and told Miz he loved him, then wound up for a punch that hit McDonagh after Miz escaped. Miz followed up with a Skull Crushing Finale on McDonagh and pinned him…

The Miz and R-Truth beat Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh in roughly 7:30 of television time.

Powell’s POV: R-Truth performing a leap into the splits just a few weeks shy of his 52nd birthday might be the most impressive thing we see all night. I’m roughly seven months younger than Truth. I could jump (a whopping three-inch vertical leap!) and maybe even land in something resembling the splits position, but I wouldn’t get up and it would require multiple surgeries and years of physical therapy to put me back together again. Anyway, the comedy clicked with the live crowd and Dom continues to be the man the fans love to hate.

Highlights aired of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. They were shown celebrating their win at a club. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven showed up and said they would be going to Adam Pearce for a rematch. Carter and Chance didn’t mind because they said thy would be fighting champions. They threw their drinks at Green and Niven. Security intervened and then the new champions went back to celebrating with their title belts in the club…

Ivy Nile made her entrance with Julius Creed and Brutus Creed. Nile headed to the ring by herself while the Creeds went backstage. Cole questioned if Nile could do the unthinkable by dethroning Rhea Ripley… [C] A brief video package aired on Ripley, who said it’s her division and Nile is nothing in her world. Ripley made her entrance…

4. Rhea Ripley vs. Ivy Nile for the World Heavyweight Championship. Samantha Irvin delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Nile hoisted up Ripley early in the match, but Ripley elbowed her head to break free. Nile came back with a crossbody block from the ropes and got a one count.

Ripley got up and put Nile down with a big boot. Nile executed a huracanrana. Ripley went for a big boot that Nile avoided. Nile avoided a big boot and caught Ripley’s leg over her shoulder before suplexing her heading into a PIP break. [C]

Footage aired from during the break of Ripley having Nile in Electric Chair position on the floor and dropping her face first on the apron. Barrett expressed surprise that Nile had lasted as long as she had. Ripley tried to repeat the spot on the floor, but Nile slipped away and performed a German suplex on the floor.

Back inside the ring, Nile remained on the offensive and picked up a near fall. Nile performed a nice DDT for another near fall. Ripley stuffed a suplex attempt and then Nile avoided a charging Ripley in the corner. Ripley headbutted Nile and then executed a top rope missile dropkick that led to a two count.

Ripley went for the Riptide, but Nile slipped away and threw a weak kick to the back of Ripley’s head. Nile suplexed Ripley and got another near fall. Nile hoisted up Ripley, who slipped away and slammed Nile’s head into her knee. Ripley clotheslined Nile and then picked her up and slammed her face first onto the mat and covered her for a two count.

Ripley set up for a superplex moments later. Nile fought out of it and went for a sunset bomb, but Ripley held the ropes. Nile grabbed Ripley’s arm and pulled it, causing Ripley’s head to hit the turnbuckle pad. Nile performed a German suplex from the middle rope for a near fall. A “this is awesome” chant broke out briefly. Nile went up top and dove at Ripley, who headbutted her. Ripley followed up with a knee strike to the face and then hit the Riptide and scored the pin…

Rhea Ripley defeated Ivy Nile in 13:00 for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Powell’s POV: The match had some clunky moments, but there was more good than bad and I enjoyed it. Nile was given more offense than most of Ripley’s television challengers, so hopefully she gained something in defeat.

Seth Rollins was shown backstage while Cole hyped his World Heavyweight Championship match with Drew McIntyre as the main event. Barrett hyped the former WWE champion appearing after the break… [C] Cole hyped the WWE New Year’s Knockout Week shows and then hyped CM Punk for next week’s Raw…

Samantha Irvin introduced the return of a former WWE Champion. After a long pause, Jinder Mahal’s entrance music played. “Oh, this is exactly what I was hoping for, Cole,” Barrett said. Cole told Barrett this isn’t exactly what he was hoping for. “Even better, right?” Barrett responded. Cole spoke about the look of disbelief on the faces of the fans in attendance.

The fans booed once Mahal was inside the ring. He asked if they had the audacity to be disappointed. Mahal said he’s a past and future WWE Champion. Mahal said the only thing disappointing is what has become of the once great nation of the United States of America.

Mahal called it disgusting and told the fans to look around and asked them if they feel united. Mahal said the country has never been more divided. Mahal said the country was once a super power and it’s now a joke. He said he would unify the fans and said he is the great unifier.

