Vince McMahon says he won’t be an XFL bidder after all

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

While someone may end up buying the rights to the XFL out of bankruptcy, it won’t be Vince McMahon. ESPN’s Kevin Seifert reports that McMahon stated in a deposition that he will not be a bidder despite “inflammatory rhetoric and unsubstantiated accusations” that suggested otherwise. The unsecured creditors committee previously objected to the bankruptcy proceedings while alleging that McMahon was trying to buy back the league without fully paying back debtors.

Powell’s POV: It’s unclear whether McMahon changed his mind once the committee called him on wanting to buy back the league or if he never actually intended to do so. The crazy part about all of this is that McMahon was approached about selling the rights to the XFL name for $50 million. Instead of taking the money and running, a report suggested that McMahon felt that if someone else thought they could make money running the league, then he should do it himself. So instead of taking the easy payday for one of his biggest public embarrassments, McMahon now has the embarrassment of a second failed attempt, as well as the lawsuit that Oliver Luck filed against him.


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  1. Yep… just like he said the XFL would be completely separate from the WWE but they still owned like 23% of it? That’s not completely separate

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