Glory Pro Wrestling “Live At The Pageant” results: Vetter’s review of Mike Outlaw vs. Davey Richards for the Crown of Glory Championship, Minoru Suzuki vs. Jake Something, Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega vs. Dan the Dad and Danhausen, Ethan Page vs. Ethan Price, Rohit Raju vs. Camaro Jackson


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Glory Pro Wrestling “Live At The Pageant”
Streamed on YouTube
April 24, 2022 in St. Louis, Missouri at The Pageant

This seems like a large concert hall/night club, but the lights are low, so it’s hard to say how many fans are in the building. There is a permanent stage set up near the ring. There is commentary, but the play-by-play voice didn’t introduce himself. He did say this was a record-breaking crowd for them. Later in the show, they announced the crowd was 684.

1. Ethan Page defeated Ethan Price at 10:54. Price came out first and he’s an overgrown, overly-excited kid – think the Eugene Dinsmore gimmick. His trunks read “big strong boy.” Page came out second and the commentator went nuts, saying this was a surprise appearance. Page is much taller and thicker. Page dropped him hard across the top turnbuckle and he was in total control of the match.

Price hit a German release suplex at 6:30 then a top-rope missile dropkick. However, he couldn’t pick up the larger Page. They fought in the ropes and Page tried to hit a Razor’s Edge, but Price escaped. Price hit a top-rope bulldog for a believable nearfall at 9:30. Price tied him in a mid-ring Octopus hold. Page hit the Razor’s Edge, tossing Price across the ring, and scored the pin.

* Ethan Page got on the mic and put over Glory Pro, saying “this place makes stars.”

2. Dante Martin defeated Kenny Alfonzo and Kody Lane in a three-way at 10:51. Alfonzo is a slender Black man similar in size/height to Leon Ruff. I think I saw him wrestle over WrestleMania weekend. Lane impressed me over WrestleMania weekend; he is white with long blond hair. The quick action you’d expect, with Martin hitting a top-rope crossbody block on both guys early. Lane hit a dropkick to Martin’s face for a nearfall at 3:30. Alfonzo hit a frogsplash for a nearfall.

Lane hit a Death Valley Driver on Alfonzo for a nearfall. Martin hit a top-rope dive onto both guys on the floor at 7:00. Alfonzo hit a flip dive to the floor off a stage, set up near the ring. They did a tower spot from the corner, with Alfonzo crashing hard to the mat. Lane hit a standing powerbomb on Martin. Lane nailed a Jay Driller piledriver on Alfonzo. However, Martin nailed his springboard moonsault press on Lane and pinned him. Really good match.

3. Xavier Walker and Karam defeated Rahim and Moses to retain the Glory Pro Tag Titles at 14:37. Rohit Raju came out with the tag champs but then headed to the back. This was a “tornado rules” match, meaning everyone is in the ring at the same time. Rahim and Moses aare black men with dreadlocks, wearing identical blue singlets. Karam is much taller and stronger than the others in this match; he reminds me of Tama Tonga before Tonga cut his hair. All four brawled at ringside, as this match doesn’t require tags. In the ring, Karam struck the challengers with a garbage can, so I guess this is no-DQ too. Karam hit a side slam for a nearfall at 7:00.

This was pretty one-sided with the tag champs beating down their smaller opponents. The challengers slammed Xavier onto a garbage can and then they took down Karam. They dropkicked a ladder into Xavier’s stomach. A table was set up in the ring and one of the babyfaces was slammed through it. Rohit Raju returned and caused a distraction. Karam nailed a powerbomb on the other babyface for the pin.

4. Tootie Lynn defeated Allie Katch to retain the Glory Pro Women’s Title at 11:55. Katch is taller and has more size. Lynn has appeared on NWA a lot recently but hasn’t won there too often. They brawled early and Katch hit a spinebuster at 4:00. They traded kicks to each other’s back. Allie applied a Dragon Sleeper. Tootie hit a second-rope flying double knees for a nearfall at 7:00.

Katch hit a nice Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. She hit a standing powerbomb, then she applied a Boston Crab. Tootie hit a tornado DDT, and they were both down at 9:30. Katch hit a Michinoku Driver for a believable nearfall. Lynn hit a running kick to the jaw and scored the pin. Decent match.

* As they head to intermission, an in-ring announcement was made that Brody King missed the show. AJ Gray — who missed the Game Changer Wrestling show on Friday — was added.

5. Camaro Jackson defeated Rohit Raju at 13:05. Jackson is a bald, Black man with a good physique; I think I saw him during the WrestleMania weekend shows. He is bigger than Raju, who of course, recently left Impact Wrestling after a good run there. Raju stalled in the ropes as Jackson flexed and showed off his build. Camaro hit a Pounce at 2:00, and Raju stalled in the crowd.

In the ring, Jackson hit a sideslam for a nearfall, and he slammed Rohit into the corner. Jackson hit a running Bulldog Powerslam for a nearfall. Rohit hit a faceplant for a nearfall at 6:30, and he went to work on the left arm. Jackson hit a backbreaker over his knee, then a flying shoulder tackle. Raju hit a swinging neckbreaker. Camaro hit an impressive delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall at 10:00. Rohit got a Flatliner faceplant for a nearfall, then a rolling cannonball in the corner. We had a distraction on the floor from Xavier and Karam. However, Camaro Jackson hit a hard clothesline and pinned Raju. Decent match.

