Ken Shamrock on facing Mike Tyson in a boxing or MMA match, working with The Rock, whether Bret Hart would have dropped the WWF Title to him before going to WCW


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Whether he ever thought about fighting Mike Tyson: “I’ve heard talk about it, but nothing from him and nothing from me either. It just was talk… I ain’t crazy, right? I mean I know how good Mike is with his boxing so if I was to box him and not to say — I don’t have a problem doing that because I love to fight, but I’m not stupid enough to [not] realize that, hey, I’m gonna go out and outbox Mike Tyson, because I can’t. But I hope he realizes the same thing and he wouldn’t be stupid to realize he could take me in an MMA fight because that wouldn’t happen either.”

On why he would have the advantage in an MMA fight: “In the world that I live in, trying to hit somebody when they’re trying to take you down, if you happen to do hit ‘em, you don’t got no power. There’s no power when you’re shooting on somebody and your timing is way off. You’re not able to turn your hips over, you can’t really get under it, so it’s very difficult to catch somebody when they’re doing a low shot on you and be able to hurt ‘em, so it would be a rough night for Mike, but if it was boxing, it would be a rough night for me.”

On working with The Rock: “I will tell you what, the Rock was my nemesis. We did enough for each other. We put each other over to be famous. If we didn’t have that feud with each other, we wouldn’t have had the success we both had in pro wrestling. We really did build each other. I’m very thankful we had those opportunities and those matches.”

Would Bret Hart have dropped the WWF Title to him before leaving for WCW: “He talked to me about it, and I had some other people talk to me about it and it made sense. He helped me transition from the MMA world to the pro wrestling world. He helped build my character. I stayed up in Calgary for a few months in preparation for the feud with Vader and he helped me work on my moves for pro wrestling. So it made sense if he was going to drop the strap he was going to give it to me. He was a shooter with so many submission moves. So if I were him Id want someone with that shooter style.”

Other topics include Valor Bare Knuckle Boxing, breaking into the business, WWE, WWF, Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, his match with Vader, Bret Hart, MMA, Royce Gracie, UFC, feud with Tito Ortiz, Bellator, and more! H/T Post Wrestling for transcription.


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  1. It’s so strange how he became persona non grata by WWE. I hope he gets recognized eventually in some way, he was so over for a while there

  2. Wow.
    Shamrock as Champion?
    That would’ve been interesting.

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