Mahal spoke in Punjabi. “Finally, all of you are united on one thing, you people stood loud and proud and booed your own national anthem,” Mahal explained. He said the fans boo him because he looks and speaks different. The fans started to stand up and look at the stage while Mahal continued his promo. He said he would speak in Punjabi and tell the fans what the rest of the world thinks about them.

The Rock’s entrance music played and he made his entrance. Rock pointed at goosebumps on his arm. He fist bumped a younger fan and then slapped some hands on his way to the ring. “Absolute pure electricity,” Cole yelled on commentary. Cole said there was no one on the planet like The Rock. Once in the ring, The Rock posed on the ropes and the fans chanted “Rocky” once his music stopped playing.

[Hour Three] “Oh, you are in trouble tonight,” Rock told Mahal. Rock said Mahal was right about one thing and pointed out a line he had about not being The Iron Sheik, then agreed with him and impersonated Mahal while saying Sheik would ask who was “this no good jabroni bastard.”

Mahal mocked the idea of Rock being The People’s Champion. Rock said he’s not ashamed, he’s damn proud to be The People’s Champion. Rock said he’s also damn proud to be an American, and especially damn proud to say, “Finally, The Rock has come back to San Diego.”

Rock said the fans don’t boo Mahal because of how he looks or talks or because he speaks Punjabi. “What’s that Sheik?” Rock said while pointing up. “I’m gonna tell him. They boo you because you’re the biggest asshole walking God’s green earth.” A Rocky chant started up again.

Rock pointed out the angry look that Mahal always has on his face and said everyone is familiar with the resting bitch face, but Mahal had an angry asshole face. Rock assumed that Mahal was angry because he’s not funny and no one likes him. Rock said that if Mahal was one of his movies, it would be Baywatch. Mahal said he didn’t see Baywatch. Rock said no one else did either, then asked if Mahal said he didn’t see it. When Mahal tried to speak, Rock gave him the “it doesn’t matter” line.

Rock took issue with Mahal insulting the United States and said it’s not a joke to him or the fans. A “USA” chant broke out. Rock said it’s not a joke that Mahal can grab a microphone and run the country down because it’s called freedom of speech. Rock said he can’t do it without freedom of consequence from The Rock.

Rock said he knows Mahal goes by The Modern Day Maharaja, but from this day forward he is The Day 1 Douchebag. A “Day 1 Douchebag” chant started.  Rock said the fans just gave him an idea. Rock said he would show Mahal what unifying really means. He had one half of the building chant “Day 1” and the other to chant “Douchebag.” The fans played along by chanting both loudly.

Rock had to interrupt to make the fans stop and said it was fun. Rock said they had one last gift for Mahal. He said that since Mahal loves the national anthem so much, he would sing him a verse, which he calls The People’s Welcome. Rock sang: “And the rocket’s red glare, San Diego’s aware that you’re jacked as hell, but your balls still aren’t there. You’re an angry toxic douchebag, who clearly has no class, so you left The Rock no choice but to whoop your candy ass.”

Mahal kicked Rock and worked him over in a corner of the ring briefly. Mahal removed his jacket and threw a punch that Rock blocked. Rock fired back with punches of his own and then performed a spinebuster. Rock looked to the crowd and then hit the People’s Elbow. Rock removed his belt and got one lash in before Mahal rolled out of the ring.

Rock told the fans he loved them and wished them a happy new year. He said he was going to go out in San Diego. He said he was hungry. He said he would go get something to eat. He asked if he should sit in a booth or if he should sit at the bar. Rock said he loves the bar too, then asked if he should sit at the head of the table. The fans popped big. “I love you too, San Diego, and that’s what I thought, if you smell what The Rock is cooking,” Rock said to close…

Powell’s POV: That was fun and the crowd ate it up. But the big line about the Head of the Table at the end is sure to get everyone buzzing about the Rock vs. Roman Reigns dream match. It’s been something we’ve all spoken about since Reigns became the Head of the Table, but this is the first time they’ve truly teased the possibility on television.

