Jersey Championship Wrestling “Series of Survivals” results: Vetter’s review of Cole Radrick, Jimmy Lloyd, Shane Mercer, and KTB vs. Gringo Loco, Ciclope, Extremo Miedo, and Schlak in an elimination match, Crowbar, Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, and Chris Hamrick vs. 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and AJ Gray in an elimination match, Maki Itoh vs. Janai Kai


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Jersey Championship Wrestling “Series of Survivals”
Streamed on JCW YouTube Page
November 19, 2022 in Boonton, Indiana at Boonton Elks Lodge

This show aired live and free on Veda Scott and Nick Knowledge provided commentary. This is a small Elks Lodge, and I see trophy animals displayed in the background. The crowd is maybe 100. I can only assume they thought wrestling fans in town for AEW would come and check out a 1 p.m. EST show first. (I admittedly don’t know how far away the AEW show is from this venue.)

Jonathan Gresham couldn’t make it to the show from Canada because of the horrible snowstorm in western New York, so there was some lineup re-shuffling.

1. Jordan Oliver, Charlie Tiger, Griffin McCoy, and Ellis Taylor defeated Nick Wayne, Leon Slater, Alec Price, and Dylin McKay in an eight-man elimination match at 22:45. Veda Scott noted that Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver have become a very good team, but they are leading opposite teams here, and they opened with good reversals. Leon Slater, the Black, British teen who I have compared to as a taller Lio Rush, entered the match. (Outside of Slater, everyone in this match is white, late teens or early 20s and fairly scrawny.) Everyone got a chance to get some offense in early with no eliminations. Slater hit a flip dive over a turnbuckle to the floor at 9:00. Slater hit a top-rope 450 Splash to pin Tiger at 10:29. 

McCoy entered and hit a modified F5 on Slater and was in control. Price entered and hit a standing moonsault on Taylor for a nearfall. Taylor pinned McKay at 15:20 after catching him with a superkick to knot it at 3-3. The remaining six brawled in the ring, with Oliver’s team hitting simultaneous superkicks, then simultaneous clotheslines, and they were all down. McCoy hit a half-nelson suplex on Slater. McCoy hit a Death Valley Driver to pin Slater at 18:12. Wayne hit a Canadian Destroyer to pin McCoy at 19:20. Wayne hit a Fisherman’s Suplex to pin Taylor at 20:17, and it is suddenly just Nick Wayne and Alec Price vs. Jordan Oliver.

Oliver and Wayne traded good quick offense, and Oliver got a rollup to pin Wayne at 21:20. Price hopped in the ring and traded blows with Oliver. Oliver hit his sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall, then his Mafia Kick on Price to score the win to become the sole survivor. Alright action. Oliver and Price shook hands, but Price hit a low blow upper cut and got booed.

2. Maki Itoh defeated Janai Kai at 8:39. Itoh came out first, singing and dancing. Standing reversals to open. I’ve said this before, but I like Kai’s unique kickboxing look and style. Itoh hit some spin kicks that had little effect; Janai hit a spin kick that dropped Itoh. Kai applied a Dragon Sleeper on the mat. Itoh hit her Kokeshi/falling headbutt at 4:30. Kai went back to a Dragon Sleeper. Itoh hit a jumping DDT for a believable nearfall at 8:00. Itoh immediately hit a second-rope jumping DDT for the pin. Fun match; you can’t take your eyes off Itoh because she’s so eccentric.

3. Charles Mason and three masked, black-shirted mercenaries defeated Yoya, Bam Sullivan, Big Vin, and Billy Dixon in an elimination match at 18:39. Mason is the Messiah cult-leader villain. Veda said no one knows who the ninjas are, saying they are hired mercenaries. Big Vin is comparable to Damo/Killian Dain, and he’s much larger then everyone here. Yoya and a mercenary started. Billy Dixon is a Black man in a red shirt and bib overalls; I don’t think I’ve seen him before, but I can’t help but think of the Godwins when I see him. He’s big; think a heavier Willie Mack.

The ninjas worked over Dixon in their corner and just like the first match, we’ve had no eliminations early on. Dixon hit a runninng splash to pin a goon at 5:06. Bam entered and hit a Cradleshock to pin another goon at 6:11, and it is now 4-on-2. Mason entered for the first time and he spit on Billy, and they began trading mid-ring forearm shots. Mason hit a back suplex on Dixon for a nearfall at 10:30. Dixon hit an enziguri and made the hot tag to Bam. However, all four babyfaces got in the ring and circled Mason, and they worked him over. Bam hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall, but the final mercenary made the save. This mercenary is much taller and wore blue jeans, and he hit a standing powerbomb to pin Bam at 13:05.

Yoya got in, but the mercenary hit a Mafia Kick and a sit-out piledriver to pin Yoya at 13:39. Vin and the ninja squared off and traded blows. The ninja hit a chokeslam. Vin hopped up and hit a chokeslam, but the mercenary stood up quickly too. The mercenary hit a sit-out powerbomb to pin Vin at 15:09. Suddenly, Billy Dixon is the last guy on his team, and he traded blows with the mercenary. Mason got a plastic bag, put it over Billy’s head, and choked him, but Billy was able to shred the bag and get free. Billy choked Mason with a bag. Mason took off the mercenary’s mask, revealing his face, but the crowd didn’t pop, and the commentators didn’t seem to know who he was. The mercenary choked out Billy Dixon. Mason made the lazy one-foot cover to pin Dixon and win the match.

