WWE Crown Jewel results: Powell’s review of Roman Reigns vs. LA Knight for the WWE Universal Title, Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Title, Rey Mysterio vs. Logan Paul for the U.S. Title


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Crown Jewel
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at Mohammed Abdu Arena
Streamed live November 4, 2023 on Peacock (WWE Network internationally)

WWE Crown Jewel Kickoff Show

Megan Morant, Matt Camp, and Peter Rosenberg hosted the show from a studio in Stamford, Connecticut. They made predictions, discussed the show, and set up video packages…

Michael Cole and Wade Barrett were on commentary. Byron Saxton delivered the introductions for Kickoff Show match…

1. Sami Zayn vs. JD McDonagh. Cole noted this was the tenth WWE event in Saudi Arabia over the last five years and the first match that McDonagh has had there. Zayn performed an early monkey flip style spot, but McDonagh did not rotate and instead landed in the ropes.

Cole said the Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre match would open the main card. McDonagh had a large scrape to the right of his abdomen. McDonagh performed a standing Spanish Fly and covered Zayn for a near fall. McDonagh went for a top rope moonsault, but Zayn put his foots up. Zayn followed up with an exploder suplex and then hit the Helluva Kick. Zayn followed up with a Blue Thunder Bomb and scored the pin…

Sami Zayn defeated JD McDonagh in 9:40.

Powell’s POV: Zayn remains mega over with the Saudi fans and this was a good Kickoff Show match. From a production standpoint, the stage area looks great. There’s not a lot of seating on the main floor opposite the hard camera, and they have an LED board on the wall behind the fans on the main floor. There are also some big pillars with the Crown Jewel logo on them in the crowd, which is presumably creating some obstructed views for fans in attendance. Meanwhile, the Rollins vs. McIntyre match opening the main show eliminates any minor suspicion I had about the possibility of Damian Priest losing clean to Cody Rhodes only to cash in the Money in the Bank contract later in the show.

WWE Crown Jewel Main Card

The main card opened with a video package with various wrestlers talking about what it takes to be the best… Michael Cole and Wade Barrett remained on commentary, and Byron Saxton was the ring announcer. Cole played up five titles being on the line. Cole said Crown Jewel was the hottest ticket in the world and sold out in just two hours… A video package set up the World Heavyweight Championship match…

Seth Rollins made his entrance and then Drew McIntyre followed with that awful sword… Cole and Barrett checked in from ringside and introduced the Arabic broadcast team that was seated at a second ringside desk. Cole slipped up while trying to say Arabic and then he and Barrett had some fun with it…

1. Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Championship. Byron Saxton delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Cole noted that Rhea Ripley sent out a tweet wishing both men well. McIntyre put Rollins down with an early spinebuster and used a jackknife cover to get a two count.

A short time later, Rollins executed a superplex. Rollins stood up McIntyre for the falcon arrow that he typically follows up with, but McIntyre countered into a suplex of his own and got a near fall. Rollins came back and had McIntyre up for a Buckle Bomb when his back gave out. McIntyre put him down with a Future Shock DDT for another near fall.

McIntyre went to a corner of the ring and set up for a Claymore Kick, but Rollins stayed down. The referee checked on Rollins. McIntyre approached Rollins, who hooked him in an inside cradle for a two count. Rollins sent McIntyre to ringside and then hit him with a suicide dive. Rollins came up selling his lower back while also playing to the crowd.

McIntyre drove the lower back of Rollins into the ring steps. McIntyre stood on the steps and then picked up Rollins and side slammed him onto the ring apron. Back in the ring, McIntyre hesitated while Rollins sold back pain. McIntyre jawed at Rollins, who slapped him. Rollins rallied with a Pedigree and got a near fall. The broadcast team played up the idea that McIntyre showed some level of sympathy for Rollins and should have been more aggressive.

