10/30 WWE Friday Night Smackdown results: Barnett’s review Jey Uso paying consequences for losing to Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso, and Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler in Team Smackdown qualifiers for Survivor Series


By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Episode 1,106)
Live from in Orlando, Florida at Amway Center
Aired October 30, 2020 on Fox

Roman Reigns music started the show. Michael Cole and Corey Graves were on commentary. Roman made his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Jey Uso was already in the ring with his head down. A video package played that recapped how we got here. It focused heavily on the emotional struggle in the match, and how The Usos now faced indentured servitude or exile.

Paul Heyman started to speak, but Jey stole the mic and said Roman didn’t beat him. He told Roman that he knew he wouldn’t quit, no matter hard he beat him. Roman said he can make all the excuses he wants, but he knew what he said. He told him to accept the reality, and take the oath, and fall inline. Jey said he couldn’t do it. He’s not down with it, and he doesn’t respect him. He told him the title had him trippin’, and he used the only person in the world he would quit for. Jey said he knew what he was doing.

Roman said of course he did. He told Jey he still doesn’t understand. Roman said that’s what it takes to hold this (Universal Championship), and that’s the burden you take on to be the face of the WWE. He said the consequences are real. Roman pointed out the highest of the chiefs are behind him, and if he doesn’t fall in line he’s out of the family. Roman acknowledged he would be livid if he was in his position, but what is he going to do?

Roman kept posing the question, and Jey said he hated him. He asked why he had to do him like this? Roman replied that he’s sure he does right now, but he loves him, and he always has. He then said that he would fall in line by the end of the night. Roman then walked away and up the ramp.

The announce team said Jey would take on Daniel Bryan, as well as Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler. That match is next…[c]

My Take: Roman and Jey continue to be excellent. Very heavy mob family vibes from the whole situation. Paul Heyman makes a lot more sense in his role if you think of him as Tom Hagen to Roman’s Vito Corleone.

Kevin Owens made his ring entrance, followed by Dolph Ziggler. The winner of the match will qualify to represent Smackdown at Survivor Series.

1. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler: Owens grabbed a side headlock to start. Ziggler broke free, but Owens landed a shoulder tackle. Ziggler regrouped with Roode on the floor. Owens bailed to the outside to pursue, but Ziggler rolled back into the ring and jumped him when he returned. Ziggler landed a neckbreaker and got a two count.

Owens landed a back elbow and stomped on Ziggler. Owens picked him up, but Ziggler quickly recovered and tossed him to the floor. Ziggler acted injured and Roode pounced on Owens on the floor due to the ref distraction. The ref saw Roode toss Owens back into the ring, and tossed him out when he sniffed out the ruse…[c]

Ziggler broke free of another headlock and landed a neckbreaker for a two count. He then gouged at Owens eyes, and walked into an inverted atomic drop. KO then landed a lariat and a running senton for a two count. Owens then landed a gunslinger into a white noise of sorts. Owens then climbed to the top and went for a somersault senton, but Dolph got his legs up and covered for a near fall.

Dolph fired up for a Superkick, but Owens landed one of his own. He then went for a Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ziggler countered with a Zig Zag for a near fall. Both men traded rapid pinfall attempts and reversals until Owens landed a Stunner and got the three count.

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler at 10:37

After the match, Owens ran over and spoke into Michael Cole’s microphone, and said that Smackdown will become the KO Show at Survivor Series. We then got a Daniel Bryan video package to celebrate his return to singles competition…[c]

My Take: A solid match, but with Dolph being a tag guy, and Roode getting thrown out earlier, the finish felt like a foregone conclusion. These two work well together, though, and the match is worth watching for that reason.

Backstage, Adam Pearce was speaking with Natalya. She wanted to control the Survivor Series team for Smackdown. Billie Kay and Bianca Belair both walked up and made their case to be Team Captain. Natalya tried to scold them and called herself the BOAT. Pearce then made a triple threat between them, and said they would face each other to earn a spot on the team.