6. Effy defeated Laynie Luck, AJ Gray and Matt Knicks in a four-way at 8:27. First time seeing Knicks; he has long, curly black hair and he’s introduced as from “the greatest U.S. city, Chicago,” which drew boos. I still hate intergender matches. Effy and Knicks started with Effy getting the better of the exchange. Luck got in some blows on Knicks. She hit a huracanrana on Gray. Effy hit a Helluva Kick in the corner on Luck at 3:00. Knicks hit a German Suplex on Effy. Knicks choked Effy with a flag; I don’t know the country or state it represents. Gray hit a spinebuster on Knicks.

Gray and Effy agreed to work together, but then Gray clotheslined him and hit a high overhead suplex. Gray hit an enzuigiri on Luck. Someone hopped in the ring and attacked Gray and Luck and shoved them to the floor. He is working with Knicks. However, he accidentally hit Knicks with a Singapore Cane. Effy hit a Buff Blockbuster on both of them, then he hit a Rough Rider legdrop on Knicks for the pin. Adequate.

7. Dan the Dad and Danhausen defeated Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega at 11:24. I have seen a lot of Vega and Fitchett in Chicago’s AAW and these are two really good, under-the-radar workers. I am fairly certain this is Danhausen’s first match since his leg injury. Fitchett and Vega attacked and they are the heels. Dan hit a delayed vertical suplex for a nearfall. Danhausen was handcuffed in the corner! This allowed the heels to work over Dan the Dad.

Dan hit a double missile dropkick at 7:00. An old guy with Dan the Dad gave a heel manager a low blow and stole the keys to the handcuffs, so Danhausen was able to free himself and tag in. Danhausen briefly got in some offense, before Fitchett nailed a running knee to the jaw. Danhausen poured his jar of teeth in Vega’s mouth, then he gave him the Go to Sleep knee strike. However, the ref got pulled from the ring. Dan the Dad hit a flip dive to the floor at 11:00. They got the heels back in the ring; Dan hit a backpack stunner while Danhausen hit another Go to Sleep, and the babyfaces got simultaneous pins. Very good match.

8. Minoru Suzuki defeated Jake Something at 11:44. Suzuki came out second to a massive pop and he was showered with streamers. Intense lockups to open, then they started trading chops. Minoru leveled him with a forearm at 4:30. Suzuki began twisting Jake’s elbow, wrist and fingers, and he was in charge. Jake hit a running Thesz Press at 7:30. Jake hit a hard clothesline but Suzuki no-sold it. Jake hit a suplex for a nearfall at 9:00.

Suzuki hit a running kick to the chest for a nearfall. They went back to trading chops to the chest, then the stiff forearms. Suzuki hit the Gotch-style piledriver for the clean pin. That was fun.

9. Mike Outlaw defeated Davey Richards to retain the Crown of Glory Championship at 19:17. I saw Outlaw during the WrestleMania weekend shows; he is a strong Black man — a thicker, stronger Cedric Alexander — and a clear fan favorite. I knew Richards is from the state of Washington, but apparently he now lives in the St. Louis area. They shook hands to open, and had an intense lockup. Richards went to work on the fingers at 5:00, then transitioned to working the left leg. He applied a Figure Four leg lock but Outlaw escaped at 7:30. Richards nailed his spin kicks to the chest, leveling Outlaw.

Outlaw fired up and hit some chops and a clothesline, then a DDT for a nearfall at 10:00. Richards applied an inverted Figure Four leg lock, but Outlaw reached the ropes. They traded forearms. Richards hit a German Suplex; Outlaw fired back with a clothesline, and they were both down at 13:00. Richards applied an ankle lock, but as Outlaw escaped, the ref got bumped.

Richards hit a kick for a visual pinfall but there was no referee. Outlaw hit two twisting suplexes then a top-rope elbow drop for a nearfall at 17:00. They fought on the ring apron and Richards hit an Exploder Suplex on the apron. Richards hit a top-rope double stomp to the chest for a believable nearfall. Richards nailed a brainbuster suplex for another believable nearfall. Richards tried for an ankle lock, but as Outlaw escaped, he got a rollup for the pin. Richards was stunned at the loss.

Several guys from the locker room poured into the ring to congratulate Outlaw on his big win. Davey Richards took the mic and put over Outlaw and the GPW roster. However, just as it appeared the show was ending, Outlaw attacked Richards, and the commentator was shocked at this turn of events. “What the hell just happened??” the commentator said. Outlaw left the ring while the rest of the roster helped Richards back to his feet, as the show came to a close.

Final Thoughts: The show runs 3-and-a-half hours. I watched this show largely because of Minoru Suzuki. He just seems to be having a blast on this U.S. tour. Two weeks ago, he was taking out Blake Christian and Mike Bailey. Last week was Tomohiro Ishii, plus his AEW Dark match. This week, it was Too Cold Scorpio and Jake Something. He is just a marvel and having entertaining matches against everybody put in front of him.

That main event was really good, too. I totally understand if you want to tune in and watch the final two matches, but there is a lot of good stuff here as well. This promotion has some really good wrestlers you haven’t seen on AEW, ROH, PWG, etc. Outlaw is really good. The tag team champions and Camaro Jackson also are really good.

Head to to watch this show. Also, the Glory Pro show from The Collective over WrestleMania weekend also has been posted on their official Youtube page.


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