10/04 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of the wedding angle followup, Michael Elgin vs. TJP, Kiera Hogan vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Madison Rayne, Daga vs. Chris Bey

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling TV
Taped September 5-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Casino

Aired October 4, 2019 on Pursuit (simulcast on Twitch TV)

A cinematic highlight package aired of the Brian Cage and Melissa Santos wedding, complete with random music.

OVE was shown walking outside to the Sams Town Casino. Gabby Loren wanted a comment from Sami Callihan about his actions last week. Dave Crist said the comment will be given in the ring tonight. Gabby asked about the security surrounding OVE. Dave said the security was there to protect them from Brian Cage. Dave then said that Gabby can become his “security” (as he grabbed her by the shoulder). Sami pulled horny Dave away.The Impact intro theme played (the featured wrestlers have been overhauled. They’ve removed wrestlers like Santana, Ortiz, Killer Kross, Johnny Impact, and other departures from the video) …

Josh Mathews welcomed viewers to the Sams Town Casino. Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary…

1. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Tenille Dashwood. Mathews noted that Kiera and Madison lost to Tenille already. Kiera and Rayne double teamed Tenille. Tenille tossed Rayne outside and then hit Kiera with a double underhook suplex for a two count. Tenille took down Kiera and Rayne with a bulldog. Rayne jumped on Tenille’s back so Kiera could give Tenille a superkick. Kiera and Madison then went on to gloat and double team Tenille while the crowd is barely reacting.

John’s Thoughts: I feel really bad watching and writing about this because I remember how great Emma was in WWE as a babyface and as Evil Emma. Impact-Bland-Emma is not getting any reaction. Not her fault. I don’t understand why they’re writing her like this. She also has zero character. Also, what the F is “all about me” supposed to mean? Is she a narcissist?

Tenille managed to toss Kiera outside so she could yank at Madison’s shoulders for a submission situation. Kiera broke up the hold. Rayne and Kiera went back to the tandem offense. Tenille managed to turn the tables by causing Kiera to accidentally Tope Rayne. Tenille went for a pin, but Rayne broke it up. Kiera and Rayen showed a bit of animosity with each other. Dashwood slammed Kiera’s and Madison’s heads into each other. Kiera fell to the mat and Dashwood hit Rayne with a cool Super Sitout Powerbomb on top of Kiera.

Dashwood locked Kiera in the Dil-Emma. With a drop toehold, Dashwood put Madison and Kiera in the corner. Dashwood then hit both of them with the Emma-mite Sandwich. This got her a two count on Rayne. Rayne dodged Tenille’s finisher. Kiera hit her backbreaker finisher (A Paige-Turner) on Dashwood. Instead of pinning Dashwood, Madison and Kiera started arguing which Callis called them out on. Josh said “but it’s one fall to a finsh” (so? No stakes?). Tenille managed to shove Kiera off the apron twice. Tenille then hit Madison with The Spotlight (Claymore Kick) for the win.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan via pinfall in 8:53.

Tenille Dashwood backtracked up the ramp to a mild reaction. There was one fan in the crowd who remembered the Bubble Emma dance…

John’s Thoughts: This is very odd. They doubled down on feeding their home grown talents to the WWE castoff (I word it this way because of the way this reeks of TNA). Anyway, the match had good work in it but it also didn’t fully make sense. I get that Kiera and Madison argue often, but why were they breaking each other’s pin. There were no stakes in this match. That would have made more sense if they didn’t book Taya vs. Tenille for BFG and made this the contenders match. Also, Tenille Dashwood better not be winning at Bound for Glory. That would be the most TNA of TNA things that Impact can do.

