2/10 Impact Wrestling TV results: Moore’s review of Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green in a non-title match, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett vs. Rich Swann and Rhino, W. Morrissey vs. Brian Myers in a No DQ match, Deonna Purrazzo’s open challenge


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped in Pembroke Pines, Florida at Charles Dodge Center

Aired February 10, 2022 on AXS TV

Highlights from last week’s Impact Wrestling show aired. The highlights focused solely on W Morrissey… Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary…

Josh Alexander made his entrance wearing a track suit to start the show. Alexander took the mic and soaked in “Walking Weapon” chants. Alexander talked about the Impact World Championship and said that it means a lot to him. He said what means as much to him as the championship is Impact Wrestling the company. Alexander talked about how Impact gave him an opportunity when no one else would. He said there would not be an Impact Title or Walking Weapon without the company Impact Wrestling.

Alexander said he’s proud to stand by his Impact Wrestling teammates on February 19 to fight against the invading Honor No More wrestlers. Alexander talked about Moose vs. Morrissey also happening February 19th for the world title. Alexander talked about how D’Amore keeps telling Alexander to keep his emotions in check but Morrissey is running around not keeping his emotions in check, yet getting the title shot that Alexander deserves.

Alexander said he’s happy to go to war with the best in Impact Wrestling, but he’s drawing a line in the sand now, Moose or Morrissey, whoever wins the title on February 19th, Alexander is waiting to face them and there will be no more obstacles to stand in Alexander’s way. Alexander was about to invoke his rematch clause, but his promo was interrupted by the debuting “Big Kon” (f.k.a. Konnor [O’Brien] from the Ascension), who came out to generic stock music. Hannifan and Rehwoldt talked about how they know Konnor well. Konnor got in Alexander’s face.

Alexander rolled his eyes and talked about how the cycle was repeating itself and someone else was being put in Alexander’s way. Alexander said he’s not going to delay this and he wants to get it over with. Alexander yelled, “get a [bleep]’ing ref out here now!!!”. A ref ran out and the bell rang…

John’s Thoughts: Good promo by Josh and I am really liking he story of Scott D’Amore constantly preventing him from his world title shot by throwing every debuting wrestler at him as a detour. It doesn’t come off as malicious because D’Amore sees himself as a parental figure for Josh and he’s trying to make sure Alexander is the best Alexander he can be by keeping his emotions from putting him over the edge. It’s a nuance story and I respect the attention to detail in nuanced stories like this.

1. Josh Alexander vs. Big Kon. Konnor put the boots to Alexander early on. Alexander quickly turned the table with a chop block and Ankle Lock. Konnor managed to get a boot in, but Alexander wouldn’t let go of the hold. Konnor tapped out.

Big Kon defeated Josh Alexander via submission 0:38.

Alexander refused to let go of the hold after the match. Security guards ran out. Alexander attacked the guards. Alexander was about to power bomb one of the guards, but Scott D’Amore ran out to stop him. Thinking he was one of the guards, Alexander accidentally shoved D’Amore to the mat and was remorseful for doing so. The crowd gave D’Amore a “you deserve it” chant for getting shoved to the ground. D’Amore took the mic and said he’s not here to talk about emotions, the world championship, or even get shoved on his ass.

D’Amore said he just wanted to reflect on the past. D’Amore talked about how Team Canada’s Johnny Devine brought Alexander to D’Amore’s dojo as a wet behind the ears kid. D’Amore talked about how he watched Alexander grow up into a man in the indies. D’Amore brought up Alexander getting a career-ending injury, and overcoming it, coming back better than ever. D’Amore talked about hanging out at a pizza place with one of his best friends named Jen, who would become Alexander’s wife, who talked about how great a person Alexander is.

D’Amore said he had tears in his eyes when he and Jen got married because he was happy for both of them. He said he’s been there for every big moment in Josh’s life and it’s Deja Vu right now in the ring. D’Amore talked about how people are talking about how people were talking about Alexander being the hottest free agent at one point, but D’Amore quickly grabbed papers for a three-year contract which will prevent Alexander from becoming the greatest wrestler nobody ever heard of and become an Impact star. D’Amore said he got something better than a thank you from Alexander, he got Alexander declaring himself a future world champion, which Alexander totally delivered on in Impact Wrestling.

