Powell’s WWE Survivor Series live review: WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair in a non-title match, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. U.S. Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Survivor Series 2018
Los Angeles, California at Staples Center
Aired live on November 18, 2018 on WWE Network and pay-per-view

A video package opened the show and focused on the Raw vs. Smackdown theme… Michael Cole welcomed viewers to Survivor Series for the 32nd time, and said 16,320 fans were in attendance. Cole was joined on commentary by Corey Graves and Renee Young…

1. “Team Raw” Nia Jax, Tamina, Mickie James, Sasha Banks, Bayley (w/Alexa Bliss) vs. “Team Smackdown” Asuka, Carmella (w/R-Truth), Naomi, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose in a Survivor Series elimination match. Asuka received a big pop during her entrance. Smackdown team captain was caught by a Tamina superkick and pinned at 1:20. Carmella entered the ring and rolled up Tamina and pinned her. Carmella did a dance break.

Rose stole a pin from Deville that eliminated James around 6:50. Bayley performed her Bayley to Belly finisher on Carmella to eliminate her at 8:20. Rose tapped to the Bank Statement at 9:55. Bayley and Deville tumbled ringside together and fought. Deville kicked Bayley, who bounced back and performed her finisher on the floor, but neither woman was able to beat the referee’s count, meaning Bayley and Deville were both counted out around 14:45.

Asuka and Banks had a stretch in the match together while Jax was down at ringside. Asuka performed a wicked German suplex. There were loud chants for Asuka. Banks went up top for a move, but Jax pushed her own teammate off the ropes. Asuka applied an Asuka Lock on Banks and eliminated her at 18:45. The match came down to Jax and Asuka. Jax was all over Asuka with leg drops and then performed a Samoan Drop before pinning her…

Nia Jax was the sole survivor for Team Raw in 18:50.

Cole said Raw as up 1-0. Graves said Smackdown “sort of picked up a win” on the Kickoff Show. Cole noted that it was on the Kickoff Show…

Powell’s POV: The live crowd was all over Jax and the broadcast team was playing up the #facebreaker hashtag. I love it. This is so much better than Jax issuing a public apology for breaking Becky Lynch’s nose just to appease some fans. Assuming Lynch doesn’t have any long term issues, this could turn out to be the best thing that could have happened for her and Jax.

Stephanie McMahon and Baron Corbin celebrated Raw’s win. Stephanie told Corbin that what happened on Raw was a black mark on his career. Corbin said the women’s win should erase the black mark. She asked if he was guaranteeing a Raw win. Shane McMahon and Paige showed up before he had to answer. Corbin taunted the Smackdown duo about losing AJ Styles and Becky Lynch from the show. Shane said it will be great when Smackdown wins and everyone gets to see his sister fire Corbin…

2. Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. U.S. Champion Shinsuke Nakamura in a non-title match. The Smackdown team of Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton were on the call. Rollins wore a t-shirt that was half Raw and half his own, while Nakamura wore a Smackdown t-shirt. Ugh. Rollins taunted Nakamura with his own “come on” bit.

At 14:20, Rollins caught Nakamura with a big superkick and got a two count. Rollins went for a buckle bomb, but Nakamura avoided it and then went on the offensive. Nakamura caught Rollins in a triangle, but Rollins powered him up and buckle bombed him.

At 17:20, Nakamura performed a landslide for a near fall. Nakamura went up top. Rollins ran up and superplexed him and then performed a falcon arrow for a two count. At 19:40, Rollins avoided Kinshasa and caught Nakamura with a ripcord knee to the head for a two count. Rollins went for a frogsplash, but Nakamura moved and hit him with a Kinshasa to the back of the head, which led to a good near fall. Rollins came back and performed the Stomp for the win…

Seth Rollins beat Shinsuke Nakamura in 21:50.

Powell’s POV: I was really looking forward to this match. It was good, yet unmemorable. For instance, it wasn’t at the level of the men’s singles matches at Saturday’s NXT Takeover. It didn’t help their cause that there was no storyline going in and the fans didn’t create much of an atmosphere. I actually feel bad for Nakamura. The story was that Rollins was so focused on Dean Ambrose that he wasn’t thinking about this match, yet he won clean anyway when they easily could have protected Nakamura by having Ambrose interfere. By the way, it’s the one night a year when most WWE wrestlers wrestle in t-shirts like it’s a low level independent show filled with out of shape wrestlers. I get it for some of the elimination matches, but it’s pretty lame to have the wrestlers wear the brand t-shirts in singles matches. No matter how hard WWE tries or how many wrestles have to wrestle in t-shirts, the vast majority of fans will not get into this once a year rivalry silliness.