4. Mr. Danger defeated Tommy Flacco and Terry Yaki in a three-way at 5:21. Mr. Danger is a Black man in generic black shorts.  Veda said all three are from the Atlanta area and know each other well. Terry has half black/half brown hair. Flacco hit a top-rope dive onto both opponents at 2:30. Yaki hit a springboard flip dive onto both opponents. Danger hit a top-rope swanton onto both guys. Danger hit a springboard swanton bomb into the ring for a nearfall. Yaki hit a modified One-winged Angel for a nearfall. Flacco hit a Cloud Cutter for a nearfall then a Poison Rana for a nearfall. Danger hit a top-rope corkscrew press to pin Yaki. Fun and fast. The crowd didn’t know any of them but they earned a “please come back!” chant.

5. “Second Gear Crew” 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and AJ Gray defeated Crowbar, Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, and Chris Hamrick in an elimination match at 27:06. Rich and Gilbert can barely walk, and I just don’t see an upside of having them in the ring. Rich and Manders started with standing switches. The babyfaces worked over Gray, with Hamrick hitting a dropkick at 3:00. Crowbar and Mance traded chops. Hamrick and Crowbar were doing all the in-ring work here, with Gilbert and Rich hanging out on the apron. Justice and Hamrick did a series of spots where Hamrick kept getting hit with Atomic Drops and low blows, and al eight men entered the ring at 11:30 and brawled.

Manders set up a door in the corner of the ring, and he gave Hamrick a backbody drop through the door to pin him at 13:23. Crowbar hit a Northern Lights Suplex onto a folded chair to pin Manders at 13:44, and it was 3-on-3. Gray and Crowbar traded blows. Crowbar hit a D’Lo-style Sky High for a nearfall at 17:00. Gray hit a clothesline to pin Crowbar at 17:41. Gilbert choked Gray with a plastic bag. Rich got a chain from his boot and he hit Gray with it to pin him at 19:46. We are down to two-on-two.

Mance bit Gilbert as they brawled. Gilbert choked him with a plastic bag. Mance hit a double clothesline, with Gilbert and Rich taking the worst bumps of all time. Justice hit Stinger Splashes. Meanwhile, Mance pulled out a door covered in barbed wire at 24:30, and it was set up in the corner of the ring. However, Rich and Gilbert flipped Justice into the door, and they pinned Justice at 25:21. We got a close up of Doug Gilbert ripping open a bag of powder. However, Mance ducked it and the powder went into Rich’s eyes. Mance got a school boy rollup to pin Rich at 26:51. Mance then hit Gilbert with the chain to pin him and end the match. I personally would prefer not to see Gilbert and Rich wrestling in 2022, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

6. Gringo Loco, Ciclope, Extremo Miedo, and Schlak defeated Cole Radrick, Jimmy Lloyd, Shane Mercer, and KTB in an elimination match at 14:02. Schlak wore a red luchador mask to round out a lucha team, but it’s clearly him with his muscles and tattoos, and the announcers dubbed him “Schlako.” All eight brawled at the bell, and it spilled onto the floor.  Everyone began swinging chairs at each other. Ciclope and Miedo suplexed Radrick onto an open chair at 3:00. In the ring, Miedo used a chair to push another chair into Lloyd’s groin.

Everyone on Loco’s team took turns working over Radrick in the ring. Loco hit a flip dive to the floor. Lloyd hit a package piledriver to get a nearfall on Miedo. Loco hit a top-rope Vader Bomb onto Lloyd onto a table to pin Jimmy at 7:26. Mercer pinned Loco at 8:30. Miedo hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on KTB to pin him at 9:33. Sunlight coming through windows is really affecting view of the ring. Schlak and Mercer traded big blows. Schlak hit a headscissors takedown and the crowd popped. Mercer rolled up Schlak at 10:14, and the crowd booed. We are down to two-on-two.

Miedo and Ciclope worked together to roll up and pin Mercer at 11:57. Ciclope applied a rear-naked choke. Miedo found another barbed-wire-covered board. Nick Gage joined commentary. Ciclope slammed Radrick through the door for a nearfall, but Radrick fired up. Ciclope hit a running knee to the back of Radrick’s head, and Miedo made the cover for the pin. Both Ciclope and Extremo Miedo survived.

Final Thoughts: First and foremost, this was free on YouTube. For me, Jordan Oliver, Nick Wayne, Leon Slater, Gringo Loco and Maki Itoh made it worth tuning in.

I enjoyed the opening match most, particularly when Oliver, Wayne, Slater and Price were in the ring. The others in that match aren’t bad, just still very green. Itoh is always a blast to watch, and her match with Kai was fun. The three unknown guys from Atlanta seemed to be focused on hitting a series of spots, more than telling a story. I know I’ve seen Terry Yaki before because I remember thinking it is such a dumb indy-riffic name. I saw a lot of promise there, though.

I don’t need to see Rich and Gilbert compete, but give the Second Gear Crew credit for creating the movement and making the match passable. I also applaud the last match for not getting any more gross than barbed wire and tables and chairs.


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