Drew McIntyre on his relationship with Vince McMahon, labels Randy Orton as his Joker

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Drew McIntyre spoke with Scott Fishman of TV Insider earlier this week and was asked if his run as WWE Champion has caused his relationship with Vince McMahon to grow. “We’ve always had a good relationship,” McIntyre said. “Being WWE Champion says a whole lot about the trust he has in me. That meant the world to me. I guess from my standpoint, that told me Vince is truly invested in me now. He trusts me. I’ve earned that respect, put the time into that respect. I think that is what our relationship is based on, respect. It’s based on honesty. If he doesn’t like something, he is not shy to say so. I’m very much the same.”

McIntyre also spoke of his feud with Randy Orton. “I never got the opportunity to get in a serious program with Randy,” he said. “We’ve always had our interactions, which have gotten a positive response. I have seen a difference in how motivated he is right now. He is naturally gifted and been around for so long and learned from the absolute best. Right now, he is a motivated Randy Orton. He is firing on all cylinders as a character and in the ring. This presents a very unique opportunity for me. This is what I’ve been wanting. I’ve been wanting a situation where I can show what I can truly do as a character beyond just in the ring. Randy Orton is Drew McIntyre’s Joker.” Read the full interview at TVInsider.com.

Powell’s POV: McIntyre has shined in his role as WWE Champion and part of the job is how he conducts his business with the media in interviews such as this one. From the interviews that I’ve read, he comes off as a good spokesman for the company without coming off like a shill. McIntyre also addressed the challenges of being in that position during the pandemic, the declining television ratings, and rumblings that SummerSlam could be held at one more more unique locations.


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