10/27 AEW Dark results: Starr’s review of Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Leyla Hirsch, Brandon Cutler vs. Peter Avalon, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson vs. Top Flight


By Briar Starr, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@briarstarrtv)

AEW Dark (Episode 58)
Taped in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place
Streamed October 27, 2020 on the AEW YouTube Page

Excalibur, Taz, and Anthony Ogogo welcomed us to Dark.

1. “Top Flight” Air Wolf and Dontae vs. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. Grayson began the match with several takedowns to Air Wolf. Grayson tagged in Uno, and traded shots to Wolf, but Wolf took Uno down with a dropkick, tagged in Dontae. Donate had some upside, but Grayson was tagged in while Air Wolf was back in the ring. Wolf hit a dropkick to Grayson, but Uno caught Wolf in midair after making a blind side tag. Both Uno, and Grayson would continue to tag in multiple times with both hitting a double team move to plant Wolf down. Grayson picked up Wolf, and slammed Wolf on the mat.

Uno returned to the ring and dominated Wolf. After being tagged in, Dontae hit a double dropkick from the top rope to both Uno and Grayson. Donate threw a kick to Uno, and made a blindside tag to Wolf. Wolf hit the frog splash on Grayson, and almost got an upset on Dark Order with a two count. Grayson, and Uno teamed up on Dontae to hit a electric chair into a powerbomb and a knee strike to Wolf. Uno then threw Grayson onto both Wolf and Donate. Shortly after, Uno and Grayson hit The Fatality to win the match over Top Flight.

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson defeated Top Flight via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: Top Flight made their AEW debut in this match. Both members were impressive, and they are out of Minnesota. Perhaps, we’ll see them down the road again.

2. VSK vs. Ricky Starks. Starks and VSK started with a collar elbow tie up as in most AEW Dark matches. Starks threw chops to VSK, but VSK hit a huracanrana to Starks. Starks however hit a knee to stop VSK in his tracks. Starks then hit a running elbow to plant VSK down on the mat. VSK had a short lived comeback, before Starks caught VSK with a right hand. However, VSK hit a dropkick to Starks, and running boot to Starks. VSK then hit a backbreaker to Starks. VSK went for a german release suplex, but Starks caught him with a spear. Starks lifted VSK up, and finished him off with the Roshambo to win the match.

Ricky Starks defeated VSK via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: Starks continues to be solid in the ring.

Eddie Kingston was backstage with Allie, who explained why she “turned on” QT Marshall…

3. Lee Johnson vs. Matt Sydal. Sydal hit a modified leg drop into a submission on Johnson as the bell rang. Johnson tried putting Sydal in a snapmare, but Sydal countered with an arm drag. Sydal put Johnson into a head submission, however Johnson hit numerous arm drags on Sydal, eventually putting him into a submission. Johnson then hit a dropkick that planted Sydal on the mat.

Sydal hit a sideslam on Johnson, and a leg lariat as a follow up. Both Sydal, and Johnson went for pinfall attempts, but both would be unsuccessful in getting a pin against each other. Sydal then locked Johnson into a submission hold again, but Johnson got to the ropes to break the hold. Afterward, Sydal hit a northern lights on Johnson, only for Johnson to kick out at two again. Johnson would hit some jawbreakers to Sydal, until Sydal got thrown off the apron. Johnson capitalized on Sydal’s mistake, and hit two jumping suicidas.

Afterward, Sydal blindsided Johnson on the outside, and both men returned to the ring. Johnson hit a missile dropkick from the top rope onto Sydal. Sydal planted Johnson, and got a two count out of the move. Johnson attempted a blue thunder bomb, but Sydal countered with a high round kick. Sydal then locked in the cobra clutch to tap out Johnson for the win.

Matt Sydal defeated Lee Johnson via submission.

Briar’s Take: Sydal continues to be great on the technical side of things. I would love to see Frankie Kazarian face Sydal in a future match, as both men are great technical wrestlers.

4. AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida vs. Leyla Hirsch in a non-title match. Hirsch hit Shida with a double leg takedown, and fought Shida mat style for a short time. Shida caught Hirsch for a backbreaker, and hit a rising knee as a follow up. Shida then hit another backbreaker to Hirsch. Shida followed with a suplex into the corner on Hirsch. The referee would check to see if Hirsch was hurt after the suplex, but Hirsch fought back up to continue to fight Shida.

