12/21 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star in a cage match for the LU Championship, Willie Mack vs. Brian Cage vs. PJ Black vs. Jeremiah Crane in an elimination match to become No. 1 contender


By John Moore

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network
Taped April 2016 in Los Angeles, California

This week’s intro teaser featured Angelico and the introduction of the Battle of the Bulls. Brian Cage, Willie Mack, PJ Black, and Jeremiah Crane have moved on. Kobra Moon is still trying to capture Drago with her lizardman and luchasaurus. Sexy Star would be facing Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship inside of a steel cage. This week’s episode was called “Battle of the Bulls”…

We had a different house band tonight, they were called Metalachi. Matt Striker and Vampiro checked in on commentary. Striker said tonight is when we crown a new Lucha Underground number one contender. Striker also said Sexy Star is trying to become the first two-time Lucha Underground Champion. Vampiro repeated it and passed it to Melissa Santos…

1. “They Call Him” Cage vs. Willie Mack vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black in an elimination match to become number one contender to the Lucha Underground Championship. The four wrestlers tried a four way lockup but Cage broke it up and dominated early on. Cage hit Mack with a German. After superkicking Crane out of the ring. Cage was beaten up by PJ Black’s caporieta combination. Black missed a lionsault. Crane and Black teamed up to take down Cage with a kick. Crane and Black took each other out with a roundhouse.

Mack tried to steal the win but Black kicked out. Mack dragon screwed Crane into the crotch of Black. Mack got a nearfall off that. Crane and Mack had a punch battle where Crane had a masochistic edge to him. Crane dragon screwed mack to the ground. Crane took down Black with a clunky tope. Mack took down Crane with a Tope Con Hilo. Cage took down both men with a Tope Con Hilo from himself.

Black hit an Asai Moonsault on the three outside. Black recovered and went for a punt kick on Crane but was carried down and slammed on the apron by Crane. Crane went for a cannonball on cage on the outside but Cage caught him and hit him with a front suplex. Cage went for the deadlift Suplex on Crane but Mack pulled him away. Cage escaped a doomsday device by catching PJ Black from the electric chair with a powerslam. Amazing!

Cage caught Crane and hit the jackknife on him to pick up the nearfall. Cage nosold Crane’s kicks. Crane locked in the guillotine choke on Cage. Cage powered out and hit a side slam. Cage caught Black and hit the F5 on him. Texano ran in and punched Cage with ropes. Black hit the springboard 450 to pick up the elimination on Cage. Cut to commercial… [C]

Crane had Mack and Black on the bottom rope and hit them both with a running boot. Mack rolled to the ground and went for another on Black but Black recovered. Crane nailed Black with a suplex to lead to a nearfall. Crane went high risk but was intercepted by Mack. Mack hit a kick on Crane to leave him hanging. Crane blocked the superplex. Mack blocked the sunset flip. Crane tripped him off the top rope. Crane picked up a nearfall out of the sitout powerbomb. Crane converted it into the Stretch Muffler. Black broke it up and went for a rollup on Crane.

Black was planted by a Death Valley Driver from Crane. Crane hit Black with a double underhook piledriver. Mack chopped Crane on the top rope and went for the superplex again. Mack hit a top rope Stunner to pick up the pinfall on Crane. Black tripped off the top rope leading into the commercial.[C]

Black and Mack traded chops back from the break. Black went for the nearfall after grounding Mack. Striker pointed out how this could work in Johnny Mundo’s favor if Black wins and Mundo retains later on. Black hit a stunner on Mack that he nosold. Mack hit the stone cold stunner on Black to pick up the win.

Willie Mack defeated PJ Black, Cage, and Jeremiah Crane in an elimination match to become the number one contender to the Lucha Underground Championship.

Cut to a cinematic where Fenix and AeroStar were searching the bathroom stalls, presumably looking for Drago. Kobra Moon assumed the same thing and told Fenix that he’s gone home. AeroStar said Drago made a vow a thousand years ago that he would never return to the reptiles. Kobra Moon said Drago has broken it while Pindar and Buerla(?) will brake Fenix and AeroStar. AeroStar and Fenix fought the reptiles in a cinematic martial arts fight. Lizard dude put the boot to Fenix. AeroStar broke that up and cleaned house for a bit until luchasaurus slammed him into the mirror. Kobra Moon went to attack Fenix but was dispatched by him. The Lizardman knocked out Fenix to put AeroStar in a three on one fight. The heels took advantage after Kobra Moon locked in a sleeper. The reptiles stood tall over AeroStar and said that her Drago will leave Fenix and AeroStar to dead.

John’s Thoughts: A good four way elimination but the one person who came out looking best was Cage. They protected Cage losing with his current feud with Texano ongoing. Crane got to look good a bit but he is suffering from not picking up wins. This isn’t as bad as Season 2 since at least Dante Fox and Dragon Azteca are gaining credibility but Crane is not when he might be one of their best workers as far as psychology is concerned (due to him utilizing WWE style as opposed to Indie style).

