Jersey Championship Wrestling “Uncensored” results: Vetter’s review of Masha Slamovich vs. Jungle Kyona, “Los Macizos” Extremo Miedo and Ciclope vs. Marcus Mathers and Dylin McKay, Mike Bailey vs. Yoya, Cole Radrick vs. Alec Price in a hardcore match, 1 Called Manders vs. Charles Mason in in a bullrope match

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Jersey Championship Wrestling “Uncensored”
Streamed on JCW YouTube Page
September 10, 2022 in Boonton, New Jersey at Boonton Elks Lounge

I’ll put the crowd at 150 in a very small building. Nick Knowledge and Veda Scott provided commentary. The lighting was mediocre at best.

There were weapons in the ring, and quite frankly, the mat canvas itself looked gross. We apparently are opening with a hardcore match, and I’m surprised by that; usually you close the show with that.

1. Mance Warner vs. Slade in a hardcore match ended in a draw at 15:21. Yes, there is a barbed wire wrapped around a plastic bat, and a barbed-wire board. Mance was bleeding significantly from the forehead. At 14:30, Hoodfoot hit the ring and attacked Slade. (Several months ago, Slade seriously cut Hoodfoot with a light tube early in a GCW match, and the cut was so severe the match was stopped just two minutes in.) The referees separated Slade and Hoodfoot and called for the bell.

2. Joey Janela defeated Beastman in a bodyslam challenge at 13:14.  Janela got on the mic and said he had boasted to a girl that he could bodyslam a 500 pound man, which led to this challenge. Janela brought two security guards into the ring so they can show the fans what is a “classic bodyslam.” If you don’t know Beastman, he is like WWE’s Ivar (Hanson) in size and presentation. The bell rang and of course, Janela couldn’t get him up for a bodyslam. Beastman hit a running crossbody block, and he went for a cover, but the ref explained to him that there aren’t pinfalls in this match. Beastman hit a gorilla press, but the ref explained that wasn’t a “classic bodyslam.” So, Beastman hit a classic bodyslam on the referee. Funny.

They fought to the floor, with Beastman hitting a running splash onto Janela as he sat on a chair at 5:00. In the ring, Beastman hit a running splash in the corner. Janela tried to pick him up, but they did the Andre-Hogan spot with Beastman’s weight coming down on Janela at 6:30. Beastman powerbombed Janela onto a guardrail that was set up in the corner of the ring. For whatever reason, Janela did a Swanton Bomb onto the guardrail as it was lying on Beastman, which I guarantee hurt Janela a heck of a lot more.

Beastman hit a sit-out powerbomb at 11:00. They fought on the ropes, and Janela hit Beastman with his oversized bone, then Janela bodyslammed Beastman out of the corner through a table in the ring to win the challenge. Like most Janela matches, a very deliberate, sometimes plodding, pace to the action.

3. Charles Mason defeated 1 Called Manders in a bullrope match at 12:52. Mason, who has the demonic Messiah gimmick, is in all black today.  We have a cow bell in the middle of the 15-foot rope that is tied to each of their wrists. Mason tried to flee to the floor, but Manders pulled him back in. Mason hit Manders with the cow bell at 3:00, and he looped through the ropes to tie up Manders. They brawled to the floor, with Mason again hitting Manders with the bell.

Manders was now bleeding from his forehead. Mason, who had just removed his shirt, wiped the blood across his chest. Manders picked up Mason and bodyslammed him. Mason hit a low blow uppercut, which is legal in this match, hit him again with the bell, and wrapped the rope around Manders’ throat until he tapped out.

4. Cole Radrick defeated Alec Price in a hardcore match at 11:43. They brawled at the bell, and Radrick dove through the ropes onto Alec. They stood at ringside and traded blows with weapons over the head. Price used a toilet plunger on Radrick’s head. The ring was filled with garbage can lids and chairs. Price powerbombed Radrick onto a garbage can at 6:00. Radrick hit a Death Valley Driver through a table in the corner. Price tossed Radrick face-first on a ladder set up in the corner for a nearfall at 8:30.

Price emptied a bag of thumbtacks in the ring. Price dove over the top rope onto Radrick. This has gotten sloppy. Price hit a top-rope doublestomp on the top of Radrick’s head. Price set up multiple open chairs in the ring. Radrick powerbombed Price onto the open chairs for the pin. That was ugly.

5. Sawyer Wreck defeated Janai Kai at 8:05. I mentioned this recently, but Wreck is REALLY tall and is looking more and more like Rhea Ripley. Jani has her street fighter look, and I love her unique style. Kai’s early dropkicks had no effect on her larger opponent. Sawyer hit her over the head with a chair at 4:00, then she threw it at Janai. She went for a moonsault out of the corner, but Janai caught her with a kick tot eh gut. Janai hit a series of Yes Kicks to the chest. Sawyer hit a chokeslam, and they were both down at 7:00.  Wreck hit a chokeslam onto a folded chair. Janai couldn’t get to her feet before the 10 count, giving Sawyer the win.

6. “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Yoya at 12:13. Yoya is a short, Cambodian man and a fan favorite here. They shook hands and took a karate stance. After a few moves they ended in the “Karate Kid” stance. Yoya hit a back suplex. Yoya went to the floor and started brawling with some “masked ninjas.” Never wrote that sentence before. Silliness. Bailey rolled to the floor to help Yoya. They rolled back in the ring at 3:00 to keep fighting.  Bailey hit a heart punch and got a nearfall. Bailey went to the floor and he also had to fight off the masked ninjas.

