Pro Wrestling Revolver “Sunday FunBey” results: Vetter’s review of “The Rascals” Zach Wentz and Trey Miguel vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan vs. JT Dunn and Logan James in a Street Fight, JT Dunn vs. Davey Richards for the PWR Title, Ace Austin vs. Madman Fulton


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Pro Wrestling Revolver “Sunday FunBey”
Streamed on FITE TV
August 21, 2022 in Dayton, Ohio at Calumet Center

This venue is a school gym (the basketball hoops are down in the background). The crowd is perhaps 500. It is worth noting that Blake Christian once again got pulled from a PWR show to go to an AEW Dark taping.

* The show opened with a video package of Trey Miguel saying he is bringing Zachary Wentz (Nash Carter) back to PWR for a tag match against the Motor City Machine Guns.

Bork Torkleson and Veda Scott provided commentary.

1. Chris Bey defeated Jake Crist at 5:21. Seconds into the match, Crist dove through the ropes onto Bey. Veda Scott pointed out that Crist turned heel at the last show here a couple months ago, but he got the babyface pop here. Bey nailed a flip dive over the top rope, and he landed on his feet. Bey went for a move from the top rope, but Crist caught him with a superkick to the jaw at 1:30. Bey again went for a move off the ropes, but Crist caught his legs and turned it into a Sharpshooter. He turned it over and applied a Jamie Noble Trailer Hitch, but Bey reached the ropes at 5:00. Crist moved in, but Bey grabbed him, got a rollup out of nowhere, and the shocking pin. Crist immediately hit some stomps out of anger, and the crowd (finally) booed him. Good while it lasted.

2. Jessicka (a/k/a Havok) and Billie Starkz defeated Alisha Edwards and Allie Katch in a tornado tag match at 9:03. Katch and Starkz competed for GCW in Atlanta a day earlier. Havok hit a dive to the floor to kick-start the match. They all brawled on the floor. Alisha got some Singapore Canes from under the ring and gave one to Katch. Of course, Starkz moved and Ediwards accidentally hit Katch at 4:00. Jessicka got the canes and hit her opponents with them. Jessicka hit Stinger Splashes on both opponents.

Starkz hit a Swanton Bomb on Katch for a believable nearfall. Katch nailed a headbutt on Starkz. She put Billie on her shoulders and gave her a Death Valley Driver through a door set up in the corner. Alisha slapped Jessicka. However, Jessicka slammed Alisha to the mat. Jessicka then picked up Alisha and hit a piledriver onto a door set up between two open chairs, to score the pin. Acceptable brawl; it certainly never dragged.

3. Joe Doering defeated 1 Called Manders at 6:20. This is billed as a first-time-ever matchup. Shoulder tackles with neither man going down, before Doering finally dropped Manders. A test of strength ensued. Manders nailed a dive through the ropes at 2:30. Doering whipped Manders into a guardrail, and they continued brawling on the floor. In the ring, Doering hit a flying crossbody block for a nearfall at 4:30. Manders hit a decapitating lariat for a nearfall. They traded some hard chops, and Doering nailed a short-arm clothesline for the pin. Good “hoss fight.”

4. Crash Jaxon defeated Ninja Mack, Gringo Loco, Nate Wings, Myron Reed, Alex Colon in a six-way scramble match at 9:21. I think I’ve seen Wings before; he’s really, really short; at first glance I thought it was Flip Gordon, but he’s shorter and balding. Seconds into the match, Jaxon and Mack were alone in the ring, and Jaxon dove onto everyone, earning a “holy shit!” chant. Reed hit a Helluva Kick on Mack. Mack hit a twisting press for a nearfall. Reed hit a German Suplex on Mack. Wings hit a top-rope head-scissors takedown on Loco at 2:30. This is non-stop.

Crash hit a running Stinger Splash on Colon. The massive Crash hit a back suplex on the tiny Wings. Colon and Jaxon dueled with chairs. Mack and Wings traded karate-style fighting. Colon hit a top-rope doublestomp. Reed hit his dive over the top rope, hitting a stunner to the floor at 7:00. Mack nailed a top-rope corkscrew splash onto Loco, who was lying on a door set up in the ring. Mack nailed the Sasake Special dive to the floor on Colon. That looked perfect. The crowd chanted “This is awesome!” Colon hit a Spanish Fly on Reed. Loco then hit a Spanish Fly as well. Jaxon caught Wings diving off the top rope and he nailed a sit-out powerbomb that just folded the tiny Wings in half, to score the pin. Fun, well-above-average scramble. That was just fun.

