7/24 Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Toronto, Ontario at Rebel Complex
Report by Dot Net reader MrEddyG

Xplosion Match: KM and Fallah Bahh beat Tyson Dux and Cariq. KM powerbombed Dux down on his knee. Good opener, and finally a victory for KM and Fallah.

1. Taiji Ishimori and Petey Williams beat The Desi Hit Squad (w/Gamma Singh). Singh said he’d rather be in India than Toronto to cheap heat. Williams and Ishimori won when Petey hit a Canadian Destroyer, and Ishimori hit a sitting front suplex onto his knees on Rohit Raju. A good match from both teams.

2. Tessa Blanchard defeated Asliah. Alisha got a lot of offense, but Tessa won the Hammerlock DDT. Afterward, Tessa said she made an example out of Alisha, and says that Allie has everyone fooled but not her. She said next week if Allie beats Su Yung for the Knockouts Title then she will becoming after Allie.

LAX are out next. Santana and Ortiz were out in street clothes; Santana had a bandage on his knees. Konnan said they were attacked earlier by the OGz, who he called out so they could finish this. The OGz were up in the balcony. Konnan called Kingston a glory hole. The crowd chanted for The OGz to come down. Kingston didn’t want a match in a ring, he wanted a match in the streets. Konnan said he raised Hernandez and Homicide in the streets and accepted the challenge.

3. Austin Aries defeated Eddie Edwards by an apparent DQ to retain the Impact World Championship. Eddie tried to shake hands early, but Aries slapped the hell out of him. Eddie just laughed it off and Aries went outside looking confused. Aries went for an airplane spin, but there’s a ref bump. Eddie hit a double arm DDT on the title after Aries originally brought the belt in, but the ref was still out. Eddie got frustrated, grabbed his kendo stick, hit Aries, and then the referee. Eddie choked Aries in a corner with the stick, but KIller Kross came down and attacked Eddie. It looks like there’s an alliance with Aries and Kross. Aries hit the Brainbuster on Edwards.

Some new interview “Boobo”’or something appears on the stage to introduce Scarlett Bourdeaux, who was wearing a hot red dress The interviewer slobbered all over and stuttered when Scarlett asked his name. Scarlett said she will not be hot-shamed and “The Smokehouse” is here to make impact sexy again.

4. Pentagon Jr. defeated Matt Sydal. Pentagon won with the Pentagon Driver. Sydal put on another solid effort. OVE and Sami Callihan appeared on the big screen backstage after the match. Sami was upset about their recent losses recently and demands.

Jimmy Jacobs came out alone and wanted a match with Johnny Impact. Johnny was attacked by Kongo on his way to the ring on the ramp. Kong tossed him in the ring and the match appears to be still on.

5. Johnny Impact by Jimmy Jacobs (w/Kongo Kong) by DQ. Jimmy got the upper hand early, but Kongo interfered after Johnny made a brief comeback for the DQ, Kongo set up stairs on the ramp to attempt a powerbomb, but Johnny escaped. While Johnny got the upper hand outside, Jimmy hit him from behind with a steel chair, which was no sold. He chased Jacobs in and out of the ring, running through one of the stands at one point and cornered Jimmy. Impact eventually hit Jacobs in the face with the stairs. Impact left as Jimmy was attended to.

6. Eli Drake (w/Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley) defeated “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry (w/Katarina, Grado). There was a video with Joe singing and Eli’s head superimposed on Joe’s head beforehand. I think Eli deserves a much better program than this. Eli won with a rollup after Grado distracted the ref. Eli got the win from behind Hendry. Grado tried to explain what happened, and after a brief discussion he, Katarina, and Hendry left to the back frustrated.

7. Allie (w/Kiera Hogan) defeated Su Yung (Undead Bridesmaids) by DQ in a Knockouts Title match. Tessa Blanchard attacked Allie for some reason for the DQ. Su was upset after and got a Mandible Claw on Tessa. Allie recovered to superkick Blanchard and then attacked Su again afterward. A strange ending here.

Xplosion Match: Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee beat Cody Deener and Cousin Jake Deener. Lee and Caleb won with Trevor kicking Jake off the top rope while Konley was holding him up. An impressive new finisher.

Austin Aries came out and bragged about defeating Eddie Edwards earlier. He asked the crowd why Killer Kross helped him, and said his new insurance policy can speak for himself. Kross says he is the New Beginning and change is coming. He received a lot of “What?” treatment here. He said that whether everyone likes it or not, they will pay the toll. Aries says he is unstoppable now. He said if Eddie handled his stick properly, his wife never would’ve left him. Eddie came down the ramp with his kendo stick. Eddie took Kross down with a cutter. As Edwards went after Aries, Kross recovered to choke Edwards out from behind.

Xplosion Match: Rebel beat The Undead Maid Of Honor (KC Spinelli). Su Yung was with KC, but left before the start of the match. “Two Scoops”’chants early. The makeup isn’t hiding KC’s identity well. KC got hung upside down in a corner and Rebel nailed a double stomp from the top to get the upset win. I don’t think any of the undead bridesmaids have won a match yet.

8. Fenix beat Sami Callihan (w/The Crist Brothers). One of the Crist Brothers has a shaved head. Sami spit in his hand before delivering a chop to Fenix leading to a “That was gross” chant. Jake and Dave tried to interfere, but Pentagon Jr. came out to take them down. Fenix won with a spinning sit-out Muscle Buster for the upset win.

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