ROH on HonorClub results (11/30): Robinson’s review of Komander vs. Gringo Loco, and Evil Uno vs. Dalton Castle in Survival of the Fittest qualifiers for the vacant ROH TV Title


By Sam Robinson, Contributor (@altaine)

Ring of Honor on HonorClub (Episode 40)
Taped November 22, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois at Wintrust Arena
Streamed November 30, 2023 on HonorClub

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on commentary, and Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer…

*Unless otherwise noted, all matches started and ended with the Code of Honor handshake.

Backstage, Athena was berating Billie Starkz about losing their tag matches. She told Billie that she has a match against Marina Shafir to make up for the disappointment and sent her off to get ready. Athena cut a promo in response to Eddie Kingston’s promo from a few weeks ago about champions stepping up. She said that Eddie isn’t always here, but she is. Lexi stood behind Athena and did a hype-woman routine throughout the promo.

Great promo, that almost makes me want to see an Eddie Kingston vs Athena match.

The announcers ran down some of the matches for tonight, including a few ROH TV title eliminator matches.

1. ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston vs. Lee Johnson in a Proving Ground match. During entrances, Ian Riccaboni said that if Johnson wins he’ll get a shot at the triple crown title down the line, after the Continental Classic tournament concludes. They pumped in some “Eddie” chants at the beginning of the match, because the crowd was sitting on their hands visually. The men did some headlock takeover chain wrestling to start the match. Johnson got the first nearfall, a one count off a drop kick. Kingston came right back with a belly to belly for a two count. Eddie chopped Johnson down and got another two count. Johnson tried some chops that Eddie just ate and then Eddie headbutted Johnson.

Johnson slid through Eddie’s legs and got a jumping DDT for a double down. Johnson hit a scoop powerslam for a two count. Eddie came back with a Saito suplex and then a high angle t-bone suplex for a two count. Eddie whiffed on his backfist and Johnson got a reverse DDT and a frog splash off the top for a two count. Johnson hit a pair of superkicks and a blue thunder bomb that got him another two count. Kingston hit a half dragon suplex and the backfist for the three count.

Eddie Kingston defeated Lee Johnson by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Bit of a slow match, but not in a bad way really. It really looked like Eddie was in his head about his recent loss which was a fine little bit of storytelling. Johnson looked just fine in defeat here.

There was a quick promo video about the AEW Worlds End pay-per-view…

2. “The Infantry” Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo vs. “The Boys” Brandon Tate and Brent Tate. The Boys are still wrestling in those big peacock masks. Bravo got an early advantage with a shoulder block, but Brent came right back with some arm drags. The Boys hit some quick tags and hit some quick tandem offense with a lungblower at the end for a two count.

Dean tagged in and he ate some arm drags and arm work from The Boys. An atomic drop got The Boys a two count. The Infantry mounted a comeback with some tandem strikes and dive to the outside. Bravo hit a spinning back suplex for a two count. Bravo hit a big facewash in the corner. Brandon rolled out of a few back suplex attempts and got the hot tag to Brent who hit a wheelbarrow faceslam for a two count. The Infantry hit a dropkick turnbuckle slam combo and then Boot Camp for the three count.

The Infantry defeated The Boys by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Fun tag match to give a win to The Infantry. God help me, I really, really like The Infantry

The announcers ran down more matches for tonight…

Backstage, Lexi asked Rachel Ellering about an injury update on Leyla Hirsch. Maria Kanellis-Bennett came in and agreed that Hirsch is doing fine. Ellering asked Maria about her conversation with The Renegades. Hirsch came in and asked the same question. Maria said it was just an introduction. Hirsch asked if they’ll be out at ringside for her match, and both Maria and Ellering said yes…

3. Emi Sakura vs. Trish Adora. Adora stuffed some Sakura shoulder block attempts and then leveled Sakura with one of her own. Sakura came right back with some chops and a running crossbody in the corner. Sakura locked in the surfboard and then dumped Adora to the mat. Sakura pulled on the hair but Adora came right back with some arm wringers and a full nelson bomb.

