Former XFL players likely to be paid pennies on the dollar following league bankruptcy

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Former XFL players are expected to make as little as four cents on the dollar for the money they are owed from the league, which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic reports that while players are due and average of $14,000 from the league, they are expected to be paid roughly $580. For more on the story and subscription information, visit

Powell’s POV: The story estimates that there were roughly 450 players in the Vince McMahon-owned, eight-team league before the bankruptcy filing. The league folded after five weeks of a planned ten-week regular season due in part to the pandemic. Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital bought the league out of bankruptcy last year.


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  1. The XFL FOLDED IN SPRING 2020 because ENTIRELY because of the “pandemic”. Mr. Mcmahon’s league was not receiving any tv money from Fox and ABC to air the weekly games.

    The “pandemic” led to lockdowns and social distancing rules which prohibited the games from taking place in arenas under any circumstances.

    Vince Mcmahon was smart to cut his losses on the XFL.

    It is hilarious how the wrestling media bashed Vince Mcmahon for wasting HIS millions of dollars on the XFL league and then bashed him for declaring bankruptcy when the league had ZERO chance of survival due to the flu virus “pandemic”.

    • Gee, Chris, I’m shocked that you side with Vince McMahon… again.

      • Please save your sarcasm. I just state the facts. The wrestling “media” has a deep seeded hatred of vince mcmahon. They envy vince’s business success, his wealth, and the fact that HE has dominated the circus sideshow pro wrestling industry for decades.

        The one big mistake that will follow Vince Mcmahon for the rest of his life was the death on Owen Hart in a WWE ring. WWe should NEVER have put Owen in a high risk situation just for a “spectacular” ring entrance.

        WWE could have hired a professional stunt man with a similar physical build like Owen and disguised him as the BLUE BLAZER. The stunt man comes down from the ceiling when the arena lights are dim; owen comes out from under the ring and he takes over the blue blazer gimmick in the ring.

        Owen was a very creative person and could have acted like a clown without placing his life in jeopardy for a worthless ring entrance stunt that fans would not even remember a few minutes later.

        • Hey Chris, you come off as extremely unhinged!

          Like starting a rant about how biased the wrestling media is against Vince, then IMMEDIATELY transitioning into the Owen thing is just bizarre and a rhetorical strategy you might want to avoid in the future.

          • I was just pointing out how the BIASED wrestling media blames vince mcmahon for everything that happens in the pro wrestling circus industry.

            The only wrestling death which wwe was liable for was owen hart and wwe settled that particular wrongful death lawsuit in 2000 .

    • “due to the flu virus” – good grief, what a loon you are Chris.

      And you don’t have to put pandemic in a quote. It is a pandemic. Though you’re probably to dense or mean spirited to even acknowledge that.

      • There’s no probably about it, he’s definitely too dense. He’s clearly an ignorant, uneducated clown who wouldn’t know reality if it beat him over the head with a baseball bat while waving a neon sign.

        • For your information, I am highly educated. I don’t give a damn about the pandemic. It does not affect me in anyway.

          • Yeah, sure you’re highly educated. Smartest person in your trailer park I bet, made it all the way through the 5th grade.

            BTW you “educated” clown, the saying is “like a sheep”, not “like a sheep dog”.

      • The coronavirus is a form of the flu. The virus is 99 percent survivable if do not have any pre existing conditions. I don’t care about the pandemic. It does not affect me in anyway. I am not a bleeding heart liberal who wears two masks 24/7 like a sheep dog.

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