4/14 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of A-Kid vs. Teoman, Eliza Alexander vs. Angel Hayze, Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz


By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed April 14, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

The broadcast team was Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness, who hyped the main event between Teoman and A-Kid… Two-thirds of Gallus, Joe and Mark Coffey, made their entrance for their tag match followed by Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz…

1.“Gallus” Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz. The bigger lads – Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff – started things. The two charged at each other a few times until Mastiff proved his strength advantage by knocking Joe Coffey down.

Mastiff tagged in Starz but he failed to keep the advantage. The Coffey brothers utilized quick tags to dominate the smaller Starz. Starz managed to burst into gear against Joe Coffey and send him to the corner and tag in Mastiff. Mastiff again proved to have the strength advantage over Joe Coffey.

Mastiff and Starz now used quick tags to keep Joe Coffey down in their corner. Mastiff lifted Starz up and slammed him onto Coffey. Mastiff hit a big German suplex but was distracted by Mark Coffey in his corner. This allowed Joe Coffey to hit a top-rope dropkick and tag his brother in. Mastiff tagged in Starz and Mark dominated him. Mark Coffey hit a top-rope bulldog for a close two. Starz impressively it a backdrop and tagged in Mastiff.

Mark Coffey hit his jumping kick but Joe Coffey hit the blind tag. Mark Coffey went for the pin but the referee wouldn’t count as his brother was now legal. The Coffey brothers argued allowing Mastiff to hit a rolling senton on Joe Coffey. Jack Starz hit a powerbomb on Joe Coffey for the win.

Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz defeated “Gallus” Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey in 8:24.

After the bell, the Coffey brothers squared up with each other until Wolfgang came out to split them up…

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a hard-hitting and enjoyable tag match. The main story here is the ongoing conflict between the Coffey brothers. It seems like a full-on falling out is inevitable. Wolfgang as a mediator adds an extra level to this. I think it is a sensible booking as you rarely see a three-man faction falling out in this way. The fact that Joe and Mark are brothers means they will put up with a bit more before an eventual blow-up.

We saw a backstage altercation from last week in which Roderick Strong congratulated Ilja Dragunov on retaining the NXT UK Championship against him last week. Jordan Devlin interrupted them and said Strong had dodged him as he was next in line for a shot at the NXT UK Championship…

A hype package aired revealing that Sam Gradwell will meet Kenny Williams in a Back Alley Brawl next week…

Meiko Satomura entered the BT Sport Studios without her NXT UK Women’s Championship which Isla Dawn stole from her three weeks ago. Satomura demanded that Dawn meet her in the ring with her title. Dawn arrived clutching the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Dawn said she was willing to hand the title back to Satomura on the condition that she gets a rematch under her own ‘chaotic rules’. Satomura took her title from Dawn and said she could have a match if she asked. Dawn spat black mist into the face of Satomura and said her ‘ascension would take place in her domain’.

Gibbons’ Opinion: We all knew we’d get a rematch between Satomura and Dawn when the latter stole the champion’s title. What I wouldn’t have predicted was that it would happen in ‘Dawn’s chaotic domain’. What this means, I’ve no idea. It could be a cinematic match or something to do with Dawn’s witchcraft.

We saw the Gallus boys having an argument backstage…

Mark Andrews revealed that he and Wild Boar have had a 15-year friendship and the only time they weren’t close was when Eddie Dennis got in his head. Boar screamed that Dennis was the hunted…

Eliza Alexander made her entrance along with Xia Brookside…

2. Eliza Alexander (w/Xia Brookside) vs. Angel Hayze. Hayze grabbed Alexander’s arm but she threw her off and put a headlock on. Hayze fought out and hit a dropkick before going for a roll-up. Alexander sent Hayze into the corner and landed a big chop.

Alexander hit a snap mare and punctuated it with a kick to the back. She stayed on top whipping Hayze from pillar to post and stabbing knees and kicks to the ribs. Alexander repeatedly kicked Hayze in the head whilst loudly trash-talking her. Hayze rallied and went for a superkick but Alexander met her with a massive clothesline. Alexander hit a running knee for the win.

Eliza Alexander defeated Angel Hayze in 3:04

Gibbons’ Opinion: Wow. What a debut that was. Alexander seems like the complete heel act to me. The crowd was hot on top of her from the second she entered the BT Sport Studios. She’s ruthless, tough and full of character. She’s mouthy too which really helps get the heel reaction from the crowd.

A vignette aired ahead of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match between Moustache Mountain and Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, next week. This rivalry will come to a head in a Two Out of Three Falls match…

Teoman made his entrance flanked by the rest of Die Familie. A-Kid made his entrance…

3. Teoman (w/Charlie Dempsey, Rohan Raja vs. A-Kid. Teoman grabbed the arm but A-Kid acrobatically avoided him and took him to the canvas. Teoman took A-Kid to the corner but the Spaniard kicked him away. Teoman got angry and swung a fist at him.

A-Kid further frustrated Teoman by locking him in the bow and arrow submission. A-Kid stayed on top for a few moments with an ankle hold. Teoman reversed the hold into a straitjacket. Dempsey distracted the referee which allowed Raja to sweep the legs of A-Kid and Teoman to hit a kick.

Teoman capitalized on the interference and enjoyed a few minutes on top. Teoman focused on the jaw of A-Kid as he tried to soften him up for the cross-face. Teoman lifted A-Kid up for a slam but seemed to suffer a knee injury. Teoman remained on top but seemed to avoid using his right knee.

Teoman missed the running forearm which allowed A-Kid to hit a fisherman suplex for a close two. A-Kid put the sleeper on but Teoman worked out and hit a modified suplex. Teoman hit a double under-hook neckbreaker and then the running forearm. A-Kid kicked out at two. A-Kid sent Teoman into the ropes but he hit the front flip springboard but A-Kid caught him in the sleeper.

The two fought on the apron until Teoman knocked A-Kid off. Teoman went for the running forearm but A-Kid moved and he hit his arm on the steel ring steps. A-Kid hit a top-rope moonsault to take out all of Die Familie. Teoman dumped A-Kid on the apron and back in the ring. Teoman hit the Evil Eye for the victory.

Teoman defeated A-Kid in 11:20.

Gibbons’ Opinion: It is hard to predict what is going on with A-Kid. His appearances in NXT 2.0 made it seem like he was making the move to the US. But he has continued to appear on NXT UK in pre-taped matches. Pretty Deadly has obviously moved to NXT 2.0 full-time after winning the NXT Tag Team Championship in their first match. Nathan Frazer has also been revealed to have left NXT UK for NXT 2.0.

If A-Kid is sticking around it would appear he’s got more beef to settle with Die Familie. If he is going to the U.S. for good, he’s sticking with the tradition of going out on his back. Teoman needs to come out on top of this feud as with the above departures NXT UK will need to build up new stars. The three lads in Die Familie should probably be pushed as these next big stars. Teoman could easily transition to a credible contender for Ilja Dragunov, especially with Dempsey and Raja in his corner.


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