8/13 Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Toronto, Ontario at Rebel Complex
Report by Dot Net reader MrEddyG

Xpolsion Match: Matt Sydal beat “The Walking Weapon”’ Josh Alexander. Sydal won with his finisher.

Impact Tapings

Austin Aries came out with Killer Kross. Aries gives the mic to Moose and there werelots of “Douche”’chants for him. Moose said whenever Eddie Edwards was having trouble he would always listen to his call. But when Moose was in the hospital, no one showed up except for Aries. Aries took the mic back and said with Moose and Kross with him, no is one taking his title. Johnny Impact arrived and announced that Impact management has made it him vs Austin Aries at Bound For Glory for the Impact World Title. He plugged that “Boone The Bounty Hunter” is available on DVDs, Blu-Ray, and on demand everywhere.

Aries cut him off by saying he won’t plug that crap on his time and invited him into the ring. Johnny invited him to come outside. Aries refused. Impact said it must be true about the small banana in his pocket. Aries was furious and went outside. Johnny had the upper hand at first, but Moose and Kross get a hold of him and tossed him back in the ring. The heels beat down Impact and threw him outside again where they put a chair around his throat against a ring post. They hit him in the throat with another chair, just as they did to Eddie Edwards. Security tried to stop them, but they were beaten up by all three. Scoot D’Amore and other Impact officials finally put a stop to everything.

1. Petey Williams beat Rich Swann. Before the match, Matt Sydal went to join Don Callis and Josh Mathews on commentary. Swann was going to the top to do his reverse 360 splash when Sydal got out of his chair and encouraged him to finish the match. Rich just stared at Sydal for a few seconds and that made him miss. Petey recovered to hit The Canadian Destroyer for the win.

Gama Singh appeared next in the ring. He said he comes from a country where they care about fitness and their women are beautiful. He introduced The Desi Hit Squad.

2. The Desi Hit Squad (w/Gama Singh) beat Grado and Joe Hendry (w/Katarina). Before the match there was a video by Joe Hendry singing about being in love with his best friend’s girl, but “only as friend.” Uh-huh. The Desi Squad won. After the match, Katarina was upset with Grado and is sick of him losing. She said she’s got another surprise – she’s in love with Joe. Katarina kissed Hendry. Joe was disgusted and what part of platonic love doesn’t she understand? She’s the problem here. Katarina slapped him, and stormed off to the back. Joe helped Grado up and they embraced and then walked together to the back.

Eli Drake appeared and said there’s a lot of dummies trying to impress him lately and asked anyone in the back to try. Stone Rockwell came out. Stone asks if his name is Elliott? Elijah? Eli asks what kind of adventures Stone has been on lately? Rockwell rambled on about a trip to Bangladesh on a train with his companion. Eli cut him off and told a referee to come down.

3. Eli Drake beat Stone Rockwell. Eli won quickly with The Gravy Train.

4. Tessa Blanchard beat Su Yung to retain the Knockouts Title. Yung was solo minus the Undead Brides. Tessa retained after getting out of a Panic Switch attempt and countering into the Hammerlock DDT. While Tessa was celebrating, Su’s music hit and the Undead Bridesmaids brought out a coffin. Su recovered to hit a Panic Switch. She dragged Tessa to put her in the coffin, but Allie and Kiera Hogan gave her double super kicks off the ramp to the floor.

5. Sami Callihan and The Crist Brothers beat Zachary Wenz, Ace Austin, and Miguel. OVE and Sami destroyed these guys. Sami got the mic after and called them the best trio in wrestling and said it’s not ever going to be over with Fenix and Pentagon Jr. He also said that if Brian Cage wants to interfere in their business, it will never, EVER, end for him because they’re from Ohio and taking over EVERYTHING.

Two sofas are set up in the ring. Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross came down. Aries said they run the show now, and his “supposed” BFG opponent Johnny Impact and everyone else have been taken out. Moose said maybe he should check on Eddie Edwards’ wife and bring some champagne. Aries said just to bring a six pack. Fallah Bahh and KM appeared. KM said that Moose turned his back on his best friend and called him a douche. Moose got in KM’a face. Aries calmed Moose down and offered them a peace offering. He asked Bahh if he wants a shot at the World Title? Aries offers his hand, they shook, and the match was set for later.

6. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. defeated Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley. Fenix and Pentagon won with a Fear Factor while Fenix double stomped Lee on his head. Pentagon got the pin. OVE appeared on the screen after and say they’re OVE, they’re from Ohio, and they’re taking over EVERYTHING.

7. Alisha beat Katarina. Grado and Joe appeared before the match. Grado called her KataRhianna. Joe says Grado hasn’t eaten since the breakup. Joe played a new video called “Access Denied” with a lyric, “How could you ask me to be your lover, after what you did with your pirate brother?” Pretty good line. Katarina was furious and was rolled up by Alisha. Grado kept repeating “Access Denied, Access Denied.”

8. LAX (w/Konnan) defeated “The Fraternity” Trent Dixon and Channing Decker. LAX won with The Street Sweeper. A very impressive effort from The Fraternity though. Eddie Kingston and The OGz appeared and apparently there’s a “ceasefire” between the teams before Bound For Glory. Eddie tried to goad them to fight, but Konnan held Santana and Ortiz back. Eddie and the OGz left first. The ceasefire wasn’t addressed at all.

Xplosion Match: The OGz (w/Eddie Kingston) beat Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake. Homicide got the submission victory with a single leg crab while he applied a hammerlock. A very good match from the Deaners.

9. Brian Cage beat Kongo Kong. Early on Kongo hit a running crossbody from the outside over the top rope to the inside to Cage. Cage won with an awesome looking F5. Cage got a mic and said whether or not Pentagon or Fenix will be there, The Machine will be at BFG and will decimate EVERYONE.

10. Austin Aries (w/Moose, Killer Kross) defeated Fallah Bahh (w/KM) to retain the Impact World Championship. George Iceman was the special ring announcer for the match. As Bahh was going for the Banzai Drop, he was distracted by Moose and KM. Aries knocked him off the middle rope, and applied The Last Chancery to retain. Kross and Moose attacked KM after the match. They put a chair around his neck outside, and slammed another chair into his throat. A great effort by Bahh in defeat.


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