D’Amore said they did all this together and what else could Alexander want. Alexander yelled that he doesn’t need corporate BS or D’Amore playing an EVP role. Alexander said he wants his coach back, the guy that cared, the guy that supports him. Alexander said all he needs is D’Amore getting out his damn way. He said he doesn’t want to be the only champion in Impact to not even have the time to put the title around the waist. He said he’s worked too hard to let everything slip between his fingers. Alexander said every time he closes his eyes, he sees his wife and child crying right after he lost his championship.

Alexander said the matter is he’s going to be the world champion and the flagbearer to carry this company to heights it’s never reached before. He said he’s going to prove to the fans and family that it was all worth it. He said he wants to see the smile on his son’s face when he brings the championship home. D’Amore said that there’s a process to this. Alexander said to screw the process. He said he’s talking from a friend to a friend. He said he’s done with the process. He said if D’Amore doesn’t give him his title rematch, D’amore might be soon looking at the hottest free agent in pro wrestling.

D’Amore said Alexander is out of line and he’s being taken out of the match against Honor No More at No Surrender. D’Amore said he’s sending Alexander home. Alexander said that D’Amore doesn’t understand, “I am home!!!”. Alexander said to get him away you are going to have to drag him out of this ring. D’Amore said he respects and loves Josh. He said he knows that Josh can be a professional about this. D’Amore told Josh to be respectful to the fans, but no matter what, “you’re going home”. D’Amore dropped the mic and walked away. The crowd gave Alexander a “Scott you suck” chant. Alexander dropped the mic, looking humbled and conflicted…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Wowzers! That was some amazing stuff! Best talking segment I’ve ever seen both Josh and D’Amore inside of in both of their careers. I was afraid when they were constantly detouring Alexander that it would lead to a formulaic and anticlimactic encounter with Moose once Moose got through three challengers or so (and I had good reason to fear this because Impact got into a repetitive booking pattern ever since Don Callis left creative). This is the nuanced and layered storytelling that pro wrestling needs. Great stuff here. Seriously, Alexander is acting naturally and playing the frustrated babyface with a lot of pluck and determination really well. D’Amore is hitting a home run as the role of Josh’s father figure, and the promo about their legitimate past added ethos to the storyline. Good work Impact and I’m definitely hooked to see the next layer in the story.

Steve Maclin walked up to Scott D’Amore and asked to be Alexander’s replacement in Team Impact. Maclin talked about having a legitimate gripe against Honor No More after they attacked him last week. D’Amore said he’s given the power to find Alexander’s replacement to the members of Team Impact…

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt checked in on commentary where they ran through the advertised No Surrender card…

Deonna Purrazzo made her entrance for her open challenge. Santana Garrett accepted the challenge. Hannifan noted that Garrett was a Florida local and she somehow always manages to find herself in random title matches no matter what company she’s in. Deonna held up both title belts and Garrett pointed the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship…

2. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Santana Garrett for the Ring of Honor Women’s Championship. Deonna tripped up Garrett early on. Deonna got a few two counts off Garrett. Deonna and Santana traded quick rollups. Garrett hit Purrazzo with an armdrag. Deonna blocked a pump kick from the apron from Santana. Deonna dumped Santana to ringside with a dropkick.[c]

Deonna worked on Santana with joint manipulation. Santana escaped with an armdrag. Santana hit Deonna with a series of clotheslines and a back elbow. Santana got a two count after a suplex. Santana locked Deonna in a Muta Lock. Deonna crawled to the bottom rope for a two count. Deonna blocked a Frankensteiner. Both women blocked kicks. Deonna reversed a Koji Clutch into a pin attempt for a two count. Santana escaped a Gotch Pile Driver attempt. Deonna went for a dive, but Deonna seamlessly reversed the dive into a Fujiwara Armbar. Deonna then seamlessly transitioned the armbar into a pin which gave her the win.