Johnny Swinger was shown walking around backstage. He slapped the booty of someone who was bent over. When Swinger left, the bent over man stood up to reveal it was Jimmy Jacobs… [c]

Eddie Edwards was apologizing to Tommy Dreamer for their past feuds and Edwards said that he needs help. Dreamer said that Edwards was “messed up”. Eddie Edwards argued that Reno Scum drugged him. Dreamer asked Eddie how he knows this. Edwards said “The TV told me!!!” (So at least Eddie watches Impact). Dreamer said to not worry about that because if Eddie needs help, Dreamer has his back. Dreamer put his hand out for a handshake. Eddie looked past Dreamer and took Dreamer’s Kendo Stick. Eddie left and said he’d talk to Dreamer later…

John’s Thoughts: So we just found out that at least Eddie Edwards watches Impact Wrestling because he saw himself get drugged via the TV show. Maybe Alisha Edwards is more of an NXT or New Japan viewer? Can’t blame her with so much wrestling happening on a weekly basis.

Josh said that Eddie Edwards has chosen “Kenny The Kendo Stick” as his tag team partner. Josh then hyped upcoming segments…

Johnny Swinger made his entrance wearing what looked like a Fanny Pack and Zubaz pants. His opponent was already in the ring…

2. Johnny Swinger vs. Owen Travers. Callis talked about being in joy since Swinger reminds him of the past. Swinger took down Owen with a shoulder block and lariat. Swinger gave Owen a few headbutts below the belt. Owen was overselling Swinger’s offense. Owen landed a few punches but then crashed due to Swinger sidestepping him. Swinger hit Owen Travers with a high angle swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Johnny Swinger defeated Owen Travers via pinfall in 3:10.

Callis said it was Swing-a-zing-swing-a-time. Swinger did a few flexes in the ring…

John’s Thoughts: Harmless squash. Nothing much more positive or negative. That said Swinger does have potential for some comedy fun with all the 70s jokes you could build around him. Speaking of 70s jokes, is it just me or would Johnny Swinger be the perfect tag team partner for The Disco Inferno Glenn Gilbertti given their 70s gimmicks. Speaking of Disco, Where is Glenn? Aren’t they in his home town?

Gaby Loren interviewed Josh Alexander and Ethan Page about their upcoming title defense against Rich Swann and Willie Mack at Bound for Glory. Page cut off Loren and brought up how he already had this match at last year’s Bound for Glory. Page noted that he didn’t have Josh as a tag team partner, but rather a “different running mate” (Matt Sydal). Page noted that he’s now with his best friend via fate. Page said The North have proven their point by winning the Tag Titles. Page said Mack and Swann will face the real team this time around.

Page said The North will prove why they are the best tag team in the world. Page said Mack and Swann will find out at BFG. Gabby said that before Page cut her off, she was announcing that The North were facing Rhino and Rob Van Dam also at Bound for Glory in a Triple Threat which will also include Mack and Swann. Page then said Gabby needed to leave. Alexander implied that someone in particular was to blame for this… [c]

An Impact to AXS commercial played with Moose talking about how hard working the Impact locker room is. Moose also talked about how Impact now has a huge platform…

Gabby Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard about Sami Callihan’s actions against Melissa Santos last week. Tessa wondered why people aren’t noticing how dangerous Sami Callihan is. Tessa talked about how Sami messed up Tommy Dreamer’s arm and Eddie Edwards’s eye. Tessa said Sami is a scumbag, internet troll, and everything wrong with Impact Wrestling. Tessa said Sami doesn’t even care about his OVE brothers. Tessa talked about how she’s been on a mission since Slammiversary. Tessa said each OVE member now has a target on their back…

Josh Mathews announced the following matches for Bound for Glory: Taya Valkyrie vs. Tenille Dashwood for the Knockouts Championship, The Rascalz vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. and Mystery Luchadores, The North vs. Swann and Mack vs. RVD and Rhino for the Tag Team Championships, Moose vs. Ken Shamrock, Naomichi Marufuji vs. Michael Elgin, and Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan for the Impact World Championship. Josh Mathews noted that all special seating was sold out but General Admission tickets were still available…

This week’s Impact Plus match of the week was Kurt Angle vs. Robert Roode…

Eddie Edwards and his Kendo Stick made their entrance… [c]

