Gleed’s NXT UK Hit List: Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis, Jinny vs. Xia Brookside stand out on a placeholder edition

By Haydn Gleed, Staffer (@haydngleed)


Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis: With both men going into this match undefeated, I feared that one man would come out of this looking bad and get pushed down as a result. Although Mastiff won the match and therefore kept his undefeated streak alive, I felt that the amount of offence given to Dennis to the extent that it looked at some points like he was going to defeat the man who had steamrolled his way through past opponents actually gave Dennis more credibility. A decent to good match. It won’t be winning any awards, but in the context of the NXT UK universe it gave both men a huge lift from a character point of view.

Jinny vs. Xia Brookside: Jinny is one of the strange breed of wrestler where her ability in the ring depends on who’s she’s in there with. If she’s against somebody who is green or is not great in the ring she struggles, but when she’s in the ring with someone at the level of Toni Storm then she shines. Luckily, Brookside falls into the latter category. Again, this wasn’t a great match and is only really a minor Hit for the fact both women looked good coming out it.

NXT UK Misses

Overall Show: NXT UK have these strange shows, very much like the main NXT brand, where nothing really happens for the full hour and you don’t really feel anything was moved forward and yet also can’t really criticise anything that happened. Everything on this particular show was fine with one decent match, but everything else was average. I came away from this show not disappointed that I’d invested an hour in it, yet it was a placeholder show that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone go out of their way to see. My advice would be the watch the first show from the December 12 and then fast forward through most of this episode so you can be up to date with where the NXT UK storyline universe is at.

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