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Santana Garrett via pinfall in 5:58 of on-air time to retain the Ring of Honor Women’s championship.

Deonna held up both title belts heading into commercial…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A really good back and forth match. If given maybe 10 more minutes and change, this match had the pieces to be something bigger. I haven’t seen Garrett given that much credibility in a good while so it was nice to see her get a decent spotlight. It is interesting though, as Hannifan alluded to, Garrett always seems to be that random one-off wrestler that shows up in all the companies for one-offs. Even when she was in WWE, they just had her wrestling the most random matches. Anytime a wrestling company needs a random wrestler to wrestle a random match, call Santana Garrett. I wouldn’t mind Impact bringing her in to work full time. Heck, she did have a run in Impact back in 2012 when she was Sam Shaw’s crazy girlfriend. Am I remembering that correctly?

Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Rhino, and Rich Swann were all arguing to Scott D’Amore about getting rid of Josh Alexander from their team (wait? Are Willie Mack and Heath Slater injured?). D’Amore said his decision is final and if they can’t come up with a replacement then D’Amore will choose somebody. Sabin said they all talked about it and if Josh can’t make it he thinks that Jonathan Gresham should be on their team. D’Amore said he has respect to John Gresham and he agrees that he’ll be a good fit. Swann said once they beat Taven and Bennett, they’ll talk to Gresham…

John’s Thoughts: Hey? Can’t they ask Jordynne Grace to bring her husband over to Team Impact. I’m partially kidding, but they did have Matt Cardona explain last week that Grace was Gresham’s wife last week. I still have wishful thinking that the ultimate plan is for Eddie Edwards to screw over Team Impact at No Surrender. One, I think it would be a logical way to drag the story out. Two, I already think it’s four years too late to have put a bullet in the head of the dead on arrival Crazy Leprechaun Eddie gimmick. Again, wishful fantasy booking.

Entrances for the next match took place. Tasha Steelz joined Hannifan and Rehwoldt on commentary for the next match…

3. Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green in a non-title match. Green dominated the early chain wrestling sequence. James got an armdrag in to lead to a stalemate. James got distracted when Steelz started yelling the name of her son at her. Green hit James with a back elbow. James hit Green with a flapjack. Both women traded counters to signature moves. Green hit James with a Cutter, which Steelz claims was her move.

Steelz randomly threw a trash can in the ring. Steelz tossed a trash bag (or a shopping bag used as a trash bag) at Green which caught Green’s attention. Evans tripped up Green for the apparent DQ.

Chelsea Green defeated Mickie James via apparent DQ in 4:59.

James threw a random cup at Steelz as Steelz and Evans walked up the ramp. Dave Penzer actually announced Green the winner via DQ (good on him!)…

John’s Thoughts: Nice progression of the James and Steelz feud. Steelz vs. James should be great at No Surrender and I’m looking forward to Steelz elevating herself to the next level. It’s also really fun watching Mickie James getting a run as a top champion after being trapped in WWE un-televised purgatory for years. As for Green, right now she’s extremely milquetoast and a shell of her former gimmicks (partly due to her chronic wrist injuries that she’s been having since 2016). I know she’s talked about her success in this gimmick in the past, but I kinda hope that rather than go with “Hot Mess Laurel Van Ness”, that she goes with her X-23 inspired Lucha Underground character that very few people got to see. Again, I sound delusional and crazy for saying this sometimes, but everyone in the 500 person capacity warehouse can agree with me, Chelsea Green vs. Pentagon Dark may be the greatest intergender match ever wrestled because it was a really good PPV level match regardless of the gender of the wrestlers. Green has it in her to be a top tier worker, we just haven’t seen her do that outside her match with Pentagon due to the injuries that racked up for her after that match.

Gia Miller interviewed Bhupinder Gujjar about how it feels to be in Impact Wrestling. He talked about how happy he is to be here. He said he’s a former bodybuilding, boxing, and kickboxing champion. He said he’s here to pursue his dream. He said he’s proud to represent India in Impact. He said some words in his native tongue. Raj Singh tried to chat with Bhupinder, but Bhupinder blew him off and walked away…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Is it just me or is Bhupinder Singh the Von Wagner of Impact Wrestling (Von Wagner is the son of Wayne Bloom and wrestles on NXT)?