Adora tried her air raid crash style submission but it didn’t go well and Sakura wiggled out. The announcer covered the ugly by saying it was just Sakura fighting out. Sakura hit her rapid chops and then ate a big boot from Adora that got Adora a two count. Sakura stuffed a Lariat Tubman, but Adora sent a short version that sent Adora towards the ropes. Sakura hit a back elbow and got a two count. Sakura hit her butterfly backbreaker for the three count.

Emi Sakura defeated Trish Adora by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A fine match that seemed like it was a teaching match for Trish. Adora has really come a long way and being in there with a vet like Sakura can only make her better.

4. Leyla Hirsch (w/ Maria, Rachel Ellering) vs. Heather Reckless. No televised entrance for Reckless. Hirsch taunted Reckless because she was actually taller than Reckless. Hirsch caught a big kick attempt and turned it into a backbreaker and then hit a big gut wrench suplex. Hirsch hit a vertical suplex and called for one more and then hit a stalling suplex. Reckless tried a comeback with an uppercut and tried for a cutter that Hirsch stuffed and then she locked in an armbar for the tap out win.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Heather Reckless by submission.

After the match Hirsch avoided handshakes from both Maria and Ellering. Ellering was unamused, but Maria was smirking.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Fine quick win for Hirsch that just continues the slow burn of this story. Who is Hirsch going to side with?

The announcers ran down another few matches for tonight (how many matches are on this show?!?)…

5. Willie Mack vs. Robert Anthony. No entrance for Anthony. Mack hit a quick inside arm drag and then a running head scissors, and a dropkick. Anthony got back into the match with a trip and a quick choke. Anthony hit a back elbow for a two count. Anthony hit some elbows and stomps and got another two count. Mack came back with a running shoulder tackle and a big scoop slam. Anthony tried a middle rope dive but got caught and hit with a powerbomb that got the three count.

Willie Mack defeated Robert Anthony by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A quick squash-ish win for Mack, who needed one, because he was listed 3-8 as his ROH record. I wouldn’t have thought Mack’s record was that bad.

A quick video package on Final Battle aired…

6. Marina Shafir vs. Billie Strakz. Billie used the code of honor to get in a quick forearm and then retreated to ringside. Billie did some staling on the outside with some jumping jacks. Marina missed a running boot and Billie rolled her up for a one count. Marina finally got a hold of Billie and did some judo throws. Billie was able to dump Marina to ringside and tried to dive on her but got her foot caught on the ropes and landed right in Marina’s arms. Billie raked the eyes and suplexed Marina on the floor.

Back in the ring, Billie went to the top but Marina caught her. Billie fought her off and hit a rewind kick. Billie hit a bridging German that got her a two count. Billie did some arm hold face washes with her boot. Marina tried to fight out, but Billie hit a forearm that put Marina down. Marina finally got a trip and some kicks to chop Billie down and then a basement dropkick to the face for a two count. Marina hit a desperate lariat for a double down.

The wrestlers traded forearms and chops in the middle until Marina tripped Billie and kicked her with shin kicks. Marina locked in a crazy looking submission that she could even roll into pinfall attempts. Marina tried to transition into a leg hold but Billie pushed her out of the ring, and followed her out with another sloppy looking dive. Back in the ring, Billie tried her swan dive but Marina got her knees up. Marina hit a stretch muffler bomb for a two count. Marina tried an inside pump handle move but Billie hit an ugly gory bomb and hit her Swan Dive from the top for a two count! Billie hit a roundhouse kick and then her Star 10 finisher for the pinfall.

Billie Starkz defeated Marina Shafir by pinfall.

After the match, Billie beat down Shafir and kicked her out of the ring. Athena and Lexi in a graduation outfit came down to the ring. Lexi handed Billie a cap and gown of her own. The crowd chanted “You deserve it”. Athena said it was time for the 2023 MIT graduation ceremony. Athena said the valedictorian was rough around the edges and even changed Athena’s life for the better and then announced Lexi as the valedictorian to the dismay of Billie. Athena gave Lexi a shirt and said her name is now “Minion #Bestie”. The crowd was chanting “Mustard Ketchup” because of the red and yellow gowns.

