Sean Henderson presents “Dyln McKay’s Underground” results: Vetter’s review of Rina Yamashita vs. Colby Corino in a hardcore match, Paul London vs. Sean Henderson, Brian Kendrick vs. Dyln McKay


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Sean Henderson presents “Dyln McKay’s Underground”
Replay available via IndependentWrestling.TV
August 25, 2023 in Williamstown, New Jersey at H2O Wrestling Center

This show will be a lot of new faces for me. In many cases, I have seen just one wrestler in a match. This is a gym/training center with banners of graduates like Shane Douglas. I’ve seen other shows from here before. The crowd is maybe 80-120; there’s literally room for just one row of seats against one wall. Emil Jay (GCW ring announcer and occasionally on commentary) was lead commentator here.
1. Stan Stylez defeated Deklan Grant and Chris Bradley in a three-way at 5:06. All three are new to me here. Bradley has short black hair and looks a bit like Ethan Page. Grant has a short beard and dark hair; think Drew Gulak. Stylez wore a football helmet as he ran to the ring; he appears to have a good physique. Stylez still had his football helmet on and had the referee be quarterback so he could ‘snap’ something to him. A really dumb way to open the show. Bradley hit a spinebuster at 3:00. Stylez, who has a passing resemblance to Ken Shamrock, put his football helmet back on. Stylez got busted open over his left eye. Bradley hit a swinging sideslam on Deklan Grant. Stylez covered Deklan for the pin. I feel like I just watched three guys who have had 10 or fewer matches. They tried hard.

Sean Henderson introduced himself in a video shot outside, set to Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life.)” Henderson said that Paul London made him want to be a pro wrestler, so this is a big moment in his life to face Paul London. I liked how earnest and truthful he came off here.

* When we returned, we had a 10-bell salute for Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk. Clearly some time has passed, as the crowd is a bit larger and it is a bit darker outside, so that first match was probably considered a pre-show match.
2. “Ugly Ducklings” Rob Killjoy and White Mike defeated “Wasted Youth” Marcus Mathers and Austin Luke at 15:53. Mathers usually teams with Dyln McKay, but Dyln has a match later in the show. Luke is a fine replacement; think Cameron Grimes. I don’t think I’ve seen either Ugly Duckling before. They wore beak masks. Luke and White Mike opened; Mike wore an ugly blue singlet that reminds me of an RC Cola can. Killjoy entered; he wore colorful pants. Mathers entered at 2:30 and traded quicker offense with Killjoy. Killjoy hit a nice T-Bone Suplex on Luke. Mathers hit an Asai moonsault at 6:00. Killjoy hit a top-rope dive onto everyone. In the ring, Luke hit a top-rope frogsplash for a nearfall. Mathers hit a senton for a nearfall, and the WY kept Killjoy in their corner.

Killjoy nailed a springboard double dropkick at 9:30 and finally made the hot tag. However, WY quickly took control of the action. Killjoy ‘snake-eyesed’ Luke in the corner. Mike hit a low blow mule kick on Mathers, then a Canadian Destroyer. Luke hit a Panama Sunrise on White Mike. They did a fun four-way superkick spot and they were all down at 12:30. Mathers hit a stunner on White Mike. Luke hit a brainbuster. Luke hit a modified Tower of London on White Mike for a nearfall, but Killjoy made the save. Killjoy and Luke traded forearms at 15:00. (Unintentionally funny, Emil Jay said this match must be 15 minutes in as we were at 15!) White Mike hit an airplane spin move on Luke; Killjoy covered Luke for the pin. The commentators praised Mathers and Luke’s performance.
3. Gabriel Skye defeated The Chad at 16:10. Gabe Skye has long black hair and has been a GCW/JCW regular in recent months. I don’t know ‘The Chad; he has short black hair like Zachary Wentz and he doesn’t have the great physique that Skye has. They traded some quick moves and it is clear that Chad got winded very quickly. Sky hit a huracanrana and a dropkick at 3:30, and Chad rolled to the floor to regroup. (Skye missed several weeks after injuring his shoulder so it’s really good to see him back in action.) Back in the ring, Chad hit a second-rope corkscrew press and took control of the offense. Skye hit a German Suplex at 6:00, sending Chad back to the floor. Skye hit a Mafia Kick as Chad was on the ring apron, then Skye nailed a dive through the ropes to the floor, and they brawled amongst the crowd, with Skye hitting some spin kicks.

Chad whipped Skye into the wall. Chad hit a suplex onto the ring apron at 9:00, and they got back into the ring. Chad missed a 450 Splash. Skye hit a shotgun dropkick and a running kick in he corner, then a Northern Lights suplex, then a Falcon Arrow for a believable nearfall at 10:30. Chad hit a spinning back fist, then a Death Valley Driver variation for a believable nearfall. Skye hit a Tiger Suplex then a Tiger Driver, then a running knee to the face for a believable nearfall at 12:00. They got up and traded forearm shots. Chad hit a fallaway slam; he wasn’t all that fluid in getting Skye up first, though.

