Prestige Wrestling “Roseland 5” results: Vetter’s review of Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Kevin Blackwood, Tom Lawlor vs. Shawn Spears, Miyu Yamashita vs. Trish Adora vs. Liiza Hall in a three-way, Daniel Garcia vs. Robert Martyr, Effy vs. Drexl in a hardcore match, Bryan Keith vs. Sonico, Nick Wayne vs. Judas Icarus


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Prestige Wrestling “Roseland 5”
Streamed on IndependentWrestling.TV
April 29, 2023 in Portland, Oregon at Roseland Theater

This is a theater and the show sold off in advance. The lighting is good; if anything, the wrestlers look too white because the lighting is so bright. Jordan Castle, Cody VonWhistler and Brian Zane provided commentary.

1. Nick Wayne defeated Judas Icarus at 12:53. Icarus reminds me of a thicker Paul London with his short, dark black hair. Mat wrestling to open. Judas hit a plancha to the floor at 2:30, and he took charge in the ring. Wayne hit a handspring-back-elbow and a fisherman’s suplex for a nearfall at 5:30. Icarus hit a swinging faceplant for a nearfall. They fought on the ring apron, and Wayne slammed Icarus into the ring post at 10:00. Wayne nailed a Dragon Suplex and a Code Red for a believable nearfall at 12:30, then a step-up mule kick, then the Wayne’s World springboard cutter for the pin. Really good opener.

Backstory: Sonico and Alan Angels have been feuding. Sonico offered a ransom to anyone who would take Sonico out. “The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith has accepted the offer.

2. Sonico defeated Bryan Keith at 13:18. I’ve seen Sonico a few times now in Prestige, and he wore a black and purple mask here, and a huge brace on his shoulder. Keith attacked to start the match and got booed; I start my stopwatch at first contact. Sonico went to the floor and was nursing his left shoulder as the referee checked on him. Sonico got in the ring and the ref made sure he wanted to fight, so the bell sounded at 2:00 to officially start the match. They traded hard chops. Keith hit a kneedrop to the shoulder and got a nearfall at 4:00.

Keith hit an enzuigiri. Sonico applied a leglock on the mat; Keith rolled over and gauged at the eyes to escape at 7:30. Sonico hit a running double knee to the chin for a nearfall, then a dragon screw leg whip. They brawled to the floor (it is much darker away from the ring), and Sonico dove off a short stage onto Keith at 10:00. In the ring, they traded forearm shots. They hit simultaneous clotheslines and were both down. This has been really good. Sonico got a jackknife cover for a nearfall. The ref got bumped at 13:00. Sonico sprayed green mist in Keith’s face and the crowd popped. Sonico hit a suplex for the pin. Really good match.

* A nice video package aired to preview the next match! This is definitely a heated rivalry!

3. “C4” Cody Chhun and Guillermo Rosas vs. “Midnight Heat” Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson for the vacant Prestige Tag Team titles ended in a draw (?) at 14:04. Again, Chhun reminds me of NXT’s Boa, while Rosas is shorter and thicker. Midnight Heat are an old school team like the Brainbusters. Midnight Heat wore the tag titles, but Castle explained that they were stripped of them, and they are no longer champs. Pearl has dark hair; Gibson is bald. Pearl and Chhun started. All four were brawling; ref Scarlett O’Donovan stepped in and ordered each team to have just one in the ring.

The MH worked over Rosas in their corner. Pearl applied a sleeper at 10:30. The crowd is totally into this extended beatdown. Chhun finally made the hot tag and he hit dropkicks on each opponent and did a spinarooni. Gibson hit Rosas with a weapon and scored the pin at 14:04 to win the tag titles; he tucked the weapon under his arm. (Doesn’t he know to put it in his trunks?) Scarlett lifted Gibson’s arm; the weapon fell to the mat, and Scarlett saw it and ripped the titles out of their hands. The fans chanted, “You f—ed up!” at Gibson. A promoter said at the next show, these two teams will now meet in a tables-ladders-chairs match. So, no real ruling on who won the match, but it appears the titles are still vacant.

