WWE at MSG results (12/26): Murphy’s report on CM Punk vs. Dominik Mysterio, Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Championship, Cody Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Bull Rope match

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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WWE Live Event
December 26, 2023 in New York, New York at Madison Square Garden
Report by Dot Net contributor Don Murphy (@DonThePredictor)

Byron Saxton served as the show’s host and ring announcer. They didn’t announce the paid attendance but Fightful Select is reporting that the show not only sold out, but set a new record-holder for being the highest grossing domestic non-televised live event in the history of the entire company.

1. Becky Lynch vs. Zoey Stark. Becky received a nice ovation from the crowd and Zoey received a moderate amount of heel heat which I attribute to it being the opening match. Solid back and forth action and near falls down the stretch, with Becky hitting the Manhandle Slam for the win.

Becky Lynch defeated Zoey Stark in 8:00.

2. Kofi Kingston vs. Ludwig Kaiser. When the Imperium music hit, the crowd was anticipating Gunther and was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be Kaiser. The New Day act has long overstayed its welcome. Kofi received moderate applause and a “New Day Rocks” chant, but the days of “Kofi Mania” are long gone. Kofi hit Kaiser with the Trouble in Paradise finisher for the win.

Kofi Kingston defeated Ludwig Kaiser in 7:00.

3. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. The babyface team was not over at all. The crowd was silent for their entrance and there were “CM Punk” and “Chelsea” chants during the match. Carter put Chance up in a suplex and dropped her stomach first onto Niven for the win which the crowd appreciated.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance defeated Chelsea Green and Piper Niven in 7:00 to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Drew McIntyre cut backstage promo on the big screen talking about how getting revenge is something anyone in his position would do. He added that he planned on winning the WWE World Championship tonight and celebrating in New York.

MVP and Omos made their way to the ring. MVP said that New York security failed to have his cane ready for him and forgot to bring the $10,000 he needs to his challenge to anyone who can knock Omos off his feet. He then put up his watch, which he said was valued at $15,000. The brought out R-Truth who received a nice ovation. Truth said he accepted the challenge because the Judgement Day clubhouse needed new furniture and a new television. He asked MVP if his necklace could be added and MVP agreed. This led to.

4. Omos (w/MVP) vs. R-Truth. Truth got in some quick offense but Omos overcame him quickly with a chokeslam.

Omos defeated R-Truth in 1:00.

5. Rhea Ripley vs. Ivy Nile vs. Shayna Baszler in a Triple Threat for the Women’s World Championship. The crowd was silent for Baszler and Nile but popped big for Ripley. When WWE pulls the trigger on Rhea’s babyface run, they can print money as she’s easily one of the top three acts in the company. Baszler had Nile in a choke but Ripley rolled her up for the win.

Rhea Ripley defeated Ivy Nile and Shayna Baszler in a Triple Threat in 8:00 to retain the Women’s World Championship.

6. Jey Uso and Sami Zayn vs. Finn Balor and Damian Priest (w/JD McDonagh) for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. The was probably the best match on the show. Sami hit the Helluva Kick on Balor (I believe). Priest distracted the referee which allowed McDonagh to hit Sami with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Jey was on the floor and unable to help in time.

Finn Balor and Damian Priest defeated Jey Uso and Sami Zayn in 11:00 to retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

7. CM Punk vs. Dominik Mysterio (w/Rhea Ripley). Loud ovation for Punk with several “CM Punk” chants throughout the match. This went longer than I expected, and Punk gave Dom more offense than I anticipated. It started off slow and built to a nice finish with Rhea distracting Punk and allowing Dom to hit the 619 for a near fall. Punk blocked a follow-up move and turned it into the GTS for the win.

CM Punk defeated Dominik Mysterio in 12:00.

After the match, Punk cut an in-ring promo talking about his return to MSG and how he plans to win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania. He said he won’t be finishing his story at WrestleMania because he is just getting started. There was a brief intermission.

After the intermission and in the awkward moment of the night, Byron asked a 10-year old fan who his favorite WWE Superstar of all time was. The kid responded that the greatest of all time was Edge, which drew laughter from the crowd. Byron no-sold the answer and quickly moved on to introducing the next match.

8. Bronson Reed vs. Ricochet. This match was quick with Ricochet getting the surprising clean win. If this is part of the process to rebuild Ricochet, fine but Reed is not someone I think should be pushed down the card so quickly, as he’s one of the better big men in the business.

Ricochet defeated Bronson Reed in 3:00.

9. Cody Rhodes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura in a Bull Rope match. This match was fun with Cody receiving a loud ovation. For the finish, Cody attempted to hit Nakamura with the bull rope, only to be hit in the face with the mist. Cody then blocked a shot with the bell and hit CrossRhodes for the win.

Cody Rhodes defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in 9:00 in a Bull Rope match.

10. Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre in a No-Disqualification Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Drew attacked Seth before the bell and rammed him into the steel steps on the floor several times, in addition to attacking him with steel chairs. The original referee was knocked out allowing Drew to hit a low blow on Seth. The fans were chanting for tables the entire match and Seth finally obliged, powerbombing Drew through the table and hitting him with the Stomp for the win.

Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre in 9:00 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Seth cut an in-ring promo, acknowledging the three-year anniversary of the passing of Brodie Lee, as well as the death of Bray Wyatt earlier this year. Rollins asked the fans to light up the arena like fireflies and sing his song to close the show.


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