Corey Graves then threw to a pre-taped interview he conducted with Lars Sullivan. Graves spoke about Lars’ return and asked him if he could call him Lars. Sullivan asked if he’d rather call him Freak. Graves asked if that’s what he preferred, and Lars asked him if he would like to be called a freak. Graves said no…but…Lars interrupted and said he isn’t a freak.

Lars asked what he meant by freak, and Graves said he can’t do the freaking things that Lars can do physically. He said that was fine, he’ll buy it, and then he told a story of children that mocked him when he was young on the playground at school. He said they were the first to call him a freak, and he cried because he didn’t know what to do.

He said the crying and the mockery stopped 20 minutes later, but the screaming didn’t stop for hours. He wasn’t allowed at School after that. Graves asked what he hoped to accomplish in WWE, and Lars said he wanted to make it his personal playground. He would make it a humiliating hell for anyone who got in his way.

Bianca Belair made her ring entrance…[c]

My Take: The interview was effective for Lars, as it made him out to be a dangerous and cornered animal. It also made him out to be incredibly insecure…which is something that could be exploited by opponents.

Footage was shown of last week’s match between Murphy and Rollins. Backstage, Aalyah was shown backstage talking to Murphy. She said her Mom is open minded about him, but her Dad and Brother wanted nothing to do with him. Murphy said he understood why they hate him, and he wanted to out and publicly apologize later in the show.

Billie Kay made her entrance, followed by Natalya. The winner qualifies for Team Smackdown at Survivor Series.

2. Natalya vs. Billie Kay vs. Bianca Belair: Billie pie faced Bianca and Natalya. She then ducked a slap from Natalya, which connected with Bianca instead. Billie then ran away. Bianca landed a lariat, and Billie quickly tried to steal the win with a rollup. She then escaped again. Natalya landed a discus clothesline on Bianca, and Billie tried to steal her pin too. Bianca landed a moonsault on Billie, but Natalya broke it up.

Natalya then dropped Bianca with a slam, and applied the sharpshooter. Billie ran in and applied a chinlock to try and be a part of the submission. Natalya dropped the Sharpshooter and attacked Billie, who replied with a big boot. She then went for covers on both Bianca and Natalya, but failed. Natalya applied the Sharpshooter on Billie, but Bianca eventually broke it up.

Bianca tossed Natalya into the post, and then Billie rolled up Bianca. She used the ropes for leverage, but Bianca still kicked out. Bianca then landed the KOD on Billie for the win.

Bianca Belair qualified for Team Smackdown at 4:16. 

Elsewhere, Carmella was shown backstage, and said there was a difference between who people want you to be, and who you are. She said she was “that woman”. She said she calls the shots, and she will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Carmella said next week on Smackdown, the entire world would find out why she’s untouchable.

Murphy made his entrance with Aalyah…[c]

My Take: A fairly basic match, but clever in the sense that it let the women do what they do best. Natalya’s offense is basically the Sharpshooter at this point. Billie is clever and humorous, and Bianca is a powerhouse. Carmella’s promo was very generic, but we’ll see how she matches it with her performances once she’s back in the ring.

We got a Susan G. Komen announcement from WWE, and a cancer survivor was shown in the virtual crowd.

Murphy had a microphone and said there was something he needed to get off his chest. He said he understood why Rey and Dominick despise him, but he’s not the same person he was. He said he’s done terrible things, but as a man he needed to apologize face to face. He asked for them to come out, but nobody came. Murphy begged them to come out so he could apologize.

He said he get it, he understands what he has done, but he needs to apologize to them. Aalyah tried to tell him it’s ok, but he told her this is something he needs to do. Instead of Rey, Seth Rollins made his entrance. Seth said he hates to tell him this, but he thinks Murphy already knows what he’s going to say.

