Deadlock Pro Wrestling “Fire” results: Vetter’s review of Konosuke Takeshita vs. Adam Brooks, Angelica Risk vs. Raychell Rose in a women’s championship qualifying match, Gringo Loco vs. Andrew Everett vs. BK Westbrook vs. Yoya vs. Donnie Ray in a scramble match

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Deadlock Pro Wrestling “Fire”
Streamed on YouTube
Taped May 15, 2022 in Raleigh, North Carolina at Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

Deadlock Pro Wrestling ( posted this one-hour show for free on Youtube,com on Friday, May 20, 2022. I admittedly have never heard of this promotion, but I saw Andrew Everett posted a clip on his Twitter account, so I thought I’d check it out.

This is a basic white ballroom, maybe in a convention center, with a crowd of perhaps 200 to 300. There was a two-man commentary team, and the lighting is really good.

* The Reality, with manager Chris Danger, came out with tag team titles on their shoulders. Danger boasted about them winning the tag titles recently. They were interrupted by Luther and Serpentico, who got a nice face pop! Serpentico got on the mic — I have never heard him speak before — and said they have a tag title shot tonight! The heels were quite angry at this news.

* A backstage interview with Adam Brooks aired. Brooks, an Australian, talked about his match later against Konosuke Takeshita.

1. Andrew Everett defeated Gringo Loco, BK Westbrook, Yoya, Donnie Ray in a five-man scramble at 9:44. Everett has been in Impact and ROH and is an incredible high-flyer, but his gimmick is that he thinks he’s seven feet tall, and his black singlet is meant to remind you of Andre the Giant. I have seen Yoya a few times now in GCW; he’s a small Cambodian man in great shape. Loco is on a lot of GCW shows and has to be the favorite going into this match. Donnie Ray has long, frazzled hair, like early WCW-era Chuck Palumbo. Everyone gets separate ring entrances and intros.

Westbrook grabbed the mic, but Everett headbutted him and the match was underway. Yoya hit a huracanrana on Loco. Westbrook hit a springboard-back-elbow in the ring. Loco hit his split-legged moonsault, then a flip dive to the floor at 1:30, and the announcers are going nuts about this quick opening action. Yoya hit a springboard dive to the floor on Loco and turned it into a huracanrana. Westbrook hit a nice dropkick.

Loco nailed the Fosbury Flop to the floor at 4:00 and the crowd is loving this scramble. Yoya hit a dive to the floor. Everett hit a top-rope Asai moonsault onto everyone. Westbrook did a flipping stunner from the ring apron to the floor. Loco hit a top-rope Spanish Fly on Westbrook at 7:00. Yoya hit a Canadian Destroyer on Loco. Ray hit a GTS on Yoya, then some cannonballs into the corners on several opponents. Everett hit a chokeslam on Ray, dragged him to the corner, but he missed a Shooting Star Press. Yoya applied a Boston Crab. Everett hit a Shooting Star Press on Loco, then he gave Yoya a chokeslam for the pin. That was an incredible scramble.

* Konosuke Takeshita gave a backstage interview in Japanese with English subtitles.

2. Raychell Rose defeated Angelica Risk in a women’s championship qualifying match at 8:05. Both of these women have competed in AEW Dark/Elevation action. Risk danced to the ring, including some gyrating on fans. Rose has a tiara on her head and she gave a fan the middle finger. She got a fan to “bend the knee” to her. Risk is much shorter than Rose; she may be under five feet tall. Rose refused a handshake.

Risk applied a head-scissors lock. Rose escaped and slapped her across the face. Risk hit a chop. She did a Rikishi-style rubbing of her butt in Risk’s face in the corner, and the crowd cheered. These two have good chemistry. Rose dropped her head-first on the top turnbuckle. Rose hit a short-arm clothesline at 3:00.

Rose hit a dropkick to the back for a nearfall. They traded stiff forearms while on their knees. Risk fired back with a Thesz Press at 6:00, then a DDT for a nearfall, but Rose got a foot on the bottom rope. Risk hit a huracanrana from the ring apron to the floor. In the ring, Rose caught her with a superkick for the clean pin. Really good match.

3. Konosuke Takeshita defeated Adam Brooks at 8:45. Takeshita has made a handful of appearances in AEW and is touring the U.S. Brooks just wrestled on a recent Warrior Wrestling show and also is touring the U.S. At the bell, they traded hard forearm shots, and Takeshita is taller and stronger. Brooks caught him with a punk kick from the ring apron as Takeshita was on the floor. Brooks nailed a Fosbury Flop to the floor, and they crashed into the rows of chairs.

Takeshita hit a slingshot suplex into the ring at 1:30, then a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. He applied a head submission hold on the mat. Takeshita hit a roaring forearm; Brooks nailed an enzuigiri. Takeshita hit a top-rope German Suplex at 4:30, and the crowd loudly chanted, “holy shit!,” then “this is awesome!” Both men were down.

Takeshita hopped up and shouted “Let’s f—ing go!” They traded more hard forearms. Brooks hit a Poison Rana, sending Takeshita to the floor. Brooks dove through the ropes, caught Takeshita’s head, and hit a tornado DDT. In the ring, Brooks hit another tornado DDT for a believable nearfall at 6:30. Brooks went for  a Swanton Bomb, but Takeshita got his knees up to block it. Takeshita applied a crossface. Brooks escaped and hit a neckbreaker over his knee for a nearfall. Brooks went for a springboard move but Takeshita nailed a knee to the chest. Takeshita nailed a hard running knee to the chest for the pin. That was insane. I can’t believe this match was that short because it was absolutely phenomenal.

Final Thoughts: This promotion wins rave reviews from me: Good matches, great commentary and lighting, and backstage promos. There also were a handful of highlight clips. The main event delivered. Takeshita is the real deal, and these two had great chemistry. I can’t think of a match under 10 minutes I’ve enjoyed this much in a long time. Brooks will be facing Warhorse at the Warrior Wrestling show in the St. Louis area next weekend.

That scramble was fun, with all the messy and dangerous spots you would expect. It was nice to see these women in a full match, and not short enhancement matches like they’ve had on AEW TV. This show clocked in at a quick 62 minutes. Deadlock Pro will return on June 5 in Raleigh, N.C. with a show featuring a Chris Hero meet-and-greet.

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