Vince Russo says he consulted for a major network regarding pro wrestling for two years and is willing to help Triple H, believes more will come out regarding Vince McMahon, looks back on Shawn Michaels not feeling his babyface character


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On his willingness to help Triple H: “I even had a talk, um, very, very recently, um, with somebody, you know, up the food chain in WWE, bro, I’m offering those same services to Triple H. I mean, without a shadow of a doubt. I’ll tell you what I said to them, bro. They need somebody with eyes from the outside, not somebody in the wrestling bubble. They need somebody who’s watching this show on a weekly basis. That is not a part of the company, you know, that is not in the wrestling business that is looking at it as a casual fan that could tell you all the reasons why casual fans no longer watch this show. This is what you have to do to get them back. I would do that for Triple H in a heartbeat. I would do that for Tony Kahn in a heartbeat.”

On Vince McMahon’s sex scandals: “I still don’t think that’s the end of it, bro. I mean, I really, really don’t. I mean, because when you get investigated like this, John, you are looking under every rock, man. You are looking for everything and anything. And, uh, you know, now he’s showing a pattern of a, you know, of a, of a number of, you know, payments, you know, it’s not just one, it wasn’t just one incident, and it keeps growing and the more it grows, the more rocks they’re gonna look under. And I still don’t think it’s over. But there are people that believe, bro, that they’re going after him because he was a Trump supporter. I mean, so there, there are people that believe that as well, but you know, bro, here’s the thing, at the end of the day, and I believe that too, bro. I, I believe there are people that get targeted. I really, really do believe that and let’s face it, man. Vince could be one of those people. However, that’s why you don’t do anything illegal, because at the end of the day, bro, if you’ve got, you know, issues and incidences, you are hiding in a closet. If somebody wants to get you, they’re going to find those.”

On Shawn Michaels not feeling his babyface character: Bro, I was writing every single promo for Shawn Michaels. And when I say writing every single promo, I mean, I was down with him at the television studio where we were feeding everything into a teleprompter. So he was reading my promos word for word. I remember because this was my involvement at the time. I was writing a lot for Shawn and I do remember bro, because Shawn and I both hated this, and Vince has done this over and over and over and over again from, from day one. He was trying so desperately for Shawn to be a babyface. And, you know, that’s all the promos I wrote. Had to be babyface promos. And I remember bro, I wasn’t feeling them. Shawn wasn’t feeling them. Shawn wasn’t believing that he was this character that he was portraying. And bro, I gotta tell you, man, when a talent isn’t feeling it, it’s not going to work.”

Consulting for a Major Network: I will consult with anybody, bro. I’ll be honest with you, John, for two years recently, for two years, bro. I’m not going to say who, but anybody could do the simple calculations. I was a consultant for a major television network in the wrestling game. For two years, I did that. Nobody knows that, cuz nobody asks any questions. They only, they only give a shit about is, oh, is the MJF thing a work? I was working with one of the major networks involved in major wrestling for two years and every single week, bro, I, I sat down, I critiqued the show I sent in a report. I sent in ideas because that’s how I look. You know, my livelihood now, you know, based on what I did and my background and my experience, bro, I have the tools where I can help you. I certainly am not gonna help you for free. I could care less if you’re Vince McMahon or not.”

Other topics include Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Vader, and more.


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