Chad nailed a 630 Splash for a believable nearfall. That was impressive. Chad got chairs and slid them into the ring and he hit Skye across the back twice. He placed Skye across four open chairs and went to the top rope. However, Skye hit a top-rope Dragon Suplex onto the four open chairs! Skye then hit a top-rope doublestomp onto a folded chair on Chad’s chest for the pin. Chad needs to improve his cardio but he showed promise. That top-rope Dragon Suplex seemed unnecessarily risky, though.

4. Jordan Oliver defeated Kristian Ross at 9:04. I don’t know Ross; he’s a thick Black man; think a smaller, younger Keith Lee. Oliver hit a dropkick that sent Ross to the floor, then Oliver hit a plancha at 2:30. In the ring, Ross hit some bodyslams and took control. Oliver hit a clothesline and they were both down at 5:00. Oiver hit a moonsaullt and he applied a Figure Four Leglock. Ross hit a spear, then a chokeslam for a nearfall at 8:00. Oliver nailed the Clout Cutter, and he went back to the Figure Four Leglock, and Ross tapped out. Ross showed a lot of potential, and his size will get him booked.

5. Dyln McKay defeated Brian Kendrick at 12:31. I think I’ve only seen Kendrick once since his attempted jump to AEW was cut short. McKay has a pretty Shooting Star Press, and I have enjoyed the pairing of him with Mathers. His face showed a lot of emotion as he came to the ring first and you get a sense that this is truly a big deal for him. Kendrick danced to the ring and he looks absolutely great. Intense reversals to open and this match immediately has a different vibe than the first four. McKay hit a dive through the ropes at 4:00. Back in the ring, Kendrick kept Dyln grounded. McKay hit a superkick and they were both down at 7:30, and the crowd rallied for Dyln.

Dyln hit a twisting suplex into the corner. He hit the neckbreaker over his knee, but he missed a running Shooting Star Press. Dyln went for a Lionsault, but Kendrick caught him with a kick! Dylan hit a spin kick to the head. He put Kendrick on his shoulders and somehow tossed him up and hit a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Kendrick applied his Crossface, but McKay somehow rolled him over and scored the pin! Kendrick was shocked he lost! They shook hands after the match and Kendrick left, allowing McKay to soak in the cheers.

6. Jimmy Lloyd defeated Ryan Radix at 11:09. I don’t know Radix; he has dark black hair that is tied in a bun. Radix did a flip dive to the floor and they brawled in front of the crowd. Radix was bleeding above his left eye. Radix hit a backbody drop onto a pile of folded chairs at 4:00. In the ring, Radix hit a top-rope crossbody block. In the ring, Radix hit some unprotected chairshots over the head, then he threw the chair at Lloyd’s head for a nearfall at 7:00; I hate seeing those blows to the head. Radix hit a Sliced Bread out of the corner. Lloyd hit a package piledriver and he got a door and slid it into the ring. Lloyd sprayed lighter fluid on the door bridge and it was set on fire. Radix powerbombed Lloyd onto the fire bride and scored a believable nearfall at 10:30. (The fire went out upon contact.) Lloyd immediately hit a running tombstone piledriver for the pin. I didn’t care for this; too much of a brawl and I hate those unprotected chairshots to the head.

* Lloyd got on the mic and put Radix over, and they hugged.

* Before going to intermission, they announced that ring announcer Emil Jay was inducted into their hall of fame. An intermission has been edited out of the replay.
7. Davey Bang and August Matthews defeated “Fresh Air” Macrae Martin and Junior Benito at 15:00 even. Again, Bang and Matthews have dropped their “Bang Bros.” team name due to a legal issue; I find it all rather funny. (The commentator said they should be called the “cease and desist brothers.”) I just saw Fresh Air days ago on a C*4 Wrestling show from Toronto; they come out in their blue track suits to “Jump Around!” Bang and Macrae opened, and Martin has a significant height and overall size advantage, and he hit a shoulder tackle, then a flying forearm in the corner. Benito entered at 3:00; Martin flipped Benito onto their oponent. Matthews entered; he and Benito worked over Macrae.

Benito made the hot tag and he hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on August at 7:00. They both put a teammate on shoulders, so we had a ‘chickenfight.’  Benito hit a frogsplash on Bang for a nearfall at 10:30. Macrae accidentally speared Benito. Davey hit a moonsault to the floor while August hit a dive through the ropes at 12:00. Bang and Matthews hit a team Russian Legsweep move for a nearfall. Benito nailed a dive over the ringpost onto their opponents at 13:30. In the ring, Bang hit a Canadian Destroyer. Bang hit a 450 Splash for the pin. Good match.

8. Alex Zayne defeated Matt Demorest at 20:22. I’m a huge fan of Zayne and he”s definitely one of the reasons I tuned in here. My first time seeing Demorest; he has dark black, short hair and he’s hefty. Zayne wore his fluffy red vest, red-tinted glasses and just looks like a rock star. Standing switches early. Zayne hit a slingshot senton and a running corkscrew senton for a nearfall at 2:30. Zayne superkicked Demorest as he stood on the ring apron, and Matt fell to the floor. Demorest dropped Zayne stomach-first on the top rope, and Zayne sold the pain to his gut. The ref checked on Zayne on the floor; eventually Demorest went out and got him, dragged him in the ring, and worked Alex over. He hit a suplex at 5:30, with Zayne clutching at his ribs. Demorest was in charge of the offense but he too looks gassed. Zayne hit a flying clothesline and they were both down at 8:30.

