Impact Wrestling TV results (6/1): Moore’s review of Bully Ray’s show opening segment post Under Siege, Sami Callihan and Jake Crist vs. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus, Dani Luna vs. Jody Threat, Trinity vs. Savannah Evans, Eddie Edwards vs. Yuya Uemura


By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped in London, Ontario at Western Fair District Agriplex

Aired June 1, 2023 on AXS TV

Highlights from last week’s Impact Under Siege show aired… Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. Dave Penzer was the ring announcer…

Bully Ray made his entrance to start the show. Bully jawed with Matt Rehwoldt before entering the ring (due to Bully attacking him at Under Siege where he also put Scott D’Amore through a flaming table). Bully asked the crowd if they knew who he was. He said he’s Bully Ray, the most hated man in Impact and the most hated man in the business today. Bully talked about putting people through tables his entire career.

Bully said there’s nobody better past, present, or future, at putting people through tables than him. Bully talked about putting men, women, old ladies, company owners, and Impact’s president through a table. Bully said when you really get under his skin, he adds fire to the table. Bully said D’Amore got under his skin, so he burnt Scott to a crisp. Bully said Under Siege was one of his favorite moments of his career, if not his life.

Bully said he got great pleasure out of putting Scott through fire. Bully said you aren’t getting rid of Bully for months. Bully said Josh Alexander isn’t here because he hurt his arm. Bully said Dreamer isn’t here because nobody cares about Tommy Dreamer being here. Bully said he’s going to win the 8-4-1 Match at Against All Odds to get a title match at Slammiversary. Steve Maclin made his entrance. Steve had a giant bandage on his head.

Maclin said Under Siege was one hell of a night and he liked what he and Bully did to D’Amore. Maclin said what happened happened only because Maclin allowed it. Bully said Maclin didn’t allow anything because Bully Ray does what he wants. Bully conceded and said that Maclin, the world champ, did allow him. Maclin thanked Bully for acknowledging him as World Champion. Maclin said people were wondering after Under Siege, what would happen if Bully and Maclin continued as a team?

Maclin said if Bully wins the 8-4-1 Match, he’d be happy to defend his title against Bully. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin made their entrance to the MCMG theme. Shelley took a mic. Shelley pointed out that he’s the number one contender, not Bully. Shelley said he’s walking out of Against All Odds as champ. Bully cut in and said he would usually bury Shelley on the mic and beat him down verbally. Bully said he can’t.

Bully said love it or hate it, Bully Ray is known as one of the most honest wrestlers in the wrestling industry. Bully said Shelley is a great professional wrestler. Bully said he sees aspiring wrestlers watch Shelley matches. Bully noted that Shelley doesn’t get the respect that he deserves. He noted the great series of matches Team 3D had with the Motor City Machine Guns. Bully said Sabin was great too, but there’s something different about Shelley.

Bully said the one thing that gets at Shelley, is Shelley was never able to win the big one, the world championship. Sabin talked about Bully saying this exact speech ten years ago to Sabin, and how Sabin beat Bully for the championship after that speech. Bully said it only took him one month to win the title back. Maclin cut in, saying that he’s not overlooking Shelley.

Maclin said Shelley is overlooking him. Maclin said he spent the last few years proving everyone wrong, and Shelley is dismissing that effort. Bully asked Shelley if he can beat Maclin? Shelley said “yep”. Maclin found that simple answer disrespectful. Shelley said “yep” again. Maclin pointed out that Shelley fumbled when he faced Josh Alexander for the title, and why would Shelley do better against him? Shelley said that Maclin is no Josh Alexander.

Shelley said everyone knows if Josh Alexander were still around, Maclin would be nowhere near the title. Shelley talked about how Josh Alexander also made Bully Ray tap out. Bully got fired up and got his metal chain. A “you tapped out” chant ensued. Sabin said Against All Odds is set, but what about tonight? Sabin proposed a match between the Machine Guns and Bully and Maclin. Bully said this show needs more wrestling and less talking.