After some advertising, Braun Strowman addressed the men’s Raw team. He told the heel wrestlers he doesn’t like them and added that he doesn’t know who Lio Rush is. He told Finn Balor that he likes him, bue he added that he better carry his own weight. Drew McIntyre stepped up and jawed with Strowman. Baron Corbin entered the room and talked them down. Corbin reminded Strowman that he couldn’t touch him per his deal withe Stephanie. Strowman shoved Rush into Corbin. R-Truth entered the room and delivered a pep talk until he was informed that he’s not on the team or the brand…

3. Smackdown Tag Champions Sheamus and Cesaro (w/Big Show) vs. Raw Tag Champions AOP (w/Drake Maverick). The Smackdown broadcast team called the match. Sheamus caught Rezar of AOP with a Brogue Kick and had him pinned, but Maverick put his man’s foot on the ropes. Cesaro chased Maverick, who ran into Big Show and fell down. Show grabbed Maverick by the throat and stood him on the apron. Maverick pissed himself. Yes, really. AOP performed a neckbreaker and powerbomb combo move on Sheamus and pinned him..

AOP defeated Sheamus and Cesaro in 9:00.

Powell’s POV: I believe the last guy to intentionally piss himself on WWE television is Vince McMahon. It wasn’t as funny this time around. So the story is that Raw is up 3-0 since they don’t seem to be counting the Kickoff Show match.

A WWE TLC commercial aired. The show airs December 16…

Backstage, the Smackdown team was talking when The Miz entered the room. He played up delivering a speech, but then said the only man who could deliver that speech is Shane McMahon. Shane fired up the troops while Miz echoed his comments. The R-Truth cameos continued, as he showed up and asked Shane about joining Smackdown. Shane reminded him that that he’s already on Smackdown. Truth ended up insulting Miz by saying he would like an autographed copy of The Marine 6 from Becky Lynch…

4. Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness were on commentary. Ali got off to a quick start, but Murphy caught him climbing up the ropes and shoved him from there into the barricade in a cool spot at 2:45.

Later, Ali performed a Spanish Fly off one of the broadcast tables to the floor. Back inside the ring, Murphy caught Ali with a kick to the head and then powerbombed him twice for a good near fall. A “this is awesome” chant broke out. Ali came back and leapt off the ropes, but Murphy caught him with a knee to the head. Murphy followed up with his finisher and scored the pin…

Buddy Murphy pinned Mustafa Ali in 12:20 to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Powell’s POV: The best match of the night thus far. Granted, that’s not saying much, but this was really good. This match would have fit in at Takeover. 205 Live is still paying the price for a horrible start under Vince McMahon’s watch, but matches like this can only generate more interest.

Daniel Bryan was asked by Kayla Braxton if he’s ready for tonight. Bryan looked at her, smiled, and walked away…

5. “Team Raw” Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley, Finn Balor (w/Lio Rush, Baron Corbin vs. “Team Smackdown” The Miz, Shane McMahon, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy in a Survivor Series elimination match. Shane wore a white jersey while everyone else wore Raw or Smackdown t-shirts. The Raw team called the match. Strowman insisted he start the match, but McIntyre tagged himself in. Joe applied a Coquina Clutch on McIntyre while he and Strowman were bickering. McIntyre came right back with a Claymore Kick and pinned Joe just 35 seconds into the match. Fans booed loudly and then chanted bullshit.

Shane and Ziggler entered the match while Cole played up Shane beating Ziggler in the Crown Jewel tournament finals. Ziggler dropkicked Shane and then hit a Fameasser for a two count at 3:40. Ziggler performed a Zigzag and had Shane pinned, but Miz broke it up and ended up tagging in. Strowman checked in and McIntyre once again tagged himself into the match. Strowman and McIntyre threw punches. For some dumb reason, the Smackdown guys entered the ring and everyone threw punches. Team Smackdown eventually had Strowman alone in the ring and worked him over before dumping him to ringside.