Both women continued to throw forearms, before Shida was thrown to the outside and Hirsch hit a jumping sucidia to Shida on the outside. Hirsch planted Shida on the head, and got a two count. Hirsch went for a moonsault from the top rope, but Hirsch missed as Shida moved at the last second. Hirsch however put Shida in a cross arm breaker, but Shida countered with a submission of her own. Shida broke the hold by getting to the ropes. Hirsch went for a punt kick, but Shida hit a rising knee strike, only to finish Hirsch off with the falcon arrow to win the match.

Hikaru Shida defeated Leyla Hirsch via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: If Brian Cage, and Wardlow can win matches in little time on Dark then the AEW Women’s Champion should be able to do the same.

QT Marshall cut a promo on Allie regarding how he was betrayed by her. Marshall was joined by Dustin Rhodes, as Dustin would cut a promo on Kingston…

5. Jersey Muscle and Danny Limelight vs. “Jurassic Express” Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt. Limelight and Jungle Boy started each other off for their respective teams. Jungle Boy took Limelight down with a shoulder block. Both then dodged each other moves (as what mostly happens on Dark). Jungle Boy put Limelight in a wrist lock, but tagged Marko Stunt in. Stunt hit the flying headscissors on Limelight with Jungle Boy hitting a leg drop.

Stunt continued to dominate Limelight, but Muscle caught Stunt in the ropes and would take advantage of the illegal maneuvers. Limelight lifted Stunt up for a vertical suplex. Stunt hit a german suplex on Limelight, but Luchasaurus is tagged in and runs over everyone. Luchasaurus threw roundhouse kicks to Limelight, and Muscle. Luchasaurus then hit a chokeslam on Limelight, while Stunt tagged in again.

Limelight hit a springboard DDT on Stunt, and a torpedo sucidia on Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Jersey Muscle hit a combination move, and almost got a pinfall victory. Limelight tried lifting Stunt up, but Jungle Boy made the tag and hit a elbow combination to Limelight. Jurassic Express planted Limelight with a DDT, and hit a triple kick. Stunt successfully hit a destroyer on Limelight to score the victory.

Jurassic Express defeated Jersey Muscle and Danny Limelight via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: Good match as always from Jurassic Express. Sort of a bounce back win too for Jungle Boy following his tournament loss last week.

6. “The Hybrid 2” Jack Evans and Angelico vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Angelico, and Kazarian started the match with technical submission moves. Angelico would put Kazarian into a leg submission, before Kazarian kicked out of the move. Kazarian attempted a hip toss, but managed an arm drag instead after Angelico countered the first move. Kazarian put Angelico in an arm bar, but Angelico tagged in Jack Evans.

Evans hit a high kick to Kazarian, only for Kazarian to chop Evans down on the mat. Kazarian made the tag to Daniels, and both members of SCU hit a combination move with a kick to the spine of Evans. Daniels hit a backbreaker on Evans, with Kazarian hitting a leg drop after being tagged in.

Daniels is back in the ring after another tag, and hit a suplex on Evans. Evans though would hit a high kick to Daniels, and tag in Angelico. More tags were made between Evans and Angelico, before Evans locked in a submission move on Daniels. The move was broken after Angelico tagged himself in and put Kazarian in a figure four lock. With assistance from Angelico, Evans hit a standing moonsault. Angelico, and Daniels would wrestle each other before Daniels hit the STO on Angelico.

Evans made the tag, and so does Kazarian. Kazarian hit numerous clotheslines to Evans, and hit a cutter on Angelico after trying to come in the match. Kazarian hit a backward suplex on Evans, and only got a two count. Daniels, and Kazarian hit a powerbomb combination before Evans kicked out again. Daniels tried the angels wings, but Evans countered. Kazarian hit a spiked DDT on Evans, before Angelico broke the pin up. Kazarian rolled up Evans, and got the pinfall attempt.

SCU defeated The Hybrid 2 via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: A hell of a match from these two, but the roll up school boy pinfalls are starting to get tiring since we see them in every AEW Dark match. I think I would have either open or close Dark with this match, since it was damn good. After the match, Angelico and Evans attacked SCU after being upset for losing the match.

7. Katalina Perez vs. Anna Jay. Perez made her AEW debut. Jay jacked Perez with a kick, and a high running kick in the corner. Jay dominated Perez with kicks, before Perez was able to get some clotheslines on Jay. Perez went for an elbow drop, but Jay dodged the move by moving at the last minute. Jay would hit a spinning wheel kick. Jay quickly made Perez tap out in the queen slayer for the victory.