Rollins went for a Stomp, but McIntyre caught him and drove him into a corner of the ring and then hit him with two suplexes and a neckbreaker. McIntyre kipped up. McIntyre counted down for the Claymore Kick, but Rollins caught him with a superkick. Rollins followed up with a Stomp for a near fall.

Rollins went up top and rolled through his attempted Phoenix Splash because McIntyre moved. When Rollins stood up, McIntyre blasted him with a Claymore Kick and covered him for a great near fall. McIntyre set up for another Claymore Kick, but Rollins caught him with a superkick. McIntyre tried again, but Rollins ducked it. Rollins put McIntyre down with a Pedigree and followed up with a Stomp before getting the three count…

Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre in 18:20 to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

McIntyre exited the ring while the broadcast team questioned what he would do now. Rollins remained in the ring and was seated when Damian Priest’s music played and he ran out with the Money in the Bank briefcase and a referee. Priest told the referee he was going to take Rollins’ title. A hooded man shoved Priest into the ring post. Sami Zayn removed his hood and exited through the crowd with Priest in pursuit. Rollins smiled and then limped toward the ropes and took a knee…

Drew McIntyre was shown seated backstage. Rhea Ripley approached him and looked at McIntyre, who looked up at her. Ripley walked away. Cole said it was an “I told you so” moment…

Powell’s POV: A strong big event style title match with both wrestlers kicking out of the other wrestler’s finisher. I assumed Rollins would retain, but they did a terrific job with the Claymore Kick nearfall with Rollins kicking out at the last possible moment. Zayn stopping Priest from cashing in was set up nicely by his promo on Monday where he identified himself as the face of the rebelling against Judgment Day. I’m anxious to see how the McIntyre character reacts to coming up short.

Entrances for the Women’s World Championship match took place. The challengers had standard entrances. Over a dozen men came out and lined up in two rows on the stage and then Rhea Ripley made her entrance between them…

Powell’s POV: Well, that was disturbing.

2. Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Zoey Stark in a five-way for the Women’s World Championship. All five wrestlers wore gear that covered their arms and legs. Jax headed to ringside once the bell rang. The other wrestlers went for early pin attempts. Jax broke one up from the floor. Jax was roughed up before she ended up back at ringside.

Jax returned and worked over Ripley while the others were down. Jax dropped a leg on Ripley and went for the pin, but Stark returned to break it up. Baszler put Ripley and Rodriguez in simultaneous leg locks. Jax tried to intervene, but Baszler put her in a Kirifuda Clutch while maintaining the leg locks. Stark finally broke up the submission and then covered Baszler for a two count.

A short time later, Ripley and Rodriguez set up Stark for a double superplex, but Baszler slipped underneath them and turned it into a tower of doom spot. Jax covered Stark for a two count. Rodriguez ended up hitting her second rope corkscrew elbow on Jax. Ripley broke up the pin. Ripley and Rodriguez pushed and shoved one another and then traded slaps. They followed up with simultaneous big boots that left them both down temporarily.

Ripley and Rodriguez stood up and jawed at one another on the apron. Stark sent them both crashing to the floor. Stark performed a top rope dive onto Ripley and Rodriguez. In the ring, Stark hit the Z360 on Ripley and went for a pin that was broken up by Jax.

Jax set up Stark for the Annihilator, but Rodriguez intervened and slammed Jax to the mat and went for the pin, but it was broken up. Baszler put Ripley in a sleeper that was broken up. Ripley hit her Riptide finisher on Baszler and had her pinned, but Stark broke it up. Stark sat Ripley on the top rope and went to the middle rope. Ripley fought back. Rodriguez covered Baszler, but Ripley slammed Stark onto Rodriguez’s back. Ripley covered Baszler and scored the pin…

Rhea Ripley defeated Shayna Baszler, Raquel Rodriguez, Zoey Stark, and Nia Jax in a five-way in 11:05 to retain the Women’s World Championship.