Bully said that’s the first great idea he heard come out of Sabin’s mouth. Bully then said they won’t have a match tonight. Suddenly, The South Wales Subculture, Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, and Dani Luna, made their entrance. Andrews took the mic and said if Bully and Maclin don’t want to face the Guns, he wants to throw Subculture’s names into the hat for the open challenge. Andrews said that facing the Guns would be a dream match for him. Shelley accepted the challenge and said that Maclin better be watching so see what happens to him at Against All Odds, a loss.

Eddie and Alisha Edwards were shown walking backstage…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A 20-minute talking segment to open the show. Thankfully Bully Ray is a master of the mic, so he made sure make this segment meaningful. Not everyone likes a long talking segment to open the show, but I thought this did a good job catching viewers up, who didn’t watch Under Siege. Good to see Maclin in this mix and no where near the scrub-characters like Champagne Singh and Shera. Good to see Bully back in the main event mix too because he’s proven he can still main event shows with his strong heat generation. I’m also glad to see him no where near Tommy Dreamer feuding over his real life radio show. Please keep Tommy away! Please?

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Nick Aldis. Aldis’s interview got its own theme music. Jacobs called Aldis a national treasure and congratulated Aldis for his win against Kenny King. Aldis said when he’s dressed in his nice suit, he feels like a dangerous man. Aldis said he feels more dangerous with momentum behind him. Aldis said he acknowledges Kenny King as a fine athlete that took Aldis to the limit. He said King showed him things he haven’t seen before.

Aldis said he’s sure he’ll face King again down the road and King will raise his game next time. Aldis said he’ll raise his game too because a rising tide raises all ships. Jacobs talked about Aldis being in the 8-4-1 Match where the match starts off as an 8 person tag then the winning team gets immediately put in a fatal four way match. Aldis said what’s unique about that match is the first match requires finding teamwork, but once the team wins they must become adversaries.

Aldis talked about having the ability to adapt at the top of the sport. Aldis said he’s guaranteeing that he’ll be number one contender and next Impact World Champion…

John’s Thoughts: Another solid promo from Nick Aldis. I’ve seen his NWA work, but you have to compare his current run in Impact to his initial run in Impact because he has such a deep history there. It’s night and day. Aldis is such a megastar compared to what he was. What I really liked here was how he managed to put himself over while also putting Kenny King over too. Aldis is definitely a favorite to get the Slammiversary match, but at the same time, the fact that he doesn’t have to be pinned allows for someone else to get the shot, while Aldis ends up being set up for Bound for Glory in October.

Entrances for the next match took place. Tom Hannifan noted that the Machine Guns vs. South Wales Subculture was made official. Hannifan also plugged Decay vs. “Ohio Vs. Everything” Sami Callihan and Jake Crist. Hannifan also listed more advertised matches…

1. Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha Edwards) vs. Yuya Uemura. Yuya controled the early part of the match with armbars. Eddie turned the tables with a few chops. Yuya turned the tables back with his chops. Eddie tossed Yuya to the mat and put the boots to him. Yuya came back with an armdrag and a forearm that sent Eddie to ringside. Yuya hit Eddie with a plancha heading into break.[c]

Eddie dominated the match with methodical offense. A picture-in-picture, showed that Eddie got control due to Alisha Edwards getting involved, tripping up Yuya. Yuya rallied back with chops, but Eddie came back with a shoulder tackle. Eddie jeered with the crowd due to their support of Yuya. Yuya rallied with a chop, uppercut, and flying lariat. Yuya hit Eddie with a Stinger Splash and Bulldog.

Yuya hit Eddie with a back suplex for a two count. Eddie gave Yuya a headbutt. Yuya escaped a backpack stunner and hit Eddie with an armdrag. Alisha distracted Yuya to allow Eddie to punch Yuya on the top rope. Eddie hit Yuya with a Super Plex. Yuya blocked a Boston Knee Party with a Dropkick and hit Eddie with a Rock Bottom. Yuya went for a diving crossbody, but he dove right into Eddie’s raised knee strike.

