Jake Hager (f/k/a Jack Swagger) on WWE’s struggles, the future of Lucha Underground, MLW issues, Dutch Mantell

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NBC Sports Radio Pro Wrestling 24/7 Podcast with Jake Hager
Host: Nick Hagan
Interview available at Pro-wrestling-24-7/jack-swagger

On the future of Lucha Underground: “Well, the sad part is I’m not being told anything. It really sucks. We filmed Season 4 in 2018 and at the end of that Season all the execs at El Rey, Mark Burnett Productions were very happy with the Season and they wanted to go right into Season 5 almost immediately. That wasn’t the case and now it’s been crickets. It sucks because that was such a great show fans could watch it and easily suspend disbelief get into the crazy powers of the superstars of the characters and just enjoy pro wrestling. That arena was something else, I think more shows should look into having an arena like that because it was like a playset that you grew up with as a kid. You can jump off things, throw that it was really cool to wrestle in.”

On WWE’s struggles: “Well, to me it’s like how many weeks in a row can you provide five hours, six hours of wrestling contests truly entertaining? You can only sustain that for so long so I think they need to change their model I think they need to move into a season, start at SummerSlam, end at WrestleMania and then have that time off where you can refresh everything or restart everything. I know Vince doesn’t like that because he wants to be working and making money, but it’s incredibly tough to put out compelling and entertaining content that you haven’t seen and honestly you’ve seen everything that they’re doing right now so it is what it is so maybe it will change or maybe they don’t care they go their network and will just keep doing what they do.”

On MLW: “Yeah, I’m not a big fan of MLW, I don’t even want to say their names they treated me very badly and I would recommend to all wrestlers don’t even work at MLW, be very cautious working with those people.”

On Dutch Mantell: “Yes, he’s doing very well, we’ve worked several shows together since we left. I would love to continue to work with him. I think one of these Bellator shows we’re going to have to have him come out, cut a promo, and have some fun.”

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