WWE Raw rating for the WrestleMania 39 fallout edition


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Monday’s WWE Raw television show averaged 2.26 million viewers for USA Network, according to Showbuzzdaily.com. Viewership was up from last week’s 1.843 million average. Raw delivered a 0.76 rating in the 18-49 demographic, up from last week’s 0.56 rating.

Powell’s POV: Great numbers for the Raw after WrestleMania. The first hour of Monday’s Raw averaged 2.471 million viewers. Hour two drew 2.255 million viewers. The final hour of the show averaged 2.054 million viewers. The three hours of Raw finished first, second, and third respectively in the 18-49 demographic in Monday’s cable ratings. The April 4, 2022 edition of Raw delivered 2.101 million viewers and a 0.63 rating in the 18-49 demographic for the night after WrestleMania 38.


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  1. not just raw after wrestlemania, raw after sale. expect them to bottom out in the next few weeks,

  2. A high percentage of those people will not be back next week

  3. Ratings are retrospective… The big rating last night was a reaction to wrestlemania, into a lesser extent probably the news of the sale

    NEXT weeks rating will show you how people felt about last nights show

    If people were smart. They would set up a boycott for next week. Have a one week “watch something else” strike. Send snidely whiplash a message

  4. TheGreatestOne April 4, 2023 @ 5:44 pm

    Raw after Mania always draws a bigger audience. Next week will be interesting to see if it drops back to the standard 1.7-1.8 million then they’ll be fine. Lower could be a problem and higher would be vindication of not catering to the smark/WM crowd and booking something that’s actually compelling to the casual audience.

    I’m a hell of a lot more interested in what happens with Cody and Brock, likely leading to Cody working his way back to a Roman rematch, and just putting the belt on him and completely blowing up the Bloodline in a single weekend.

  5. I don’t have an issue with Cody losing. In fact I was 11-2 in my WM predictions so being surprised was a bit refreshing

    I DO have an issue with that trainwreck of a show last night.

    Why is ELIAS on the raw after mania??
    Why did Omos need to get his heat back?
    Why did theory wrestle Rey out of nowhere?
    What the hell was up with that Rollins segment?
    No call ups? No surprises (sorry riddle doesn’t even count)

    Awful show. Either they ran out of steam after a very long weekend or the Vince rumors really are true. Yeah as fans we all owe Vince a lot of gratitude but also his version of wwe in the past 1/2 dozen years has been not so great. And based on his appearance and slightly odd behaviour on CNBC he really should not be “in the weeds”

  6. TheGreatestOne April 5, 2023 @ 1:05 am

    Call ups and surprises are just lazy booking. If they’re expected, then by definition they’re not even surprises. The call ups that most people want to see are mostly just the next batch of overhyped indy darlings from NXT that won’t move the needle one bit on the main roster.

    Elias is fine as a jobber.
    Omos looked good against Brock and wrestling needs more monsters.

    Theory and Rey made a little sense, and I have a sneaking suspicion this is Theory’s “Legend Killer” build that will get stopped by a returning Randy Orton.

    The Rollins thing is weird and I don’t get the infatuation the live crowd has with him at all. He’s the Special Olympics version of Randy Savage at this point.

    I enjoyed the show way more than the normal Raw after Mania and hope it’s the new trend. Other than the Rollins weirdness, and Kai and Sky being on TV again, every segment was at least good.

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