Anna Jay defeated Katalina Perez via submission.

Briar’s Take: Chalk that up as another victory for Jay.

8. Peter Avalon vs. Brandon Cutler. Cutler immediately attacked Avalon quickly when the bell rang. Cutler hit an arm clothesline on Avalon, before both of them went on the outside. Avalon then threw Cutler off the side. Avalon then flew from the stage, and landed himself on Cutler. Avalon brought out the table to put Cutler on the table. Avalon was going to jump from the top rope, but Cutler rolled off the table, hit an over the top high kick.

Cutler grabbed a garbage can, and hit an elbow drop on the trash can that Avalon was inside of. Afterward, Avalon hit a backdrop on Cutler, and planted Cutler on the table on the outside. Avalon hit a book crate onto Cutler, but Cutler hit a reverse DDT after Avalon failed to hit the martinis.

Cutler would pull out a bag full of dye, but Avalon planted Cutler down with a slam in the ring. Leva Bates would yell at Avalon for the chaos he caused, and slapped him before she walked away. Avalon attempted hitting Cutler with the brass knuckles, but Cutler countered by planting Avalon on the dye. Both Avalon, and Cutler would then both go through the table on the outside.

During the match, The Young Bucks would come out, and be at ringside to support Cutler. Cutler attempted a fireman’s carry from the top rope, but Avalon rolled Cutler into a huracanrana only for Cutler to roll up Avalon and get the pinfall.

Brandon Cutler defeated Peter Avalon via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: Finally! This feud is HOPEFULLY over with Cutler getting his first pinfall victory after losing 25 times in a row.

9. “Best Friends” Chuck Taylor and Trent (w/Orange Cassidy) vs. Anthony Bowens and Max Caster. Trent and Caster began the match for their teams, but Chuck Taylor was quickly tagged in. Both Trent, and Taylor hit a double elbow on Caster. Bowens was tagged in, with Taylor still in the ring and planting Bowens on the mat. Taylor tried the moonsault, but Bowens moved, hit a knee to Taylor. Caster tagged in again, and continued to dominate Taylor.

Caster, and Bowens double teamed on Taylor with Bowens attempting a pinfall count until Trent broke the pinfall attempt up. Trent was shortly tagged in thereafter, and fired off on Caster with a belly to belly suplex. Trent then went for a swinging DDT, but Caster countered with a suplex. Trent though would hit a backdrop driver on Bowens. Bowens however threw a strike, and tagged Caster in again.

Both Caster, and Bowens hit a double team move with Caster hitting an elbow drop on Trent. Trent would follow with a knee strike to Caster, with Taylor hitting the strong zero for the pinfall.

Best Friends defeated Anthony Bowens and Max Caster via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: A great match from these two tag teams, who were very back and forth.

Alex Marvez was backstage trying to get a word with Scorpio Sky about Shawn Spears. As Sky opened up his locker room, he saw that the room was trashed, and the word “thief” was written on the mirror…

10. Fuego Del Sol vs. Brian Cage. Del Sol tried using his speed for the advantage, but Cage caught Del Sol, threw him over his shoulders. Cage then hit a body lock suplex on Del Sol following the move. Del Sol would hit some knee strikes, and a roundhouse kick to Cage. However, Cage caught Del Sol and hit Sol with a double hook into the neckbreaker. Del Sol though went for an upset on Cage, but Cage kicked out. Del Sol went off the top rope, but Cage hit a buckle bomb and the Weapon X to win the match.

Brian Cage defeated Fuego Del Sol vía pinfall.

Briar’s Take: If only Shida’s matches were like this, then that would be great!

11. Sean Maluta vs. Preston Vance. Vance took Maluta down with a shoulder block. Malutta went for the headlock, but Vance hit a powerbomb on Malutta planting him down. On the outside, Alan Angels hit a shotgun dropkick on Malutta with the referee distracted. Back in the ring, Vance hit a punt kick on Malutta, and a vertical delayed suplex. Malutta would hit a kick to the midsection to Vance, but Vance hit the spinebuster on Malutta. Vance finished Malutta off with a clothesline to the back of the head.

Preston Vance defeated Sean Malutta via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: It was interesting to see Vance wrestle on his own, as I believe this was the first time he wrestled in singles competition.