Drew McIntyre was shown pacing backstage while Cole shifted the focus to the World Heavyweight Championship match. Cole said McIntyre needed to get the job done or he would have no one to blame but himself. Cole hyped the match as the main event… [C]

Highlights aired of Rock’s segment. Cole said that Rock’s line at the end has shaken up the world. “Cole, The Rock said he wants to sit at the head of the table,” Barrett said…

Entrances for the poor souls who had to follow The Rock’s segment took place…

5. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark vs. Tegan Nox and Natalya. The crowd was flat for both entrances and quiet as the match started. Baszler hit Natalya with a knee strike and covered her for a two count heading into a PIP break. [C]

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell were shown watching the match on a backstage monitor. Nox performed a flip into a top rope seated senton onto Baszler for a two count. Baszler dropped Nox with a kick and covered her, but Natalya ran in. Stark superkicked Natalya. Baszler performed a German suplex on Nox and then Stark hit Nox with a Z360 and pinned her…

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark beat Tegan Nox and Natalya in 5:30.

Powell’s POV: I’m not sure how much louder the fans would have been had this segment not followed The Rock, but at least they have a good excuse this time.

Cole said Baszler and Stark may have earned a future tag team title shot. He added that the main event was up next and then set up a video package focused on Rollins and McIntyre…

Drew McIntyre made his entrance for the main event… [C] Cole hyped the WWE Preview Special for Peacock on Thursday and said it would feature a major announcement from Triple H and an appearance by CM Punk…

The following matches and segments were announced for next week’s Raw: CM Punk returns, Cody Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, and Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Piper Niven and Chelsea Green for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles…

The broadcast team recapped Drew McIntyre taking out Sami Zayn in a recent angle. Cole noted that Zayn returned to action on the holiday tour, but he suffered a cut that required 15 staples to close (a black and white photo of the staples in Zayn’s head was shown)…

Seth Rollins made his entrance and then Samantha Irvin delivered in-ring introductions for the championship match…

6. Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins hit McIntyre with a boot to the face once the bell rang to start the match. McIntyre regrouped, but Rollins caught him with another kick and sent him to ringside. Rollins followed and then jumped off the ring steps and punched McIntyre.

McIntyre fought back and slammed Rollins’ head off the broadcast table. McIntyre set up for an Alabama Slam, but Rollins grabbed the ropes and pulled himself into the ring and then kicked McIntyre through the ropes. Rollins went for a suicide dive, but McIntyre caught him and performed a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. [C]

Cole noted that the referee was showing some lenience. Rollins flipped over the top rope and landed on McIntyre on the floor. Back inside the ring, Rollins put McIntyre down with a DDT and then hit him with a top rope frog splash for a near fall.

Rollins went for a springboard move and landed on his feet when McIntyre moved. Rollins sold lower back pain. McIntyre took advantage momentarily, but Rollins caught him on the ropes and superplexed him. Rollins wanted to follow with a falcon arrow, but McIntyre blocked it and performed a falcon arrow of his own before getting a two count heading into a PIP break. [C]

McIntyre performed White Noise from the middle rope and covered Rollins for a near fall. McIntyre put Rollins down with a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre counted down and went for a Claymore Kick, but Rollins caught him and put him down with a sit-out powerbomb for another near fall. Rollins came back with a Pedigree for another near fall.

Damian Priest walked out with the Money in the Bank briefcase and was accompanied by Dominik Mysterio. Priest had Dom distract the referee and then hit Rollins with the briefcase. Priest told the referee that he was going to cash in. McIntyre ran over and hit Priest with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre suplexed Dom.

McIntyre returned to the ring and performed a Claymore Kick on Rollins (it came up short). McIntyre had the pin, but Rollins’ foot hit the rope while McIntyre was hooking his leg. McIntyre went to ringside and cleared the broadcast table. McIntyre brought Rollins to ringside and onto the broadcast table.

McIntyre set up for a move, but Rollins slipped away and then performed a Pedigree on the table. Rollins rolled McIntyre back inside the ring and performed The Stomp before pinning him…

Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre in 18:05 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The broadcast team recapped the match and a graphic listed Nia Jax, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, and Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark for Raw Talk…

Powell’s POV: A very good match aside from that last Claymore Kick that just came up short. The attempted cash-in by Priest and the rope spot gave McIntyre some needed protection. It should also add to his character’s frustration. The broadcast team did a good job of pointing out that Rollins didn’t save himself by putting his foot on the bottom rope, but rather than it was actually McIntyre hooking the leg that put Rollins’ foot in that position.