Powell’s POV: So much for the idea that Stark was only in the match to take the pin. This was a solid match, but I never bought into any of the near falls. I’m surprised that they didn’t do more to make Jax look strong in defeat to set her up for a singles showdown with Ripley.

A video package featured Bayley, LA Knight, Drew McIntyre, and Bianca Belair speaking glowingly about Saudi Arabia for a tourism/propaganda video…

Powell’s POV: Gross.

A video package announced listed Survivor Series as “Survivor Series WarGames”… A video package recapped the John Cena and Solo Sikoa build… Entrances for the match took place. Saxton introduced Cena as “the greatest of all-time”…

3. John Cena vs. Solo Sikoa. Cole said Cena hasn’t won a singles match since 2018 when he beat Triple H in Saudi Arabia. Jessika Carr was the referee and she wore long sleeves. Cena targeted Sikoa’s Samoan Spike hand. The wrestlers fought to ringside where Cena slammed Sikoa’s hand on the ring steps.

Back inside the ring, Sikoa caught Cena with headbutt and then put the boots to him. Cena came back momentarily, but he was unable to complete the Attitude Adjustment. Sikoa superkicked Cena and went back on the offensive. Cena caught Sikoa in the STF, which Sikoa broke by rolling Cena into a pin. When Cena stood up, Sikoa put him right back down with a clothesline.

Sikoa put Cena in a tree of woe. Cena tried to pull himself up. Sikoa ran across the ring and headbutted Cena, who fell to the mat before being covered for a two count. Sikoa went for the Samoan Spike, but Cena ducked it and then hit a couple of shoulder tackles. Cena put Sikoa down and then hit him with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena hoisted up Sikoa for his finisher, but Sikoa avoided it and put Cena down with a Samoan Drop for a two count.

Sikoa hit Cena with a running hip attack in the corner. Cena grabbed Sikoa’s arm and wrenched it over the top rope. Cena went up top and put Sikoa down with a crossbody block that led to a two count. Cena hoisted up Sikoa for his finisher, but Sikoa slipped away again and superkicked Cena. Sikoa set up for the Samoan Spike, but Cena chokeslammed him for a near fall.

Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sikoa slipped away again. Sikoa put Cena down with a uranage slam for a near fall. Cole told viewers to enjoy the experience because there’s no way of knowing how much longer Cena will last. Sikoa went for the Samoan Spike, which Cena blocked before applying an STF.

Sikoa caught Cena with the Samoan Spike out of nowhere. Sikoa fell to the mat and stayed down momentarily while the broadcast team played up that he would have been victorious had he been able to cover Cena. Sikoa hit Cena with a second Samoan Spike.

When Cena stood up, Sikoa put him down with another Samoan Spike. Sikoa mugged for the hard camera and waited for Cena to stand up. Sikoa hit Cena with another Samoan Spike. The broadcast team questioned if Sikoa was even trying to win since he wasn’t covering Cena. Sikoa jabbed Cena’s throat with his thumb several times and then covered Cena and got the clean pin.

Solo Sikoa defeated John Cena in 16:10.

Once Sikoa headed to the back, Cena was given a standing ovation by a good portion of the live crowd and both broadcast teams as he slowly got to his feet. Cena waved to the crowd and nodded before exiting the ring and selling throat damage briefly. Cole said Cena has meant more to his career than anyone in this business and said he is truly the greatest of all-time…

Powell’s POV: I love it! I thought they were going to feed Sikoa to Cena. At best, I thought Sikoa would steal a pin if Jimmy Uso interfered. Rather, Sikoa destroyed Cena with those late Samoan Spikes. Cena’s loss to Austin Theory at WrestleMania was flukey and clearly didn’t make Theory. It’s all about the follow-up, but Cena did his part to make Sikoa. Respect.