Sexy Star gave Willie Mack a huge hug backstage to celebrate Mack’s win. Sexy Star said she was proud at Mack and how he proved everyone who doubted him wrong. Mack said it was a dream come true for him as a kid from South Central LA who wasn’t supposed to make it. Sexy Star said Mack was one match away from being champion. Mack said Sexy Star was as well and she should beat Johnny Mundo’s sorry as to become the first two time Lucha Underground Champion. They did a secret handshake and Mack said not to get mad when he takes the title from her. Sexy Star said it will be an honor to defend against Mack. Sexy Star said vamanos as they left the locker room. A spider crawled on the ground…

Jeremiah Crane was making a deal with Dario Cueto. Cueto brought up how Crane got his ass kicked. Crane was looking around the panels for something. He found a tablet in the ceiling and said he left it there as a kid. Crane walked away with his piece of wood (I think it might be a Ouija Board). Catrina teleported to meet him in the hallway. Crane said they used to play with this as kids. Crane said he is tired of playing games with Catrina and his boyfriend. He said he’s going to beat Pasquel next week and will have Catrina all to himself…

Melissa Santos introduced Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo for the main event match and Melissa Santos said Dario Cueto has banned Worldwide Underground from ringside…

John’s Thoughts: I’m intrigued to see how they build up Crane in his encounter with Mil Muertes. It’s Muertes who has actually suffered a bit in Season 3 for not being pushed as the monster he was in the past two seasons. What I’m not intrigued by is the next Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo match because their last two matches were horrid. Sexy Star is a good worker now and Johnny Mundo is one of the best wrestlers in the world, but these two just don’t have chemistry in the ring and they have all relied on bad screwy finishes.

2. Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo in a steel cage match for the Lucha Underground Championship. Mundo came at Star with a kick to the gut. Sexy Star fought out and hit some roundhouse kicks on mundo. Sexy Star tossed Mundo strongly into the cage which caused Mundo to slow things down. Mundo flexed his muscles. Sexy Star mocked him by flexing her muscles. Sexy Star was winning the test of strength. Mundo did a cartwheel into an armbar. Sexy Star reversed into a side headlock on the ground. Mundo fought out of several pin attempts.

Mundo teased running the ropes but went to escape the cage. Sexy Star tripped him off the top rope. Sexy Star did the same thing to force Mundo to chase her and pull her down. Mundo pulled her down and dragged her mask across the cage. There was actually a Let’s Go Johnny-Sexy Star dueling chant. Mundo gave Sexy Star a shoulder block into the cage. Sexy Star dodged and ran on Mundo. Sexy Star traversed the top of the cage but was pursued by Mundo. Mundo grabbed Sexy Star by the boot. Sexy Star hit Mundo with a huracanrana and a dropkick. Mundo went back to trying to keep Sexy Star from climbing out.

Mundo and Star were kicking each other on the top rope. Sexy Star managed to crotch Mundo over the top rope. Mundo’s hand managed to grab the foot of Sexy Star. Matt Striker called Mundo’s balls his “mundos”. Mundo pulled Sexy Star off and hit her with a side slam backbreaker. Mundo picked up a nearfall off of this. Mundo hit his signature running knee for another nearfall. Mundo used the fireman carry to ram Sexy Star against the cage. Mundo hit Sexy Star with the flying Chuck Kick. Sexy Star ran at Mundo to keep him from escaping.

Sexy Star hit mundo with a sitout powerbomb. Sexy Star followed up with a legdrop for a nearfall. Sexy Star made it to the top rope. Sexy Star pushed Mundo off and showboated and hit a crossbody on Mundo. Sexy Star did this even though she could have won. Vampiro defended it by saying that Sexy Star doesn’t run from a fight. Mundo pursued Sexy Star to the top rope to prevent her from escaping. They fought each other in a punch battle. Mundo tried to fall off but his foot was stuck in the top of the cage which Striker was smart to point out.

Sexy Star hit combo kicks and backfists. Johnny Mundo reached out and slapped Sexy Star’s mask to the ground to send her to the ground to cover up. Johnny Mundo used this to escape the top of the cage in front of Sexy Star.

Johnny Mundo defeated Sexy Star via escaping the cage in 12:11 to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

Matt Striker said the mask that saved Sexy Star’s life may have cost her the Lucha Underground Championship here. Mundo was showered by “Culero” chants. Striker said Mundo won the bitch way. Mundo celebrated on the top rope but was given the Stone Cold Stunner by Mack. Sexy Star nodded in approval from in the ring. That ended Lucha Underground…

But Wait? There’s More! Drago was chained up in Kobra Moon’s palace. Moon asked Drago if he was ready to call her queen. He said nunca (never). Kobra Moon said Pindar was going to get a meal and Drago must be hungry. Drago said he’d rather starve. Moon said soon a Dragon must feed. Kobra Moon left laughing. Drago shot some fire from his mouth as the show ended…

John’s Thoughts: While not match of the year material (and Sexy Star’s matches with PJ Black and Jack Evans have been better) this was the best encounter between Sexy Star and Johnny Mundo with a really good heel finish. Mundo also looked better in the ring here but he’s oddly fighting at a slow pace these days even a slow heel style. Striker had one of his best nights on commentary in a long time to help put over the wrestlers in the ring so I hope he continues this pattern. I’m actually looking forward to Mack vs. Mundo since they are two of the most athletic wrestlers in Lucha Underground and Mundo needs to break away from Sexy Star. This was a decent episode. It was not must see, but not offensive and it forwarded everything that had to be forwarded.


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