5/21 LA Fights results: Vetter’s review of Juicy Finau vs. Hunter Freeman in a Street Fight, Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas vs. B-Boy and Lil Cholo, Titus Alexander vs. Lucas Riley, Jordan Cruz vs. Jai Vidal, Bad Dude Tito vs. Brandon Gatson

By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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LA Fights “Volume 4”
Streamed on YouTube.com
May 21, 2022 in Los Angeles, California at Ukrainian Cultural Center

This show was held at 2 p.m., hours before the Game Changer Wrestling event in the building. The crowd was roughly 100. There were two men providing commentary but I didn’t catch their names. This is a beautiful building with a high ceiling and has been a great home for indy wrestling.

1. Ju Dizz defeated Eli Everfly, Rob Shit, Cameron Gates, Keita Murray, and Gregory Sharpe in a six-way scramble at 8:23. Ju Dizz looks like a young Kofi Kingston. This was my first time seeing Rob Shit, who is billed as a rock n’ roller with 1980s hair. Gregory Sharpe is a Black man with wild hair and empty eyes, he looks scary dangerous. They do a six-way submission spot at 4:00. Everfly hit a Spanish Fly on Gates from the corner to the floor on the other four guys. Ju Dizz hit a spinning sidewalk slam on Keita for the pin. This is what you’ve come to expect from a match like this: lots of flips and messy but fun spots.

2. Midas Kreed defeated Damian Drake at 10:01. Kreed looks like Wes Lee/Dez Xavier, and the white, tattoo-covered Drake made me think of Nash Carter. The announcers talked about Kreed having a good showing at a recent GCW show. Midas hit a mid-ring Sliced Bread/flipping faceplant for the pin. A lot of potential for both of these guys.

3. Bad Dude Tito defeated Brandon Gatson at 10:41. Tito has been on a lot of New Japan Strong shows lately, including the Windy City Riot event I attended in Chicago in April. Gatson is a veteran, he was on PWG BOLA’s more than 10 years ago. They brawled into the crowd, and Tito caved in Gatson’s chest with a hard chop. Gatson hit an incredible handspring-back-flip dive to the floor at 5:30. He then a top-rope moonsault to the floor. Bad Dude Tito hit a powerbomb onto the ring apron. In the ring, Tito hit a top-rope frogsplash for the pin. These guys are polished in-ring competitors.

4. Jai Vidal defeated Jordan Cruz at 12:52. Cruz is thick and muscular; he’s no high-flying luchador. Vidal has long hair, wore colored glasses, and parties like Adam Rose on the way to the ring. Jai had fun with some homo-erotic humor. Cruz was not amused. Cruz applied a Full Nelson that nearly got a tapout. Cruz hit a Death Valley Driver for a believable nearfall at 9:00. Vidal attempted a dive to the floor, but Cruz caught him. Impressive strength. Jai hit a top-rope Canadian Destroyer. Vidal held Cruz upside down and appeared to be going for a Styles Clash, but instead he turned it into a powerbomb for the pin. Vidal has the charisma, but Cruz has great size and strength, and there is a lot potential there.

5. Titus Alexander defeated Lucas Riley at 12:31. Both of these guys also recently appeared on a GCW show. Riley wore a Street Fighter-style headband. They traded intense matholds to start. They traded hard forearm shots and Titus hit a German suplex for a believable nearfall. Riley hit a sprinboard-back-cutter, then a dive to the floor at 12:00. They get back in the ring, where Titus nailed a sit-out powerbomb out of nowhere for the pin. Really good match.

6. B-Boy and Lil Cholo defeated “Pretty” Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas at 14:47. Avalon and Rosas gyrated their way to ringside, and they attacked B-Boy & Cholo. B-Boy hit a tiger driver on Avalon for a nearfall. The announcers talked about the 73 combined years of in-ring action for these four. The heels extensively worked over B-Boy. Rosas lewdly rubbed his groin in B-Boy’s face. Cholo made the hot tag at 8:30 and beat down both heels. The heels hit a team DVD move on B-Boy for a believable nearfall at 13:00. Cholo hit a stunner, and B-Boy nailed a brainbuster on Rosas, but only got a one-count. B-Boy applied a sleeper, and Rosas passed out.

* B-Boy got on the mic and reiterated the fact these four combined have 73 years of in-ring experience, and it was an honor to mix it up with Rosas and Avalon again.

7. Juicy Finau defeated Hunter Freeman in a Street Fight at 12:23. I don’t know Freeman; he wore tan pants, a black vest and a baseball cap. I’ve said this before — Finau is the Samoan Blue Meanie, wearing a half-shirt that allows his massive gut to hang out. Freeman attacked at the bell, but Finau stopped him with a shoulder block. Freeman hit an impressive dive over the top rope. I didn’t expect him to have that in him. They brawled in the crowd, and Freeman was bleeding from the forehead. Finau tossed Freeman up onto the stage. Finau gave Hunter a backbody drop off the stage and through a door set up on chairs at 4:30. Ouch.

They got into the ring, where Finau hit a massive suplex. Freeman speared Finau through a door set up in the corner. Finau hit a bodyslam onto an open chair. Freeman got a door that was covered in barbed wire. However, Finau nailed a DVD, sending Freeman crashing into the barbed wire, and he scored the pin. Hard-hitting match but not ultra-violent either.

Final Thoughts: The show clocked in at about two hours even. I will give Titus Alexander-Lucas Riley best match, just ahead of Gatson-Tito, with Vidal-Cruz third-best. Everyone on this card really worked hard in front of a tiny audience. It’s worth reiterating that this show is free for everyone to see on YouTube.



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