Eddie pancake’d Yuya with a Tiger Driver for a good nearfall. Alisha yelled at Eddie to “Give it to him”. Eddie gave Yuya the Boston Knee Party for the win.

Eddie Edwards defeated Yuya Uemura via pinfall in 12:59 of on-air time.

Eddie asked Yuya for a handshake but pulled away to mock him. Frankie Kazarian made his entrance wearing a giant scarf. Kaz said that Eddie acts like a leader, demanding respect; but he doesn’t show a young man like Yuya the respect after a great match. Kazarian said that was not the way he and Eddie were trained to conduct business. Kazarian punched out Eddie when Eddie got in his face.

Alisha tried to choke Kazarian from behind, but Kazarian tossed her to the floor. Rehwoldt said “come on, that’s the man’s wife”. Hannifan pointed out that Alisha was attacking Kazarian. Kazarian left to the back…[c]

John’s Thoughts: One of Yuya’s better showings on Impact’s weekly TV. He’s still in happy-to-be-here “Young boy” mode, which is usually customary with Japanese wrestlers on excursion, so his endless losses are not surprising. What didn’t help was the commentary team looking past Yuya and talking all about Eddie’s feud with Frankie Kazarian. That said, this was a nice match and you can always count on Eddie having a good match despite his quirky character stuff. He must also be happy that Alisha is yelling in support of him now instead of constantly berating him.

Entrances for the next match took place. Hannifan noted that this was the 985th episode of Impact Wrestling. Hannifan plugged tickets for Impact’s 1,000th episode September 9th at New York City…

John’s Thoughts: It’s a proven fact. Impact Wrestling is the cockroach of the wrestling industry, and I say that as a complement. If a nuclear armageddon were to happen wiping WWE, AEW, and all indie promotions from the earth; if we were living in a zombie apocalypse; somehow, Impact Wrestling would still be there.

2. “Decay” Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus vs. “Ohio vs. Everything” Sami Callihan and Jake Crist. Jake hit Steve with a hook kick and tagged in Sami. Taurus tagged in and dumped OVE to ringside. Taurus “revived” Steve and Military Pressed him on Sami and Jake. Jake hit Decay with Savate Kicks. Sami put Steve on Taurus’s shoulders and Jake on his. Jake hit Taurus with a Cutter to give Sami the pinfall win on Taurus.

Sami Callihan and Jake Crist defeated “Decay” Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus via pinfall in 1:43.

Kon, Angels, and Deaner showed up. Kon gave Jake and Sami a double chokeslam. The Design beat down Crist and Callihan due to the numbers advantage. Deaner hit Jake with the Deaner DDT. Rich Swann ran out with a chair as an equalizer. The Design backed down and went to the back…

Trinity was shown stretching backstage…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Nice return for the OVE duo of Sami and Jake with the quick win. Jake Crist is someone I’m REALLY high on. At first it seemed like Dave would be the breakout Crist brother, but Jake really broke out with good character stuff when he was “The Golden Champion” X Division Champ. Jake is the Jey Uso of the Crist Brothers and I really think if pushed right he can be a main eventer.

Sami Callihan berated Rich Swann at the Gorilla Position. Jake calmed Sami down. Sami proposed a six person tag with them against The Design at Against All Odds. Swann said he’s busy at Against All Odds. He said the reason he wasn’t at ringside tonight was because he was backstage signing to be in the 8-4-1 match. Sami gave Rich a dap. Sami then said “the Doctor has to find the monster”…

Entrances for the next match took place…

3. Trinity vs. “The Cannibal” Savannah Evans (w/Jai Vidal, Gisele Shaw). Evans had the power advantage during the collar and elbow and standing switch. Trinity came back with a headlock and forearm strikes. Trinity did a matrix slid and gave Evans a few kicks. Evans came back with a pop-up power bomb for a two count. Evans tackled Trin in the gut in the corner. Evans tossed around Trinity. Trinity came back with a draping kick and draping Pedigree for a two count.

