WOW and AXS TV press conference notes and video

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WOW and AXS TV are holding a press conference that will include Jeanie Buss, David McLane, Andrew Simon, The Beast, and Tessa Blanchard. My notes on the conference call are listed below the video. Refresh the page for my latest updates.

-A WOW video opened the show. Host Gabby Loren checked in and introduced WOW executives David McLane and Jeanie Buss, and AXS CEO Andrew Simon.

-Buss announced that WOW has been renewed for a 24-episode second season that will debut in the fall.

-Simon boasted about WOW being the only all women’s television series available on national television.

-McLane announced that the WOW tapings for season two will be held May 15-16 in Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater (the same venue that hosted season one). McLane noted that tickets are already available for the tapings on the WOW website.

-McLane announced that WOW is opening the first all female training facility on June 1 in Long Beach, California.

-Simon praised the video packages that provided viewers with a quick introduction of the characters.

-McLane said WOW Tag Titles will return.

-McLane asked asked about Eye Candy. He said she suffered a broken neck a week and a half ago. He said she had surgery and his home with her parents and is up and walking. McLane added that it was 50/50 at one point, but things are looking encouraging for Eye Candy thus far. Buss was quick to point out that Eye Candy was not injured in a WOW ring. McLane said it happened during an independent event.

-McLane was asked what he learned from season one. McLane spoke about listening to the fans and how the background stories are most important.

-Buss said her dream is that WOW becomes a touring property. She said they are not ready yet, but at some point that’s the dream.

-McLane was asked about introducing a secondary singles title. McLane said there won’t be one. “We’re not going to clutter the broadcast with title, title, title.” He said he didn’t want it to be overdone like boxing. He said there is one champion and it is Tessa Blanchard.

-Buss said she was tired of seeing the way women were treated as secondary in other promotions. McLane raised Buss’s hand and said she is the real champion of WOW.

-Simon said the next season will likely air in two 12-episode runs rather than 24 straight weeks.

-A Tessa Blanchard video aired and then she and The Beast joined Loren and McLane on the set. McLane raved about The Beast, then Blanchard went into work mode while talking about how she’s the champion. Blanchard and The Beast bickered.

-Blanchard spoke about working with head trainer Salina Majors at the WOW training facility. She said she’s passionate about helping the women grow as performers. Blanchard said they do not hire actresses to be wrestlers. She said they hire people from all different walks of life.

-The Beast spoke in work mode and bickered with Blanchard again.

-Blanchard said she had just signed a deal with Impact Wrestling when she was approached by WOW. She said McLane worked it out with Impact so that she could also work for WOW.

-McLane raved about Friday’s season finale and said there will be three video packages that have never been seen before, including one on Blanchard. McLane noted that (Jessicka) Havok will face Blanchard for the WOW Championship, and the first tag team match will take place on Friday’s show.

-Blanchard cut a promo about being instrumental in WOW being renewed. She boasted that she ran Santana Garrett out of WOW. McLane said all of the wrestlers played a part in the renewal. He teased a Stephy Slays vs. Abilene Maverick match for Friday, then said Maverick had an issue and the match was changed.

-McLane also boasted about the way the wrestlers live tweet with the fans while the shows air. McLane also raved about Shaul Guerrero being the WOW ring announcer.

-McLane was asked about expanding to two hours. He said he doesn’t think so, at least not initially. “Less is more,” McLane said. He likes the way people are left wanting more.

-McLane said Samantha Smart will continue to be a manager, but seemed to indicate that she’s not going to be a wrestler. He said a video feature on Friday will pull back the curtain on Smart and show who she is.

-McLane gave another plug for the WOW tapings and tickets being available now. Loren wrapped up the conference call.

Powell’s POV: So the key takeaways are that WOW has been renewed for a season season that will begin airing this fall on AXS TV. Simon indicated that they will air 12 episodes and then take a break before airing the next 12 episodes, though he said that could change. Obviously, they are building up Blanchard vs. The Beast as a showdown match. My weekly reviews of the WOW series are typically available on Mondays.

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