Dot Net Awards 2018: Vote for the MVP of Pro Wrestling

Dot Net Awards 2018: Vote for the MVP of Pro Wrestling free polls


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  1. Again, not one Impact wrestler on the list. And no, I don’t count Aries because he’s not there now. Would it have hurt to have put Johnny Impact, Brian Cage or Pentagon Jr. on the list? I guess it would have, seeing as to how you didn’t. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And I don’t expect a response to this comment either. Just like my last one. Couldn’t even be bothered to respond.

    • Actually, I did reply to your last comment. Aries is there based on his work in Impact. And even he was borderline because the award takes into account drawing power, etc. Realistically, Impact isn’t drawing what the other companies are, but I liked Austin’s work a lot this year and he was able to generate some buzz for them and had some quality matches. I like Cage and could see him becoming a candidate next year with a good showing.

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