4. Drexl defeated Effy in a hardcore match at 10:52. Drexl is bald and has his head painted white; he has a long beard halfway down his chest, and he’s the Northwest’s hardcore king. Effy twisted Drexl’s nipples at 2:00, but Drexl seemed to enjoy the pain. Drexl snapped Effy’s neck in the ropes. Several chairs have been brought into the ring. Drexl took a picture and gave Effy a papercut between his fingers. Drexl got a pizza cutter, put it in Effy’s trunks, and ‘cut’ over his groin at 6:30. Yuck.

Effy slammed Drexl face-first onto an open chair for a nearfall. Drexl bit him in the butt. Effy hit a Blockbuster for a nearfall. Drexl got a staple gun and used it on Effy’s groin at 9:30, earning a “you sick f**k!” chant. Drexl hit a DDT for the pin. Not my type of match at all, but the crowd was totally into this.

* A nice video package aired, establishing that Danny Garcia was a mentor to Robert Martyr, and that Garcia has had success in moving up in pro wrestling, while Martyr hasn’t. (Maybe it’s because Garcia has been in a gym and looks like a wrestler?) I really like Jordan Castle on commentary, but his cheerleading for the mediocre Martyr is just obnoxious. Martyr is apparently winless in Prestige Wrestling.

5. Daniel Garcia defeated Robert Martyr at 21:09. They traded mat holds and Garcia yanked on Martyr’s hair; he’s getting quite the heel heat. Garcia hit a hard spin kick to the chest at 4:30 that dropped Martyr. Robert dominated the action with basic stomps. He tied Martyr in the Tree of Woe and hit a basement dropkick to his face at 7:30. Martyr fired up and hit some chops and forearms. Garcia hit a uranage on the ring apron at 10:00; the cocky Garcia rolled into the ring and made some snow angels in the middle of the ring.

Martyr stood up and he had a trickle of blood from his forehead; he got back in the ring before being counted out. Garcia hit some kicks to the face while holding onto Martyr’s wrist. Martyr fired back and hit some Mafia Kicks, but Garcia got the better of the exchange. Martyr applied a Boston Crab at 14:00, then a flying back elbow. Garcia hit a pumphandle slam over his knee for a nearfall at 16:00. Garcia hit a piledriver for a nearfall. Garcia hit elbows to the side of the face; Martyr reversed him and hit some elbows to the side of the face.

Garcia hit a second piledriver but only got a one-count. Martyr applied a Sharphooter. Garcia escaped and hit a Lungblower at 18:30 for a nearfall, and they were both down. They traded forearm shots fro their knees, then while standing. Martyr hit a brainbuster for a nearfall. Garcia applied a Sharpshooter! He leaned back for pressure, and he applied a sleeperhold, and Martyr passed out. Good match, and the right man won.

6. Ethan HD, Jaden, and Kris Brady defeated Travis Williams and “State of Emergency” Miles Deville and Sebastian Wolfe at 15:44. Brady wore red and has bright red hair. Ethan HD is tall and wore a black singlet. Miles Deville looks like a 2000-era CM Punk. Jaden is shorter and wears a white T-shirt. Travis Williams has a crew cut similar to Daniel Garcia. Deville hit a 450 Splash at 7:30. Kris Brady hit a pop-up powerbomb. Williams hit a German Suplex. Williams hit an assisted top-rope stunner for a nearfall at 10:00.

Jaden and Deville fought on the second level of the building and did a Spanish Fly down onto the other four guys on the floor at 14:30, drawing a “holy shit!” chant. Insane spot. In the ring, Brady hit a 619 on Travis Williams, then a double-jump moonsault on Williams for the pin. Really entertaining six-man tag.

7. Miyu Yamashita defeated Trish Adora and Liiza Hall in a three-way at 11:36. Apparently this was supposed to be a four-way but Queen Aminata couldn’t make it, Castle said. I’ve seen Liiza just a few times; she has orange hair and is good in the ring (she could be a Becky Lynch stunt double). Miyu hit some Yes Kicks on Trish. Liiza tied up Trish on the mat. Miyu clotheslined Liiza for a nearfall at 6:00. Miyu hit a series of kicks on each opponent. Adora hit a double German Suplex at 8:00, drawing a huge pop.