An ad aired for NXT Deadline, which streams on Saturday, December 9 on Peacock…The Ultimate WWE Fan Experience was listed for January 2024 for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia… Cole said he and Barrett had a chance to tour the facility that will be the home of The Ultimate WWE Fan Experience and put it over…

The Miz made his entrance for a Miz TV segment. Miz introduced actor and comedian Ibrahim Al Hajjaj as his guest. Cole said he and Barrett met Al Hajjaj and he was hilarious. Once in the ring, Miz said Al Hajjaj’s movie character wants to be a WWE Superstar. He started to ask if Al Hajjaj had those actual aspirations, but he was interrupted.

Grayson Waller made his entrance and had the production crew get rid of the director’s chairs and replace them with his Grayson Waller Effect set. The crew complied while Miz complained that he’d been in WWE for twenty years, while Waller had been in the company for twenty minutes.

Miz and Waller bickered while Al Hajjaj stood between them and eventually stopped them. Al Hajjaj said he came to WWE to be on the hottest talkshow. Waller put his arm around Al Hajjaj, who then called Miz TV the hottest talkshow. Waller took offense and said Al Hajjaj was disrespecting him and told him to get out of his ring.

Miz tried to step forward, but Al Hajjaj put his arm out and stopped him. Al Hajjaj loosened up his attire and struck a fighting position, but Waller kicked him in the gut. Miz put Waller down with a big boot. When Waller stood up, Miz ran him over to Al Hajjaj, who caught him with a kick.

Miz put Waller down with a Skull Crushing Finale. Barrett said Al Hajjaj is already better in the ring than Cole was. Cole asked if Al Hajjaj is undefeated at WrestleMania. Al Hajjaj performed a People’s Elbow on Waller and then played to the crowd…

Powell’s POV: This didn’t do a thing for me, but the live crowd seemed to enjoy the segment. It was consistent with Miz showing babyface tendencies on Raw.

A video aired with Logan Paul standing next to a vehicle in the desert. After mugging for the camera, Paul drove the vehicle wildly in the sand. They cut to Paul driving down a city street while talking about becoming the next U.S. Champion. Paul was shown pulling into the arena. They cut to the broadcast team for a moment and then Paul drove the vehicle onto the stage. Paul exited the car and then made his entrance. Rey Mysterio’s standard entrance followed…

4. Rey Mysterio vs. Logan Paul for the U.S. Championship. Paul rolled through an early Mysterio crossbody block attempt and hoisted him up on his shoulders. Paul ran Mysterio into the corner. Paul followed up with a moonsault and got a two count. Paul threw body shots at Rey and then whipped him into the opposite corner. Rey stumbled out of the corner and collapsed to sell the punches.

Rey stomped the foot of Paul and then threw punches at him. Paul came right back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and got a two count. Paul pressed Rey over his head and dropped him, then ran the ropes and splashed Rey for a two count in a tribute to Ultimate Warrior. Paul remained on the offensive until Rey avoided him charging in the corner, causing Paul to go through the ropes and hit the ring post before falling to the floor.

Rey performed a suicide dive and then threw Paul back inside the ring. Rey went up top and performed a seated senton followed by a springboard crossbody block for a two count. Rey went for a few more pin attempts but was unable to get the pin. Paul came back with a Buckshot Lariat. Cole played up Paul’s knee buckling while he performed the move and wondered if that prevented him from hitting Rey full force with the clothesline.

Rey ducked a punch and then put Paul in a crossface. Paul reached the bottom rope to break the hold. Rey went for a springboard moonsault. Paul caught him and slammed him to the mat and covered him for a near fall. Paul went to the ropes and pulled Rey up. Rey fought back and knocked Paul off the ropes. Rey played to the crowd, allowing Paul to return to the ropes and then he performed a moonsault fallaway slam for a near fall.

Paul went to the ropes and did the Eddie Guerrero shimmy, but Rey avoided whatever move he went for. Rey went for a 619 that was blocked by Paul. Rey kicked Paul from the apron and then went up top. Paul cut off Rey and then put him in electric chair position while standing on the middle rope. Rey countered into a sunset bomb and hit a Code Red for a near fall.