Ace Austin ran into Alisha Edwards backstage. He said he picked this opportunity to talk because Eddie is out distracted with his match. Austin reminded Alisha of last week’s wedding and noted that even though he’s feuding with Eddie Edwards, he’s concerned for Eddie’s well being. Austin talked about how he thought Eddie only had small problems, like hookers. Austin said he has friends with substance abuse issues and sees the same signs of substance abuse in Eddie. Alisha said she doesn’t think substance abuse is a problem. Austin said he’s only saying it because he’s educated with this situation. Austin said he’s only a call away and will always be around to help. Alisha thanked Ace and left. Ace put on shades and did his smirk into the camera again…

Reno Scum made their entrance…

John’s Thoughts: By the way, is it mandatory that whenever an independent wrestling company shows up to film television in the Southwest United States, does there always have to be an obligatory Reno Scum enhancement match? A part of me is already tired of all these Reno Scum matches, especially since I wouldn’t mind seeing a Luster the Legend singles run. Luster and Adam are local wrestlers in Northern California. I’ve seen Luster have great matches with Brian Cage, Jacob Fatu, Willie Mack, Jeff Cobb, and other California indie standouts and this guy might be a hidden gem if he can break away from the Reno Scum tag team.

3. “Reno Scum” Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe vs. Eddie Edwards and Kenny the Kendo Stick. Ugh. The referee treated Eddie and his stick as two different people so Eddie tied the tag rope to the stick. Eddie and Adam started off the match. Eddie landed a few chops on Adam. Adam got Eddie to the mat with a shoulder block. Eddie came back with an Atomic Drop followed by an Overhead Suplex. Adam took time to recover at ringside. Adam tagged in Luster. Luster wanted Eddie to tag in “Kenny”. Callis said he heard that Kenny has creative control.

Luster blindsided Eddie when Eddie teased tagging in Dreamer’s stick. Luster dominated for a sequence. Luster then traded tags with Adam to cut the ring in half on Eddie. Eddie managed to escape Adam’s Fireman Carry and hit Adam with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie teased a hot tag with the stick, but Luster tagged in, slammed Eddie and got a two count. Luster washed Eddie’s face in Adam’s armpit. Eddie blocked a suplex from Luster and then hit Luster with a release vertical suplex.

Eddie then tagged in “kenny” which I guess means he can use the kendo stick. Eddie beat up on Scum with the stick. Callis wondered if Eddie has to go back to his corner after a five count. Eddie tossed the stick ringside at Luster and hit Luster with a suicide Dive. Callis called Kenny flying an “Asai Moonsault Tope Con Hilo Tiger Drop”. Reno Scum managed to hit Eddie with a High-Low combo near the apron. Adam grabbed the kendo stick and started arguing with hit (ugh). Luster body slammed Eddie into the stick. Eddie got his legs up when Adam went for a splash. Eddie knocked Luster off the top rope with a cane shot. Eddie Edwards then hit Adam Thornstowe with a Boston Knee Party for the win.

Eddie Edwards and Kenny the Kendo Stick defeated Reno Scum via pinfall in 8:26.

John’s Thoughts: Ugh. That match almost put me to sleep. Didn’t the Killer Kross character die so we didn’t have to deal with Kenny the Kendo Stick again. This hokeyness is made worse when you have Adam F’n Thornstowe arguing with the stick like he was doing some sort of Laurel and Hardy skit. Someone in Impact creative is really stubborn with this “Crazy Eddie” crap. If this is Eddie Edwards who’s pushing this, tell him that this gimmick is stupid and there’s a reason why crowds have been dead on him for about a year.