Seth said Rey will never accept his apology, his relationship with Aalyah, or him for what he is. Seth then said that he would. He would embrace their relationship, and accept him for who he is, and forgive him, because there was a place for all of us in the greater good. Seth told Aalyah he accepted her, and it didn’t matter what her name is, because he knows she realized her family is the problem.

Seth said her Dad had forced her hand, and he was not the bad guy in the situation. Seth then said her brother was a problem, and that he had become a coward. Dominick ran down and attacked Seth. A brawl broke out between Seth and Dominick, then Seth and Murphy, then Murphy and Dominick. Rey ran down and assisted Dominick, but Aalyah prevented him from landing a 619.

Rey demanded Aalyah come with them, but she refused. She confessed to being in love with Murphy, and kissed him. Rey and Dominick were fed up and left. Rollins cackled on the stage.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan said he’s preparing for the best version of Jey Uso. He said Roman Reigns and been unable to break him, and whoever wins their match will be the best person for Team Smackdown. Back in the arena, the Street Profits made their entrance…[c]

My Take: They are committed to extending this program, but I can’t escape the feeling that everybody involved would be better off doing almost anything else.

They had a mic, and said they appreciate the New Day and their Street Profits impressions. Ford put over the power of positivity, and said they would go down as one of the greatest of all time, but they weren’t going to Survivor Series to serve pancakes. They would be serving L’s, and they would be taking the torch because they want the smoke. After the promo, Cesaro and Nakamura made their entrance.

3. The Street Profits vs. Shinsuka Nakamura and Cesaro: Dawkins started the match with Cesaro. Dawkins landed a shoulder block, and Ford got a blind tag. He landed a dropkick on both Nakamura and Cesaro, and sent both of them to the outside. Montez dove on Nakamura, but Cesaro got out of the way and then launched Ford towards the virtual crowd…[c]

Cesaro and Nakamura isolated Ford in their corner. Nakamura went for a reverse exploder suplex, but Ford landed on his feet and landed a kick. Both men made tags, and Dawkins entered to clean house. He pancaked Cesaro and landed splashes in the corner on both heels. He then landed a bulldog on Cesaro and covered for a two count.

Nakamura tagged and attacked Dawkins with a kick, and then a running knee in thecorner for a two count. Cesaro tagged again, and they landed their knee/powerbomb combo, but Ford broke up the tag. Nakamura took Ford to the outside and threw him into Cesaro’s extended boot. Nakamura and Cesaro tried to double team Dawkins, but he crotched Nakamura on the ropes and sent Cesaro out of the ring.

Dawkins tagged Ford, and pulled Nakamura into the ring with a superplex. Ford then landed a Frog Splash that looked painful for both him and Nakamura, and got the win.

The Street Profits defeated Nakamura and Cesaro at 9:29

After the match, Sami Zayn was shown backstage. Zayn said he was the most qualified man to represent all continents, and face the United States Champion. He called himself the great liberate, and the people’s champion, and Bobby Lashley represents one country that…well let’s not get into it. He said the Intercontinental Champion was greater than the United States Champion.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks made her entrance…[c]

My Take: It makes sense for the Champions to go over into their Survivor Series matchup, but why Nakamura and Cesaro? How many teams can they expect to compete with on their own brand at this point?

Sasha said “Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk”, and said she did exactly what she said she would do at Survivor Series. She said she captured the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and she had to thank Bayley for stabbing her in the back, because it put an end to an era. They were supposed to take over the company together, and when Bayley ended their friendship with a chair, she realized it wasn’t their friendship that was unstoppable, it was her. Sasha said now that Bayley was in her past, she would face Asuka at Survivor Series, and she had no doubt she is the best of the best.

Bayley walked out and told her to think about what she said. Everyone knows she can win a championship, but even she knows she can’t keep one. Bayley said she was lucky she didn’t walk in their and destroy her right now, because she stole her property, and she was parading around with her championship. Bayley said she can’t defeat Asuka without her in her corner, and she knows it. Bayley then challenged her to a Smackdown Women’s Championship match next week, and told her she would put a predictable end to her 13 day title reign. Ding Dong. Trick or Treat. It’s over. Sasha accepted and said backstabbing bitches never win.