A guy at ringside handed brass knuckles to Paul. Cole said it was one of Paul’s cronies. Rey shoved Paul into the corner and the brass knuckles ended up at ringside. The crony went after the brass knuckles, but Santos Escobar hopped the barricade and put his foot over them. Escobar picked up the brass knuckles and placed them on the apron and then chased the crony away. Paul ended up with the brass knuckles before Rey hit him with a 619. Rey went for a springboard move, but Paul caught him with a brass knuckles punch in midair and then pinned him.

Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio in 17:55 to win the U.S. Championship.

After the match, Paul leaned down and told Rey that he was just doing what he had to do. Rey said Paul knew what he did. Paul played dumb and told Rey that he loved him…

Powell’s POV: Meh. The live crowd was slow to get into the match and this was Paul’s least impressive outing. He set the bar high in his previous outings so it’s not like he embarrassed himself by any means. But Paul was a bit off on some of his bigger spots and the match just didn’t low as well as his previous matches. It’s interesting that Escobar left the brass knuckles on the apron when he could have simply held on to them. I assume this is the start of the Escobar turn.

Jackie Redmond interviewed Bianca Belair in the backstage area, who delivered a brief promo before making her entrance. The entrance of Iyo Sky followed and she was not accompanied by Bayley or Dakota Kai…

5. Iyo Sky vs. Bianca Belair for the WWE Women’s Championship. Saxton delivered in-ring introductions for the title match and the crowd was pretty flat. As was the case with the previous women’s match, both wrestlers wore gear that covered their arms and legs.

Sky performed an early dragon screw leg whip. Belair sold knee pain. She eventually performed a fallaway slam. Belair kipped up, but she sold the bad knee. Sky charged and took a few bodyslams. Belair slammed the abdomen of Sky onto her knee, and then sold the bad knee before covering Sky for a two count. The crowd was beyond quiet.

Belair placed Sky on the top rope and then set up for a top rope superplex. Sky slipped under Belair and put her in the tree of woe. Sky performed a dropkick onto the bad knee of Belair and covered her for a two count. Sky applied a stretch muffler. Belair escaped and suplexed Sky before covering her for a two count.

A short time later, Bayley showed up at ringside and bickered with the referee. Belair eventually went on an offensive role and had Sky pinned, but Bayley climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee. Belair punched Bayley off the apron. Belair clotheslined Sky over the top rope to the floor and then dove onto Bayley. Belair worked over Bayley. Sky accidentally hit Bayley.

Belair ran Sky into the barricade and rolled her back inside the ring. Bayely grabbed Belair’s legs and stopped her from returning to the ring. Belair hit Bayley and then hoisted her for her finisher at ringside. Kairi Sane showed up and hit Belair. Sane sent Belair into the ring post. Sky counted along with the referee, but Belair beat the count. Sky hit Belair with her top rope moonsault and got the three count.

Iyo Sky beat Bianca Belair in 16:35 to retain the WWE Women’s Championship.

After the match, Sky celebrated with Sane. They attacked Belair. Sane performed her Insane Elbow drop on Belair. Sky and Sane hugged while Bayley looked surprised and concerned about their reunion…

Powell’s POV: The wrestlers worked hard, but they just never had the live crowd with them. It’s good to see Sane back in WWE and I like that they aligned her with Sky. Bayley’s reaction to their reunion means we’re in for some Damage CTRL drama.

A video package set up the Damian Priest vs. Cody Rhodes match and then the entrances took place. Priest carried his tag title belts to the ring, but he did not bring the MITB briefcase with him. Cody’s ring jacket made him look like he was about to fight in a strange futuristic LARP version of the Revolutionary War, but the crowd came to life for his entrance…

6. Cody Rhodes vs. Damian Priest. Priest attacked Cody while he was on the ropes as part of his entrance. The referee separated the wrestlers and checked on Cody, who drove at Priest, causing the referee to call for the bell to start the match. Cody got the better of Priest, who rolled to the floor. Cody teased a suicide dive, but he stopped when Priest walked away. Cody went to the floor and ate a kick before Priest ran him into the barricade.