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander were wandering backstage where they walked into a waiting room where Konnan was waiting. Konnan took a swig of Patron tequila and confronted the North. Ethan Page closed the door and the show cut to commercial… [c]

Konnan was unconscious on the floor as he was checked up on by Jimmy Jacobs, a random man, and a random lady with blue hair. Willie Mack and Rich Swann entered the room, concerned for Konnan. Rich Swann yelled “somebody goin’ get some help for this dog man!”…

Sami Callihan, The Crist Brothers, and Madman Fulton made their entrance. Josh Mathews noted that OVE brought security guards to the ring. Josh and Don wondered if Callihan was actually intoxicated last week. CCallihan took a mic and said that after last week’s tragic events, Impact wants Sami to issue a statement. Sami talked about how everything he’s about to say is from the bottom of his heart. Callihan then read a prepared formal apology from a piece of paper.

Before Callihan could finish reading the statement, Cage made his entrance and tossed around a few security guards. Cage gave Jake a power bomb on the apron. Cage gave Dave an F5. Cage planted Fulton with a Uranage. Callihan jumped the barricade and escaped Cage’s onslaught. When a “fan” touched Brian Cage, Cage tossed the fan to ringside. Scott D’Amore ran out to check on the fan and berate Cage for attacking a “fan”. The police then arrested Brian Cage and walked him out the arena. D’Amore tried to argue that Cage shouldn’t be arrested because “he’s a wrestler”… [c]

An Impact on AXS ad aired with Michael Elgin talked about how the Impact locker room is hungry and they aren’t going to stop moving forward…

Jake Crist joined Don Callis and Josh Mathews at the commentary table…

4. Daga vs. Chris Bey for a spot in the Bound for Glory X Division Championship Ladder Match. Jake kept calling Josh “Baby Jarvis”. Bey and Daga showed off some agility in the opening stalemate sequence. Bey got the first pin attempt in. Daga caught Bey with an enzuigiri. Daga followed Bey outside with a suicide dive. Daga hit Bey with a suplex and got a two count. Daga hit Bey with a superman forearm and a shining wizard for a two count. Bey used knees to escape a suplex.

Bey hit Daga with a sliding roundhouse. Bey did a dance and hit Daga with a shotgun dropkick. Bey hit Daga (barely) with a Tope Con Hilo. Bey caught Daga off guard with a slingshot DDT for a nearfall. Daga tripped Bey into the second rope and then hit Bey with a delayed backstabber, leading to a two count. Bey escaped a Butterfly Suplex and gave Daga a high roundhouse. Daga came back with a front kick. Bey trapped Daga in the corner and hit the ten count punches. Bey hit Daga with a crucifix driver for a two count. Daga hit Bey with a Super C4 Spanish Fly. Daga hit Bey with a double underhook Codebreaker for the victory.

Daga defeated Chris Bey via pinfall in 6:42 to earn a spot in the Bound For Glory X Division Championship Ladder Match.

John’s Thoughts: A well wrestled match. To be honest, I was more impressed by Chris Bey than Daga and was hoping Bey went over; but I’m assuming Daga’s under contract. As I said before, I root for Daga to do well. I’ve watched him since his Perros Del Mal days. He just has been so unimpressive, mostly because his personality is so wooden. All the guy does is have decent matches and lose a lot (especially to Low Ki).

Josh Mathews told Don Callis that he predicts that Jake Crist will not retain at Bound for Glory. Jake Crist then met Daga in the middle of the ring. Dave Crist jumped Daga from behind. The Crist Brothers put the boots to Daga. Tessa Blanchard ran out for the save (Tessa Blanchard is Daga’s real life girlfriend I believe). Tessa ran off OVE as Tessa’s theme played. Tessa and Daga jawed with OVE from the ring…

John’s Thoughts: I hope they aren’t going to pair Daga and Tessa up as an on-air couple to match their real life relationship. I think pro wrestling has enough couples on TV at the moment.

