NXT on USA viewership for the “open doors” to Raw and Smackdown edition

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Wednesday’s NXT television show produced 916,000 viewers for USA Network, according to Showbuzzdaily.com. The number was up from the 750,000 viewers that watched last week’s show.

Powell’s POV: AEW finished the night with 893,000 viewers on TNT. It’s the first time NXT has won the head-to-head battle, and obviously a big assist goes to all the special appearances by the Raw and Smackdown regulars. The big question now is what happens when/if the Raw and Smackdown talent stop appearing on NXT.


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  1. Finally. End that awful streak of losing to AEW. It was heading near double digits. NXT needed this and it was a great show last night lead by Undisputed Era vs Revival. That was wrestling. Awesome. Congrats to NXT. You get to enjoy the bubbly for the first time in this battle.

    • This ‘battle’ is only happening because Vince hates the idea of fans having choice. This NXT move to USA has the sole intention of crushing an organisation that has the audacity to offer something difference to the audience before they get out of the gate, so everyone has to go back to having the choice of his stale, complacent product or nothing. I enjoyed watching NXT, but f*** WWE for making this battle happen at all.

      • The only thing “different” about AEW is it’s even more cartoonish and less logical than the horrible current WWE product.

        WWE aren’t the good guys here, but any company that employs talentless trash like the Young Schmucks, Kenny, Orange, Marko Stunt, etc are definitely the bad guys.

        • Your definition of bad guys seems to be “people who do stuff that I don’t like.” Mine is different.

        • Nothing will ever be worse than current WWE except for WWE. I’d say ROH, but they at least tried to stop sucking by leeching onto whatever promotion was willing to give them a chance.

          Try lube, I’ve heard it makes it less painful.

      • I guess it doesn’t matter that NXT came on Wednesday nights before AEW came around. Vince wanted this battle by keeping the show on the night it had already been on. He’s vindictive, yes. But changing networks and nights would have been a recipe for failure. If Vince wanted to crush the competition, he would’ve done it with the product he feels is vastly superior in his mind (not ours).

        • AEW neckbeards will never let facts, like NXT having aired on Wednesday nights for years, get in the way of their toolbag conspiracy theories.

          • Wasn’t it only on the Network before, and for an hour? Or am I remembering that wrong?

          • 1: Shave.
            2: How deep is your tool bag?
            3: Who are you talking about?
            Young Schmucks: Don’t exist,
            Kenny: No one has seen or heard of him since 2008,
            Orange: a color or a citris, either way, neither will be allowed to wrestle,
            Marko Stunt: Don’t recall anyone complaining about LSD,
            Etc: Never heard of em. Wish them the best of luck.
            4: NXT hardly cornered the market or wrestling on Wed. nights, especially since their look, feel presentation, in-ring style, & influence all came from the original Wed. night wrestling company.

            But keep trying, maybe you can find one that works.

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