5. JT Dunn (w/Phil Stamper) defeated Davey Richards to retain the PWR Title at 13:54. Dunn stalled early and jawed at the fans. Intense standing switches early. Davey went for the anklelock, and JT immediately dove for the ropes at 3:30. However, Davey stayed in charge by tying up the legs. JT hit a punch to the jaw out of nowhere for a nearfall. They brawled to the floor and traded chops in front of the fans. Back in the ring, JT grounded Richards with sleeper holds. Richards avoided a sunset flip and nailed a double stomp to the chest at 8:00.

They began trading forearms, and Richards unloaded his spin kicks to the thighs. Richards hit a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes, but he missed a top-rope double stomp. However, Richards immediately applied a Trailer Hitch, with Dunn reaching the ropes at 10:30. Dunn hit a stunner out of nowhere for a nearfall.  Richards again applied an anklelock. JT hit a pop-up powerbomb for a nearfall, and he applied a Crossface on the mat.

Richards escaped and again applied an anklelock. Richards nailed a brainbuster for a believable nearfall. Richards again applied an anklelock. Logan James hopped on the apron to district Richards. Allie Katch hopped in the ring, but Richards set up to hit a piledriver on her. Dunn nailed a blow to Richards’ back, got a rollup, and scored the tainted pin. I’m not a fan of that finish, but that was a fun match. Sami Callihan hit the ring and shouted that the finish was “bullshit.” Callihan said Dunn is now in the tag match main event, replacing Logan James’ partner.

* Richards got on the mic and said he didn’t like the outcome, but he said it “sure sucks to be JT Dunn.” Richards introduced Mike Outlaw to the crowd. (I have seen Outlaw on some Missouri-area shows.) Richards, Outlaw and Warhorse are “Team Ambition.”

** Intermission. PWR always shows a match from a prior show at intermission, and this time they aired Jon Moxley vs. Mike Bailey. That’s quite a “bonus match.” Coming out of intermission, Chris Bey returned to the ring. He is dressed in regular clothes, not his ring gear. He really said nothing really of value, beyond hyping up the crowd.

6. Rich Swann defeated “Manscout” Jake Manning (w/John E. Bravo), Warhorse and Damian Chambers in a four-way dance at 9:31. Again, this was supposed to be Swann vs. Blake Christian, and it started as just a three-way, but Chambers came to the ring and forced his way into this, making it a four-way. The other three hit simultaneous superkicks on Chambers to kickstart the match. Manscout got out his scout manual and read it, and this is cartoonish stuff, as he ran the ropes while Swann and Warhorse brawled. (I feel bad for fans who were looking forward to that Swann-Blake match and got this instead.)

Warhorse and Swann ‘forced’ Manscout to dance as the silliness continued, and Lionel Richie played again so Swann could dance some more. And this has turned into a “dance challenge.” Warhorse danced. Manning danced. Bravo danced but got kicked to end this silliness at 4:30. Warhorse hit a half nelson suplex on Manning for a nearfall. Everyone was in the ring at 7:00 and trading blows. Chambees nailed a dive through the ropes on Manning. Warhorse hit a running knee in the corner on Swann, then a double stomp on his back. Swann hit a handspring-back-stunner on Chambers, then a top-rope corkscrew press on Chambers for the pin. More comedy than match but the crowd enjoyed this. Swann continued dancing to Lionel Richie after the match.

* Backstage video with Madman Fulton. He said Ace Austin tossed him aside and he’s now partying with his new friends in the Bullet Club. He said he was going to break “every bone in your stupid, sexy face.” That was something weird to say.

7. Ace Austin (w/Gia Miller) defeated Madman Fulton at 7:42. Gia is channeling her best Chelsea Green imitation in looks and heelish mannerisms. Fulton is wearing a singlet that made me think of Adam Bomb. (Yes, I’m old.) Ace hit a spin kick and bailed into the ropes. Ace dove off the ropes, but Fulton caught him with a boot to the chest. They brawled to the floor, and Fulton tossed Ace into the guardrail at 2:00. Ace hit hit punt kick on the ring apron. In the ring, Fulton nailed a decapitating clothesline, and he slammed Ace’s head into the turnbuckle.

Fulton hit a belly-to-back suplex. He hit a crossbody block onto Ace’s back. He went to the floor and stalked Gia. Ace hit a series of knee strikes on Fulton’s head in the ring. Ace set up for the Fold, but Fulton caught him and hit a chokeslam at 5:30. Gia hopped in the ring and attacked Fulton. He picked her up to chokeslam her, but Ace saved her. He picked her up again, but the ref tried to save her. This allowed Ace to hit a low blow uppercut on Fulton. Ace dove off the second rope and hit the Fold/flipping faceplant for the pin. Solid match; they easily could do this exact same match on Impact TV.  And of course, the low blow gave Fulton an “out” for losing.