Trinity hit Evans with a springboard kick and bulldog into the buckle. Trinity hit Evans with a diving crossbody. Evans came back with a side slam. Trinity hit Evans with a kick and dive. Trinity put Evans in Starstruck for the submission win.

Trinity defeated Savannah Evans via submission in 4:32.

Trinity took the mic and soaked in cheers. She talked about how she promised to be on the other side of the women’s title match at Under Siege. Trinity said she’s waiting. Deonna Purrazzo made her entrance. Purrazzo thanked Trinity for being patient. She said she’s still the Knockouts Champion. Deonna said she’s willing to accept questions from Trinity. Trinity proposed a title match at Slammiversary. Deonna accepted. Shaw and Evans attacked Purrazzo and Trinity from behind. Vidal knocked out Purrazzo with Shaw’s purse.

Rehwoldt said the purse must be loaded. Trinity cleared Vidal from the ring. Shaw hit Trinity with the loaded purse. Jordynne Grace ran to the ring to attack the heels. Shaw knocked out Grace with the loaded purse. Shaw hit Grace with a knee lift. Shaw then followed up with a 2nd knee lift. Shaw ordered Evans and Vidal to lift Grace for a 3rd strike. The heels stood tall to end the segment…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Surprising to see Grace still around because I believe it’s been reported that Grace will be taking some time off from Pro Wrestling and that the Under Siege stipulation was a write-off. Maybe she stuck around for the tapings? Trinity vs. Purrazzo should be a treat. I’m not the biggest fan of them filling time with Shaw and her undercard faction. Shaw’s a good wrestler, but they treat her like a joke so much that she needs to be built up. I still can’t forget that Shaw’s last feud with Deonna Purrazzo just a few months ago was about a stupid bowl of chili.

Entrances for the next match took place. Hannifan plugged Slammiversary tickets…

4. Dani Luna (w/Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews) vs. Jody Threat. Luna took down Threat with an armbar. Luna hit Threat with a shoulder tackle. Threat turned the tables and gave Luna a few lariats in the corner. Threat gave Luna a suplex for a two count. Luna came back with a Yakuza Kick for a two count. Dani Luna hit Threat with a delayed Three Amigos.

Threat escaped a German Suplex. Threat came back with a back elbow. Threat dumped Luna and herself with a lariat. Threat hit Dani at ringside with a cannonball from the apron. Threat hit Luna with a top rope cannonball. Threat hit Luna with a meteora to the back. Luna came back wiht a back elbow. Threat hit Luna with a delayed Michinoku Driver for a two count. Luna took down Threat with a lariat and Tiger Driver for a two count.

Luna hit Threat with a lariat for another nearfall. Threat hit Luna with a huracanrana and German Suplex. Threat hit Luna with an Argentine Helicopter Spin toss (which looked weak). Rehwoldt said she calls the move the F-Bomb. Threat picked up the win.

Jody Threat defeated Dani Luna via pinfall in 7:08.

Hannifan noted that Dani was Jody’s biggest threat to date…

John’s Thoughts: Great name for a finisher, but the finisher didn’t look great. Maybe she should stick with the F5 and call that the F-Bomb. Other than that weak finish, the match was good in Jody’s most competitive match to date. Dani Luna made a good first impression in Impact (as a person who selectively watched matches in NXT UK over the past three years, Dani is off my radar, even though I’m a huge proponent of Subculture).

Joe Hendry and Santino Marella were chatting backstage. Santino said it was disgusting that Dirty Dango stabbed him in the back by jumping him. Hendry said Dango also jumped him. Hendry said even though he’ll get his revenge soon, Santino needs the revenge more against Dango. Santino said he’s not an active combatant these days. Santino was about to book Hendry in a match, but they were interrupted by Kenny King and Sheldon Jean.