Adora hit a senton on Liiza for a nearfall. Miyu hit a springboard spin kick on Adora. Adora hit a German Suplex on Miyu for a nearfall. Miyu nailed a Shining Wizard running knee on Liiza for the pin; there was some confusion if the match was over, as Liiza clearly got a shoulder up before the three-count.

8. Shawn Spears defeated Tom Lawlor at 18:27. Spears got a hero’s welcome and said, “Get out your cameras, the rumors are true, you are looking at the perfect 10.” He said he has a “smoking hot wife,” drawing cheers. However, he vowed that if he hears a Seal song, he will walk out the front door, turning heel on the fans. “You won’t get a refund; I’ve already been paid.” So, a generic ‘royalty free’ version of Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” played instead (although the crowd still sang along.) Funny and entertaining.

Intense wrestling to open, and the crowd started taunting Spears over his Mohawk. They brawled into the crowd, with Lawlor running around the building before finally hitting a kick. Back in the ring at 7:00, Spears was stomping on Lawlor and in charge. Lawlor hit his diving spear in the corner at 9:00. Lawlor applied a half-crab in the center of the ring. Lawlor escaped and applied a modified Figure Four Leglock at 12:00. Spears jawed at ref Scarlett O’Donovan. Just moments later, Scarlett got knocked out; Spears face showed it was an accident but he didn’t feel bad either.

Spears and Lawlor traded chops. Lawlor hit a Kamigoye kneestrike to the collarbone, and he applied a sleeperhold at 16:30 and Spears tapped out, but we had no ref! Lawlor helped revive Scarlett; Spears nailed a Death Valley Driver for a believable nearfall. The crowd chanted “You tapped out!” Lawlor applied a sleeper again. Spears hit a low blow mule kick with Scarlett out of position, and Spears got a rollup for the tainted pin. Entertaining match.

* Spears got in Scarlett’s face; she shoved him toward Lawlor, and Tom choked out Spears, as the fans cheered.

9. Penta El Zero M defeated Kevin Blackwood at 16:45. The crowd sang along with Penta’s theme, and Penta opened by shoving his palm in Blackwood’s face. An intense lockup to open. They brawled to the floor, where Blackwood hit a running kick to the face at 4:00. In the ring, Blackwood hit a back suplex for a nearfall. They brawled back to the floor, where Penta hit a crutch across Kevin’s back, and he whipped Kevin into rows of open chairs. Back in the ring, Blackwood hit a top-rope missile dropkick at 7:30. Blackwood hit a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall, and he applied a Texas Cloverleaf at 10:00, but Penta quickly reached the ropes.

Penta fired back with a pump-handle sit-out powerbomb for a believable nearfall. They traded chops, and Penta removed his shirt, allowing Kevin to hit a chop on his bare chest! Blackwood hit a spin kick and a brainbuster for a nearfall at 13:30. Penta nailed a package piledriver on the ring apron, and they both rolled to the floor, with fans chanting “holy shit!” Penta rolled Kevin into the ring and got a nearfall. Kevin hit a tombstone piledriver for a nearfall. Penta hit another package piledriver to score the pin. Fans threw streamers at Penta.

* Kevin rolled to the floor, but Penta got on the mic and called him back to the ring. “Thank you my man for tonight,” Penta said, and they shook hands. “You are one of the best wrestlers in the world. See you soon, you know where.” The fans chanted, “AEW!” Penta added, “You deserve it. You deserve to be with all those guys.”

Final Thoughts: A tremendous main event and well-deserving of best match. I agree with Penta’s comments: Kevin Blackwood has been a standout on the indy scene, appeared in PWG’s BOLA and had at least one AEW Elevation match. Great stuff from both of them.

Spears-Lawlor was really entertaining and earned second place. I’ll go with Bryan Keith-Sonico for third place, with the Nick Wayne opener for honorable mention. This was a really strong show. While I’m not a fan of hardcore matches, everything else worked for me. While I admittedly am not a fan of Martyr, I am enjoying the story Prestige is spinning of him getting closer and closer to scoring a huge win, but falling just short each time.

This show streamed on IWTV and I give this a very high recommendation.


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