Overall, WWE played this up as a themed edition with the Day 1 monicker and delivered a hot show. While they can’t deliver The Rock every year, this should bode well for them if they opt to make Day 1 an annual theme for the first Raw of each new year. I will be back later tonight with my first same night audio review of 2024 for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let me know what you thought of the Day 1 edition of Raw by grading it below. Here’s to a great 2024!

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Readers Comments (22)

  1. Any ideas on who’s returning anyone?

    • Seems like it could be someone like Big E or Brock, but the wording of the statement made it seem more like someone who used to be under contract. I think the wording was also appear, and not wrestle, so maybe a Kurt Angle or Bret Hart type of appearance?

      It would be pretty wild if it’s Sasha Banks, though that feels more like a Royal Rumble surprise.

  2. Maybe Dolph Ziggler?!
    That would make a certain individual happy.lol

  3. Ivy Nile became a star tonight

    • Yeah, she’s got a bit of a Luna Vachon look but she seems like she could become a modern Buzz Sawyer type of small brawler.

  4. Jinder should get a tag partner with a mustache and curly fro so they could be named Mahal and Oates.

    • Tony Kahn could probably grow a stache

    • I loved seeing the Rock return tonight. Sadly though, Jinder was right about the United States being more divided than it has ever been. As an independent voter, I think that both major parties and the people that belong to them should stop acting like little children and GROW UP!

      • I agree with that quite a bit. I’m about to take my A2 test for German. I’ve got to put in about 4 years to get my pension to vest and student loans to charge off, and then I’m planning on making the move to either Germany or Austria where I’ll try to get my language skills up to B2 level and then obtain citizenship after either 5-6 years living there.

        Their political systems require coalitions due to the sheer number of parties. There are also major restrictions on political ads in both the amount they’re allowed to spend and the number and length of ads allowed to air (all parties for the 2021 German federal elections ran fewer combined ads than were on TV in Ohio in the US in 2020). Austria has similar restrictions.

      • Alas, many of the people that you are hoping will “grow up” are refusing to acknowledge the humanity of a bunch of the other people.

    • OMG, you made a funny that was absolutely funny. Well done

  5. I wondered why Gunther was off TV. Congrats to his family.

    Was Kofi not wearing New Day gear? Is that the end?

    Please, for the love of the Iron Sheik, do not have Rock and Roman wrestle for the championship. Neither needs it. The match sells itself. Stop holding the belts hostage.

    • 3 of the 5 most watched TV segments of 2023 were with Roman involved. Another one was the Rock’s Smackdown return. The 5th was the tribute to Bray and Terry Funk.

      Nothing is being “held hostage.” For the first time in decades the belt is on a champ that actually draws ratings and sells tickets, and isn’t on TV so much that he’s overexposed. The worst thing WWE can do right now is take the belt off of Roman and put it on a lesser draw that is always on TV.

      • Rock vs Reigns is the same as Rock vs Hogan. The championship would be lost in the shuffle.

        If no one from the roster can defeat Roman, then what does that say about the roster? Especially if the Rock can just show up and beat him after not having wrestled in 10 years?

        Or maybe the Rock loses, and Roman keeps the belts – except Roman hasn’t won without outside interference since god knows when. Even if he finally wins clean, so what? That would be one title match in how many?

        Drop the title to someone on the roster, setting up that WM main event, and let Rock and Roman be about family and pride; both men are established draws, like Rock and Hogan, and it will be considered a main event, just like that match was.

        • Nobody cares. Roman is entertaining. Rock is entertaining. People have proven for years now that they want to be entertained by big dudes with big personalities more than anything else in pro wrestling.

          Roman could certainly drop the belts at some point, likely to Cody, but there’s no reason why he and Rock can’t have a match before or after that one.

          Hell, Roman vs Rock at the Royal Rumble would be a perfect main event for a show that doesn’t need a title match on it. Just have the “Head of the Table” status up for grabs and that’s more than enough while either the Rumble or Elimination Chamber is won by Cody and he faces Roman at WM to finally win the belts.

  6. I was kind of hoping that Ziggler returned, just for the reaction to his music.

    We know how to Rick Roll the boss.

  7. R-Truth pinned Wade Barrett in 2015

  8. Poor Jinder.
    That UUUUGGGHHH reaction he got was histarical.He took it well though.lol

  9. “Day one douchebag”? Wow. Amazing the things that happen in WWE that are lauded yet would be bashed if they occurred in AEW.

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