TJ Perkins was trying to inspire Fallah Bahh backstage. Perkins was wearing an “Eat Lumpia” T-Shirt (Ughhhh… I mean, I’m very proud of my Asian heritage too, but TJ, you’re doing a bit too much here! And I’m usually your biggest defender with this stuff! Stop making it hard). Perkins asked Bahh to support him in his match tonight. Bahh would use words like yeah and ok. Gabby Loren walked in on them and Bahh went back to using only the word “Bahh” which caused Perkins to roll his eyes. Gabby talked about how TJP was in the main event with Michael Elgin and wanted his thoughts. Perkins said that even though he’s known as the “Cruiser-great”, he’s stepped out of the X-Division before to wrestle heavier opponents. Perkins said not to worry because TJP has got this. Bahh ended the interview by saying “Bahh”… [c]

Sami Callihan and the rest of OVE were walking outside somewhere. Jake talked about how they ran into trouble with Tessa. Sami told everyone to get in the car…

They cut to Josh Mathews at a NFL Alumni Association press event. They cut to various athletes giving their thoughts on the Moose vs. Ken Shamrock match at BFG. Marlon Greenwood said he’s predicting Moose. Matt O’Neil said he’s picking Shamrock because he grew up watching Shamrock. Stephan Bonnar said Moose is evil and very self-indulgent. Bonnar talked about how Moose has been disrespectful to Bonnar’s sport (wait? Didn’t Moose and Bonnar trash an MMA gym one time together and rob that gym of a pair of socks?). Scott D’Amore gave talked about how he remembers how Shamrock conquered Dan Severn.

Moose was then interviewed by Josh, alongside Frank Trigg. Moose said he’s not retracting his statements about MMA. Moose said MMA is barbaric, for animals, and involves no skill. Moose said because of this, he’s decided to train for this fight by training wtih the one man Moose thinks is the most skilled at Martial Arts, Moose’s friend Frank Trigg. Trigg said Shamrock looks impressive, but is old. Moose said he understands what Shamrock did for wrestling, the attitude era, and Dwayne Johnson. Moose said he understands that Shamrock is an MMA legend and the first Impact World Champion. Moose said Shamrock asked for Moose at Bound For Glory. Ken Shamrock showed up and argued with Moose. Shamrock talked about how Moose “busted” in the NFL.

They cut to media questions. One person talked about how Moose was being disrespectful. Shamrock brought about how Moose calls himself “Mr. Impact” even though he doesn’t have a belt. Moose shut up the next journalist and said he was out of here. Josh called Moose back for a photo-op. Moose slapped Shamrock during the photoshoot. D’Amore and Bonnar separated the two men. Shamrock called Moose a bitch and a motherf–ker…[c]

John’s Thoughts: I’m surprised. I’m really looking forward to Moose vs. Ken Shamrock. They’ve done a solid job with the various segments leading up the the match. Shamrock has delivered on the mic, but Moose has delivered even more with his mic work and acting. I’m actually afraid that Moose might be the next person to leave Impact given how much his stock has risen due to his growth as a wrestler. People talk about how AEW is lacking Black representation in it’s singles division (An argument that kinda baffles me. AEW just started so I can’t see why we’re arguing affirmative action already). Anyway, I can see Moose being that top-tier Black pro wrestler if given the change in scenery in AEW.

A BFG ad aired…

Sinister Minister James Mitchell was berating Jessika Havok for enraging Su Yung. Mitchell said Havok also pissed off “you know who” (Satan?). Mitchell said Havok needs to start showing remorse before he and Havok go straight to hell. Taya Valkyrie walked up to them to offer up the same offer she offered to Rosemary recently. Mitchell said “he” does like shiny trinkets. Mitchell then wondered why he and Havok even have to go through Tenille Dashwood when Taya has never been able to take down Havok in the first place. Mitchell said Havok can just take the title off of Taya right now. Havok then scared off Taya…

5. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. TJP (w/Fallah Bahh). Josh noted that TJP and Fallah Bahh are both Filipino. Callis said he and Josh should go to the Phillipines. The match started off as a battle between speed and power. Perkins went for the ten punches in the corner, but Elgin fought out. Elgin used a wide base to block a sunset flip. Elgin also used his base to block a heel hook. Perkins flipped out of a German. Elgin planted Perkins to the mat with a shoulder block. Perkins dodged a elbow drop. Elgin rolled up Perkins and got to his feet through Perkins’s crossbody.