Shane took Cole’s broadcast table apart and his teammates placed Strowman on top of it. Shane went up top and performed an elbow drop that drove Strowman through the table. Both men remained down while the match resumed inside the ring. Stephanie and Paige were shown watching on a monitor. A “Miz is awesome” chant broke out while he temporarily got the better of McIntyre. Balor was waiting for a tag, but McIntyre didn’t tag him. Balor ended up kicking the back of McIntyre’s head and entering the match. Balor performed a standing double stomp on Miz and tripped and fell on Miz in the process.

Balor and Mysterio squared off. Balor avoided a 619 and performed a sling blade. Balor dropkicked Mysterio into the corner and went up top, but Mysterio avoided the Coup de Grace. Mysterio came right back and performed a 619 and then dropped the dime on Balor and pinned him to eliminate him from the match at 12:10. McIntyre clotheslined Balor after he was eliminated.

Lashley worked over Mysterio and held him up for a vertical suplex, but Rey hit Lashley with knees to the head to escape it. Hardy and Ziggler tagged in. McIntyre tried to interfere. Hardy DDT’d McIntyre on the floor. Hardy, who along with Mysterio ditched the silly t-shirts, performed a Swanton, but Ziggler put his knees up. Ouch. With Ziggler down in the corner, Miz directed Shane to the other corner. Shane performed Coast to Coast on Ziggler and pinned him at 18:10. Smackdown had a 4-3 advantage.

Miz had Lashley down in the corner and once again tagged Shane into the match. Shane was moving slowly from the previous big spot. He eventually went for the move, but Strowman returned and clotheslined Shane in mid-air. Hardy went for a Twist of Fate, but Strowman stuffed it and powerslammed him before pinning him at 20:45. Strowman took out Mysterio with a powerslam at 2:10. Raw was up 3-2.

Cole and Young agreed that it was “an impossible hill for Smackdown to climb.” Shane fired up Miz, who took a powerslam from Strowman before being pinned at 22:25. Super Shane was the last man standing for Smackdown. Corbin taunted Shane, who was trying to pull himself to his feet. Shane motioned for Strowman to bring it. Strowman dropkicked Shane and performed a running powerslam moments later before pinning him to win the match.

Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley survived to give Team Raw the win in 24:00.

After the match, Corbin hit Strowman from behind. Corbin raised the hands of Lashley and McIntyre on the stage. Strowman barked that he would see Corbin on Monday night…

Powell’s POV: An entertaining match and easily the best of the elimination matches. I don’t know if Joe was injured or if they are telling a story with him. He was super over with his home state crowd and the brand needs more babyfaces, so perhaps it’s going somewhere. Miz was also entertaining in this match and he’s a candidate for that role, though less of a natural obviously. Strowman was once again positioned as a one man army, and I like the way McIntyre was showcased as well.

The Raw broadcast team was shown at ringside. Cole said he wanted to “leave the world of entertainment” for a moment, then spoke about the California wildfires. He set up an American Red Cross video for disaster relief…

Charly Caruso interviewed Seth Rollins, who said he felt lucky to come out of the match with Shinsuke Nakamura with a win. He tried to wrap up the interview, but she stopped him and informed him that he will be defending the Intercontinental Championship at WWE TLC. Rollins said Ambrose won’t have anything left to hide behind at TLC…

The Smackdown broadcast team set up a video package on the Rousey vs. Charlotte match…

6. Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair in a non-title match. JoJo delivered in-ring introductions. The Raw team called the match. Charlotte threw an early punch. Rousey ducked a Charlotte kick, then Flair dodged a Rousey punch. Rousey kicked Charlotte in the ribs. Charlotte pushed Rousey to the mat a short time later, which got a rise out of the crowd. Rousey went for an armbar, but Flair avoided it. Rousey avoided a figure four attempt.

Charlotte threw Rousey face first into the bottom turnbuckle, which drew gasps from the crowd, which had been doing dueling chants for the women. Charlotte had Rousey on the mat and caught her with an elbow. Rousey bled from the mouth. Rousey came back with an armbar over the ropes and broke it. Rousey went up top, but Charlotte cut her off.