Cassie Lee and Jessie Kay confronted Kaleb Konley and asked them how they liked their smartphone gift. Kaleb said he didn’t exactly think the phone was powerful enough. The IInspiration managed to convince Kaleb to photoshoot them with the smartphone. Madison Rayne showed up wondering why Kaleb was taking photos of her current rivals. Kaleb claimed that he was getting photo evidence of them trying to seduce him. Kaleb said they were just Jezebels. Rayne said he doesn’t work for the IInspiration, Kaleb works for the Influence. Rayne walked off…

Jay White, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Chris Bey all made their entrance to the original Bullet Club theme. They all wore street clothes. White soaked up the Bullet Club chants. White talked about returning to Impact and bringing the Guerrillas of Destiny with him. Loa took the mic and talked about being former IWGP tag champs and future Impact tag champs. White took the mic and joked that Eric Young and VBD are as big Bullet Club fans as The Good Brothers.

Eric Young and Violent By Design made their entrance. Young talked about how he’s the leader of VBD and VBD is what a real family looks like. He said Bullet Club are just clinging to something that was cool ten years ago and this group didn’t even create the group (The original Bullet Club was created by Prince Devitt).

John’s Thoughts: Welp? Eric Young isn’t wrong there. Bullet Club has come off as 10 years past its expiration date. The foreign gaijin menace thing works in Japan, but in a melting pot like North America, it’s tough to transfer that heat in the states.

Young said he doesn’t live in the past or future, he lives in the now. Young said the ring and everything does not belong to White, it belongs to “us”, Violent by Design. White said Young is claiming he runs things in Impact, but Bullet Club has run pro wrestling for over a decade. White said it doesn’t matter the company or country, Bullet Club is always on top. White said he understands that Violent By Design is just Impact’s version of Bullet Club. White said Violent By Design is not Bullet Club because Young is not Jay White. White said Young is not the last rock and rolla or the man that sold out Madison Square Garden. White ran through his nicknames.

White said at No Surrender Young will go one on one with Switchblade and find out how it is to breathe the air with White and live in White’s era. Young said that No Surrender is too long to wait. Young said he wants a match between Bullet Club and Violent By Design next week. White said that seven days is too long for next week and they should fight now. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson made their entrance. Anderson took the mic and said that Bullet Club should be thanking the Good Brothers. Gallows talked about how the only reason they are living in luxury is because of what the Good Brothers gave them. Gallows said at least Haku sends him a thank you every Christmas.

Tama took the mic and said “Thank you… Good sisters for leaving New Japan because the tag team division is better than when the Good Brothers kept recreating Bullet Club”. Tama said he can’t even remember the name that the Good Brothers tried to rename Bullet Club. The Good Brothers talked about becoming 7 time tag team champions ever since leaving New Japan and they’ve been everywhere. Tama said they’ve only been everywhere because they’ve been fired from everywhere. The crowd gave the Good Brothers a “You got fired” chant. Tama noted that the Good Brothers haven’t been formally fired and when they take the titles from The Good Brothers’ ass, they will be finally fired from Bullet Club. The Original Bullet Club theme played to end the segment…

Tom Hannifan noted that there was commotion backstage. The camera cut to backstage where Jonathan Gresham was unconscious on the ground…[c]

John’s Thoughts: That segment went a good 15-20 minutes, but for the most part it was a really good promo segment. The one thing I would have stayed away from talking about is the Bullet Club being 10 years past its expiration date, because that kinda rings true. What I do like is Bullet Club being positioned as babyfaces. I also like the dichotomy of Prince Devitt coming off like the DX Shawn Michaels and Jay White almost coming off like the Triple H of his version of DX, the more “trendy” version. The best part here was having White speak so that Bullet Club aren’t just random visiting wrestlers with no definition. There’s a part of me that wants Tama Tonga to get more mic time. Not only is he pretty solid on the mic, but he also has that Scott Steiner appeal of saying the most random things at the most random times.