* Ace and Gia fled immediately. Fulton grabbed the ref and chokeslammed him.

* Weapons were set up in the ring…

8. Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan defeated JT Dunn and Logan James (w/Phil Stamper) in a street fight at 11:21. All four brawled at the bell. Moxley dropkicked Logan through a door set up in the corner seconds into the match. They beat each other up with shards of the broken door. They brawled all over the building, away from the ring. They finally re-entered the ring at 4:30. Moxley used a staple gun to put a dollar bill on Logan’s forehead. Logan used the staple gun on Moxley’s back. Moxley hit a stunner at 6:30.

Callihan finally re-entered the ring and hit a double clothesline. Sami and Moxley hit simultaneous piledrivers. Moxley dumped out a box of broken glass shards at 8:30. Moxley hit a Rollins-style stomp onto the glass. Moxley set up a door between four open chairs, and he put glass shards on the door. Sami threw a chair at James’ head. Moxley then hit a second-rope powerbomb, dropping James onto the glass-covered board, for the win. Satisfying brawl, and not overly bloody.

* Callihan got on the mic and ordered the crowd to boo JT, which they did. Funny. He handed the mic to Moxley. He said that when you see that the Switchblades (Moxley and Callihan) are on the card, “shit is going down.” He encouraged fans to keep bringing friends with them to future PWR shows, adding that indy wrestling “is the lifeblood of this industry.” Moxley said PWR will be in Cincinnati on Oct. 18, but he also said AEW is headed to Cleveland this Wednesday, and encouraged fans to come see him send “that piece of shit back where he came from.” (He didn’t mention CM Punk by name.)

9. “Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley defeated “The Rascals” Zach Wentz and Trey Miguel at 19:59. Shelley and Wentz started, and Shelley kissed his cheek, so Wentz did the same. Weird. They traded standing switches. Trey tagged in at 3:30 to face Sabin, with Sabin out-wrestling Miguel and posing. Miguel kicked at Sabin’s left elbow, and Sabin immediately sold the pain of the move. The Guns stomped on them. The Rascals hit team dives through the ropes. In the ring, the Rascals hit quick kicks and team spots on Sabin.

The Guns hit simultaneous kicks on Wentz at 7:00. The fans started chanting “F—  you, Shelley!” as he tied up Wentz in the Border City Stretch. They did a cool spot where the Guns had both Rascals tied up. Wentz hit a twisting crossbody block, and Miguel finally made the hot tag at 10:00. Miguel and Sabin traded quick offense. The Guns hit front-and-back kicks on Miguel and were right back in control of the action. Sabin hit a senton for a nearfall. Miguel hit a drop-toe-hold, sending Sabin’s head into Shelley’s groin. Wentz made the hot tag at 14:30, and he hit some quick moves on both opponents, including a running Shooting Star Press on Sabin for a nearfall.

Wentz blew smoke in Sabin’s face. The crowd chanted “Fight forever” as all four brawled in the ring. Shelley hit a Flatliner into a turnbuckle. Sabin hit a stunner on Miguel, and suddenly everyone was down. Sabin hit a Doomsday Device missile dropkick. Shelley hit Sliced Bread #2 on Miguel for a nearfall, and he rolled him over and applied the Border City Stretch at 18:00. The Guns hit their quick team moves that ends with a dropkick to the face. Shelley and Miguel traded rollup attempts, and Miguel got shoved toward the ropes, where Sabin hit him in the face with chair. Shelley quickly rolled up Miguel for the tainted win. The Gun really heeled it up now, taunting the Rascals after the loss.

* Miguel got on the mic and swore. Miguel berated Sabin for using a chair to beat him. He misstated the date of the next show, and he was corrected. He replied, “Sorry, I was smoking weed before I got here,” and that popped the crowd. Miguel said he and Shelley will face each other in November in an ironman match on Nov. 12. He ordered the Guns to leave so Myron Reed could come out “so they can have a Rascals reunion.” The three Rascals partied in the ring as the show came to a close.

Final Thoughts: That was a really, really good main event, but I wouldn’t argue with anyone who hoped for even more. It was good, but I could imagine an even more stellar match than this one. Please don’t mis-read that as me being disappointed in it, because it was really good.

While I hated the finish, I’ll still give Richards-Dunn second best, as Richards just brings such an believable intensity to every match. Moxley/Callihan brawl was good for that style and earned third-best, just ahead of a really, really good scramble match that earned honorable mention.

I could easily see the Doering, Bey and Ace Austin matches all appearing as-is on Impact TV programming. They could do the exact same match with each of those opponents and be perfectly fine for TV. Nothing here was bad, and the Swann match was entertaining, even though it felt like a waste of his talents.

Including intermission, the show was about 3 hours, 10 minutes.


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