Lexi tried to make a speech, but the crowd was just booing the crap out of it. Lexi thanked Athena and hugged her. Athena announced the graduation was over and Billie was standing there heartbroken. Billie grabbed Athena and asked “What about me?” They argued a bit and Billie got right in the face of Athena and stared her down. Everyone left together to the ramp, but Billie threw Athena into the barricade and grabbed the title before laying it down. Athena was laughing on the floor…

Robinson’s Ruminations: The match was a little sloppy in places, but nothing terrible. The stuff after the match was fun and a nice way to cap this story off.

7. Evil Uno (w/Negative One) vs. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) in a qualifying match for Survival of the Fittest for the vacant ROH TV Title. Negative One did not accompany Uno to ringside. During Castle’s entrance he told the camera he was going to rip Uno limb from limb. Castle reiterated his threat during the code of honor handshake. Castle started the match by literally trying to pull Uno’s arm out his socket, but then the men did a dosi-do comedy spot in the corner. Uno hit a chop and Castle retreated to ringside to get fanned by The Boys, and fans at ringside. Back in the ring Uno wiggled his hips at Castle and begged for some chops.

Castle teased a chop and instead hit an ankle pick. Uno threw castle to ringside, but The Boys threw him back in and Castle hit a clothesline, running knee trembler and some splashes. Uno rolled out of the ring and Castle followed only be thrown into the steps by Uno. Uno threw a fan’s hat and chased off The Boys. Back in the ring, Uno hit a chop and bowed. Uno hit a backbreaker and got a two count.

Uno tried to throw Ref Aubrey a leg for a combo but Aubrey ducked out of the way and Castle tried a Bangarang, but Uno turned it into a suplex. Uno hit a pair of clotheslines and Castle rolled out of the ring. Uno rolled Castle into the ring, and then pushed The Boys down. Back in the ring, Castle hit some of his exploder suplexes. Castle hit his running bulldog and got a two count. Uno tried a small comeback but Castle hit Bangarang for the pinfall.

Dalton Castle defeated Evil Uno by pinfall to advance to the Survival of the Fittest match.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A bit slow and plodding, but it was all because of the character work going on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This also gives Castle a win heading into Final Battle, building momentum for that ROH TV Title shot.

Backstage Lexi (in cap and gown) asked Tony Khan about Final Battle. Khan plugged Final Battle on Honor Club and then congratulated Lexi on her graduation. Bille Starkz came into frame complaining about not graduating and then asked for a shot at Athena. Khan talked Billie up a bit and then announced Starks vs Athena for the ROH Women’s World Championship at Final Battle. Khan congratulated Lexi again, but she looked like a deer in headlights…

8. Brandon Cutler and Colt Cabana vs. GPA and Trevor Outlaw. No entrance for GPA and Outlaw. Cabana hit an atomic drop and then Cutler and Cabana hit a double hip toss. Cutler and Cabana hit some splashes and elbows and got a two count on GPA. GPA hit some jawbreakers to make a comeback. Outlaw splashed Cutler in the corner. GPA continued the beat down with some clubs to the back. Outlaw hit a nice belly to belly suplex on Cutler for a two count. Outlaw looked annoyed at Cabana and Cutler’s comedy antics. Cabana got the hot tag and hit a splash for a two count that he let go cause GPA splashed outlaw for him. Cabana hit the dirty elbow and then Cutler hit an assisted bronco buster. Cutler and Cabana hit a tag team finisher for the pinfall.

Brandon Cutler and Colt Cabana defeated GPA and Trevor Outlaw by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A comedy squash match. I guess Cabana is teaching the next generation of comedy wrestlers, which isn’t a bad spot for Cutler to be I guess.