Gia Miller walked into Matt Cardona to interview him. Cardona was wearing a Jordynne Grace merch shirt. Cardona rolled his eyes and demanded that Miller address his championship as the Digital Media World Championship. Cardona talked about earning a world title opportunity against Moose and W Morrissey. Cardona said he was screwed over by Impact. He said he had to do things differently in 2022 and he saw a new opportunity with the Digital Media Championship.

Cardona said he’s the pioneer of the “Internet division” and he made the internet relevant (he’s talking about his old YouTube show). He talked about paving the way for wrestler twitch streamers and even the Being the Elite show. He said he’s wrestled everyone from “Rapid Delivery” Rory Fox to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Cardona said Jordynne Grace was the toughest opponent out of all of his opponents. Cardona said he hopes that Jordynne Grace is ready for her rematch at No Surrender because Matt Cardona is “Alwayz Ready”…

Entrances for the next match took place. Honor No More was being represented by the former Kingdom tag team Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Maria Kanellis joined Hannifan and Rehwoldt on commentary. Maria told Hannifan to address her as Kanellis-Bennett. Hannifan joked that he’s always gotten confused because her last name flip flopped over the years…

5. “Honor No More” Mike Bennett and Matt Taven (w/Maria Kanellis, PCO, Vincent, Kenny King) vs. Rhino and Rich Swann (w/Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards). Swann and Taven started the match. Hannifan noted that both Swann and Taven are both recent former world champions. Taven dominated the match with strikes. Maria noted that Bennett is a former Impact X Division Champion. Eventually Team Impact and Honor No More got in each others’ faces. The referee ejected everyone at ringside.[c]

Cary Silkin was shown watching the match from the timekeeper table. The Kingdom duo cut the ring in half on Swann for a stretch. Swann used a boot to fend off Bennett and a roundhouse to stagger Taven. Rhino got the hot tag to clean house. When Rhino went for a Gore on Taven, Maria caught Rhino’s attention and threw white powder in his face. Bennett made sure to distract the ref. Taven hit Rhino with “The Climax” for the win.

Honor No More’s Matt Taven and Mike Bennett defeated Rhino and Rich Swann via pinfall in 5:43 of on-air time.

The Kingdom duo hit Swann with the Proton Pack move. Silkin acted disgusted at ringside. Taven said Silkin is not his boss anymore and that he should get lost. Steve Maclin ran out and tossed around Taven. Bennett retreated to the ring and ate a Gore from Rhino. Rhino’s theme played to end the segment. The camera shoed Cary Silkin heading to the back…

John’s Thoughts: Not much of a match because the the real highlight was Hannifan and Maria Kanellis going back and forth on commentary. God Bless Impact for understanding that Maria is one of the best talkers in all of pro wrestling. (For some reason Ring of Honor and even 205 Live felt the need to feature her by having a camera jammed right next to her butt. Yes, even 205 Live. Was a horny Adam Pearce booking both shows? I’m kidding, I’m kidding). Anyways, the Kingdom are a great tag team in their own right and I wouldn’t mind seeing them mix it up in the Impact tag division. The the GoD and Kingdom, that’s already a huge upgrade for the damaged Impact tag division, turning them into an elite tag division.

Cary Silkin, Ian Riccaboni, and Bobby Cruise were talking about their disappointment in the actions of the former Ring of Honor world champ Matt Taven. Steve Maclin walked past them to talk to Edwards and Sabin, making his case to join Team Impact. Maclin did mention to Riccaboni that Honor No More had it coming when he attacked them now. Edwards got in Maclin’s face and said he doesn’t see Impact in Maclin.

Riccaboni interrupted and said he’s known Maclin for ten years and Maclin is someone you want to go to No Surrender with. Maclin said everyone knows what he’s all about and they need to go to war. Sabin and Rhino agreed to let Maclin join the team and fist bumped. Edwards gave Maclin a reluctant fist bump…

John’s Thoughts: I like Maclin joining Team Impact. It prevents him from taking another singles loss and it adds layers to his character. Maclin is someone Impact should be seeing as a future world champion. This guy redefined himself and is thriving from it (No Way Jose and Big Kon should be taking notes). Again, I really hope all of the sus stuff Eddie is doing is leading to him turning on Impact and killing off the Crazy Eddie character.

