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Tommy Dreamer apologizes for “Dark Side of the Ring” comments

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling’s Tommy Dreamer (Thomas Laughlin) issued a statement via his Twitter page on Sunday to apologize for comments he made during the “Dark Side of the Ring” episode on the Plane Ride From Hell.

“Regarding my comments made on Dark Side of the Ring. It was never my intention to offend, hurt or victim shame anyone. I understand my comments were insensitive & could trigger emotions in someone’s own personal past. I do not condone sexual misconduct of any kind. I apologize to anyone I offended. From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry.”

Powell’s POV: Dreamer came off as dismissive of flight attendant Heidi Doyle’s claims regarding Ric Flair exposing himself and forcing her to touch his genitals during a 2002 flight of WWE talent from Europe to the United States. Dreamer was reportedly suspended indefinitely from his duties at Impact Wrestling as a result of his comments.

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  1. The sentence “I do not condone sexual misconduct of any kind” is odd, because he literally condoned sexual misconduct in that show.

  2. Can you please do some reporting on Terri/Credible saying Brock exposed himself to her, and cover the fact that 3 ppl (Dreamer, RVD, Credible and almost JR) said they saw a nude Flair pin her in a corner that “couldn’t fit 2 ppl” as RVD said?

    They are potentially two predators living consequence free. Plz report on this even more. Can you ask them and wwe for comment ?

  3. It really is stupid that the person that actually committed the offense is still working, but someone makes a comment about their actions and gets suspended from work. America in 2021 actually is more offended by words than actions. It really is mind numbing.

    • I don’t think Flair is working right now. He lost a couple of his major sponsorships already and has been removed from events he had signed on to do.

      • Brock Lesnar should be fired. Poor Terri.

      • Not exactly my point. The point is that Dreamer was removed from his job for stating his opinion on an incident not involving him. That is a very slippery slope and the past decade has shown that it seems to be even more slippery than thought.

        • Dreamer shared his opinion that sexual assault was okay. Others on the show acknowledged it wasn’t. Dreamer wasn’t removed for sharing his opinion, he was removed for being such a clueless jackass that he felt like it was okay for Flair to force a woman to touch his genitals.

  4. Ok Lesnar opening his towel flashing terri was bad ,but calling him to be fired for it nope

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