Rousey rolled from the ropes into an armbar. Charlotte eluded the hold and countered into a Boston crab. She tried to move into a figure four, but Rousey kicked free. Charlotte went for a Natural Selection, but Rousey avoided it and once again went for an armbar, which Flair avoided. Charlotte knocked Rousey down and sold right elbow pain in the corner. Charlotte went up top and performed a moonsault, but Rousey put her feet up. Rousey performed a rolling senton and played to the crowd. Charlotte speared Rousey and covered her for a good near fall.

At 9:30, Charlotte applied a figure four. Rousey rolled it over to reverse the pressure. Flair rolled it over and they ended up in the ropes and both women tumbled to the floor. Rouse ran Flair into the barricade and then back inside the ring. Rousey took Charlotte down by the arm a few times and then threw punches in the corner. Charlotte came back with some chops, which drew wooos from the crowd. Cole noted that Ric Flair was in the building and he must be proud (and crying). Rousey blocked a chop, but Charlotte hit her with a big boot and covered her for two. A “this is awesome” chant broke out.

Rousey hoisted up Flair for a move Cole said she calls Piper’s Pit. They fought near the ropes and Charlotte rolled to the floor. Rousey followed and ran toward Charlotte, who hit her with a kendo stick for the DQ.

Ronda Rousey defeated Charlotte Flair by DQ at 14:40.

After the match, Charlotte hit Rousey with the kendo stick repeatedly. Cole questioned why she would do it. He said it was a five star match unfolding when Charlotte hit Rousey. Yes, he really said that. Charlotte caught Rousey with one blow to the head with the kendo stick. Rousey entered the ring. Charlotte followed and hit her with the kendo stick repeatedly.

Charlotte left temporarily and then brought a chair back and hit Rousey with it. Cole mentioned Charlotte’s self doubt going into the event and questioned whether it made her snap. Several referees surrounded Rousey to hold off Charlotte, who shoved them all to the mat to loud cheers. Charlotte wrapped Rousey’s head inside the chair, shoved a referee down, and then stomped the chair. Cole called for help while saying Rousey was seriously hurt.

Producers Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce entered the ring while medics tented to Rousey. A loud “thank you, Charlotte” chant broke out. Rousey sat up and and acted like she was choking. Graves said it was unbridled brutality and Charlotte took it to a whole other level. Cole said Charlotte had no right to do that to Rousey. Ronda got back to her feet and there were loud boos. Rousey, who had a small cut on her thigh, stood on the apron and looked at the fans as they chanted what sounded like “Becky”. Rousey looked sullen as she headed backstage, but she wouldn’t let the producers help her. She stopped on the stage and looked back to boos, then flashed a mean face before turning around and limping to the back…

Powell’s POV: Is Charlotte “The Man” now? Actually, this came off like WWE intended for it to be a heel turn even though it was very similar to what they’ve been doing with Becky Lynch and it was cheered the same way. It should be fine if Lynch is able to return soon because she’s such a good talker and so charismatic that I believe the fans will side with her over Charlotte. That said, it’s hard to imagine they are finished with Rousey vs. Charlotte, so there’s no telling where things go from here. Either way, that was a really fun, physical match. I actually feel for Rousey in that she’s so much better than anyone could have expected her to be at this point in her career and the fans still turned on her. Putting that aside, this was the highlight of the show thus far. Oh, and Smackdown really, really, really sucks based on the win count so far.

The broadcast team hyped Rollins vs. Ambrose for TLC, then set up a video package that recapped Daniel Bryan beating AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship…

Daniel Bryan made his entrance to the same music, but he did not lead any yes chants. Bryan held up the WWE Championship in the ring. He looked at the entrance and smiled. Brock Lesnar made his entrance with Paul Heyman. Graves said he couldn’t get a read on Bryan in terms of whether he’s overconfident or knows something we don’t know. Bryan went to ringside and taunted Lesnar a bit before entering the ring where JoJo delivered the introductions. Heyman introduced Lesnar…

7. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) in a non-title match. The Raw broadcast team called the match. The bell rang and Bryan went to ringside. Graves questioned if his goal was to tire out Lesnar. Cole said that wouldn’t happen.