Perkins escaped the hold and rolled up Elgin for a two count. Perkins hit Elgin with La Mistica and then hit Elgin with the Sacrifice Arm Breaker. Perkins hit Elgin with a wrecking ball dropkick. [c]

Fallah Bahh led a “TJP” chant while Perkins was being dominated by Elgin. Elgin landed a back kick on Elgin. Elgin spilled to ringside and landed on his feet. Elgin no-sold a cannonball and caught Perkins. Elgin power bombed Perkins into the apron. Elgin ave Perkins a stiff chop and rolled him back in the ring. Elgin shruged off Perkins and gave him a German Suplex with a bridge for a two count. Callis noted Elgin’s solid core strength in order to pull off moves like that. Elgin deadlifted Perkins into a second rope delayed suplex. Perkins escaped with a knee and gave Elgin a Triangle Frankensteiner.

Perkins gave Elgin an Atomic Drop and heel kick. Perkins gave Elgin a flying forearm. Perkins used a shotgun dropkick to set up a wrecking ball kick on Elgin. Perkins hit Elgin with a high crossbody for a two count. Perkins went for a Fujiwara armbar but Elgin maintained control and got to the ropes for the break. Perkins ducked an Elgin enzuigiri. Both men rolled on the ground until Elgin deadlifted Perkins into a sitout Uranage. Elgin hit Perkins with an impressive rebound lariat after Perkins blocked the initial lariat. Callis thought it was Odd that Bahh was talking now.

Perkins sent Elgin to ringside with a headscissors. Perkins went for a suicide dive, but Elgin caught Perkins mid-air with a smooth and seamless power slam to the entrance ramp. That was sweet. Elgin then pulled out another sweet move with a Deadlift Delayed Super Falcon Arrow. Perkins countered a lariat into a cross armbreaker. Perkins tried to grapevine the hold but Elgin deadlifted Perkins into a Bucklebomb. Elgin hit Perkins with a nice backfist which set Perkins up for the Elgin Bomb for the win.

Michael Elgin defeated TJP via pinfall in 10:17 of TV Time.

Fallah Bahh went to check on TJP while also glaring at Michael Elgin for defeating his friend. Elgin gave Bahh a glare before leaving. Josh Mathews advertised Elgin and the North vs. Marufuji, RVD, and Rhino for next week…

They cut to Melissa Santos outside talking to her mother on the phone (for a person who had “glass” shattered on her face she looks completely fine). She talked about how she’s about to bail Brian Cage out of jail. Sami Callihan walked up to her and moved the phone to his face. Callihan ensured Melissa’s mom that Cage and Melissa are in good hands with people who care about them (OVE). Callihan ensured Melissa that the bottle for the face wasn’t meant for Melissa and this only happened because Cage laid his hands on Callihan. Callihan said it was a freak accident. Callihan said even so, he’d be lying if he didn’t think that hitting Melissa with a glass bottle felt “really…really… good”. Callihan told Melissa to bail out her meathead husband. Callihan left as Melissa gave him a focused and angry glare to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: That was a nice match. I was starting to get bored of this show and thankfully Elgin and Perkins managed to put on some nice storytelling in a match. I like that they always put over Elgin clean. Not every heel has to cheat. Perkins loses nothing and can easily bounce back from this. Now that LAX is gone, Elgin (and Rich Swann in singles matches) has become my personal go-to reason to tune into Impact when you want a guaranteed good match (Even though he had a few stinkers with Rhino, I blame Rhino for that). It’s good matches like this that have me looking forward to Elgin vs. Marufuji at Bound for Glory.

This was an above average episode of Impact after all was said and done. There were some segments that seemed counter-intuititive like the Tenille Dashwood booking or Eddie Edwards. To balance the boring and bad there was some good like Elgin vs. Perkins or Sami Callihan.


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