The announcers ran down even matches for later…

9. Gringo Loco vs. Komander (w/ Alex Abrahantes) in a qualifying match for Survival of the Fittest for the vacant ROH TV Title. Loco tried to use the Code of Honor to shoot in on Komander, but Komander turned it into a flipping arm drag. The men traded lucha arm drags and reversals to a standstill. Komander hit a running monkey flip that sent Loco outside. Komander was going to handspring back on the dive, but Loco grabbed his arms and pulled him out of the ring. Loco ran Komander into the ring post. Back in the ring, Loco tried a cover and got a two count. Loco hit an over the shoulder power slam for a two count. Loco went up top but Komander tried to springboard at him and whiffed but Loco bumped for him anyway. Loco hit a faceplant.

Komander came back with a catapult to the outside. Komander did a triple jump head scissors to Loco on the outside. Back in the ring, Komander hit a springboard 450 splash for a two count. Komander hit a hurracanrana rollup and got a two count. Komander tried a poison rana on the apron, but Loco caught him and turned it into a powerbomb on the apron. Loco hit his Gringo Cutter off the top but only got a two count for it. Loco went back up to the top but Komander cut him off and they jockeyed on opposite sides of the turnbuckle. Komander hit a huracanrana off the very top and got a two count. Komander went up top but Loco cut him off, and they once again jockeyed on the top for position. Loco hit an inside out Spanish Fly off the top and got a two count. Loco went up top and tried a springboard moonsault but missed. Komander hit a lungblower to put Loco down for his rope walking shooting star to get the pinfall.

Komander defeated Gringo Loco by pinfall to advance to the Survival of the Fittest match.

Robinson’s Ruminations: This was a lucha match, and bit of a slow one at that. It was mostly down

Backstage Lexi was backstage with Tony Nese, Mark Sterling and Jerry Lynn. Sterling was trying to get on film that he can be at ringside for Nese’s next match with Page. Page stormed into frame and said he didn’t care about the technicalities of the contract. Lynn broke it up and said that Sterling could be ringside but he would be cuffed to the post. This started a pull apart brawl that went off camera.

10. “LFI” Dralistico and Preston Vance vs. “SAP” Serpentico and Angelico. Dralistco teased a rope hung chop but backed off, Serpentico turned it around and did hit the chop. The men traded some quick chain wrestling to a standstill, then the men traded some quick dropkicks to another standstill. Vance got a blind tag and laid out Serpentico with a shoulder block. Angelico came in and he worked over Vance’s arm with some arm wringers and locks. The announcers told us that Angelico asked them to make the name change from the soft G to the hard G. Good to know. Serpentico came in and tried a wheelbarrow rollup but got suplexed out of it by Vance.

LFI cornered Serpentico and hit some tandem moves on him. Dralistico hit a chop that echoed in the arena. LFI hit a pop up gut kick on Serpentico and Vance got a one count off a cocky cover. Serpentico and Dralistico traded strikes, suplexes and destroyers in a fun sequence. Vance and Angelico came in and Angelico fought off both LFI members and hit a step up flying clothesline on Dralistico using Vance’s back. Angelico locked in his deathlock submission, but Dralistco broke it up quickly. Vance fought both SAP members off and hit a spinebuster on Angelico. Serpentico hit a crucifix rollup on Vance for a two count. Serpentico tried a crossbody but got caught. Dralistico hit a springboard codebreaker and Vance hit a discus clothesline for the pinfall.

“LFI” Dralistico and Preston Vance defeated “SAP” Serpentico and Angelico by pinfall.<

Robinson’s Ruminations: A fine match, and a win for LFI. I wonder how long it will be until we see LFI on ROH again.

The announcer ran down more matches, and even talked about a possible upcoming return for Dante Martin, but that already happened on AEW.

11. Nyla Rose vs. Zoey Lynn. No televised entrance for Lynn. Rose hit a nasty looking short arm lariat early. Rose threw Lynn from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and assaulted her until the ref pulled her off. Rose hit a running hip attack in the corner and a clothesline to follow it up. Lynn got a hotshot on the ropes and threw some strikes in a quick comeback. Lynn went to the top and tried a crossbody but Rose just moved out of the way. Rose tried for the Beast Bomb but Lynn fought out. Rose instead chokeslammed her and then hit the Beast Bomb for the three count.