Cole and Graves then threw to a promo video for 30 days of the Deadman on WWE Network. In the arena, Daniel Bryan then made his entrance…[c]

My Take: Bayley went the direction everyone predicted by bringing up Sasha’s previous title reigns and her lack of successful title defenses. It’s a good hook for next week, and I would expect Sasha retains to break the streak of bad luck. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bayley end up costing Sasha her match at Survivor Series as well to extend the feud.

Jey Uso made his ring entrance.

4. Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso: Bryan and Jey circled early on, but Jey quickly took control with a kick and a slam. Bryan returned fire with a knee lift. Bryan then applied an arm twist and wrenched on his shoulder. Jey fired back with a Samoan Drop, and then stomped on Bryan in the corner. Bryan avoided a charging Jey Uso and landed a flying elbow. He then landed yes kicks, but Jey bailed out to the floor.

Roman Reigns music hit and he walked out to the ring…[c]

Bryan landed a running dropkick in the corner. Bryan attempted a back suplex from the top, but Jey shifted his weight and landed on Bryan for a near fall. Bryan reversed into a near fall of his own. Byran dumped Jey out to the floor. Bryan charged at him, but Jey kicked him instead. Jey climbed to the top rope, but Bryan got his legs up and pulled Jey into a LeBell Lock. Jey reached the ropes, and Bryan kept on the pressure. Jey fired back with a series of Superkicks and climbed up top.

Jey landed an Uso splash and got the win.

Jey Uso defeated Daniel Bryan at 9:50. 

After the match, Roman got in the ring, and Jey said he was with him. He called him the head of the table. Roman looked at Bryan, and gave him another kick. Uso then splashed him again, and told Roman he understands now and he loved him too. Roman told Jey to make Bryan understand how much he loved him.

Jey then rolled out to the floor and pulled Bryan out for more abuse. He then threw Bryan into the steps and cleared off the announce desk. He placed Bryan on the desk, and then splashed him through the table with yet another splash. Jey looked like he landed awkwardly on the corner of the table, but seemed ok afterward. He then smashed Bryan into the broken table a few more times. Roman left with a smirk on his face.

My Take: Another clean win for Jey Uso, who has been a world beater lately, and now plays lieutenant to his Big Boss cousin Roman Reigns. Bryan was the right guy for this role. He had a lot to give in terms of being a fan favorite with instant sympathy, and his role is clearly to get over other people on the show. Roman has played this perfectly, and the Samoan faction looks far more dangerous now. Setting up Bryan to get a measure of revenge, with help from other babyfaces, will be a fun story to watch develop.


Readers Comments (5)

  1. I don’t care for the Samoan faction storyline it’s boring I have no interest in it at all.

    • I think it’s enjoyable, but having Jey go straight from a perennial tag-team guy to beating people like Styles and Bryan clean is too much.

  2. Jey joining Roman was inevitable but I would have liked it better if Jey would have done it under duress. And as for the Bryan beat down, I would have liked to hear Jey tell Daniel that he is sorry but he has no choice. Now that Jey is all in, I’d like to see Jimmy deny Roman when he comes back, which would set up a feud between the 2 brothers. And why hasn’t Rikishi shown up calling Roman an @ss clown?

    • Jimmy USO would have likely turned on Jey if Jey continued to deny/fight against Reigns. If you recall, Jimmy already acknowledged Reigns as Tribal Chief to get Reigns off of Jey and more recently attempted to throw in the towel on Jey

  3. I have a feeling it’s a long con job. Reigns will eventually turn face again and this period of treatment toward Uso could provide Uso motivation to turn on Reigns and remain/turn heel against him. People have done angles where they have “gone along to get along” even at the expense of other people to trick someone into thinking they were “with” them when they really weren’t on their side at all. Sometimes “sacrifices have to be made” to make it convincing.

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