A loud “Let’s Go Cody” chant broke out once the wrestlers returned to the ring. Cody sold his bad ankle and then Priest capitalized with a Flatliner that led to a two count. A short time later, Priest put Cody down with a big clothesline at ringside and tried to put him through the broadcast table, but Cody slipped away and shoved him into the post.

Cody performed a suicide dive that led to Priest ending up on top of the broadcast table. Cody joined Priest on the table, but Priest fought back and performed The Reckoning on the table, which did not break. Priest brought Cody back to the ring and set up for the move again, but Cody countered into CrossRhodes (same move, different name). Cody was unable to make the cover and sold his ankle.

Finn Balor jogged down the entrance ramp. Cody turned his attention to Balor, who climbed onto the apron. JD McDonagh entered the ring and tried to hit Cody from behind, but Cody blocked it and punched him, causing McDonagh to go to ringside. Priest put Cody down with a South of Heaven chokeslam and covered him for a two count. Balor called to the back for help.

Dominik Mysterio walked out to loud boos with a chair in hand. Once Dom arrived at ringside, Jey Uso was there to greet him with a superkick. Jey took out Balor and McDonagh with superkicks. Jey grabbed the chair and chased the heel trio to the back.

Cody rolled up a distracted Priest for a two count. Cody followed up with a Cody Cutter. Cody hit the Bionic Elbow and got a near fall. Cody eventually hit a top rope Cody Cutter for another near fall. A “this is awesome” chant broke out. Cody and Priest jockeyed for position and Cody ended up hitting him with CrossRhodes three times before pinning him…

Cody Rhodes defeated Damian Priest in 11:05.

Powell’s POV: A solid match. Cody is over enough that his entrance was enough to bring the crowd back to life and they were with him from start to finish. The crowd also had fun with the unadvertised appearances for Dom, Balor, and Jey.

A CGI falcon was shown flying over Crown Jewel billboards. Cole spoke about the falcon being the national bird and then set up footage of the WWE crew taking part in community events in Riyadh…

The Survivor Series War Games video aired. Cole noted that the event was just three weeks away. Cole switched to hyping the four-way match to determine the No. 1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship on Raw. Barrett also hyped Akira Tozawa vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for Monday’s show…

A video package set up the main event… Entrances for the main event took place. Cole said only Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan have had longer title reigns than Reigns. He added that it was Roman’s 29th title defense and has beaten Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia alone…

7. Roman Reigns (w/Paul Heyman) vs. LA Knight for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Byron Saxton delivered in-ring introductions for the championship match. Knight put Reigns down with a neckbreaker during the opening minute. Reigns came right back by dropping Knight with an elbow and then mocked one of his mannerisms.

Knight dropkicked Roman’s knee to regain offensive control momentarily. Reigns tossed Knight to the floor and then caught him with a punch when he tried to return to the ring. Knight clotheslined Reigns over the top rope and then dove over the ropes and hit Reigns with a shoulder block. Knight covered Reigns for just a one count.

Reigns caught knight with a kick, but Knight scooped him up and powerslammed him. Knight played to the crowd and then Heyman distracted him, allowing Reigns to go to ringside. Knight followed and worked over Reigns on the floor. Knight went to the apron and then jumped off and put Reigns down with a clothesline.

Knight cleared the English broadcast table. Reigns fought back. Knight slammed Roman’s head on the Arabic table. Reigns pulled Knight into the ring steps. Reigns picked up Knight and whipped him into the ring steps. Reigns returned to the ring and held up his index finger while the referee counted until Knight got back in the ring at the seven count.