Bailey went for a springboard move, but Yoya caught him with a superkick. Yoya hit a stunner, and he went to an anklelock. They began trading kicks to the thigh and waist, and Bailey unloaded his speedball kicks. They traded mid-ring forearms at 7:30. Bailey hit his corner moonsault onto Yoya and the ninjas. Bailey hit a top-rope double knee shot on Yoya as Yoya was hanging on the top rope. I see six ninjas on the floor. Bailey missed Ultimo Weapon/flipping double kneedrop. They fought on the ropes in the corner, and Bailey fell off and onto the ninjas. Yoya hit a top-rope summersault onto everyone on the floor.

In the ring, Yoya got a rollup for a nearfall and went back to an anklelock. Yoya hit a top-rope stunner for a nearfall at 11:00. Bailey went for his Flamingo Driver, but Yoya escaped. Bailey hit a Mafia Kick that sent Yoya flying. Bailey then hit his Flamingo Driver/modified One-winged Angel for the pin. That was really entertaining. The masked men at ringside were good in that it allowed Yoya to hit that big flip to the floor and have several people there to catch him. They shook hands.

* The ninjas got in the ring and surrounded them. Someone blew mist, or threw powder, in Bailey’s eyes, and they brawled with Yoya, who somehow took most of them down. One of them unmasked and was revealed to be Charles Mason. Mason hit a sit-out piledriver on Yoya.

7. “Los Macizos” Extremo Miedo and Ciclope vs. Marcus Mathers and Dylin McKay at 17:41. Los Macizos are on fire in recent months. McKay and Ciclope opened with fast reversals, then Miedo entered to face Mathers, and they traded forearm shots. Mathers and McKay worked over Miedo. Miedo hit some kicks on Mathers, and Los Macizos began working over Mathers. Ciclope slammed a ladder on Mathers at 5:30.

Los Macizos set up a double-decker of boards on the floor. In the ring, Miedo did a Claudio-style airplane spin. They whipped chairs at their opponents’ heads. Suddenly, Mathers was bleeding heavily from his forehead. McKay finally made the hot tag at 8:30. McKay hit a chairshot on Miedo’s unprotected head. Completely unnecessary. McKay missed a Lionsault and crashed onto a ladder on the mat.

In a dangerous spot, Ciclope came off a ladder and landed on the head and neck of McKay at 11:00 for a nearfall. Mathers tagged in and hit a top-rope crossbody block. He hit a Death Valley Driver on Miedo on a ladder set up in the corner. Miedo now also was heavily bleeding, and this is gross. Mathers hit a Swanton Bomb for a believable nearfall. McKay hit a Lionsault press for a nearfall. Miedo hit a top-rope huracanrana, then a Code Red for a nearfall.

All four brawled in the ring. Miedo applied a rear-naked choke on the mat on Mathers, but McKay made the save. Miedo hit a nice 450 Splash on Mathers. McKay hit a Poison Rana. Miedo hit a Razor’s Edge, tossing McKay over the top rope and through the double-decker boards on the floor. Miedo hit a Rikishi Driver sit-out piledriver on Mathers for a nearfall. He then hit a butterfly piledriver on Mathers for the pin. That was entertaining, but the blood and unprotected chairshots was completely unnecessary.

8. Masha Slamovich defeated Jungle Kyona at 14:08. I admittedly don’t know Kyona, a Japanese wrestler who apparently competes in Stardom. She wore a red outfit similar to Hikaru Shida. They opened with mat wrestling reversals. Kyona finally knocked Masha down with a shoulder tackle at 3:00, and she took control of the offense. She applied a half-crab and worked the right leg. Masha hit a series of punches to the gut, but Kyona no-sold them.

Kyona hit a clothesline in the corner. Masha applied a Crippler Crossface on the mat at 7:00, and she applied a front guillotine choke on the mat. Masha hit a spin kick to the head, and they were both down at 11:00. Kyona dropped her with a clothesline for a nearfall. Slamovich nailed a second-rope superplex for a nearfall at 12:30. Kyona nailed a sit-out powerbomb for a believable nearfall. Masha caught her with a spin kick for a believable nearfall, then a piledriver for the pin. That was a good match.

Final Thoughts: The presentation here was not good. The lighting was far below average for a GCW/JCW show, and that ring looked like a staph infection waiting to happen. It looked filthy. I’ve never pointed out a problem with the ring before, so I don’t know why it looked so awful here.

Bailey-Yoya earned best match. Yoya is perhaps 5’2″ but he does an excellent job of wrestling without looking horribly small. (I’d take him over, say, Marko Stunt.) That was an excellent main event, and that earned second-best. While I hate the blood and blows to the head, the Macizos-Mathers/McKay match earned third-best.

That was a rough first half of the show, though. Setting aside how much I hate hardcore matches, I give GCW/JCW credit for building a feud around Hoodfoot-Slade. Hoodfoot SHOULD be angry that Slade cut him so severely that he bleeded to the point the match couldn’t continue. I can’t believe that a hardcore match ended in a draw. Janela-Beastman would have been far better at half the time given, and Radrick is popular with these fans, but he just isn’t clicking for me.

It’s a free show, and the top two matches are worth making a point of checking out.


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  1. Kyona used to wrestle in Stardom, but she’s freelance now. This was only her second match in nearly 2 years. Back in Oct 2020 she injured both her shoulder and knee and had to have surgery on both, then due to the surgeon making a mistake(seriously), she had to redo the knee surgery and missed more time. During her recovery period she announced she had left Stardom and would be freelance whenever she returned. Her first match back was an unannounced exhibition match at the Hana Kimura memorial show in May(Kyona and Hana were close) and this was her first match since then, kicking off a US tour.

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