AEW Dynamite viewership for the Kenta and Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley and Lance Archer headlined show

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

AEW Dynamite television show delivered 741,000 viewers for Wednesday’s episode on TNT, according to The viewership count was down from the 844,000 viewers who watched the previous week’s episode.

Powell’s POV: Dynamite finished 21st in the 18-49 demographic with a .29 in Wednesday’s cable ratings. AEW won the night over NXT, which delivered 558,000 viewers and finished 62nd with a .12 in the 18-49 demo for USA Network. Both shows were hurt by the cable news networks coverage of the Impeachment hearings. All but one show in the top 20 cable ratings was a news show.


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  1. The whole impeachment trial is a waste of time because at the end of the day 17 republicans will refuse to convict trump.

    Trump is a cult leader at this point in time. Trump’s supporters will accept his lies regardless of his despicable actions during his presidential administration.

    The main goal is to keep that monster from ever running or holding a political office ever again.

    • His next run will be with Vince as his running mate.

      • I hope you are not serious with that “comment”. First off, Vince Mcmahon has zero interest in running for any political office especially in his late 70s.

        Trump has been a complete disaster for everyone including republicans during his 4 year tenure.

        I know that vince and linda are friends with trump in real life, but privately they have seen this horror show just like everyone else in America.

        • To answer your question – obviously I was not being serious. I wasn’t expecting to have to spell that out.

          • I knew that you were not being serious with your comment.

            The fact is that a successful billionaire like vince mcmahon who runs his own empire would never subject himself to running for an office that would be beneath him from a money standpoint and would put his fate of success in the hands of the voting public.

            The only reason why linda mcmahon lost her 2 senate campaigns in CT is because she had the misfortune of running as a REPUBLICAN in a hard core democratic state like CONNECTICUT. linda ran for exposure purposes but she had zero chance of winning those races in CT.

        • I’d vote for Vince.

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