Sam Greco looks back on transitioning from K-1 to pro wrestling, signing with WCW, training at the WCW Power Plant, why he didn’t end up wrestling on WCW TV

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Sam Greco
Hosts: Chad and JP (transcription by John Poz)
Twitter: @TwoManPowerTrip
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Transition from K-1 to Pro Wrestling: I was coming to the end of my contract with K-1 kickboxing and felt like I needed a break from the sport. I needed some rest and K-1 wasn’t happy about it. I needed to take some time off and heel my broken shin too. In my time off, I got a call from a friend of mine who knew Paul Orndorff. During my layoff from kickboxing I was actually living in Atlanta, Georgia at that time, then ended up through Paul bringing me into WCW.

Who ultimately signed him to WCW: The boss of WCW at that time was Eric Bischoff. Eric, being the martial arts enthusiast that he was, is the one who signed me. He was familiar with who I was and my background. Bob Sapp, who is the most naturally charismatic guy I’ve ever seen, was also signed to WCW at that same time.

Training at the WCW Power Plant: I first started training at the WCW Power Plant, but with the provision that no one goes after my shin. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff who was the head trainer down there said to me, this isn’t like what you normally do, we can work around your injury, to avoid further injury. He was so right, fighting is about Me vs. You and pro wrestling is about Me and You vs. the crowd. It was amazing getting to roll with Paul Orndorff and watching him work. It was also amazing to see a guy like Ric Flair work, its priceless what he was able to do.

Not Getting on WCW TV: I had just gotten a role in the blockbuster kids movie, Scooby Doo. Eric Bischoff had given me the green light to go film the movie at time for three months. He said that when I came back I would be brought on WCW TV. So within that three months while I was out in Australia filming the movie, WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon and the WWF.

Other topics include his Combat fighting career including his record of 131 wins and only 11 losses, training at the WCW Power Plant under Paul Orndorff, wrestling David Flair, his time in Wrestle 1, AJPW, Kickboxing, Karate, Muy Thai, MMA, becoming a pro wrestler, and much more.

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