Zayne is creating all the movement now as Matt is just winded. Matt crotched Zayne on the top rope. Zayne finally hit a kneestrike to the jaw then a Tiger Driver powerbomb, and they were both down at 11:30. This has been rough, and it’s certainly not Zayne’s fault. This match is just too long for this student. They got up and traded forearms. Matt removed his gloves and hit some chops, then he hit a stunner at 14:00. Demorest hit a modified One-Winged Angel. Demorest hit a top-rope corkscrew senton for a nearfall at 15:30. They fought on the ropes in the corner. Zayne hit his jump-up Frankensteiner but Demorest didn’t take it well and they clumsily fell to the mat. (Not Alex’s fault, here.) Demorest dropped Zayne throat-first on the top rope and got a nearfall. Zayne finally hit his pumphandle sit-out powerbomb for the pin. That was brutal. This student, with his (lack of) conditioning, had absolutely no business in a singles match that long.

9. Sean Henderson defeated Paul London at 17:25. I hate to sound cruel, but this Paul London is a sad shell of the guy who wowed in ROH and WWE 15+ years ago. Henderson is really short (Cagematch generously lists him at 5’6″ and 165 pounds) and appears in his mid- to late-20s; he has short curly hair and he’s clearly excited about this match. Like at the West Coast Pro show in San Francisco three weeks ago, London sang his way to the ring, acting like the Phantom of the Opera (sans mask.) Really not sure who told him he can carry a tune, because he cannot. London wore his full-body outfit trying to hide that sizeable gut he’s developed. They shook hands but London immediately kicked at him. Henderson hit a dropkick that sent London to the floor to regroup.

They brawled on the floor with London hitting some chops. Henderson butterflied London’s arms and allowed fans to chop London as they walked by the whole front row. Henderson whipped London into rows of chairs at 6:00. (In London’s matches I’ve seen this year, he does a lot of stand-up brawling to avoid having to mat wrestle in the ring.) Londo hit Henderson with a bag filled with garbage. Finally back in the ring, London hit a clothesline at 8:30. They brawled back to the floor. Back in the ring, London hit a spin kick to the face at 13:00. Sean hit a crossbody block for a nearfall at 16:00. London hit a top-rope doublestomp for a nearfall. Sean hit a tornado DDT and a Code Red for the pin. Acceptable match.

* London got on the mic and put Henderson over.
10. Rina Yamashita defeated Colby Corino in a hardcore match at 16:23. I wrote this two days ago, but I truly hate Rina’s willingness to take and receive unprotected chairshots to the head. Also, she is significantly shorter and lighter than he is. Weapons were set up in the ring. She carried her GCW Ulrraviolent Title. Sure enough, he clocked her with a chair over her unprotected head at 1:30. Just stupid of her to take those blows. Rina hit a suplex on the floor at 3:30. In the ring, she got a light tube and cracked it over her own head, then one over Colby’s head. Colby hit a top-rope elbowdrop as she was lying on a door bridge for a nearfall at 6:00. She slammed him through a door in the corner for a nearfall. Colby is bleeding on his face.

Colby hit a twisting suplex onto a folded chair, and there is a lot of light tube debris on the mat, too. They took turns whacking each other over the head with door shards. Colby hit a second-rope Finlay Roll at 10:00. He CLOCKED her with another chairshot over the head but she kicked out at one. That is just so unnecessary. She grabbed his groin and hit a clothesline for a nearfall at 12:00. Corino hit a Styles Clash onto a barbed wire board for a nearfall at 14:30. She hit a Trash Compactor piledriver along her back, then a Razor’s Edge powerbomb through a table covered in barbed wire and light tubes for the pin. Ugly and unnecessarily violent. Fans of this style will probably enjoy it.

Final Thoughts: This show had a clear theme of pairing a top indy star against a student or relative newcomer; this was an opportunity for wrestlers who had very little experience to take on guys who have literally traveled all across the country and world. If I’m the booker and have this roster and want to create matches I want to see the most, I’d go London and Kendrick vs. Mathers and McKay, Oliver vs. Zayne, Skye vs. Corino, Jimmy Lloyd vs. Yamashita, and would keep the Fresh Air vs. Bang Bros match. Those are my top five matches, and I fill in the rest of the car with the leftovers.

As for the actual show, I’ll go with McKay-Kendricks for best and Fresh Air vs. Bang/Matthews for second. Some of the students were much further along than others. Allowing the heavyset Matt Demorest to go more than 20 minutes was doomed to fail before it started, as he got winded and the match never recovered. Likewise, The Chad got winded way too early and it hurt his match, too. This show can be seen on IWTV, but I admittedly am not giving this a strong endorsement.


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