Lars Frederiksen provides a brief update on CM Punk, explains why he loves pro wrestling, similarities between punk rock and pro wrestling, Cow Palace memories

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Lars Frederiksen
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On why he loves wrestling: “There was a guy by the name of Sean Greg, who brought punk rock to the street, right? And next door to him was a guy by the name of Andy Finney. And Andy Finney was from Detroit, Michigan. And he used to go to Cobo Hall, see the Sheik and all that. And every Saturday, Sunday, there’d be wrestling on his TV and he would have the local wrestling, well the California wrestling. So you’d see guys, Pat Patterson, Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson. It was Big Time Wrestling. And I would go over to his house and I would watch it with him and he would break it down. And he had a shit ton of magazines. I think it was, uh, there was some PWIs, but there was also Inside Wrestling or Pro Wrestling Insider. I can’t remember, but I remember it had the apartment wrestling, um, sort of segments in the magazines, and I just remember falling in love with the pageantry. So it’s like, you know, you kind of see it and it’s the spectacle and it’s just like, it’s real heat. I remember it was Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas were the tag team. And that’s where I was just like, whoa, these guys are are badass because, you know, physical condition, their bodies were insane. They moved so fluid.”

On punk rock being like pro wrestling: “It makes perfect sense. I would always wonder like, when they would be playing a song of some of my peers or whatever, and I look around the stadium and I wouldn’t see them there, and I’d be like, dude, the dude’s here. Like, you know what I mean? At a baseball game and you’re hearing another band and you’re just like, I, I’m coming here like 20 games a season. Like, you know, how about doing one of our songs.”

Update on CM Punk: “He’s doing good. He’s healing, you know, he is, he’s getting, you know, getting better. So that’s good news.”

On his memories of wrestling at the Cow Palace: “My first ever wrestling show was at the Cow Palace and the headliner was Piper/Orton. Tonga Kid. No, it was Tonga Kid versus Piper. That was the main event. But Orton had the cast and Snuka, it was supposed to be Snuka/Tonga kid versus, um, it, it’s, it’s one of the earliest ones I remember, but I do remember that.”

Other topics include becoming a wrestling fan, what got him hooked, the Cow Palace, WWF, WWE, AEW, CM Punk friendship, his favorite wrestlers, loving Japanese wrestling, Rancid, music, and more.


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