King bragged about Jean breaking Hendry’s nose in Jean’s Impact debut match. King said Hendry shouldn’t worry about Dango, but rather Jean. Santino booked Sheldon “Jeans” vs. Joe Hendry for next week. Santino also booked Joe Hendry vs. Dirty Dango for the Digital Media Championship for Against All Odds…

A replay aired of Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich brawling at Under Siege last Friday…

A Killer Kelly vignette aired where Kelly was talking about being locked in a cage…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in from the commentary table. The following matches were announced for Against All Odds: Killer Kelly vs. Masha Slamovich in a dog collar match, Joe Hendry vs. Dirty Dango for the Digital Media Championship, Trey Miguel vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship, Kazarian vs. Eddie Edwards, Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans vs. Purrazzo and Trinity, Ace and Bey vs. the Good Hands for the tag titles, the 8-4-1 match, and Steve Maclin vs. Alex Shelley for the world title.

The following segments were advertised for next week: The Coven vs. The New Death Dollz, Moose and Rich Swann vs. Jonathan Gresham and Nick Aldis. Hannifan sent the show to Kevin Kelly’s weekly New Japan on AXS plug…

Entrances for the main event took place…

5. “The Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. “The South Wales Subculture” Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. Shelley and Andrews started the match with chain wrestling. Andrews got the first takedown. Webster and Sabin tagged in. Webster took down Sabin with a few armdrags and a Inverted Standing Senton. The Guns gave Flash a double PK. Shelley took out Andrews with a Big Boot.

Shelley put Flash in a straightjacket back stretch. Flash escaped and tagged in Andrews. Flash gave Shelley a dropkick to Shelley’s knees. Subculture gave Sabin tandem offense. Subculture gave The Guns stereo dives.[c]

Sabin got a two count after a lariat on Andrews. Shelley held Andrews in a Surfboard so Sabin could hit him with a rev’d up Bulldog. Andrews escaped Shelley’s Half Nelson, but Shelley stunned Andrews by yanking at Mark’s elbow. Flash managed to catch the hot tag. Flash hit The Guns with a Lionsault. Flash dodged Sabin, causing Sabin to PK Shelley. Flash hit Shelley with a ring post assisted huracanrana.

Sabin backdropped Flash. Andrews tagged in. The Subculture hit Sabin with a double team Falcon Arrow to give Andrews a two count. The Guns hit both opponents with double team strikes. The Guns hit Andrews with a Magic Killer. Flash broke up Sabin’s pin at two. Shelley dumped Webster to ringside. Shelley put Andrews in Electric Chair.

The Guns hit Andrews with a Doomsday Dropkick, but Andrews popped back up, no selling the move. Subculture gave both Guns double headbutts. Sabin came back by hitting Subculture with a double lariat. The Guns hit Andrews with double Yakuza Kicks in the corner. Andrews reversed Cradle Shock into his signature Stun-dog Millionaire.

Sabin avoided Flash’s 630. Sabin nailed Flash with a cutter. The Guns hit Andrews with their signature Muta Lock-Dropkick combo. The Guns hit Flash with the Dirt Bomb to give Sabin the win over Flash.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The South Wales Subculture via pinfall 12:08.

The Motor City Machine Guns posed to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: A wonderful tag team spectacle as expected with the talent in the ring. Only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was Mark’s no-sell of the doomsday device, but I’m assuming they wanted the big spot because they aren’t set to be in Impact long terms. I wouldn’t mind if Subculture stuck around. Dani Luna looked great today. Andrews and Flash are also great. I’ve actually wanted to see Andrews get more of a singles run because that guy can wrestle like Rey Mysterio in his prime.

Flash, I love his innovative offense, but sometimes he can go a bit too far leading to injuries. The tag team situation actually protects him from going too overboard. The Guns continue to be Impact’s ultimate utility guys. If you needs singles or tag team main events, just call the Guns. Good episode of Impact coming off Under Siege. They did a good job setting the table for both Slammiversary and Against All Odds, which is tough, booking a PPV and in-between show.


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