Nyla Rose defeated Zoey Lynn by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Squash match. Is Rose coming to ROH to be a challenger for the ROH Women’s Title? Does this mean Billie is going to win? I doubt it, but it’s fun to speculate.

12. “The Iron Savages” Boulder and Bronson (w/Jacked Jameson) vs. The Butcher and The Blade. Bronson called out Butcher to start the match. These two pushed each other around with the lockup for a bit before trading punches in the middle. Bronson hit a running shoulder tackle and then rubbed Butcher’s face into the chest hair of Boulder. Blade came in and got the chest hair treatment too. Bronson then motorboated the bald heads of Butcher and Blade. Blade tried to irish whip Boulder to no avail, and then he tried a cross body and got caught. Boulder slammed him with a stalling suplex.

Bronson called for the Sauce, but Butcher cut off Jameson and Blade hit a roll of the dice on Bronson. Butcher and Blade cut off the ring and made some quick tags to work over Bronson. Butcher tried to suplex Bronson but Bronson reversed it and suplexed Butcher instead. Boulder got the hot tag and ran through both Butcher and Blade. Butcher got the hot tag just as Boulder hit his Samoan drop. Butcher came in and tried to chop the big man down, but they just ended up trading punches in the middle. Boulder hit a running boot and a splash for a two count. Savages set up for their transformer splash but took too long and got hit with a combo finish from Butcher and Blade for the pinfall.

The Butcher and The Blade defeated “The Iron Savages” Boulder and Bronson by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: The whole story of this match was The Savages being too inexperienced to really get things finished against such a veteran team. It was a good story. The crowd actually seems to be getting behind the silly antics of The Savages, but that might just be a Chicago outlier.

13. Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) vs. Action Andretti During Andretti’s entrance, the announcers continued to talk about Dante Martin possibly coming back. What a terrible continuity error given that he returned a night before on Dynamite. Cage hit a shoulder block early, but Andretti kipped up out of it, and Cage laid him back out with a lariat. Andretti came back with a few quick dropkicks and tried an around the world DDT but Cage just caught him. Cage tried a popup powerbomb but Andretti rolled through for a one count. Nana grabbed Andretti’s foot, but Cage seemed more distracted.

Cage was dumped to ringside and Andretti tried to dive on him, but Cage caught him and lawn darted Andretti into the post. It was hard to tell if Andretti got his arm up or not because of the camera angle. Cage bounced Andretti off the barricades and apron. Back in the ring, Andretti tried to mount a comeback but ate a big boot from Cage that got Cage a two count. Cage hit a headbutt and posed to the delight of the crowd. Cage hit a running uppercut, an enzuigiri and a belly to belly suplex that got him a two count. Andretti tried a handspring clothesline but got caught. Andretti slid out of a back suplex attempt and was able to hit a springboard clothesline. Andretti head-scissored Cage to the outside and hit an Asai moonsault.

Back in the ring, Andretti hit a springboard kick that got him a two count. Andretti tried for a DVD but his back collapsed. Cage hit a flipping slam of some sort and got a two count out of it. Cage hit his outside-in suplex for a two count. Cage tried a pump handle move, but Andretti slid out and was able to hit an around the world DDT and get a two count. Andretti hit some kicks and forearms and then hit a fireman’s carry neckbreaker. Andretti hit a springboard 450 splash for a two count. Nana got up on the apron and hit Andretti with his jacket. Andretti chased Nana around the ring and when he slid back in, Cage hit him with a powerbomb and then a Gory Special Flatline for the pinfall.

Brian Cage defeated Action Andretti by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A fine TV match to close things out. Kind of a crappy finish with the Nana distraction, but heels have to get heat. It will be interesting to see if, now that Dante is back, these three can finally take the six-man titles from The Mogul Embassy. It’s been a nice long term story of Darius and Andretti trying to find that right partner, let’s see if they can stick the landing. My weekly ROH on HonorClub audio reviews are available exclusively for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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