Reigns whipped Knight into a corner of the ring, played to the crowd, and then suplexed Knight before covering him for a two count. Reigns locked his hands around the head of Knight and then looked into one of the cameras, smiled, and said Knight doesn’t have a chance.

Knight fought back briefly, but Reigns cut him off with a leaping clothesline that resulted in a two count. Knight eventually regrouped and traded punches with Reigns, which the crowd gave the “Yeah/Boo” treatment. Knight got the better of it and then dropped Reigns with a leaping clothesline. Knight followed up with a side Russian leg sweep and then a DDT for a near fall.

Reigns came back with a uranage slam for a near fall. Reigns did the locked and loaded bit and went for a Superman Punch that Knight avoided. Knight powered up Reigns and put him down with a neckbreaker. Knight played to the crowd and ran the ropes, but Reigns caught him with a Superman Punch and covered him for a near fall.

Reigns went to a corner of the ring and let out the war cry. Reigns charged Knight, who jumped over him, causing Reigns to crash in the corner. Knight placed Reigns in a seated position on the top turnbuckle and then went for a middle rope superplex that Reigns blocked. Reigns headbutted Knight off the ropes. Knight jumped back onto the top rope and superplexed Reigns. Knight did his LA Knight point spot before dropping an elbow on Reigns and covered him for a near fall.

Solo Sikoa walked onto the stage. Meanwhile, Jimmy Uso showed up on the other side of the ring and pulled Reigns to safety. Knight grabbed Jimmy, but Reigns hit Knight with a Superman Punch. Reigns speared Knight and covered him for the closest near fall of the match. Reigns showed frustration over not getting the three count.

An angry Reigns threw punches at Knight, who was on his back. Reigns jawed at Knight and looked to the crowd before applying a standing guillotine choke. Knight faded before firing up and breaking the hold. Reigns reapplied it, but Knight powered him up and dropped him on the top rope. Knight hit his BFT finisher and had the pin, but Jimmy put Roman’s foot over the bottom rope to break the pin.

Knight left the ring and went after Jimmy, who told Knight that he liked him. Jimmy went for a sucker punch that Knight blocked. Knight slammed Jimmy’s head on the Arabic broadcast table repeatedly. Reigns went after Knight, who slammed Roman’s head off the table several times and then ran him into the ring post. Jimmy went after Knight, who slammed Jimmy through the English broadcast table. Reigns speared Knight through the barricade in front of the timekeepers area. Reigns rolled Knight back inside the ring and then speared and pinned him.

Roman Reigns defeated LA Knight in 20:05 to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Reigns celebrated his win while Heyman stood by. Cole closed out the show and then a video package recapped the event…

Powell’s POV: A good version of what one would expect from these two. I’m surprised they didn’t have Knight kick out of one more spear before taking the loss, but they did give him the spot where he had Reigns beat had it not been for Jimmy’s interference. I know I’m not alone in thinking that Knight will eventually be the guy who takes the U.S. Championship from Logan Paul, but I assume he’ll be feuding with Jimmy Uso coming out of this match.

Overall, a solid show. They lost the crowd for a couple of matches, but they were back in full force for the Cody vs. Priest match and the main event. I will have more to say when Jake Barnett and I team up shortly for an exclusive same day audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let us know what you thought of the show by voting for the best match and grading the overall show below.

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Readers Comments (21)

  1. Wasn’t it Byron Saxton?

    • I clearly don’t pay enough attention during introductions! On a WWE show, a male voice is Mike Rome. A female voice is Samantha Irvin (see me initially listing her instead of Alicia Taylor last night).

  2. Yeah gone are the good ol days with The Fink.

  3. This arena looks weird

    Also Saxton is even worse at ring announcing than he is at everything else he is tried

  4. It’s nice to see a legend like Cena who will put guys over and make new stars unlike guys like Edge and Sting

  5. The one thing the WWE really needed more of is 4’8″ women who can’t run the ropes or cut a promo. So many good, believable women in the company and now we’ve got Sky and Sane running around taking up valuable TV time.

