Booker T on Endeavor acquiring WWE, potential WWE and UFC crossover, Vince McMahon’s new look

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

PWMania interview with guest Booker T
Interview conducted by Wade Needham
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Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE: “It’s not an elephant to me, man. It’s just business. Business as usual, man, the wrestling business is very, very unpredictable. I didn’t see the sale happening as quick as it did. I thought it was something that that was, perhaps, you know, could happen or would happen. But I thought, that’s a monster for it to happen as quickly as it did, I was surprised by that. But I think it’s a good thing. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. I think with Endeavor, it’s only gonna get bigger. As far as the lights camera, the action, that that’s what WWE is really, really all about, that we got a piece of that just a little bit of what you know, perhaps is on the horizon at WrestleMania day one and day two, everybody’s entrance was so elaborate and so different. It felt like a real, real, real show, you know what I mean? And it always felt like that, but it felt bigger, it felt had a little bit of kick to it. So I think it’s gonna be overall good for all the guys.”

A potential WWE and UFC crossover: “I don’t see a whole lot of crossover in the ring or in the octagon, per se or anything like that. But as far as having special guests as far as having certain angles built around. I mean, we’ve had guys you know from my era like Kevin Federline you know… but these guys actually have you know, combat experience, I think it would lead a little bit of credibility if they were to actually do something it’s just a matter of how they do it and what they’re going to do.”

Vince McMahon’s new look: “You know, what I say, you know, if you don’t change from time to time to pass you by, okay, that’s just the way I look at life. You know, we kind of go through our whole life, you know, seeing that same image of Vince McMahon, but I remember about two years ago, three years ago, and I started growing a beard, my daughter was like, dad, don’t do it that you don’t do it. I did. Now, she just talked to me a couple of days ago, and she was looking at some old pictures of me, and she goes, please, Dad, don’t ever shave your beard, you know? I think changing with the times it’s something that we all got to do. And I think Vince McMahon still being a guy that’s evolving in life still wants to evolve as far as his appearance as well.”

Booker T also spoke about if there have been any changes backstage with the morale following the WWE sale, Brock Lesnar potentially having another UFC run, WWE Most Wanted Treasures returning to A&E on April 30, NXT, and more.


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  1. Original Jabroni April 24, 2023 @ 12:14 am

    G damn, even the transcript of what says sounds incoherent. For someone who talks a lot, Booker never actually says anything.

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