Bryan returned to the ring and threw a kick. Lesnar grabbed his leg and then clubbed Bryan with a clothesline. Lesnar smiled and picked up Bryan for a wicked German suplex. Lesnar dragged Bryan to the middle of the ring and said, “Suplex City.” Lesnar gave Bryan another German suplex. Lesnar dragged Bryan back to the middle of the ring again and gave him a third German suplex at 4:05.

Lesnar said he could do this all night long. Lesnar performed a pair of belly to belly suplexes. Bryan rolled to ringside. Lesnar grabbed the Universal Championship belt and held it up. Lesnar went to the floor and ran Bryan into the the barricade. Rinse and repeat. Cole said Bryan was learning a lesson in humility that he’ll never forget. He said the fans were sitting in stunned silence. Lesnar applied a bearhug at 6:45. Cole said it’s no longer about brand supremacy. He noted that Raw ran away with it, but said it’s about Lesnar destroying Bryan.

Lesnar picked up Bryan and gave him a German suplex just before the 8:00 mark. Lesnar put Bryan in another bearhug and gave him another suplex. Lesnar once again said he could do it all night long. Bryan hoisted up Bryan and said, “Goodnight everybody,” before performing an F5. Lesnar covered Bryan, but picked him up before the referee could make the three count. Young said Bryan was unresponsive, then Bryan kicked Lesnar in the head while lying flat on his back. Bryan kicked him a second time. Lesnar scooped him up and performed an F5 and threw him into the referee in the process. Bryan low-blowed Lesnar, then caught him with a running running knee and covered Lesnar for a great near fall.

Bryan threw kicks at Lesnar while the fans yelled yes. Bryan grabbed Lesnar by the arms and stomped him repeatedly. Heyman shouted encouragement to Lesnar and slammed is hand on the mat repeatedly. Bryan went for another running knee, but Lesnar caught him. Bryan was able to dump Lesnar to the floor. Bryan dove onto him, but Lesnar caught him. Bryan escaped and shoved Lesnar into the ring post. Bryan performing a running knee off the apron. Cole asked if Bryan could pull it off and said Lesnar was hurt. Bryan performed a suicide dive, but Lesnar caught him and drove him back first into the ring post at 14:00.

Lesnar picked up a piece of the ring steps and ran toward Bryan, who moved, causing Lesnar to run the steps into the post. Bryan performed another running knee from the apron. Both men returned to the ring to beat the referee’s count. Lesnar stumbled. Bryan ran across the ring and caught him with a knee for another near fall. Lesnar stood up and Bryan caught him with a chop block. Bryan wrapped Lesnar’s leg and slammed it into the ring post. Bryan went up top and performed a missile dropkick at 16:50.

Bryan performed a pair of running dropkicks in the corner. Bryan went for a third and Lesnar was ready, but Bryan countered into a Yes Lock. Lesnar teased tapping out before prying Bryan’s hands free. Bryan hit Lesnar a few times and reapplied the hold. Lesnar reached up and threw Bryan’s hands off. Bryan put Lesnar in a triangle but Lesnar powered him up and performed an F5 and score the clean pin…

Brock Lesnar defeated Daniel Bryan in 18:50.

Cole praised Bryan’s performance despite the low blow. Graves called it one of the damndest fights he’s ever seen. Cole also noted that it was a clean sweep for Raw. Bryan looked at Lesnar from the ring, and Lesnar looked back and smiled to close the show…

Powell’s POV: A hell of a match. It’s a real shame they felt the need to turn Bryan on Tuesday because while the fans were behind Bryan, his character shift left them unsure of what to think of him, so they didn’t have as much sympathy for him early on. Nevertheless, this was excellent and the last two matches really closed the show on a high note. The clean sweep for Raw was bizarre. I guess we’ll see where it goes. Are they renaming Smackdown or something? Strange. I will break it all down with Jake Barnett in our members’ exclusive audio review coming up shortly. Join us on the ad-free version of our website via PWMembership.net.


Readers Comments (26)

  1. I’m only passed the first hour and already pissed. I’m convinced creative hates both Asuka and Nakamura. God forbid you give Nakamura a win either shady or clean over Seth I job for no man Rollins. Asuka, I get she was lone survivor last year. Only in WWE your carelessness fucks up a main event and you get pushed and even the victory. WTF ever. Im also convinced that Vince hates WWE fans by the booking decisios.