  6. If Tony laid off on paying some of his scrubs he could’ve brought someone like Logan Paul in to actually attract some mainstream attention

  7. Is it me and my covid-fever or is this show just WEIRD

    The crowd seems dead. Are they micced wrong? Cole and Wade sound like they are doing the announcing from back in the US even though I can SEE them at ringside. The setup is terrible with the video board behind 6 rows. It almost looks like the dreaded Thunderdome. And the wrestler all look like they are suffering from terrible jet lag

  8. Why the hell are they calling it the undisputed title still when they have the world title now?

  9. This show was a big fail

    Seth and Drew were ok (I didn’t like it as much as Jason did) the rest came across as mailed-in

    So so so much outside interference in every single WWE match these days. And the main event was the same exact match we have seen for at least the last 2 (and maybe 3) years of Romans title run. It’s all jumped the shark

    In my eyes WWE went from “can’t miss” around WM last year to totally skippable

    • No, you’re not allowed to say that. HHH is the hero of the wrestling journalist/Twitter warrior crowd, so he can’t possibly do a bad job.

  10. Why are there so many advertisements and what is this podcast playing on my phone?!?! The layout of this site has absolutely nosedived!

    • Hard agree. I could deal with the podcast by simply lowering the volume / muting but the pop up ads take up half the page. Almost unreadable.

    • I have offered the site several times to help in these areas. It’s what I do for a living. It’s a pretty easy fix on the backend.

  11. Ok so I thought Paul looked good in this match with Rey.Especially when he hit that fallaway into a moonsault move.And LA Knight looks to be a US title or IC title guy honestly because I’m thinking they might just have Roman break Hogan’s title reign possibly.That means he’ll be champ(unfortunately)through next summer!Or Knight will be drafted to Raw in the future get the World title from Seth or whoever somehow.And perhaps we’ll have Asuka forming an alliance with Sky and Sane?

  12. Yay….another Roman match that ends with interference. I’m so tired of it. Please for the love of god ends this reign so we can move on.

  13. Now Smackdown has 2 part time Champs and the tag team belts are always on Raw. I guess it’s all on Sky now

  14. The ass-kissing of Saudi Arabia was particularly disgusting today

  15. What is the point of these Crown Jewel events? No memorable title changes, no memorable moments, the women are treated second class in ring wear and reception. I know Saudi wants to be the sports capital of the world now, but I wish TKO would give the remaining money back on the contract. Talk about stepping into the “Panderverse.”

    Another predictable finish tonight, when they could made Knight a star. Disappointing.

    I read that Roman won’t be defending the title/wrestling until 2024, which means maybe a match at Rumble, cue distraction victory, the, god willing, a loss at Mania.

    Unless they want him to beat Hogan’s record, which no one cares about (does WWE, for some reason?), which means the meaningless titles are held hostage until Summer Slam. Let it end.

    Have Reigns drop the title at a house show in Peoria, do something to shake up the upper card scene.

  16. Why Am I Watching This? November 5, 2023 @ 6:12 am

    I’d love to read the articles here, but my God, the new pop-over ads make it literally impossible with an iPhone. You really need to back off on this mess. You’re losing readers, starting with me.

  17. Imagine….just imagine AEW running these events. The marks would be on them even more for being in Saudia Arabia, but also going from the arenas there were in before to this one. They’d be crying: “OH, LOOK! THEY CAN’T SELL OUT THE OTHER ARENA ANYMORE!” “LOOK AT THE SMALLER ATTENDANCE! THEY ARE GOING UNDER!”

    The hypocrisy is unreal.

    Besides those points, I liked Sane coming back, but that’s it. What a disappointing show with the first match being the best (although I’d like Drew to have won).

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