12. KiLynn King and Savannah Evans vs. Ivelisse and Diamante. King, and Evans tried for a scoop slam on Ivelisse and Diamante, however both would counter by escaping the move. Ivelisse would foot stomp on Evans, until Diamante tagged in. Diamante, and Ivelisse hit the wishbone on Evans. Diamante then hit a russian leg sweep on Evans, and put her in a single leg crab submission.

Diamante drove the knee of Evans on the mat, and Diamante tagged Ivelisse in the ring again. Evans though planted Ivelisse, and tagged King in the match. Diamante was also tagged in, but King hit clotheslines, a roundhouse kick to Diamante. King went for a pinfall, but Ivelisse broke the pin up for Diamante. Not too long after, Diamante hit the code red to finish King off quickly.

Ivelisse and Diamante defeated KiLynn King and Savannah Evans via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: Brief match from Ivelisse, and Diamante who continue to be great in the ring.

13. Aaron Solow vs. Sonny Kiss. Kiss avoided a clothesline from Solow, and hit a big kick to Solow over the ropes. Kiss tried jumping over the ropes, but Solow countered the move by hitting a backbreaker. Solow blocked a swing from Kiss by stomping Kiss in the middle of the ring. Solow got some offense in with a clothesline in the corner on Kiss.

Solow sent Kiss over the top, and only got a two count. Solow argued with Aubrey Edwards about being slow on the count, but Kiss hit a dropkick, spinning elbow strike on Solow. Kiss then hit an axe kick followed by the splitting leg drop to put Solow away.

Sonny Kiss defeated Aaron Solow via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: As Excalibur noted, “this match was a bounce back win for Archer.” After the match, Lance Archer came in the ring and attacked Solow, Kiss. Jake Roberts said ‘that anything this man does (Archer) is not my favorite.’ Archer then took the mic, and cut a promo on Moxley saying ‘he will watch the Full Gear title match and that he won’t stop chasing the title.’

14. Nick Comroto vs. Will Hobbs. Comroto hit a fierce dropkick to Hobbs when the bell rang, but Hobbs hit the shoulder tackle to Comroto. On the outside, Hobbs took Comroto down with a shoulder block. Comroto though took down Hobbs with a clothesline. After the clotheslines, Hobbs hit the spinebuster on Comroto, and hit a frog splash to put Comroto away.

Will Hobbs defeated Nick Comroto via pinfall.

Briar’s Take: This match was a battle of the big men here, with Hobbs ultimately getting the victory.

15. Alex Chamberlain vs. Darby Allin. Allin put Chamberlain in an arm lock quickly, and an arm drag takedown sending Chamberlain to the outside. Chamberlain caught Allin, and planted Allin on Chamberlain’s knee. Chamberlain started stomping Allin in the turnbuckle, before putting Allin in a bow and arrow submission.

Afterward, Chamberlain took Allin to the outside, but Allin put Chamberlain face first into the post. Allin then hit a shotgun dropkick in the ring, however Chamberlain hit a sitout powerbomb on Allin. Allin hit the coffin drop on Chamberlain, and a stunner. Allin would hit another coffin drop to close the match.

Darby Allin defeated Alex Chamberlain via pinfall.

After the match, Starks was at ringside and provided a distraction for Darby, which allowed Cage to come in and attack Darby from behind. Both Starks, and Cage continued for a brief while, then Hobbs came out and even the odds with a chair before the show went off the air.

Briar’s Take: Another competitive match with Chamberlain getting some moves in himself. Overall, another typical episode of AEW Dark, with a needless 15 matches. There were some good action throughout this episode though. I’d have to say the show peaked with The Hybrid 2 vs. SCU, as the action in that match was very competitive and the two teams did not disappoint. Another great match to check out, and watch is Lee Johnson vs. Matt Sydal. Johnson has become an AEW regular, but both wrestlers put on one hell of a match up with a lot of technical moves. It was noted in the commentary that Sydal’s style has switched to a more aggressive type character, and thus taking more risks.

The only other match I’d check out would be Best Friends vs. Anthony Bowens and Max Caster. It was fun to see Bowens, and Caster call out one of the ranked teams and how they were going to beat them. Bowens, and Caster put up a great fight, just fell short of winning, but came close a couple of times. Otherwise, the rest was just mainly filler with little storyline development between Ricky Starks and Darby Allin. Hey, at least the Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon feud is (hopefully) over! Final Score: 7.8 out of 10. Episode 58 clocked in at 2 hours and 21 minutes, 12 seconds.


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