  2. “This is so much better than Jax issuing a public apology for breaking Becky Lynch’s nose just to appease some fans.”

    What about the other 6 workers the obese slob has injured in the last 2 years?

    • I’m not defending her on that level. I’m defending WWE’s approach of not asking her to issue a public apology. It’s much better if she gloats as a character than apologize to a bunch of fans who are not owed an apology. She didn’t punch them in the face. The company played this perfectly.

      • She shouldn’t be on the roster at all at this point. She can’t work, she can’t wrestler, she can’t/won’t get in shape, and this is the 7th person she’s injured in 2 years. She’s a disaster at every level.

      • What would have been much better was if they didn’t reward her for injuring yet another wrestler. C’mon Jason, you’re better than this.

        • But they didn’t fire her, demote her, punish her, or whatever. My comments have nothing to do with that decision. Once the decision was made to move forward, they handled it perfectly.

          • That’s understandable, but how do you feel about them not firing her, demoting her or punishing her?

          • The same way I felt when they didn’t demote Seth Rollins after Sting, Finn Balor, and John Cena were injured working with him. I’m not a wrestler. I leave that up to the people who make those calls. I’ve said they certainly need to discuss it with her and I think she was called up prematurely, but I’m not going to lobby for someone being fired or demoted in situations like these. As for punishment, I haven’t heard of anything happening, but I also can’t rule out that it didn’t happen either.

    • “Obese slob” You’re quite the prize.

      • She’s clearly badly out of shape to an unhealthy level. She can’t work. She’s got about 45 seconds of stamina. She’s a black hole on the roster.

  3. Hate to break it to y’all, but as long as Nia gets nuclear heat like she did tonight, she’s staying at the top of the card. You see a disaster, but Vince sees $$$$$.

  4. Thank you Charlotte chants and I’m sure Vince will continue to ignore the crowd.

  5. For those fans not old enough to know and remember the old school Ric Flair in the Jim Crockett days and early NWA WCW days: what you saw from Charlotte was as Cole would say “vintage” Flair. She is a chip off the old block. I welcome this heel turn. There’s a reason Flair was called the dirtiest player in the game. Charlotte is a perfect and potentially brutal heel. It tells a great story Rousey may be bad, but she’s not the only bad bitch on the planet.

  6. This sweep is what will probably lead to Shane’s heel turn to toughen up the roster.

  7. Did anyone else hear about Enzo getting kicked out of the Staples Center??

  8. Your review of the show is way off. I was in the live audience and we chanted and were into every match. It was a very lively crowd.

  9. Who is the biggest heel in the WWE? The answer, the WWE universe. They killed another show. To boo Ronda Rousey is a true disgrace and every one of you that do it should be ashamed of yourselves. Thanks to all of you for ruining pro wrestling. You are all pathetic.

    • Why be ashamed? Ever see any of her antics in UFC? I don’t like her, and I never will.

      • “Antics”? Only thing she did that sucked is she put her tail between her legs and didn’t handle getting her ass kicked well. She didn’t do anything that the majority of other fighters do, and that’s put asses in the seats of events by the pre-fight stuff. Why bash her when its done everyday?

        • “Only”?

          How about how she refused to shake Holm’s hand BEFORE Holm knocked her out?

          Or you ever watch TUF 18? The season of that show about sums it up, without making an extensive list.

    • People pay to boo or cheer. Relax. You’re takin’ this WAY too seriously.

    • Rousey is a dirtbag human being and has already injured Alexa Bliss twice. She needs to go away and stay away.

  10. AND AGAIN, despite this being a show with the majority of the matches being less-than-average, get ready for all the “hits” in the hits and misses column…JR will be proud.

    • I’ll humor you since you clearly want my attention by repeating this tired bit over and over again. If you really believe this, then why do you keep coming back? Do you actually think JR cares if I give a segment a Hit or a Miss? I’m flattered that he reads the site and has me on his podcasts, but I assure you that he’s never reached out to debate a Hit or a Miss. Unlike you, I suspect he realizes that people have different opinions. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to enjoying my lifetime supply of BBQ sauce.

  11. AND AGAIN, despite this being a show with the majority of the matches being less-than-average, get ready for all the “hits” in the hits and misses column…JR will be proud. Congrats.

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