A replay aired of Giselle Shaw debuting after a Lady Frost match on Before the Impact. Miller talked about Giselle stealing the spotlight from Frost’s win. Shaw challenged Frost to a match next week…

Tom Hannifan checked in on commentary and announced the following matches for next week: Lady Frost vs. Gisselle Shaw, Mickie James and Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans, Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin, and Bullet Club vs. Violent By Design. A post-edit Tom Hanifan voiceover cut in to run through upcoming Impact live events. Rehwoldt hyped a replay of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jay White from a old new Japan Tournament…

The Learning Tree made their entrance. W Morrissey made his entrance. VSK and Zicky Dice tried to attack Morrissey but Morrissey swatted them away like flies…

6. W Morrissey vs. Brian Myers (w/VSK, Zicky Dice) in a no-DQ match. Morrissey tossed around Myers. VSK and Dice managed to distract Morrissey by grabbing his leg. This allowed Myers to nail Morrissey with his finisher, the Roster Cut. VSK told Myers not to go for the pin and that they should do more damage to Morrissey. Myers channeled his inner Bully Ray by saying “Get the Tables!” Dice and VSK set up two tables. Morrissey gave Dice a boot and sent him through the table.

VSK and Myers got the numbers advantage and put Morrissey on the table. The table accidentally collapsed. Myers and VSK then leaned the table on the ring for support. Morrissey backdropped Myers on the apron. Morrissey grabbed VSK by the throat and chokeslamed him to ringside through the table.[c]

Myers managed to get the upper hand with a kendo stick and back suplex. Morrissey got the upper hand again. Myers ended up duct taping Morrissey’s hand to the bottom rope. Myers called Morrissey a bitch and wacked at him with kendo stick and trash can shots. Myers set up a trash can and hit Morrissey with a coast-to-coast. Morrissey kicked out at two for a great nearfall. Myers did the Edge pose to signal the roster cut, but Morrissey came back with his own Roster Cut.

Morrissey hit Myers with a series of corner splashes and a big boot. Morrissey roared to soak in cheers. Morrissey hit Myers with a kendo stick and then cracked the stick in half. Morrissey folded Myers with a power bomb. The crowd chanted “one more time”. Morrissey decided to pour thumbtacks in the ring. Morrissey power bombed Myers on the thumb tacks, not once, but twice. Morrissey picked up the win.

W Morrissey defeated Brian Myers via pinfall to win a No-DQ match in 11:18 of on-air time.

Moose clubbed Morrissey in the back to blindside him. Moose grabbed a chair and choked Morrissey with it. Moose wrapped a chair around the neck of Morrissey and slammed another chair at it several times to leave him unconscious. Moose told Morrissey to go to hell. Moose walked off to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: A surprisingly fun hardcore match. Given how numb I’ve grown to Hardcore Matches over the years (I kinda blame Abyss and Jimmy Havoc the worst for their dumb formula matches), hardcore matches usually do nothing for me because they ultimately devolve to the same sequence of weapon spots. This one actually told a fun story and I thought it did the job of making Morrissey sympathetic while also making Myers look the most credible has he’s been in several months. They tried this with Matt Cardona a few weeks ago when they tried to make him out to be sympathetic, but I thought the formula worked better with Morrissey here because he’s better suited for the role.

Hey, this was a splendid Impact show. Injecting Bullet Club and Ring of Honor into the show and extricated all of the dumb ass stuff that Impact would do, like undead realms, wrestling zombies, ’90s sitcom Wrestle House, Swingers Palace, Hernandez’s wad of cash, random guys getting shot, laser beams, teleporting hackers, I can go on and on. Go out of your way to see this show if you want amazing storytelling top to bottom. The highlight being the stellar Scott D’Amore and Josh Alexander promo exchange to open the show. One more thing to add, Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt deserve a lot of credit for providing great and refreshed commentary to this show. Hannifan in particular has taken the reigns and stepped up as a high quality play-by-play voice.


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