7/2 WWE 205 Live Results: Anish V’s review of Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan, and Jack Gallagher vs. Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, and Mike Kanellis in a six-man tag match, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik vs. The Singh Brothers in a tornado tag match

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live on WWE Network
Aired live on July 2, 2019 from San Antonio, Texas at AT&T Center

The show started with Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan, and Jack Gallagher discussing their six-man tag that would take place in the main event. After Nese got the team on the same page, we went straight into the show… The broadcast team was Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English…

1. Lince Dorado and Gran Metaik (w/Kalisto) vs. Sunil Singh and Samir Singh in a tornado tag match. After both teams took the time to taunt the other, the Singhs tried to jump LHP but cane out worse with LHP being ready for them and mauling them out of the ring. Metalik and Sunil ended up in the ring, with the luchador whipping him about the ring, before bringing in Dorado to take over and continue the assault on Sunil.

Samir managed to escape free and help out his brother, double teaming Dorado, however Metalik didn’t let this go unpunished and he and Dorado managed to knock Samir out and hit a wheelbarrow suplex on the remaining Singh brother. The teams then went back and forth with the Singhs managing to settle eventually and isolating Metalik from his partner. Samir applied a chin lock while Sunil kept Dorado occupied on the outside. The Singhs also interspersed some double team moves while Dorado was laid out on the outside, hitting Metalik with a couple of double elbows.

Eventually, Metalik reversed an Irish whip into a bulldog to build some space and managed to tag in Dorado. The Golden Lynx rushed the ring and took both brothers down with clotheslines and stomps in the corner. Dorado managed to hit Samir with a springboard cross body but had his pin attempt broken up by Sunil.

Dorado and Metalik then tried for tandem springboard maneuvers, but the Singhs reversed both of them. With this little bit of space, Samir went and brought in their ‘Boscar’ award from ringside to try and use as a weapon. Kalisto stopped them and distracted them enough that Dorado and Metalik were able to get up and foil the Singhs’ plans. Both luchadors executed superkicks and then hit top rope splashes at the same time to get the pinfall victory…

The Lucha House Party defeated The Singh Brothers.

Anish’s Thoughts: 50/50 booking as LHP get their win back from the Singh Bros from a couple of weeks ago. This didn’t sting of finality so I’m sure this rivalry is far from over. The Singhs look like doofuses once more as they could have very easily put themselves in a much better position multiple times during the match but took their time taunting and dancing, allowing the Lucha House Party to get the upper hand. A very bland tag team match. The LHP duo sold well. Apart from that this didn’t really stand out. I hope WWE gives this feud some direction rather than having each team go back and forth with not so clean finishes each week.

Mike Kanellis was interviewed backstage coming off being humiliated by his wife Maria on Raw. Kanellis says he wasn’t emotionally ready to compete. He said that he was disappointed in Drake Maverick, blaming him for everything that had been happening to him in his life and with his wife. Kanellis said that he was on a quest to prove to his wife that he is man enough to get her pregnant… by winning his match tonight (what that has to do with wrestling, I don’t know).

2. Jack Gallagher, Tony Nese, and Oney Lorcan vs. Mike Kanellis, Ariya Daivari, and Drew Gulak. The match started with Gulak and Nese in the ring, the two circled each other before Gulak tagged in Kanellis. We saw Maria watching backstage on a television (watching the TV from that angle can’t be good for the baby).

Gallagher also tagged in and grappled with Kanellis. He ate a shoulder block before flipping Kanellis over with an arm toss and then took control and tagged in Lorcan. Oney and Kanellis went back and forth with fierce chops, with Kanellis holding out and eventually rattling Lorcan to the floor with a lariat. Kanellis tagged in Daivari who wailed on Lorcan before tagging in Gulak and then subsequently Kanellis again, the three heels isolating Lorcan. This didn’t last too long however, as Lorcan managed to escape and tag in Nese who rushed the legal man, Daivari. Nese goaded Gulak and Kanellis to the outside where Gallagher and Lorcan fought with them.

Eventually, Nese saw his teammates in trouble on the outside and dove on them all to break that up. Gulak managed to end up safe in the ring and got the tag from a fatigued Daivari. Gulak wrestled with Nese, wearing him down with a chin lock before smacking him with a clothesline. Gulak then tagged in Daivari who followed up with a corner clothesline of his own and a few stomps to boot. Daivari whipped Nese into the corner, tagging in Kanellis who tried for a suplex, Nese reversed however and with Maria watching on from the back, Kanellis settled for a clothesline and some ground and pound.

The heels tagged in and out again, with Daivari propping Nese up on Gulak’s shoulders and hitting a goriconoclasm. He tried to go for the pin, but Gallagher broke it up. Nese wasn’t able to get the tag with this break however, and was forced to escape Gulak’s wristlock himself. Nese slid under Gulak and hit a pumphandle slam before reaching for the ropes and tagging in Lorcan.

Gulak tagged in Daivari who took the brunt of the fired up Lorcan, getting rocked with clotheslines and a neckbreaker as well. Lorcan tagged in Gallagher who hit Daivari with a suplex, but got only a two count. Gallagher tried to prop Daivari up for a top rope maneuver but Gulak interfered and forced everyone to the outside, where Lorcan hit a tope, followed by a top rope dive by Daivari and then a moonsault by Nese. Finally, Gallagher got up and hit a dive using the umbrella on everybody.

Following this, Gallagher tossed Daivari in the ring and hit an elbow drop. Daivari was saved by Gulak who broke up the pin. Lorcan and Daivari then got into it with the two brawling away from the ring and to the back. Meanwhile, Gallagher managed to hit Gulak with a headbutt, giving Nese the opportunity to try for the running knee. Kanellis interfered and for his efforts was met by a package pin driver by Nese and got covered for the pinfall victory…

Jack Gallagher, Tony Nese, and Oney Lorcan defeated Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, and Mike Kanellis by pinfall.

Afterward, all six men brawled about the ring, with Gulak and Lorcan especially going at it with Nese and Daivari respectively.

Anish’s Thoughts: A fun and frantic six man tag. The main event once again saved the show, much like last week. After Mike Kanellis was so humiliated last week I would think he wouldn’t be the one to eat the pin after declaring he was on a quest for redemption. But no, Kanellis took the pin with his wife undoubtedly watching on in disappointment.

Lorcan especially impressed me in this match, making it super dynamic every time he was involved. Gallagher also showed that his style has changed compared to the last time he was face, being far more aggressive and physical, while not losing his fun dynamic as well. Overall this was a good, not great show. The main event made it and the end to the show was definitely the best bit, with the champion and many of the top contenders (plus Kanellis) wrecking each other while the crowd cheered and the show went to black.

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