Moore’s NXT TV Live Review: Final hype for NXT Takeover: New York, Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair, Oney Lorcan vs. Jaxson Ryker, NXT Tag Champions The War Raiders in action


By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)

Aired April 3, 2019 on WWE Network
Taped March 13, 2019 in Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University

Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson were on commentary. Mauro hyped Takeover New York for Friday. Percy advertised Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair as the main event of this episode…

The War Raiders made their entrance and now have an elaborate viking horn intro. They also had giant flame pillar graphics….

1. “The War Raiders” Hanson and Ray Rowe vs. Enhancement Wrestlers in a non-title match. A “let’s go jobbers” chant ensued. Rowe tossed around the enhancement guys easily. Nigel talked about how Tommaso Ciampa like injuries can happen at any time (that was a bit dark and random). Hanson tagged in and continued with his fast paced offense. Hanson hit the enhancement wrestlers with a pop up power slam for the victory.

War Raiders defeated enhancement wrestlers in 1:00. 

Rowe said Regal has allowed them to give a message to Black and Ricochet. Hanson said you don’t have to listen, just watch. Rowe asked to bring out the next team.

2. “War Raiders” Hanson and Ray Rowe vs. Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bononi in a non-title match. Hanson slammed Bononi and back tossed Jaoude. Rowe cane in with body slams. Rowe body slammed Hanson on Bononi. Hanson hit both large opponents with a single power bomb. Raiders hit Fallout on Bononi for the victory.

War Raiders defeated Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bononi via pinall in 1:22. 

Mauro said this is the march of the modern viking age…

John’s Thoughts: Simple stuff, but effective stuff. The Raiders have been off TV for a long time so it was smart to have them showcased in two matches heading into their title defense on Friday. War Raiders are still rough around the edges though. They’re great in the ring, but pretty weak on the mic at this point (they sound a bit generic). Maybe they should just film Rowe’s real life because the guy lives the gimmick better than he does act it.

A Pete Dunne vs. Big Daddy Walter video package aired to hype Dunne’s Takeover title defense on Friday…

Percy Watson noted that Dunne has held the title “hostage” since 2016… [c]

An ad aired for WWE’s Performance Center YouTube page which featured Manny Faberino, Bayley and Izzy, Chelsea Green, Eric Bugenhagen, Rowe and Logan’s Viking wedding(and spear throwing), Ricochet and Catanzaro dating,  and more…

John’s Thoughts: WWE really needs to find a way to integrate some of those Jeremy Borash produced videos on the main NXT show (Hunter told me in-person at a press conference that Borash produces those videos). They would make up for the lack of character development packages we see on TV.

Candice LeRae was outside of Full Sail, much happier than she’s been. LeRae said she was happy for Gargano. LeRae said she wants to go after her own championships. Aliyah and Vanessa Borne interrupted the press interview to do the mean girl act on LeRae. Borne called LeRae “a lower”. LeRae mocked the duo for knowing a lot about “failure”. LeRae said she was going to knock Aliyah on her “boujee ass”. Borne and Aliyah walked away pissed…

John’s Thoughts: Yeah, hopefully LeRae stays a wrestler this time now that Ciampa is gone.

3. Jaxson Ryker (w/Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler) vs. Oney Lorcan (w/Danny Burch). Ryker smothered Lorcan in the corner. Lorcan came back with his usual stiff strong style. Ryker withstood Lorcan’s stiff chops. Ryker hit Lorcan with a rope gutbuster suplex. Burch ran to Lorcan to prevent Blake and Cutler from getting involved. Ryker softened up Lorcan on the top rope. Lorcan used right hands to block a superplex. Ryker dodged a blockbuster and hit Lorcan with a gutbuster. Lorcan kicked out at two.

Ryker had the wind knocked out of him which Nigel noted. Ryker blocked a Sunset Flip attempt. Ryker then locked Lorcan in a bear hug. Lorcan withstood being turned into a rag doll. Lorcan tried to claw Ryker’s bottom jaw. Lorcan grabbed at Ryker’s beard and then gave some sick precision punches to Ryker’s face. Lorcan escaped and gave his signature face wash slaps. Lorcan rammed Ryker into the corner. Ryker was staggered but still on his feet. Ryker came back with an axe handle strike and sitout power bomb for the victory.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Oney Lorcan via pinfall in 5:26. 

Burch went to check on his tag partner while the Forgotten Sons glared at Burch by standing over him…

John’s Thoughts: Not the most entertaining match, but I liked the aggression Ryker showed here. Lorcan is a good spark plug on that front. Ryker still has “something missing” though, but I know the guy has it in him to be more than this (based off seeing him do good work with James Storm in Impact). Maybe NXT needs to find a way to shift the focus away from the vanilla tag team of Blake and Cutler and over to Ryker who has something (but again “missing something else” I just can’t pinpoint what is which).

A Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole video package aired. Adam Cole was shown training in the Performance Center. Johnny Gargano was shown training at a gym in Cleveland, Ohio…

Kairi Sane and Bianca Belair were shown in split screen warming up for the main event of this episode… [c]

Nigel McGuinness thanked Disturbed for providing the song “Are you ready?” for NXT Takeover New York…

NXT aired a Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream video package. Highlights from the “Worlds Collide” tournament was shown because it led to Velveteen Dream beating Johnny Gargano for the NXT NA Championship. Matt Riddle sadi he saw an opportunity once Dream won the championship. Riddle said that he will draw Dream with the spotlight. Dream talked about not being disappointed in Riddle. Dream said the biggest highlight in Riddle’s career is Dream saying Riddle’s name (as Matthew Riddle). Riddle said Riddle is Dream’s nightmare. Riddle said that Dream could be better, but he’s focused too much on the experience. Dream mocked Riddle’s dreams and said that Riddle’s best chance to get at the title is via photoshop. Dream ended the promo with a “Dream Over” quote…

John’s Thoughts: A part of me loves this feud because of the high stakes with an undefeated streak and title on the line. A part of me also wishes that Dream had an intermediary feud here because I would have liked to see this one stretched out and given more of a chance to have more fun segments, like Dream’s sex couch…

Percy Watson talked over highlights form Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic’s feud which happened over a month ago (and has been on ice for a long time). Keith Lee was interviewed by “the media”. Lee talked about wanting to end his conflict with Dijakovic. Lee vented a bit about being bumped from the card a few weeks ago. Lee said he took some initiative by standing in front of Regal’s office. Lee said he will face Dijakovic in two weeks. Lee ended the promo by saying that Dijakovic will bask in his glory. A match graphic aired to hype Lee vs. Dijakovic in two weeks…

Percy Watson advertised Street Profits vs. European Union for next week..

Nigel McGuinness advertised Candice LeRae vs. Aliyah next week…

Everyone’s favorite Pirate Princess made her entrance (wearing nice light Kabuki makeup)…

John’s Thoughts: Not to sound superficial, but Sane just proved that the Kabuki makeup can be beautiful as opposed to whatever we saw from Ronda Rousey when she started in WWE. By the way, howsoon until Baszler runs out?

4. Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair. Nigel noted that Belair wants a one-on-one match against Baszler. Belair locked in a Full Nelson which Sane reversed. Belair showed off a backflip into a shoulder block. Kairi Sane ripped off her glove and struck a Kata pose to fire up the crowd. Sane dodged Belair and used her pony tail to mock Belair’s pony tail. Kairi then hit her signature flying offense on Belair. Sane locked Belair in “The Anchor” but Belair kicked out. Belair hit Sane with an impressive swinging body slam. Belair locked Sane in a abdominal claw. Belair got a two count on Sane.

Sane tripped up Belair and locked in an Octopus Hold. Belair deadlifted Sane into a rope break. Belair hit Sane with a Fallaway Slam. Belair went for a running frog splash but Sane got the legs up. Sane dropkicked Belair off the apron. Sane reversed a Suplex into a DDT on Belair. Sane reversed a kick into a nice delayed Dragon Screw. Sane then hit Belair with consecutive Blockbusters. Sane hit Belair with a sliding elbow. Sane then hit Belair with Kabuki elbow for a two count. Belair hit Sane with a Superplex and then did a situp on the top rope to show her amazing gut strength. Belair got a few nearfalls. Belari reversed a triangle. :Belair hit Sane with a modified Glam Slam. Shayna Baszler ran in the ring for the DQ.

Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair ended in a no contest in 8:25. 

Io Shirai ran out to even out the numbers because Baszler had Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir with her. The NXT Women’s Locker Room ran out and a brawl ensued. Bianca Belair military pressed Lacey Lane onto the pile of people outside. Io Shirai shoved Belair to the pile of people outside. Shirai hit the pile of women with an Asai Moonsault. Io Shirai’s entrance theme played as Shirai stood tall with the Women’s Championship to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: The finish was totally predictable, but predictable and formula isn’t always bad if it gets you to where you need to be. As for the match, a good preview as to life beyond Baszler as Champion. That was a really good one on one and Sane showed some added pep in her step in this match. Belair always has pep that never relents. The rushed pace made it clear that Baszler was running out, that was the only downside.

A good episode of NXT. Not as hot as recent episodes in terms of in-ring. This is the usual formula for Takeover Go-Home shows where they air the pre match teaser viewers and set up for matches during the Takeover fallout show. One underrated highlight, Candice LeRae is a wrestler again, hopefully. I’ll be by tomorrow with a Hit List and member’s exclusive audio review. Jason Powell will have you covered for Takeover this Friday (as i’ll be out of town in a forest without internet).


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