Anish Vishwakoti’s interview with Kobra Moon on working for Lucha Underground, how company officials discovered her, her favorite match, and more

By Anish Vishwakoti, Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

At the Season four tapings of Lucha Underground in Los Angeles, I had the chance to interview some of the company’s most talented men, women, and reptiles. Joining me this week is Lucha Underground’s Kobra Moon, known on the independent circuit as Thunder Rosa. Last week, Kobra Moon and her reptile tribe continued their rivalry with Johnny Mundo and the worldwide underground, and there seems to be no sign of it stopping soon. Lucha Underground’s Reptile Queen talks about her independent career and how she got into LU. She also gives some insight into her thoughts about some of her co-stars as well as the believers and the future of the temple itself.

Anish: So, for those of you who don’t know, Kobra Moon is our resident dragon tamer here at Lucha Underground, she’s the lizard lady and the queen of all reptiles.

Kobra Moon: Yessss.

Anish: So what is it that drew Kobra Moon to Lucha Undergroud, we always hear the clap-clap hiss and now, you’re known worldwide. So what made you come here first?

Kobra Moon: Umm, so Lucha Underground found me here at one of the indie wrestling shows here in Los Angeles California and they offered me the position. Honestly, it was one of my goals to work here at Lucha Underground, but I wrestled on the indies as ‘Thunder Rosa,’ and they put a lot of faith in me ‘cause I was really new. The character has grown with me and we have grown together, and now it is what you see in the show.

Anish: Oh okay.

Kobra Moon: It’s just this crazy, crazy, crazy Queen!

Anish: And how did lucha libre specifically influence you while you were growing up?

Kobra Moon: So I used to watch it, not as much as I should’ve, I’m from Mexico I was born and raised there. But I never thought I would be a wrestler. Lucha libre became my second school, ‘cause when I started wrestling, I trained American style.

Anish: So this came later to you?

Kobra Moon: Yeah.

Anish: Okay, so what is it about Lucha Underground that can draw fans from around the world? What is it that makes this temple so special?

Kobra Moon: It’s just like the mysticism that it has around the characters, I think that’s what makes it so special.

Anish: Yeah, Kobra Moon has had a lot of mystic moments, so what has been your favorite match or favorite moment here in the temple?

Kobra Moon: My favorite match? Umm, so far when we won the titles.

Anish: Oh, the Trios Titles, alright. And what has Lucha Underground given you, or your character that you can take to other promotions that has made you a better wrestler?

Kobra Moon: I think, that I can connect with other people emotionally.

Anish: And Kobra Moon has sort of a managerial role as well as a wrestler role, because she’s always taking control of all sorts of people. What is Kobra Moon’s end goal here in Lucha Underground?

Kobra Moon: Total control of Lucha Underground. We were one of the strongest of the seven tribes and we lost control after some stuff happened. But I think we’re able to do that now with the people on my team.

Anish: Okay, and like I mentioned earlier, Kobra Moon has her own chant in the temple with the clap-clap hiss, and the believers here are so unique and so raucous, what’s your favorite chant that you’ve heard here in the temple?

Kobra Moon: Besides mine of course (laughs), I actually like the Cero Miedo for Pentagon, because everybody does that!

Anish: Of course, and speaking of people like Pentagon, who would you like to have a match with here in the temple that you have not yet had a match with?

Kobra Moon: Ooh, I like Fenix.

Anish: Ah, Fenix and Kobra Moon would be fun.

Kobra Moon: Or… Dragon Azteca!

Anish: Oh, wow, you still haven’t had a match with Dragon Azteca, and he’s another reptile.

Kobra Moon: Mmhmm.

Anish: Alright so in about an hour or so, you’re going to be on the mat kicking ass and taking names, but where do you see Lucha Underground in say ten years from now?

Kobra Moon: I think it will be one of the companies that’s the most electrifying and is one of the most gender neutral companies that has existed.

Anish: Yeah that’s amazing because Lucha Underground is one of the only big companies that does do intergender wrestling. What does that mean for you, that you can come here and stand toe-to-toe with a man and be taken completely seriously?

Kobra Moon: That there’s a playing field where we all can play. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or you’re a man!

Anish: And just for everybody [reading], what is your favorite sports team? Any sports?

Kobra Moon: Oh, I love the (Golden State) Warriors!


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