WWE physician Chris Amann had a sexual relationship with a WWE wrestler/patient

By Jason Powell, Prowrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Court records show that WWE physician Chris Amann had a romantic relationship with a WWE wrestler while she was under his care. Amann confirmed during a hearing related to the defamation lawsuit he filed against CM Punk and Colt Cabana that he had a romantic relationship with Jillian Hall.

Hall also confirmed the nature of their relationship to David Bixenspan, who wrote a story on the matter for Deadspin.com. Hall stated that the relationship occurred while Amann was the traveling doctor overseeing the Raw brand, which she was part of. Bixenspan reports that WWE had a single doctor touring with each brand at the time.

WWE issued the following statement to Bixenspan: “We were not aware of this. We are investigating the matter and will determine if any action is warranted.”

Powell’s POV: A jury ruled in favor of Punk and Cabana in the defamation lawsuit filed by Amann. And now the court hearings have revealed his relationship with Hall, along what appear to be HIPAA privacy violations made by Amann. It’s considered unethical for a doctor to engage in a sexual relationship with a patient. Bixenspan’s story includes comments from an NYU medical ethics professor that explains why it’s an issue. Considering that Amann knew all of these things would come out in the trial, it’s bizarre to me that he chose to follow through with it.


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  1. I wonder if that growth on her face is what drew him in… haha!

  2. Didn’t think this story would get even better, but here we are. What a moron.

  3. Punk ruined his Thanksgiving…Hall ruined his life!

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